South Korea is more than a country now. Its soft power is so great, it has almost taken over the world (and not in a bad way)!

From K-pop to K-dramas to Korean cuisine, there is such a demand for all things South Korean, you’ll be surprised to find anyone untouched from the Korean craze.

And our site Korea Truly, aims to bring you one step closer to everything Korean. If you want to know about the latest Korean skincare trends and find the best products for yourself, we’ve got a variety of reviews and buying guides. 

There are also tips, buying guides and reviews on Korean haircare and beauty products that will bring you one step closer to the Korean Instagram look.  On Korea Truly, our editor, and team of beauty experts have also given all the beauty tips you need to follow to keep up with the latest Korean trends.

Koreatruly also fulfills your need for news and information about Korean culture. You can find several articles here, about Korean society, how everything works, the people, their habits and so much more.

You can also find several reviews and lists of the top Korean movies, dramas, and learn more about your favorite Korean celebrities.

Editorial team

Song-i Park, Senior Editor

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Hello peeps, it’s your favorite Korean guide Song-i! I’ve spent years living in Korea, growing up with this fascinating culture, its uniqueness, and everything that goes along with being Korean.

But fortunately, I’ve also been exposed to global culture through my work as a translator and journalist. So you can say I’ve got the best of both worlds in a way. 

What amazes me is the South Korean culture I’ve grown up with is now known and appreciated worldwide. And this is when I thought, why not help everyone understand Korea better. 

After going back and forth between Seoul and New York, working as a translator in the past few years, I decided to help share my culture with other people by starting Korea Truly. 

And we do exactly that at Koreatruly. We are a diverse team of talents, including dermatologists, culinary experts, trichologists, fashion stylists, and more. Our goal is to bring the beauty of Korean food, beauty, pop culture, and more to the rest of the world.

Our Medical Reviewer Team:

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Jessica Park

MD, Dermatology

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Kevin McKay

Naturopathic doctors (ND)

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Rachel Lee


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