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10 Aegyo Techniques To Try In 2023 | Be Cute Like Your Fave K-pop Idol 

Here are some natural aegyo techniques to make you look super cute. You can try these aegyo poses and say these aegyo phrases to win your oppa’s heart. Learn how to do aegyo right here!

If you’ve looked at your favorite Kpop idol and wondered how the heck they are so cute, let me tell you a little secret. 

It’s all about aegyo! This Korean technique to appear cute is what sets Korean girls (and some boys) apart from the rest of the world. 

So let me explain to you what exactly an aegyo is okay!

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What Does Aegyo Mean?

Aegyo (애교) is simply the technique of acting “cute” and “adorable”. If you’re wondering “wait there’s a way to act cute?” Yup, there most definitely is!

There is an entire Korean subculture dedicated to being cute and child-like.

People practicing aegyo make certain gestures and expressions with their hands and face to give them an exaggerated winsomeness.

These might be done alongside saying certain phrases like “sarangheo (I love you) and the like, said in a sing-song, high-pitched voice.

Korean women mostly do aegyo as it is seen as a way to impress a boy. 

However, there is a proper way to aegyo because it can look downright funny or irritating if done wrong. 

So in this article, I’ve written about some natural aegyo techniques that can use to appear charming to your Korean oppa.

Cute Aegyo Techniques

Wink Cutely

Okay, this one is simple and can be done by anyone. And the best part is winking as a form of being cute has been around forever, so it won’t be that “cringe” for beginners getting into aegyo or performed winsomeness

The trick is to not be subtle about it. Wink and smile at the same time and let your facial expressions do the talking. 

K-pop idols do the wink and “kissy face” on stage during their concerts all the time and it makes fans go crazy!

You can also blow a kiss to your crush or your oppa while doing this so it looks extra cute. 

Do The Flowering Face

natural aegyo techniques
Source: Instagram@kpop._.aegyo

This one is a very popular aegyo gesture as well. All you have to do is place both hands on your face with the palms touching your chin to frame it. 

By doing this pose it looks like your face is a flowering bud. It’s sweet and also looks like you’re puckering up for a kiss.

The flowering face is also very popular with Kpop idols when they are posing for pictures with fans. 

Point Towards Your Chubby Cheeks

aegyo poses
Source: Instagram@twice_today_

I love this one in particular as it can emphasize your dimples if you have any. Lots of Kpop idols have upper cheek dimples and use this technique to draw attention to them.

It’s considered a beauty symbol in Korean culture. So aegyo and dimples are a win-win combination.

If you do not have dimples, that’s also okay. You can simply poke at your cheeks anyway. It for a cute aegyo gesture and looks cute with chubby cheeks.

Do A Simple Wave

Again this is one of the best aegyo techniques for starters. If you don’t want to do the more baby-like gestures, this is a great one to try.

This aegyo wave isn’t like your regular classy waving of the hand. Make the hand wave short and jerky and bounce up and down on your toes when you’re doing it for added effect. 

Make The Finger Hearts

Now this is one of the most popular aegyo out there. In fact, it’s not even aegyo anymore. Almost everyone does finger hearts. And making the small Korean hearts from the fingertips of your thumb and forefinger is now a global phenomenon.

But it’s still cute, and a very easy way to adopt aegyo. 

You can make Korean hearts like most Kpop celebrities do or you can make a regular heart with your whole hands. 

Either way, don’t forget to smile while you’re making this gesture and do a puppy dog and pout with your face for better aegyo. 

Do A “Boo-Boo”Or Crybaby Face

how to do aegyo sal
Source: Instagram@kpop._.aegyo

Who thought crying could be cute? But one of the most popular aegyo techniques is to do the “boo-boo” face. 

Here you have to pretend to rub your eyes with your fists while making a pouty, exaggerated face.

In fact, you don’t actually have to pretend to cry. You can smile all the way too. This aegyo technique works just as well with a happy, excited face. 

Move Your Shoulders 

Any technique or gesture can be made aegyo or winsome if you put your shoulders into it. Move your body when you’re doing the more regular gestures like winking or waving at someone.

So basically, you should act like an overexcited child. And the movement of shoulders comes very handy here. 

Do Pointed Finger Guns (Bang Bang!)

This isn’t by any means a new gesture. But it is popular in aegyo these days. All you have to do here is to lift up your first two fingers in a pointed gun gesture.

Usually, the Kpop idols who do this gesture add in a wink or a kissy face as well. 

The trick to getting this particular aegyo right is to make it dramatic.

Move your shoulders while doing the “pew-pew” gesture and smile or laugh with your entire face while doing it. 

Do A Cute Little Dance

Now if all else fails, show off your aegyo to your oppa by doing a cutesy dance. Put all your shoulders into it and get grooving. There are some particular songs like Gwiyomi Song that will help do the cutest aegyo. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a good dancer. This type of dance mostly involves giving child-like, sweet expressions and not complicated footwork.

In fact, it’s all the better if you’re dance comes off as a little rustic and awkward as it adds to the childish charm. 

How To Do Aegyo

The techniques I’ve mentioned above can go a long way in helping you get aegyo right. However, to do aegyo the right gestures are not enough. There is more to it. Here’s how to do aegyo correctly.

  • Speak in a higher pitched voice than usual – Now be careful with this one as it’s very easy to get wrong. You should speak in a higher pitch than usual but make sure you don’t sound like you’ve inhaled a helium balloon. Some people might also find it irritating so don’t overdo it. Just use a higher pitch when speaking some phrases or sentences. 
  • Express aegyo using your eyes – Nothing beats the puppy eyes. For your aegyo to be successful make sure you’re making eye contact and making a cute impression with your eyes. 
  • Use baby talk while you are speaking – Speaking some of the aegyo phrases like “oppa”or “saranghaeyo” can be better if you use baby talk. So you can lisp at certain words and bounce on your toes like a child while talking so it looks cute. 
  • Put your hands and shoulders into it – Exaggerated movements are a trademark of aegyo. So whenever you’re doing an aegyo gesture like making a peace sign or doing finger hearts or the “boo boo”pose, do it with your hands and shoulders completely behind the gesture. It gives an added child-like appeal. 

FAQs about Aegyo Techniques

If you were curious about aegyo and wanted to know more about this Korean subculture, then I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about aegyo down below for you. Check it out!

Which KPOP idol has the best aegyo?

Aegyo is really popular with Kpop idols. Some of the Kpop stars that have the cutest aegyo include Lisa from Blackpink, Sana from TWICE, Jimin from BTS, Yeonjun from TXT and MJ from ASTRO. 

Why is Korea obsessed with aegyo?

and child-like as possible to maintain a facade of youthfulness. And also, aegyo looks really charming when done right. So it’s also a way to increase your attractiveness. A lot of Korean guys show interest in girls who have aegyo so that’s also a major factor. Korean aegyo is also similar to the “Kawaii” culture in Japan. 

What is aegyo pronunciation?

The Korean word aegyo is written in Hangul as  애교 and is pronounced as “egg-yo”. However, you need to place emphasis on the “g” sound and draw it out. So the correct pronunciation would be “eh-ggyo”.

Want to look like your favorite K-pop idol? Or impress your Korean crush? Learning these cute aegyo techniques can really help you!

You can start small by practicing the more commonplace aegyo like winking or smiling. Then progress to finger hearts or flowering faces. 

It’s easiest to make these aegyo poses when you’re posing for a picture! 

I suggest taking it slow and not mimicking all of these aegyo techniques at one go. 

It can look a bit over the top if you do. So stick to one of two of them and you’ll be alright. 

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