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10 Talented Female Dancers In Kpop Who Will Leave You Speechless

Are you curious who are the best female dancers in Kpop industry? In this article, I’ve listed the best female dancers in Kpop who have an exceptional gift in dancing. Find out who got in the TOP 10! 

All the Kpop idols are talented individuals with their unique skills and abilities. One of any Kpop group’s most essential is their ability to dance.

Given the fact that Kpop is so engaging and entertaining, it’s one of the key factors with its popularity on a worldwide scale.

You simply can’t help but watch and stan! Moreover, one feature that particularly distinguishes Kpop from other music is their arrangement of dance choreography.

The top female dancers have elevated the genre’s dancing to a notch higher, but at the same time they’ve also challenged the younger generations to explore the genre’s boundaries by combining their own various creative techniques.

Let’s see who these magnificent ladies are!

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Top Female Dancers in Kpop

10th Place: Boa

Kwon Boa, The Queen of Kpop has made her way to rank a spot at 10. Scouted at the age of 11 under SM Entertainment and debuted with “ID; Peace B” as a soloist in August 2000 when she was 13.

As a new idol Boa made it big for the Kpop industry and expanded the market for Kpop music, she opened new barriers and made Korean music be discovered not just all around the country but globally.

The public was stunned when she first debuted because of amazing dancing skills and strong vocals.

The public wanted more of her music and talent and she won Rookie of the Year as she broke through the music charts! BoA is still currently active in the Kpop industry with the group GOT the beat under SM Entertainment. 

9th Place: Yeji (ITZY)

Hwang Yeji the leader of ITZY and the 4th Gen “It Girl”, but we can’t all forget that she is one of the all rounders of the 4th Gen!

She auditioned with “Like OHH-AHH ” by TWICE and passed, she later became a trainee under JYP Entertainment in 2016 and debuted in 2019 with ITZY one of the first Kpop groups to debut in the 4th Gen.

top 10 best dancers in kpop female

As ITZY rose to fame, so did Yeji as she captured the public with not only her title as the leader, great vocals and rapping, but also her unbelievable talent in dancing!

Yeji performed in Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month where she was able to showcase more of her dancing skills showing her energy, charisma and stage presence which blows everyone away.

I think Yeji is called to be JYP’s “Secret Weapon” for being the ace since her trainee days up until now as an idol.

8th Place: HyunA

Kim Hyun-Ah who is known to be HyunA, from being a member of Girl groups to a successful soloist. HyunA has a versatile talent ahead of her career in the entertainment industry, she can show off any vocal style in different genres as well as how she can try out various dance styles.

HyunA has flawless moves and sultry aura on stage, she can really articulate her passion while dancing.

She absolutely owns the floor when she dances and drives it with her style. Even though her moves are simple and direct, HyunA manages to show a vibe of swag with it. You should check out her Youtube channel and watch many of her performances if you’re planning to learn Kpop dance.

7th Place: Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Kim Hyo Yeon the Dancing Queen and main dancer of Girl’s Generation is one of the best idol dancers in Kpop. Many have praised and recognised Hyoyeon for her professionalism in dancing when performing and her 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

She has an incredible talent in dancing, she is confident in any type of dance. She can show immense dancing skills and how quick she can adapt and memorize a dance.

Hyo Yoen attracts the audience well with her stage presence and powerful moves.

She started learning to dance with her brother when she was still in elementary, Hyoyeon was able to try and learn various types of dancing she was able to improve her talent even more when she became a trainee and later as she debuted.

6th Place: Momo (TWICE)

TWICE’s main dancer and choreographer of the group. Also known as the “Dancing Machine”, she can’t be disregarded. After she was eliminated early from the survival show SIXTEEN, JYP made the unexpected decision to bypass the rules and give her an opportunity to debut in TWICE given her marvelous dancing skills.

Furthermore, Momo is like a dancer who had been sent directly from the gods, according to Top Kpop choreographer Lia Kim, notwithstanding her ability to pick up choreography quickly and efficiently.

who is the best dancer in kpop female 2022
Source: Instagram@momo

Isn’t that incredible? Momo can perform almost any kind of dance, but what makes her unique is the creative way she incorporates her individuality into it.

Although most dancers in this list are brilliant performers, TWICE’s Momo excels at embracing songs to her own style and approach which makes her one of the best dancers in Kpop. 

5th Place: Seungyeon (CLC)

CLC’s former member Seungyeon the main dancer of the group, Seungyeon has intricate moves and her movements when dancing are in sync.

She is a gifted dancer who can mesh with practically any idea. Seungyeon also effortlessly combines adorable and alluring styles, which is challenging to do.

Seungyeon executes the dance sharply and smoothly, her charisma on stage draws the audience to praise her pure talent in dancing.

She brings a powerful stage presence along with her perfect moves when performing earning the name “Dance Queen”! She can achieve difficult dance moves and execute them perfectly when performing which amazes the public. 

4th Place: Chungha

Kim Chung-Ha, a Korean female soloist. She began dancing in the eighth grade, and by the time she was in high school, she was given the opportunity to try out for JYP Entertainment.

Chungha was immediately hired as a trainee and she participated at Mnet’s Girl Group survival show Produce 101, Chungha was able to secure a spot in the final line up ranking in 4th Place and debuted with I.O.I, dancing is what she is known for and that talent is her speciality aside from her singing.

She is one of the top live performers because of her remarkable freestyle skills. Chungha burns up on stage as she shows off her dancing skills confidently and naturally. 

3rd Place: Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE former member)

Lee Chaeyeon a former member and main dancer of the Korean-Japanese Girl group IZ*ONE and a trainee once under JYP Entertainment along with her sister Chaeryeong who is a member from ITZY.

Chaeyeon’s untimely loss at SIXTEEN gave her a fresh start, as she made her debut with the IZ*ONE members. Her career demonstrates where perseverance and hard effort can lead, and Chaeyeon’s sparkling talent sets her apart from the others.

After her time with IZ*ONE a few years later, she participated in Mnet’s hit survival program “Street Woman Fighter” as part of the dance crew WANT they ranked in 7th Place, but Chaeyeon was still able to take up the challenge and try something new.

The Lee sisters are known for their extreme talent in dancing, Chaeyeon can learn the choreography well and rapidly.

Chaeyeon is the first Korean artist to perform in Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month, showcasing her talent and leaving the viewers in awe as she executed the choreography exquisitely.

2nd Place: Hyolyn (SISTAR former member) 

Kim Hyo-Jung, the former SISTAR member, has a sensual and risk-taking dancing approach, claims a professional dancer. The most alluring dancer in Kpop is Hyolyn. She can rock any dance routine in any clothing and has a really hot sense of style. Whatever she wears, it fits her well!

Hyolyn can display her amazing dancing skills and sleek moves, she is always complex and incredible when dancing no wonder why, she has collaborated with numerous Youtube choreographers to continue to improve.

I can see that Hyolyn is really passionate when it comes to dancing! She has been significantly affected even by music from the west aside from Kpop.

She can nail the choreography easily well and execute them perfectly when performing as she boosts with confidence and leaves the viewers and audiences in shock with her performances.

1st Place: Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Lisa Manoban, the main dancer and rapper of the Kpop sensational girl group BLACKPINK, ultimately has great performance skills and unbelievable charisma.

Not only Lisa is a fast learner, a great rapper, and has stunning visuals, she shows off not only her adorable personality and charisma on stage but also Lisa’s effortless style when performing with great duality that she can adapt to any concept in dancing. Lisa electrifies the stage with her outstanding talent that captivates the audience’s attention.

She can make complex choreographies look easy, she has a great body line that is precise when dancing and her moves are well intricately shown.

Her gestures are always on point and her movements are right on the beat, the facial expressions emphasizes her dancing that makes her stand out even more. Lisa once said that she can memorize a full choreography in less than two to three hours!

Lisa received a huge amount of praise for her overflowing talent in dancing and how she can easily learn any dance. In addition, she can adapt to any style or concept in various dancing styles. When it comes to Lisa, she exceeds everyone’s expectations! 

kpop main dancers
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

Final Thoughts on the Top Female Dancers in Kpop

Now you’ve finished reading the article, can you believe how amazing and talented these female dancers are? Their unique moves are breathtaking and jaw dropping.

All I can do is give them a standing ovation because they really do deserve it seeing as they caught my attention!

Do you agree that these Kpop female dancers are really the TOP 10? Comment down below!

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