are korean corn dogs gluten free

Are Korean Corn Dogs Gluten Free? Best Korean Cheese Hot Dog Recipe Of 2023

Sweet, savory, cheesy! Korean corn dogs are very popular with other countries now thanks to people seeing them on TV in K-dramas.

But are Korean corn dogs gluten free? Are they vegan? How can you create the best version of the Korean corn dog? 

Read on to know the answers to all these questions and more!

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I always adored Korean corn dogs. They were my favorite Korean street food when I lived in South Korea. 

The best thing about this dish is that you can change it up any way you like. 

But in every version, the one thing constant is taste. The delicious, slightly sweet, slightly salty and very, very cheesy goodness remains the same. 

So I’m here to answer your Korean corn dog related questions and give you my favorite Korean mozzarella corn dog recipe. 

Are Korean Corn Dogs Gluten Free

gluten free corn dogs

Korean corn dogs are not gluten free as they use wheat flour for making the batter and they coat the corn dogs in panko breadcrumbs.

American corn dogs usually use cornmeal coating and corn flour in the batter. So you can easily find gluten-free versions of these. 

All you have to do is check if the cornmeal is created in a facility where there is no chance of contamination with wheat.

But it takes some work to make Korean corn dogs gluten free. It’s not impossible though. 

Here are some ways you can make Korean corn dogs gluten free:

  • You can substitute the flour in the batter for rice flour (again, this should not be contaminated with wheat flour)
  • Choose French fries or cornflakes for the coating. Potatoes and corn are gluten free, so you can use these instead of panko breadcrumbs
  • Ramen noodles are traditionally made of wheat flour, so it is not a good substitute for panko. However, if you’re able to find gluten-free ramen noodles, you can use these.

What Is A Korean Corn Dog?

korean mozzarella corn dog

Korean corn dogs are popular street food in Korea, famous for their sweet and salty taste. These are hot dog sausages coated with a crispy batter. 

There are several variations of the Korean corn dog. They can have either rice cakes, fish cakes, or mozzarella cheese as a filling. 

The batter can be either panko (bread crust), sweet flour, French fry pieces or instant ramen

Sometimes Korean corn dogs are covered with sugar or they come with various condiments like mustard or ketchup. 

Ingredients Used For Korean Corn Dog

korean cheese corn dog near me

Before you get started on making a Korean corn dog at home, here are some ingredients you need to keep ready.

Sausages (or any other type of filling) – Hot dog sausages are most commonly used to create the Korean corn dog. But you can use chicken, fish cakes, or turkey if you’re looking for a halal or kosher alternative. Or you can choose rice cakes if you want a vegan option.

Mozzarella Cheese – Vegans can skip this part of the recipe. I suggest using a fresh, low-moisture mozzarella block and then cutting it into desired shapes. But you can use string cheese too if nothing else is available.

Panko Breadcrumbs – This is one of the most important parts of the recipe apart from the filling. You can use panko or try cornflakes or French fries for a gluten-free version. You can use regular breadcrumbs, but panko is differently shaped and gives a lighter, crispier texture.

Oil – The best oil for frying a corn dog is something with a high smoke point. I’d suggest oils like safflower, rice bran, sunflower, canola, or grapeseed. 

Eggs and Baking Powder – The eggs help in coating the batter to the corn dog and a bit of baking powder causes air bubbles to develop making the batter lighter and fluffier in consistency.

Milk – Milk can be skipped or substituted with water or almond milk if you’re vegan. It adds smoother, more liquidy consistency to the batter, making coating easier. 

Sugar and Salt (to taste)  – Korean corn dogs usually have a pinch of sugar as well as salt. You can adjust these ingredients according to your taste. 

How To Make A Korean Corn Dog

Here is an easy recipe to make gluten free Korean corn dogs. 

To make tasty Korean corn dogs you’ll first need to get good quality hot dog sausages. You can choose either regular sausages, chicken, or vegan sausages, depending on your preference.

where to get korean corn dogs

Assemble the hot dogs – The first step to creating a Korean hot dog is to assemble the sausages. 

Cut the hot dogs into half, and cut up a mozzarella cheese block into smaller pieces that are roughly the same size as the hot dogs.

Using sticks, skewer the sausages and then the mozzarella cheese pieces. Place these skewers inside the fridge to keep them cold.

korean corn dog batter

Create the batter – To create the batter, you need to mix flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, milk and an egg together until it’s smooth.  

Pour this mixture into a tall glass to make dipping the hot dogs easier. Place this batter in the fridge as well so it’s nice and cold.

panko crust gluten free

Dip and Coat – When you’re ready to cook these Korean corn dogs, get the batter and skewers out of the fridge.

Keep the panko ready on a flat plate or tray. 

Dip the skewers into the batter, making sure the liquid completely covers the sausage and cheese pieces.

Next, coat the skewers with panko crust and gently roll it to ensure every inch of the sausages are coated in panko.

korean corn dog calories

Fry the corn dogs – Heat up either olive oil or vegetable oil (it’s up to you), in a pan and let the temperature rise to 375 degree F. 

We want a constant temperature of 350 F, but as the temperature can drop when you put in the hot dogs, 375 F is a good starting point.

You can use a cooking thermometer to ensure the temperature of the oil remains constant.

Gently lower the batter-coated hot dog skewers into the hot oil without crowding them in the pan. Fry them until the outside looks a nice golden brown.

Pick them up using tongs and place them over a wire rack to drain. You can also serve them on a plate lined with tissue paper that will soak up excess oil.

korean corn dog with ketchup

Serve the corn dogs – Now that your Korean corn dogs are ready, you can serve them or eat them.

You can have them in several different ways. Sprinkle a bit of sugar on top of it to give it a slightly sweet taste. 

Or you can go the traditional route of using mustard and ketchup as toppings. 

Korean Corn Dog Vs. American Corn Dog

korean vs american hot dog

There are several points of difference between the Korean corn dog and the American corn dog. Here are the chief ones.

  • The Korean corn dog doesn’t necessarily contain hot dog sausages. The filling can be rice cakes, fish cakes, squid, spam, a mix of these, or simply, just mozzarella.
  • The next difference is in the batter. American corn dogs use a cornmeal batter to coat their hot dog.Koreans however use panko breadcrumbs. There are also more adventurous choices of batter like ramen bits, potatoes, cornflakes, etc. 
  • Korean corn dogs are sprinkled with sugar in addition to the other condiments. 

Where Can You Find Korean Corn Dogs in the US?

If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine or gourmet hot dogs, then you’ve probably heard of Korean corn dogs, or as Koreans call them, hot dogs on a stick.

They’re basically deep-fried hot dogs coated in a batter mixture containing flour, sugar, eggs, and milk, and rolled or topped with various toppings like sugar, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, and even potatoes or vegetables.

But the question that’s on many people’s minds is whether Korean corn dogs are gluten-free or not. The answer is unfortunately no, they’re not. The batter mixture usually contains wheat flour, which is a source of gluten.

So if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, you should avoid eating Korean corn dogs or find gluten-free alternatives. However, if you’re not affected by gluten and want to try Korean corn dogs for yourself, you may be wondering where to find them in the US.

The good news is that Korean corn dogs have become quite popular in recent years, thanks to social media and food bloggers. You can find them in Korean restaurants, food trucks, and pop-up shops in various cities across the US.

Some popular places to look for Korean corn dogs include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Houston. In addition, some international grocery stores and Korean supermarkets may sell frozen or ready-to-cook Korean corn dogs that you can prepare at home.

Just make sure to read the ingredients list and cooking instructions carefully, and check for any allergens or dietary restrictions. Happy hunting!

Are Korean Corn Dogs Halal

If you are Muslim, it’s essential to know what we eat, and if it’s permissible according to the Islamic laws and beliefs. Korean corn dogs, a popular street food in Korea, have become famous worldwide, and many people are curious about their halal status.

Korean corn dogs consist of hot dogs coated in a sweet batter made of flour, egg, and sugar, deep-fried and coated in different toppings such as cheese, sugar, and breadcrumbs.

The hot dogs used in Korean corn dogs usually come from beef, chicken, or pork sources, so it’s essential to know which one is halal. If the hot dogs used are from a Halal certified source, then they are considered halal to eat, with the caveat that the frying oil should also be free from any haram substances.

However, it’s crucial to note that not all corn dog vendors use halal certified sources for their hot dogs, so it’s best to ask before purchasing. Another thing you should consider when purchasing Korean corn dogs is that some toppings, such as cheese, may not be halal.

As such, you should ask the vendor about the toppings’ ingredients to ensure that they are not haram. To sum up, Korean corn dogs are halal as long as the hot dogs used are from a Halal certified source, and the frying oil and toppings are free from any haram substances.

Remember, it’s always better to ask before purchasing any street food to ensure that it complies with our Islamic dietary laws.

How Many Calories Does One Serving on Korean Hot Dogs Contain

When it comes to Korean hot dogs, the first thought that comes to mind is a delicious, crispy and chewy snack that’s bursting with flavor. But what about the nutritional content? How many calories are in one serving of these delicious treats?

The answer may surprise you. One serving of Korean hot dogs contains an average of 250-300 calories. This may vary depending on the toppings you choose to add, such as cheese or sugar.

While this may seem like a high number, it’s important to remember that Korean hot dogs are a treat and should be enjoyed in moderation. Plus, with the right ingredients, they can also be a source of protein and other nutrients.

If you’re looking to enjoy Korean hot dogs in a more health-conscious manner, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Try choosing a hot dog that’s made with a leaner meat, like chicken or turkey, and go easy on the cheese and sugar toppings.

Vegetables, like corn and onions, can also add flavor and nutrition without adding too many calories. In conclusion, Korean hot dogs are a delicious and beloved snack, but they should be enjoyed in moderation as they may contain a higher calorie count.

With the right ingredients and toppings, however, they can also be a source of protein and other nutrients.

Tips For Making Korean Corn Dogs Better

are Korean corn dogs gluten free

If you’re trying out Korean corn dogs for the first time, here are some tips to make your cooking easier. 

  • Don’t forget to add the sugar sprinkling as it sets apart the Korean corn dog from its American counterpart. And it also adds an interesting sweet-salty flavor.
  • Always keep the cheese and batter in the fridge before frying. I suggest at least 30 minutes. This will ensure the cheese isn’t runny and the batter doesn’t leak.
  • Mozzarella cheese blocks are better than the string cheese versions. These are more stretchy and melt faster.
  • Cook one or two corn dogs at a time. This will ensure you don’t burn them and it will give others more time in the fridge.
  • Use the right skewer. A thin one won’t hold up the corn dog. Invest in thick, quality skewers with a pointy end. 

FAQs about Korean Corn Dogs

korean corn dog

Can you use an air fryer to make Korean corn dogs?

Yes, you can make Korean corn dogs in an air fryer. All you have to do is set the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and cook for 8-10 minutes. 

Make sure you flip the corn dogs every few minutes to ensure even heating. 

I have to tell you that the panko crust might not come out as crispy in an air fryer as it would with regular deep frying. But it is certainly the healthier option.

Do I need to use yeast for the batter?

Using a yeasted batter can give your Korean corn dogs a stretchier texture. However, yeast is not a necessary ingredient. 

Baking powder is sufficient for giving your corn dog batter that rise. 

If you use yeast, you’ll have to wait for several hours for the dough to rise before using it. 

Plus, some types of yeast are not gluten-free. So these are better avoided if you want gluten-free Korean corn dogs. 

What can I serve with Korean corn dogs?

Korean corn dogs are a form of street food, so they go well with other, lighter finger foods. 
Some of the foods you can serve with Korean corn dogs include Korean fried chicken, potato balls, Ttbeokki, Kimbap, Kimchi stew, among others. 

Korean corn dogs are the perfect comfort food! You can make several versions of this street food including a vegan and gluten free version.

The best part about these Korean corn dogs is that they can be stored away, although I do recommend having it fresh. 

You can place a few of these corn dogs into a ziploc bag and deep freeze them for up to a month. All you need to do is reheat them in your air fryer or oven to enjoy these corn dogs again.

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