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5 Best Instant Jajangmyeon 2023 | Most Delicious Korean Black Bean Noodles

If you are an immovable lover of Korean food, then it’s time for you to try the delicious instant Jajangmyeon from the comfort of your home!

If you recently became a fan of Korean noodles and are looking for new dishes to try then, it’s time you jumped into Jajangmyeon.

Jajangmyeon is a Chinese-based Korean dish that I would like to say is a comfort dish. The generous available portion of the black bean sauce in it makes me nostalgic with immensely pleasurable memories.

So, if you don’t already know what Jajangmyeon is, let me introduce you to one of the most delicious Korean noodle dishes ever. Jajangmyeon is made using soybeans and wheat as its raw materials.

Adding to that, the special ingredient in it is the black bean hot sauce, which adds the traditional Korean feel by enhancing the taste of the dish altogether.

Jajangmyeon is immensely popular in Korean homes. Besides that, you will always find Jajangmyeon in every major street shops’ menu.

Best Instant JajangmyeonBest FeatureOur Rating
Samyang Jjajang Buldak Spicy Black Bean Ramen NoodlesAdjustable Spice Level4.5/5
Paldo Fun & Yum Jajangmyeon Instant NoodlesAuthentic Jajangmyeon Flavor4.5/5
Nongshim Hot & Spicy Zha Wang Spicy Chajang NoodleSpicy Taste4/5
Paldo Jajangmyeon Chajang Noodle Vegan No MSGVegan Noodles4/5
Nongshim Chapagetti Noodle Pasta with Chajang SauceSpaghetti Style Noodles5/5

So, if you are in Korea, you can get this delicious dish delivered to you in less or more than 20 minutes.

 But if you are not, then you will need either a Korean friend to make it for you, or you can find the best instant Jajangmyeon in the market and make it in an instant.

Top Instant Jajangmyeon 2023

How to select the best Instant Jajangmyeon – A Buying Guide

While getting Jajangmyeon is easy, the tough task that always remains is to find which one is the best. 

There are a dozen Jajangmyeon brands out there, and finding the best one is going to be a tough job for you.

But if you are here, you’re in for a treat. Or I would say for the case in for the best Jajangmyeon treat!

If you are still querying how, then let me tell you I made a list of the most popular Jajangmyeon brands and then narrowed the list down by categorizing them in the following criteria.

Then finally came up with the best Jajangmyeon brands that will suit both you and your cravings perfectly.

Size/Type of Noodles

The first element you require to go through is the size of the noodles, and a Jajangmyeon comes in quite a few types. Some are thick, and some are thin, and there are the ones between these two sizes.

So, what happens is when you boil these thicker noodles, they hold up better, and adding to that, stay chewier. While the thinner ones, after getting boiled, turn out to be gooey.

I personally prefer the thicker ones, as they abide better and, let’s face it, for real, they taste more like the traditional Jajangmyeon.

instant jajangmyeon recipe

Prep Time

The next thing you should check before taking home the Jajangmyeon brand is to learn how long it takes to prepare a meal out of it.

On this, I personally believe that instant noodles should have a max of 10 to 15 minutes of prep time. So, if the Jajangmyeon is taking longer than that to be cooked, you need to drop the plan of taking that home.

So, I would say choose the noodles that will take less time to prepare. Even if you prefer vegetables, the maximum time any Jajangmyeon noodles should take to cook is 20 minutes and not more. After all, it’s instant noodles!

Pack Size

Another thing to consider while adding any Jajangmyeon brand to your instant craving list is the pack size it is offering.

Also, if you live on your own, a small size should fulfill your hunger, but if you live with friends or family, you would need a larger pack.

I usually go for a pack size that turns out to be sufficient for my instant noodles cravings. So, I would suggest the same to you and choose a size according to your needs.

Spice Level

Next in the list of choosing the best Jajangmyeon brand is to check its spice level. In fact, I would say it is one of the most important things to consider before buying.

Although the black bean sauce present in the noodles is rather sweet, it can at times be spicy as well. So, I would always advise you to look into the spice levels in the Jajangmyeon before taking it home.

Always go for the spice levels that will go fine with your taste buds, and you can handle them.

Unnecessary Ingredients

A thing that usually goes unnoticed is the unnecessary ingredients some of these Jajangmyeon brands give.

It is just not for this dish, not if you are eating anything that you haven’t made from scratch. I would say to check its ingredient list carefully.

Basically, if you want to eat healthy Jajangmyeon, consider cutting off the ingredients that are not necessary for your needs.


Another thing that I would like to point out that is quite underrated is the taste of the Jajangmyeon.

What I really believe in is that if you are choosing Jajangmyeon over any other type of noodles, it needs to taste authentic, and if not, then next to it.

I mean, Jajangmyeon is a food that brings a traditional taste of Korea along with comfort. 

So, before deciding to buy any instant Jajangmyeon brand out there, consider my list and know what to look for and what to avoid.

Samyang Jjajang Buldak Spicy Black Bean Ramen Noodles

Black Bean Ramen Noodles

If you love to eat noodles and have been eating them for quite a while, then you must have heard of Samyang. It is one of the best instant noodle making brands, and believe it, or not everyone loves it. 

I prefer Samyang Jjajang Buldak Spicy Black Bean Ramen noodles because the package comes with an additional spice pack. So, with this pack, you can easily adjust the spice levels of your jajangmyeon.

The additional spice pack makes the brand stand out from all the others.

The jajangmyeon by Samyang comes with a traditional taste but with a modern, clean twist. Adding to that, it has calcium and potassium to it, so it’s a healthy food as well. 

This Jajangmyeon, I believe, is undeniably delicious, and everyone needs to taste it at least once in their lifetimes. 

Key Features-

  • The noodles are thick, chewy, and is even good for your health
  • Has a delicious flavor to it
  • It has the authentic and traditional taste of the jajangmyeon
  • It comes with an additional spice pack, making it edible

Paldo Fun & Yum Jajangmyeon Instant Noodles

Jajangmyeon Instant Noodles

Once you have eaten these Fun & Yum Jajangmyeon Instant Noodles by Paldo, there’s no going back! 

The chewy, thick noodles are so generous in taste that you will never feel that it isn’t the traditional jajangmyeon. Paldo makes sure to keep the authentic taste of the Jajangmyeon in its instant noodles. 

One thing that I prefer in this instant noodle is that it comes with dehydrated peas and cabbage that swell up once put in the boiling water. 

So, it is both salutary as well as delightful, and you don’t need to think twice before making another bowl of it. 

Key Features

  • It has soybean and wheat, making it healthy 
  • Its thick, chewy noodles make it delicious, forming the base
  • It comes with plenty of sauce for all-out covering
  • The sauce gives the accurate taste of jajangmyeon with spicy and tangy sauce 

Nongshim Hot & Spicy Zha Wang Spicy Chajang Noodle

Next on my list is Nongshim’s Hot & Spicy Zha Want Ramen Noodles, and it stands out from others because of its added kelp powder.

The powder helps enhance the overall tanginess of the instant noodles, making them super delicious and mouthwatering.

These medium sized noodles come coated in the best of jajangmyeon sauce, and it’s close to the original and authentic taste.

Adding to that, it comes with vegetable flakes that include cabbage, onions, green peas, carrot, and more.

What I would like to highlight as my personal favorite thing in Nongshim’s Hot & Spicy Chajang Noodle is its sauce comes with a balanced blend of onions, garlic, and oil that takes the flavors to its acme.

Key Features

  • It has firm noodles that are chewy
  • Its sauce comes with added kelp powder that adds tanginess to the flavor
  • It has the closest authentic taste of the jajangmyeon
  •   It has an additional sauce made from the blend of oil, garlic, and onions that enhances the flavor

Paldo Jajangmyeon Chajang Noodle Vegan No MSG 

Coming next on my list is Paldo’s Jajangmyeon Chajang Noodle Vegan No MSG.

The feature that sets this instant noodle apart is its sauce that it’s cooked in the open fire, just like the traditional ways. 

These delicious noodles can be made super easily at home and taste just as authentic one. Adding to that, you can add dehydrated vegetables and meat. 

My personal favorite thing about the pack is its added pack of premium sauce that you can mix with the noodles as you cook. 

Also, the noodle comes with this perfect blend of sweet and tangy taste with an added spice that splashes in the mouth as you eat. 

Overall it’s one of the best jajangmyeon noodles you can find in the market and, of course, on my list. 

Key Features

  • It comes with chewy noodles that are super delicious to have
  • It is easy to make instant noodles, just takes 3 minutes to cook 
  • The sauce of the noodle is made in an authentic way, using open fire, giving the traditional taste 
  • It has dehydrated vegetables added to it, but you can add further fresh vegetables from your side as well

Nongshim Chapagetti Noodle Pasta with Chajang Sauce

Nongshim Chapagetti Noodle is what I would like to call a fusion style noodle, as it’s a fusion of spaghetti and traditional jajangmyeon sauce.

It is an astonishing blend of sweet dishes but with a spicy kick to it.

Adding to the spices are some healthy ingredients such as onions, carrots, grains, and more, enhancing its flavor.

I feel this instant noodle is a simple yet content dish that takes around 4 to 5 minutes of prep time.

Although the size of the noodles is thin, the taste and enhanced flavor will never fail to surprise you. So, you can enjoy the best of jajangmyeon in Nongshim’s fusion instant noodles’ Chapagetti.

Key Features

  • It has no added MSG to it
  • It has thin noodles that have textures to it
  • The authentic and traditional flavors remain intact in it
  • It takes rather less to make or cook

Final Thoughts On The Best Instant Jajangmyeon

Korean noodles are indeed love, and trying them out is probably the best thing you can do as a food admirer. 

Jajangmyeon is indeed one of the best Korean foods that you must try out at least once. Adding to that, if you manage to cook it properly, I can assure you that you are going to fall in love with it like me. 

A properly cooked instant jajangmyeon noodle can give you the traditional and authentic taste that you are craving in about 20 minutes. 

But as always, finding the noodle that is the best for you and will not only fill your tummy but also be content to your heart is tough. 

I am hoping and assuming that my list of the best jajangmyeon noodles has served a purpose for you. For that, I would suggest you make your mind on which noodle suits you and your cravings the best. 

So, wait no more and the best of jajangmyeon noodles that will take not more than 20 minutes to cook, for your Korean noodles’ cravings.

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