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I Tried Out 8 Famous Dating Apps In Korea 2023

Want to know what are top dating apps in Korea for locals and foreigners? Find out here! Also check out the top dating sites in Korea.

Dating apps are some of the most useful apps ever. In this fast-paced life, nobody has the time to meet someone new and hit things off. 

These apps have made dating easier for a lot of us. Whether you are looking for a fling or something more serious, they have got you covered. 

Dating apps are now a big part of Korean society and culture. Ever since their introduction, these apps have shown steady growth in Korea. 

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The dating app market in South Korea is estimated to be around 200 billion South Korean won. 

One reason why it has become so popular is that it is a good way for young people, especially introverts, to connect with potential partners. 

best korean datiing apps

It is also easy for expats living in Korea to find good matches through these apps.  

If you are a foreigner living in Korea or a Korean who wants to venture into the world of dating apps, check out this list of some of the best dating apps in Korea. 

I have tried and tested some of the best dating apps in Korea to select the best ones for you. 

Dating Apps In Korea 2022


free korean dating app

Who doesn’t know tinder? It is the single most popular dating app in the world. I was quick to jump into the bandwagon and create a tinder account when I first moved to South Korea. 

Thanks to the pandemic, I was able to find a few credible matches here. Although it was mostly online dating and video calls, tinder performed really well for me. 

One thing I noticed with men on Korean Tinder is that most of the men I matched with were pretty older. 

I was used to matching with people who are younger than my age or even the same age but a lot of these Korean men were in their mid- 20’s to early ’30s. 

There are a lot of imposters and catfishing out there so be careful when you search for your potential S.O. Eventually you just learn to weed out the creeps from genuine people. 

It is very common to get a lot of unwarranted messages from men on tinder. So be prepared for that when you decide to make a tinder account. 


best korean dating app for foreigners

Amanda has over 5 million users in Korea, making it one of the top dating app in the country. 

One thing that I instantly loved about this app is that it delves deep into the lives of its members without getting too personal. 

You can know so much more about your potential match through this app because members have to go through a lengthy self- description process while joining the app. 

You have to give details about certain areas of your life such as political views, religious views, core values and even hobbies. 

The best part is you can use hashtags to search for these features that will help you find a like-minded person easily. 

It has a unique point accumulation system you have to follow when you first join the app. You will have to pass a screening test and get a minimum of three points to become an official member of the app. 

This is a great feature that helps in improving the quality of members and weeding out fake profiles and catfishing. 

So Amanda is an app that is definitely going to be on my phone for some time. 


koreancupid korean dating apps

If you are looking for unique dating apps in Korea, Noondate has a set of unique features that helps it in standing out in a saturated market. 

The name “Noondate” is derived from the unique practice this app adapts to introduce you to potential partners. 

I got two suitable matches at noon every day and out of the two, I could choose one person I am interested in. 

If my potential partner is interested in me, it paves way for a conversation and I can initiate a chat. 

Personally, I loved this app because it does not waste your time trying to find a partner. It will find the best-suited profiles for you. 

And it bans any use that is using false information or identity on the app. So you are protected from fake profiles to a great extent as compared to other apps like Tinder. 

This is also one of the few apps you can use through a website instead of a mobile application. 


korean dating apps

This dating app is developed by BNK Labs which has seven other dating apps in its kitty. It boasts of a 1.7 million customer base. 

When I first joined the app, they showed me 16 matches out of which I had to select my most ideal type. 

You have to enter your personal information like name, age, occupation, location and even your blood group, which is definitely a little weird. 

One drawback is that you will have to purchase a ticket to chat with a match. 

As a foreigner, I thoroughly enjoyed this app. You have to know the Korean language of course otherwise it will be impossible to use this one. 

It is like my own personal version of “The Bachelor”. I did find a few legit matches through the app too. 


japanese and korean dating app

GLAM is an award-winning Korean app that won the 2017 Google Play awards for the Best Social App in Korea. 

They have an effective algorithm that will help you meet like-minded people quickly. 

This application is very similar to Amanda where the users are rated by existing users and are placed in various TIERS. 

By improving your profile and making it more appealing, you can improve your profiles tier on the app. 

This is not just a dating app, you can also find like-minded people to foster genuine friendships here. 

My favourite part about this app is that you do not have to pay for any services like having a conversation or having a video call. So if you want to date on a budget, you know where to go. 


korean dating app in india

OkCupid is one of the widely used dating apps in Korea, especially among foreigners. It is available in the English language that makes things easier. 

What makes this app unique is that you will have to answer a variety of questions when you create a profile. 

These questions can be from a variety of different areas like politics, habits, personality, lifestyle, religion love and sex. 

Although a lot of users may find this process tedious, this definitely helped in creating an in-depth profile about my personality that gave me compatible matches. 

If you want to get the best of this app and find a perfect match, you have to take your time to fill in these details and add information. 

I also noticed that a lot of people connect on OkCupid just to know more about living in Korea or to make friends.

It gives us a peek into the other person’s perspective by asking relevant questions like “Are men the breadwinner of the family?” and “Do you think evolutionary theory and creationism should be taught in school?”

Sky People

what dating apps do korean use

Sky people is one of the most controversial dating apps in Korea and has been accused of blatantly accepting sexist practices to attract customers.

It is definitely one of the most openly sexist apps I have ever used and I definitely won’t be sticking to this one. 

The application only allows men who have graduated from prestigious universities to create a profile but women are only required to be between 20 to 39 years and should post their picture. 

In fact, male users have to submit their university certificates to verify the authenticity of their claims!

Although some people might be into this idea, it sends a wrong message to the general public. 

Nevertheless, this is a popular dating app in South Korea and is used by over 145,000 users. 

Most of the dating apps in Korea have a specific target audience they cater to that is why all of these applications are very popular despite their obnoxious entry requirements. 

1 km

best korean dating apps for foreigners in korea

1 km is more of a community-oriented app than a dating app but yes, you can definitely find your future S.O through this one. 

It showed me four users, around my geographical location with whom I can connect and initiate a conversation.

One unique thing that I loved about this app is that it is a great place for like-minded people to come together and share their interests. 

It has various clubs like a hiking club, cinema club, cycling club etc where people can join and form a community of like-minded individuals. 

This is a great app for foreigners who have just moved to Korea since it helps in making friends quickly. 

This app has a lot of issues with its user interface which makes it inconvenient for beginners. There are too many advertisements too.

FAQs about What Dating Apps Are Koreans Using

What are the top dating apps in Korea for foreigners?

Dating apps can be a great way to meet new people, and depending on your interests, there may be a specific app that is perfect for you. Some popular options include Hot or Not, Naver Matome (lovers), LoveScout24 (marriage & dating), Mswipe (K-pop fans only!), 마이크로 하인스닝 Meikle (only men allowed!).
Each of these apps has its own unique features and benefits. Hot or Not allows you to take pictures of yourself and rank them according to how attractive you think they are. This can help youto find someone who matches your preferences in terms of looks. Naver Matome lets users scan through profiles quickly and decide whether they want to message the person or not. LoveScout24 offers detailed information about each user including their occupation, education level, religion, etc.. Finally, Mswipe lets users swipe left if they don’t like someone’s profile photo or right if they do. This helps filter out potential candidates more easily than other dating apps.
Ultimately it is important to choose an app that meets your needs specifically: either fordating purposes or simply networking with others from around the world!

Is Tinder popular in Korea?

While Tinder is not as popular in Korea as it is in other countries such as the U.S., Japan, and China, it is still a fairly common app. Some of its most well-known users include Korean celebrities (like YG Entertainment rapper BTS) and Suzy Kim, who hit #1 on the Forbes Korea Celebrity 100 list last year.
Tinder has also been known to be quite disruptive to traditional dating services in Korea by introducing more opportunities for meeting new people outside of traditional social circles. Additionally, because it’s an app that can be used discreetly (meaning you don’t have to reveal your real name), Tinder has become a preferred platform for daters who are looking for alternatives to online dating sites like Match or Missed Connections.

Dating apps in Korea are a lot of fun and help in lonely times but it is important to be wary of impostors.  

The most important red flags are usually inaccurate information and false identity. 

There are a lot of creepy things happening in this digital space and you have to take red flags seriously when you decide to be active in these apps.

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