Best apps for Kpop lovers

Here Are My Favorite Apps For Kpop Lovers 2023

What are the best apps for Kpop lovers? Find out here! These include the editing apps for Kpop fans, Kpop voting apps and more!

Kpop fan bases are some of the strongest in the world. The fans literally worship their Kpop idols and go to great lengths for them including downloading the favorite apps for Kpop lovers!

It is very common for Kpop stars to have their own fan pages, websites, and even mobile applications for their fans. 

These applications give easy access to get the latest news and updates about their Korean idols. Some of these applications have exclusive content about celebrities. 

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There are mostly two different kinds of apps for Kpop lovers, Content apps and voting apps. 

Voting apps are for the fans to rate the best Kpop starts and performances. 

If you are new to the world of Kpop or have already been adoring these stars, here are some of the best apps for Kpop lovers that should be on your phone. 

Apps For K-pop Lovers 2022

V live

Best apps for Kpop lovers

V Live is one of the best applications for KPop lovers. This app takes the fans up close and personal with their celebrities to know more about their lives. 

The Kpop stars can come on live videos and talk to their fans through this application. 

This is not just a mobile-based application, you can also access it through the website. 

They even have reality show episodes and award shows in this one so hop on to V Live instead of going on your next Netflix binge to get some quality Kpop content. 


apps that kpop fans should have

Lysn is an app where Kpop lovers can come together and discuss their favorite artists and create a community for them.

According to my experience, this app is more like a social networking site for Kpop fans where you can open chat rooms, upload pictures, videos, set backgrounds, and even send voice messages. 

It has a unique bubble feature through which the fans can send realistic text-like messages with their favorite SM Entertainment idols. 

This is however a paid feature and you will have to shell out $3.49 per artist every month to access this. 


chat with kpop idols app

Weverse is an app created by BigHit and the app brings Kpop fans from all over the world under the same platform. 

One thing that I loved about this app is that its usage is not just limited to Korea. International fans can hit off each other and connect with their favorite Kpop idols.

A lot of these Kpop apps are only available in the Korean language which makes it difficult for international fans to access them. 

You can access exclusive content about the Kpop artists and it has a feature similar to Instagram stories called “Artists moments” where the artists can give a glimpse into their thoughts and daily lives. 


apps for kpop lovers

Amino is another application for Kpop fans that is similar to social networking. 

Fans can create their profiles with all the information and photos here and it even has the follow/ unfollow feature like Instagram.

The application has various communities that bring like-minded individuals together to share their love for the artists. 

I have been using amino for a little over a year now and I must say that its appeal has gone down over time. 

It is definitely very easy to make friends here but you should steer clear of toxic people and bullies that are rampant in the app. 


papago apps for kpop lovers

Have you ever wondered what those cute dialogues in Kdramas or those Korean phrases that your favorite stars often use mean?

If you want to understand the everyday slang words that these popular celebrities use, Papago is the right place for you. 

This is not just a mobile application, you can simply access it through the web. 

And the best part is that there is no hassle of creating an account or profile in this application. 

You can simply type in the world, a voice recording, or even scan a photo on a television screen to get the translation or meaning!


chat apps for kpop lovers

This is one of the more simple apps for K-pop lovers that can help you send messages, photos, voice recordings and videos, and even your location to others. 

This is an app that you can use on both your PC and mobile phone. 

However, one minor drawback is that I have to manually open the links on a browser every time I want to access a link. 

You cannot set the browser to default settings. But this app is best suited for private and secured communication. 

This app also has a “Plus Friend ” feature that enables you to follow our favorite Korean celebrities, Brands and even receives messages and coupons from them!

They also have a disappearing photo option called “Kakao stories” that is similar to Instagram stories. 

Another issue I faced is that their push notifications are almost all in Korean so if you don’t know the language, it could be difficult to use. 

SuperStar SM

gaming apps for kpop lovers

SuperStar SM is a great place to combine your love for gaming and Kpop. 

If you are a fan of Kpop singers and their music, this game will be your new favorite hobby. 

It is available on google play store and iTunes. Through this game, you can put your Kpop knowledge to the test by completing each song at three different levels: easy, normal, and hard. 

I’m not usually a fan of mobile games but this one definitely got me hooked. The events are similar and repetitive so you might get bored after some time. 

You even get prizes like signed albums but you will also have to shell out some money for this if you do not gain enough diamonds, which is not exactly the easiest. 


best apps for kpop lovers

This is one of the best apps I discovered during the lockdown. Like any Kpop fan, I definitely missed attending concerts and events of our favorite stars. 

Wyth is another app developed by SM Entertainments that gives you a one-of-a-kind interactive concert experience. 

If your glow stick has been gathering dust, it is time to take it out. This app connects using Bluetooth and syncs your glow stick light to the next official SM Entertainment concert. 

This is definitely one of the best inventions for Kpop fans all over the world who cannot physically attend these corners. 

When I first started using this app, it had a lot of issues and malfunctions but the new and improved updates give you a better concert experience. 


voting apps for kpop lovers

Kpop apps are not just for creating and sharing content about the stars. They can also be used for voting and ranking these celebrities. 

One such app is CHOEAEDOL which offers complete transparency while enabling you to nominate and vote for your favourite stars. 

This is one of the most fan-oriented apps I have used and it has a great concept although they do not enable any actual interaction with the Kpop stars. 

You can even conduct fundraising events and join other members to hang a subway billboard, in-app banner, etc for your favorite Kpop start. 

It has a very simple and efficient interface that is great for someone venturing into these apps for the first time. 


content apps for kpop lovers

If you are looking for quality content on Kpop and its stars, Mubeat is the app for you. Here, you have access to some of the best quality HD videos of concerts and other shows. 

Mubeat is another voting app that helps you rank your Kpop stars. 

They have separate artist channels that give you a wide array of information about the artist including albums, video updates, etc. 

This is one of the very first applications I downloaded after I got introduced to Kpop. But one thing I did not like is the lack of private messaging features. 


talk to kpop fans

Idolchamp is one of the best ways to fund an advertisement for your favorite celebrity or vote for their award nominations. 

This is usually done by fans for the celebrities birthday, when they win awards or any other special events. 

These advertisements are mostly put up in prime locations in Korea like Hongik University, Gangnam station, COEX etc

This would be an alien concept for the western world since such thick fan bases are not common anywhere else but yes, Koreans have a separate app dedicated to funding advertisements for their idols. 

You have to accumulate a certain number of hearts and stars to vote for your favorite celebs. This is done after taking up a quiz and watching video ads. 

One main issue I faced with the app is that the quizzes are in Korean so I cannot accumulate hearts because of that. The application did not show a lot of video ads too which made it difficult for me to vote. 


kpop apps to download

This is another great platform where Kpop fans can promote their fans. They also have some exclusive celebrity content that the fans can enjoy. 

But I faced a lot of technical difficulties with this one. I couldn’t find video ads that I could watch, the voting process is also not transparent enough and I even had issues logging in. 

FAQs About Kpop Apps to Download

What app do kpop idols use to take pictures?

There are a few different apps that idols use to take pictures. Some of the more popular ones include:
Instagram – This app is used by many K-pop idols to post photos and videos of themselves and their fans. It has a broad user base and is very popular for sharing photos and videos.
Snapchat – This app is commonly used by K-pop idols to share photos and videos that are fleeting, often meant for a single audience. It has a young, mobile-focused audience and is difficult for other users to see or share the content once it’s been deleted.
WeChat – This app is widely used in China by both celebrities and the general public. It’s known for being extremely private and secure, making it perfect for K-pop idols who want to keep their privacy intact while they’re on tour or promoting their music.

What is the best app for kpop music?

There are so many great apps for kpop music that it’s hard to decide which one to choose. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 5 best kpop music apps!
Karaoke Revolution – This app is perfect for anyone who wants to sing their favorite songs in style. It has an amazing sound quality and is super easy to use. Plus, it comes with a whole host of features, such as the ability to share your performances on social media.
Jukebox – This app allows you to search through different kpop songs and add them to your playlists. You can also create your own playlists and share them with other users online.
MyKPOP – This app is perfect for anyone who wants to keep track of their favorite kpop songs and albums. You can browse through all of the latest releases, listen to music offline, and more!
K-me – This app allows you to watch live streaming kpop concerts and performances from around the world. You can also chat with other fans during the show, and vote on your favorite performers!
KPOP Star – This app is a fan-based social network that allows you to follow your favorite stars and share your thoughts on their latest posts and videos. You can also join discussions about popular topics in the kpop industry!

Apps for K-pop lovers are an important part of Korean pop culture!

Fans get all the latest news about their favorite Kpop celebrities and some even win awards based on the content on these apps. 

So which app is best for you? It really depends on what you’re looking for – some apps are more tailored towards specific needs, while others are more universal. Ultimately, the best way to find out which app is right for you is by trying them all out!

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