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Ateez Members Zodiacs And Their Compatibility 2023 | Are You Their Type?

Find out what are the Ateez members zodiacs and if you are compatible with them. Check out Ateez’s Wooyoung, Jonho, and Yunho’s ideal types based on sun signs and other aspects of the zodiac.

It’s always interesting to know more about your favorite Kpop idol. But there is only so much information available about them.

So I took a deep dive into the realm of astrology to find out more about the members of ATEEZ. 

The zodiac can be a helpful tool to check what personalities of each of the members of the ATEEZ is like and also their romantic compatibility with other signs. 

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Of course, a complete zodiac analysis would include research into their Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs and planetary aspects and not just the sun signs. 

But as accurate birth time details of ATEEZ members haven’t been disclosed, I’ll stick to sun signs for simplicity.

Ateez Members Zodiacs

If you want to learn what each member of the Kpop group ATEEZ is like based on their star signs, here’s all the deets. Also check out if your sun sign is compatible with your idols. 

Jongho – The Flirty Libra

  • Birthdate – October 12th, 2000
  • Moon Sign – Aries
  • Most Compatible Sun Signs – Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo
  • Least Compatible Sun Signs – Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo
jongho ateez zodiac sign
Source: Instagram@jongho._.ateez

As an air sign, Jongho tends to be logical, intellectual and fair-minded. Librans especially are known for their love of social justice and dedication to fairness and equality. Their sign’s symbol is a pair of scales after all!

But Librans are also known to be quite flirtatious. And combine Jongho’s Libra sun with his bold Aries moon and you have fireworks. 

He is quite romantically inclined and often prefers to initiate a conversation with a woman. Jongho is also impulsive in love and tends to dive in head first. However most of these flirtations are short lived.

A feisty Sagittarius or Leo woman who can add excitement to his life and match his energy is a perfect fit for Jongho. Or a similar-minded Gemini or Aquarius.

However, he might have a hard time connecting with the deep and emotional water signs or feel stifled by the more practical earth signs. 

Wooyoung – The Feisty Sagittarius

  • Birthdate – November 26th, 1999
  • Moon Sign – Cancer
  • Most Compatible Sun Signs – Leo, Aries, Libra 
  • Least Compatible Sun Signs –  Virgo, Scorpio 
wooyoung ateez zodiac sign
Source: Instagram@wooyoung._.ateez

As a Sagittarius Wooyoung is inclined to be freedom-loving, independent and intellectual. These fire signs love to talk and charm people. 

However, they are very hard to pin down because they are constantly moving. Whether it’s from one place to another, one job to another or one relationship to another. 

For Sagittarians life is movement. So Wooyoung’s best match would be another independent fire sign like Aries or Leo, or maybe even another Sagittarius who will give him space and yet participate in fun activities with him.

Wooyoung also has a Cancer moon which makes him more inclined to home life, romance, or a traditional marriage setup than most Sagittarius men.

So if there is enough trust and communication, Wooyoung can actually make a good pair with a water sign as well. Among water signs, a Pisces is best for Wooyoung as they are also mutable signs like Sagittarius and love living life freely! 

Mingi – The Bold Leo

  • Birthdate – August 9th, 1999
  • Moon Sign – Cancer
  • Most Compatible Sun Signs – Aries, Virgo, Cancer, Sagittarius
  • Least Compatible Sun Signs – Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus
ateez birth chart
Source: Instagram@mr.mingi

Leo’s are the peacocks of the zodiac. They want to live larger-than-life and often have a bright, unique aura that draws all attention towards them.

They might be bold and unconventional in the way they dress and interact with people. Mingi, like most Leos, is also passionate, warm-hearted, loyal and daring. 

If zodiacs were Hogwarts houses, Leo would definitely be a Gryffindor. 

The lucky lady who catches Mingi’s eyes would be bold, confident and adventurous. A fellow fire sign like Sagittarius would be most compatible with him. 

However, seeing as how he has water, specifically Cancer moon, a Virgo woman or Cancer woman might not be too match a bad as it will be a case of opposites attract. 

San – The Sensitive Cancer

  • Birthdate – July 10th, 1999
  • Moon Sign – Cancer
  • Most Compatible Sun Signs – Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus
  • Least Compatible Sun Signs – Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius 
ateez members birthdays
Source: Instagram@sanateez_san

Ah, I happen to love Cancers. These are Crabs of the zodiac sign and have a reputation for being sensitive, kind-hearted, home bodies. 

As San has reiterated in countless interviews, he is also very shy and prefers staying home to partying. So here’s another proof that the zodiac is real! 

San also has a Cancer moon which amplifies the Cancerian energy. 

Cancer is also ruled by the moon so people with a Cancer moon tend to be very in touch with their feelings and intuition.

For this reason, the best match for San would be another water sign like Pisces or Scorpio or a fellow Cancer. Or an earth sign like Capricorn or Taurus who would ground their emotions. 

YeoSang – The Mischievous Gemini

  • Birthdate – June 15th, 1999
  • Moon Sign – Cancer
  • Most Compatible Sun Signs – Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces
  • Least Compatible Sun Signs – Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio 
ateez zodiac signs compatibility
Source: Instagram@yeosang_ateez

Yeo Sang is a typical Gemini. He’s curious, intellectual, charismatic and tends to be very, very talkative. 

This is very apparent when ATINY (that’s what the ATEEZ fandom calls themselves) has designated Yeo-sang as the gag character of the Kpop group. Just Gemini things!

But he’s not all fun and games. Yeo-sang also has a Cancer moon like his other bandmates San and Mingi. So this makes him very emotional and intuitive as well.

The perfect match for such a complex character would be a humanitarian Aquarius who is intellectual and blessed with the gift-of-the-gab just like him and who also satisfies his need for emotional connection.

A flirty, romantic Libra or another mutable sign like Pisces can also be good matches. 

Yunho – The Adventurous Aries

  • Birthdate – March 23rd, 1999
  • Moon Sign – Gemini
  • Most Compatible Sun Signs – Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius
  • Least Compatible Sun Signs – Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer
what is ateez zodiac sign
Source: Instagram@yunho_ateez

Yunho’s sun and moon combination makes him one heck of a character! His Aries sun gives him drive, energy, passion and aggression while his Gemini moon backs it up with intellectual curiosity, presence of mind, and great ability to express themselves. 

I mean is it a wonder that the fans of ATEEZ have given him the nickname of “Golden Retriever ”? 

The woman who will get along best with Yunho is another fast-talker like a Gemini or someone who has a fiery independence that can match Yunho’s. Like a Sagittarius for example. 

Hoonjoong – The Sensual Scorpio 

  • Birthdate – November 7th, 1998
  • Moon Sign – Gemini
  • Most Compatible Sun Signs – Pisces, Libra, Aquarius, Taurus
  • Least Compatible Sun Signs – Sagittarius, Leo
ateez hongjoong zodiac sign
Source: Instagram@hongjoong_ateez__

Apart from San, who is a Cancerian, Hoonjoong is another water sign in ATEEZ. As a scorpio he is mysterious, deep, emotional, and obsessive. 

His best match will be another water sign. I prefer Pisces as this is a mutable sign and Hoonjoong has his moon in Gemini which is a mutable sign. 

Seonghwa – (Another) Spontaneous Aries

  • Birthdate – April 3rd, 1998
  • Moon Sign – Cancer
  • Most Compatible Sun Signs – Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Leo
  • Least Compatible Sun Signs – Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio 
ateez members zodiac signs
Source: Instagram@seonghwa.ateez

Ok folks, we have another Aries over here! Just like bandmade Yunho, Seonghwa is also the sign of the Ram.

These Arian guys tend to be ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression, boldness, action, and passion.

But Seongwha’s Cancer moon also makes him sweet and considerate. So you get the best of both worlds here. 

I think a fellow fire sign like Leo or another air sign like Gemini or Libra can do well with Seonghwa. 

ateez zodiac compatibility
Source: Instagram@loml_choi_san

FAQs about Ateez Members Zodiac Compatibility

Since there is always more to know about your favorite Kpop idols, I have answered a few of your frequently asked questions down below. Check it out! 

Is Mingi a Leo?

Yes, Mingi from the Kpop group ATEEZ is a Leo. His birthday is on the 9th of August 1999 which falls under the zodiac of Leo in astrology. The sun sign of Leo is symbolized by a lion. People under this zodiac sign are said to be bold, vivacious, self-loving, and expressive. 

Is Wooyoung a Scorpio?

No, actually Woonyoung was born on November 26th, 1999. So he falls under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius (The Archer). I think this confusion stems from the fact that the zodiac timeline Scorpio stretches till mid November. However, Wooyoung missed being a Scorpio by a few days. Also, his fellow ATEEZ member Hoonjoong is a Scorpio as he was born on the 7th of November in the same year. 

Final Thoughts About Ateez Members Zodiacs

While it’s fun to speculate about the personalities and romantic preferences of Kpop idols based on their zodiac sign, keep in mind that this isn’t the end all, be all.

Even in astrology, you need birth times to create an accurate synastry and compatibility analysis so take these compatibility scores with a grain of salt. 

If you want, you can even check out their Chinese zodiac and traditional Korean zodiac for more information. 

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