aespa members ranked in order of popularity

Aespa Members Kpop Profile 2023 | Age, Heights, Birthdays And Positions

What is the ranking of Aespa members ranked in order of popularity in Korea? Who is the least popular aespa member? And who is the most popular? Check it out here!

The new girl group Aespa, released by the major Korean agency SM Entertainment after four years, debuted in the year 2020! 

They are a 4-member girl group that comprises members Ningning, Giselle, Karina, Winter. 

Today let’s take a thorough look at Aespa’s profile! 

I’ve collected personal profiles of Aespa members, as well as Aespa popularity order, name meaning, age order, and even past photos.

So if you are a stan of the Kpop group Aespa, be sure to check out the article below!

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Aespa Members Profiles 2023

Here are the profiles of the members of Aespa, sorted by popularity! 

Since they debuted very recently, there isn’t much difference, but they are listed in order of popularity based on testimonials and reactions from Korean fans and popularity polls on Korean music sites.

No.4 – NingNing

  • Real name: Níng Yìzhuó
  • English: Vivian
  • Hangul: 닝
  • Date of Birth: October 23, 2002
  • Nationality: China
  • Birthplace: Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 43kg
  • Blood type: B type
  • Education: Harvard University, elementary and middle school
  • Family : Parents
  • Participating group: Aespa
aespa members ranked in order of popularity
Source: Instagram@aespa_official

The fourth most popular Aespa member is Ning Ning. She is of Chinese nationality, and was a talented contestant who appeared in Chinese survival broadcasts such as “China New Voice”, “Starlight 00 Hou”, and “音乐优等生” from 2015 to 2016. 

Later, in 2016, she was revealed as a member of SM Rookies, and is said to be a legitimate SM native who has been practicing for many years, appearing regularly on the practitioner show “MY SMT Rookies Princess” and releasing the original practitioner song “SHINING STAR”. 

In particular, she was the only member of the ROOKIES practitioners released at the time to successfully debut.

She has a clear nose and eyes and beautiful lips. Her position in the group is main vocalist. Ning Ning sang most parts of the original song “SHINING STAR” and showed her excellent singing ability. 

In the recently released video of Aespa, she looks much more developed and has a talent for high notes.

Her dream as a child was to be a painter. She has an excellent painting ability and has shown her painting ability on air. 

Her hobby is cooking and her special skill is singing. She likes pop, hip-hop, and R&B and sings a lot. 

She said she would like to collaborate with Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation. According to the members, she has a cute side that is often curious and listens carefully to what is going on.

No.3 – Giselle 

  • Real name: Eri Uchinaga
  • Hangul: 우치나가 애리
  • Korean name: Kim Aeri
  • Date of Birth: October 30, 2000
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Height: 166cm
  • Blood Type: O type
  • Education: Tokyo International School (transfer) – International School of the Sacred Heart (graduation)
  • Participating group: Aespa
least popular aespa member 2022
Source: Instagram@aespa_official

Aespa’s third in order of popularity is Giselle. Gisele was the only female Japanese member of SM, and she attracted a lot of attention. 

She is said to have a high level of language proficiency, being able to speak all three languages (Japanese, English, and Korean). Her father is Japanese and her mother is half Korean. 

Giselle was born in Tokyo and had both Korean and Japanese citizenship, but she said she chose Japanese nationality. 

A choreographer affiliated with SM called her “Naeri” on Instagram, and there were a lot of rumors about whether it was a Korean name or a nickname.

The dance school’s SNS celebration revealed the length of the training period. The dance school was for two months and SM Entertainment was for about eleven months, and they lived as practitioners.

Giselle also many endorsements and brand deals in her kitty. Here is one such ad Giselle has filmed for the beauty brand CLIO.

Seeing that Ning Ning was a trainee at SM for about 4 years earlier, this is a rare case where the training period is very short. 

Especially among the girls in SM, she has the shortest practice period. This is the part where we can learn about Giselle’s natural performance.

Her position is the main rapper. There was a lot of interest in the “foreign rapper” when she was shown rapping in the official video. 

According to Korean reactions, she has such a clear pronunciation that you don’t even notice if she is a foreigner.

No.2 – Karina

  • Real name: Yoo Ji-min
  • Hangul: 유지민
  • Date of Birth: April 11, 2000
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Blood Type: Type B
  • Education: Seongnam Shinki Elementary School – Jeongji Middle School – Hansol High School (dropped out)
  • Family: Father
  • Participating group: Aespa
Most beautiful aespa member
Source: Instagram@aespa_official

Aespa No. 2 in order of popularity is Karina. Even before her debut, Karina was a member of the music video for SHINee’s Taemin’s solo album “WANT” and appeared on a music show, and in 2020, she made a huge push to film a car commercial with EXO’s KAI.

The official position introduced by SM is a versatile member who can do it all: vocal, rap, and dance. In the teaser video, they were the only ones to perform a solo dance, which drew a lot of attention. 

In Korea, expectations are high for Karina to be able to handle the position as the main dancer.

She is a member with big eyes and the best body style. In particular, she is the tallest of the members, reminiscent of a model, and has a reputation for looking good when standing with male idols.

Before her debut, there was an incident where someone who revealed to be an acquaintance of Karina exposed her for saying bad things about other idols. 

According to SM Entertainment’s official announcement, the said content was manipulated and they plan to proceed with legal action against the person who spread the false facts.

No.1 – Winter

  • Real name: Kim Min-jeong
  • Hangul: 김민정
  • Birthday: January 1, 2001
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Blood type: A
  • Education: Samseong Elementary School – Samseong Middle School – High School Examination
  • Family: parents, brother
  • Participating group: Aespa
most popular aespa member in 2022
Source: Instagram@aespa_official

Aespa No. 1 in order of popularity is Winter. She appeared in the first teaser video only for a moment, but her cute face made her the most popular member. 

She has a cute dimple on her left cheek and a beautiful smile, which attracted the attention of many fans.

The official position introduced by SM is a member with excellent vocal and dance skills. In particular, her voice is so cute that it reminds people of a baby, and she is regarded as having a voice and face that go together very well.

According to the testimony of a student who attended the same junior high school, she was famous for being cute but very kind. 

In particular, there is even an interesting story that says, “Don’t worry about your past. especially at school”. But as it turns out she was the vice president of the student council! 

aespa popularity in korea
Source: Instagram@aespa_official

What kind of group is Aespa?

Aespa is a new girl group that will be released in 2020 by SM Entertainment, a major Korean agency, for the first time in four years since NCT. 

They are the first newcomers in six years after the girl group RedVelvet.

Aespa is a four-member group, with one Japanese, one Chinese, and two Koreans in the group. They also have an “artist member” and an “avatar member”, and each member has four “avatar members”. 

The names of the avatar members are called “Aikarina,” “Azazel,” “Aye Winter,” and “Aye Ninin”.

Aespa has a new song out called “Black Mamba”. It has over 200 million views on YouTube!

Who is the main visual of aespa?
Source: Instagram@aespa_official

What does Aespa mean?

The name “Aespa” is a combination of the word “æ”, which stands for “Avatar X Experience”, and the English word “aspect”, which means “both sides”.

It means, “You will meet your other self, Avatar, and you will experience a new world.

What is the Aespa member’s age in order and position?

Here’s the Aespa age order and positions! I’ve got this information based on an article from SM Entertainment.

most biased aespa member
Source: Instagram@aespa_official
Aespa Member NameBirthdayAespa Member Position
Karina2000.04.11Vocalist; Rapper; Dancer
Giselle2000.10.30Main Rapper
Winter2001.01.01Vocal; Dancer
Ning Ning2002.10.23Main Vocal

Aespa Discography

FAQs About Aespa Group Members

What is aespa English name?

The word Aespa is derived from the letter “æ” which in gaming means Avatar X Experience and the word aspect. It’s supposed to represent how people can meet another version of themselves through Avatars and experience a whole new world.

What is aespa fandom name?

The name of the Aespa fandom is MY. This has a lot of backstory to it as the name originates from the community app by SM Entertainment called KWANGYA. In this app the avatars of the Aespa members can interact with fans. And in this online universe MY means “The most precious friend”. So that’s the name the Aespa fandom chooses for itself.

Who is Maknae of aespa?

The youngest member of th Aespa or the Maknae as they are called is NingNing. She was born on the 23rd of October on 2002 which makes her about 19 years old. Ningning is a singer of Chinese heritage and her real name is Ning Yi Zhuo.

How old is Karina from aespa?

Karina from Aespa was born on the 11th of April in the year 2000. This currently makes her 22 years old.

Who is the leader of aespa?

The leader of Aespa is Karina. Her real name is Yu Ji-min and she is also the dancer, visualist, rapper and vocalist of the group.

Did Aespa members get plastic surgery?

No one has officially confirmed that Aespa members have had plastic surgery. However, there are rumors that all the members of this group have had surgery. In particular, there have been whispers that Karina has got a wide range of work done including facial bone reconstruction, rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery and more.

Who are the Aepsa Members dating

The Aespa members have captivated fans all over the world with their incredible talents and charming personalities, and it’s no surprise that they have fans wondering who they might be seeing off-stage.

So far, the Aespa members have remained very secretive when it comes to their relationship status, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating and dreaming about who the Aespa members could be dating.

Karina and Winter have both stated in interviews that they’re single and focusing solely on their career, but that hasn’t stopped the fandom from wondering if there’s something else going on beneath the surface.

While it’s impossible to know for certain, some fans remain optimistic and believe that Karina and Winter may have secret admirers or even secret relationships.

Giselle has been a bit more open about her relationship status, admitting that she does have a boyfriend and it looks like they’ve been seeing each other for a while now.

While she hasn’t revealed any details about who she’s seeing, Giselle has been seen on multiple occasions with an unidentified male who could be her significant other.

Lastly, NingNing seems to be the biggest mystery out of the four Aespa members since she’s said the least about her relationship status.

Some fans believe that she may be single, while others theorize that she may have a secret admirer that we know nothing about.

One thing is for sure though, NingNing has been steadily gaining more and more fans, so she may not be single for too much longer.

At the end of the day, we may never know for sure who the Aespa members are dating. But until then, fans will remain hopeful and nourish their imaginations with the possibility that Karina, Winter, Giselle, and NingNing may have someone special off-stage.

Are the Aespa members touring in 2023

At the moment, it looks like Aespa aren’t touring in 2023. Although the K-Pop girl group debuted in 2020, they haven’t done much more than release a couple of singles and a mini album.

However, this doesn’t mean they won’t eventually get around to touring. It is hard to guess what Aespa’s plans are for the future.

This is a new group and no one can be quite sure what their next steps will be. Even though the girls haven’t released any songs in 2021 so far, there’s still a chance they might announce a tour later in the year.

Another possibility is that the Aespa Members might focus on making music first and then announce a tour when they have a full album. This strategy would enable them to build up a larger fan base, strengthen their brand and have something to promote before they embark on a tour.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what Aespa has planned for 2023. The group might surprise us all with a concert tour, or take a different approach and focus on releasing new music. Either way, the future of Aespa is sure to bring us plenty of exciting news.

What is the Kpop band’s Aespa’s itinerary for 2023

Aespa, a fresh K-Pop group to enter the music industry, is gearing up for an exciting set of performances and shows in the upcoming 2023 year.

Promising to further cement the group’s popularity in the genre, the idols are prepped to captivate and energize their supporters. Travel will also be a priority as the band sets out to spread their music and be seen by their new and old fans.

From huge summer festivals and television moments to big concerts in various locations, there won’t be a moment their fans will miss.

International stages will hold the presence of the group as well, taking their music to not only those who have supported them long before, but those in different countries and cultures who crave the unique sounds of K-Pop.

The group’s activities will be full to the brim, with many countries and cultures to draw from in one year, together with the touch of social media influence the group will certainly be a success.

Their fan bases will always ensure the dance moves and tunes of Aespa will be seen and heard in every nook and cranny before the year is out.

Whether or not there will be collaborative work between the girls is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure: 2023 surely has great things in store for Aespa and their fans!

What is Kpop group Aespa’s new song

K-pop group Aespa have finally released their much-anticipated debut single, ‘Black Mamba’, and it has become an instant hit.

The music video for the song has already been viewed millions of times, so it’s safe to say that Aespa has some staying power. The song is classic K-pop; pulsing EDM beats blended with sparkling synth melodies, all topped off with smooth vocals.

It’s the kind of song that makes you want to groove, though it also has a catchy chorus and an emotional, impactful story line. In the music video, we see Aespa members taking on various roles to portray the theme and story of the song, making for a dazzling visual experience.

For anyone new to the group, ‘Black Mamba’ serves as a great introduction to the Aespa sound and is a great showcase of their skills.

Whether it’s the addictive beat or the sweet vocals, ‘Black Mamba’ is sure to be stuck in your head after just one listen. So if you haven’t already, give it a listen – you won’t be disappointed!

The Kpop group Aespa has several celebrated songs and MVs. One of their most popular track is the song “Next Level” which is just so foot tapping! You can check it out below:

Summary on Aespa Kpop Group

SM Entertainment, a major Korean agency that is home to super popular idols such as Girls’ Generation, EXO, SHINee, and NCT, has released their first new artist in 4 years, “Aespa”! 

Even before their debut, they have attracted a lot of interest from all over the world. 

I’ll be adding more information as it gets updated, so stay tuned!

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