Best K-Pop Fandoms

8 Best K-Pop Fandoms 2023

Are you part of the BTS army? Or a VIP? Or a BLINK? Here’s some of the top K-pop fandoms today!

One thing that is undeniably correct is the fact that K-pop has only been able to reach the global epitome because of its massive undying following.

You would agree with me too if I said that K-Pop makes new records and even breaks records on YouTube so frequently because of these loyal fans.

Also, while you can find fandoms of possibly everything, K-Pop fans are by far the most outstanding ones! 

So, we will be focusing on these loyal fans that are making Korean Pop a worldwide phenomenon.

There are numerous K-pop fandoms throughout the globe, yet no one knows the exact number of fandoms there are. 

However, there are about 99 million people throughout the globe who are a part of this K-pop fandom.

Every K-pop fandom has its own specific meaning, which is usually related to the artists they are following. 

So, in a way, it is these names that keep these fans feel closely connected to their artists.

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This goes without saying that every K-pop group out there has its own club of fans. These K-pop fandoms are called K-pop Stan or K-poppers.

Also, if you used to think that these fandom names are just words put together, then it’s time for revelation. 

These K-pop fandom names carry a special meaning that is usually related to the group or band that they’re following.

So, if you are trying to be a part of a fandom or even trying to make one of your own, then you’re in for a treat!

I have curated a list of the best and most popular K-pop fandoms for you, which I am sure is going to help you a lot knowing about the Korean Pop community.

Top K-pop Fandoms 2021


Best K-Pop Fandoms

The K-Pop fandom of one of the most famous Korean bands, BTS, ARMY stands for “Adorable Representative M. C. for Youth” Established in July of 2013, 

ARMY also signifies that they will stand together with one another and with the band, always. 

Already in millions, ARMY has always been there for BTS and vice versa. Adding to that, it is also the most active fandom community through the internet. 

There are around 40 million followers on BTS’ YouTube channel and 30 million each on both the official BTS Twitter handle and each member’s individual handles.

At the time of the global pandemic of COVID-19, BTS had to cancel its concert in Seoul. As a result, the band refunded all its fans. 

So, it was during that time when ARMY raised around $333000 refund tickets to donate as Covid-relief fund via a social media movement. 

ARMY and BTS both have this amazing bond that fascinates me, and the love that they share is mutual. BTS makes their ARMY always feel close and connected. 

Adding to that, the ARMY’s undying love for the BTS is something beyond description. They prove how immensely dedicated; these fandoms can be.

V.I.P. (Big Bang) 

best kpop fandoms 2021

Before Army and EXO-L came into existence, Big Bang’s VIP was perhaps the biggest fandom in Korea. 

The official fandom of the group Big Bang, VIP, has undoubtedly played a significant role in bringing Korean artists to international stages. 

In 2019, when band member Seungri announced his retirement, the fandom suffered as many supporters moved to other groups. 

Despite the disband, the fandom still has many loyal fans active not only in Korea but all over the world. Indeed, the comeback of all five members is improbable, but the other four members might still reunite and shock their fans soon. 

As of now, there has been no rumor or official announcement from the band for any upcoming album or concert in 2021. 


what is the best kpop fandom name

BLINK is the official fandom of the globally loved band BLACKPINK. Curated from the band’s name Black and Pink, BLINK was established in 2016. Their lightstick is recognized globally with their lit heart on both sides.

Also, BLINK, in my opinion, is the only K-pop fandom that can compete with its massive online media presence and influence with BTS’ ARMY.

I personally think that Blackpink gets amazing support and respect from the fandom. Most of the BLINKs love the band through all, but there are also a few that criticize the members if they are biased.

But I guess the overall support never goes down for the band.

Also, they are one of the biggest reasons why the band manages to break the viewing record on YouTube. 

If you are into BLACKPINK, then you can follow the band and call yourself BLINK too!


best kpop fandoms in the world

EXO-L is the fandom of the K-pop band EXO, which was created sometime in August of 2014. 

Adding to that, the band is almost always trying to connect with their fans via social media platforms. Furthermore, they are considered as one of the most humble and respectful idols. 

But from the last few years, these social media interactions and connections have stopped, and the band has not been active much.

Despite this fact, EXO has managed to keep a loyal fanbase and especially from Asia. In the fandom EXO-L, L stands for Love, and they are pretty much all dedicated and passionate about their band. 

I am saying this about the EXO-L fan base because, once in a stadium concert, they managed to do a light show that was spelled as “EXO WE ARE ONE.” 

For me personally, I feel that was one of the most fascinating and proud fan moments for everyone!

ReVeluv (Red Velvet) 

top 10 biggest kpop fandoms in the world

With five talented members under the Kpop entertainment company SM Entertainment, Red Velvet is another globally popular K-pop group. Since making their debut in 2014, the girl group has come a long way and has an official fandom named ‘ReVeluv.’ 

The group’s name Red Velvet represents two different sides where Red symbolizes boldness and Velvet reflects a mature image. 

Similarly, the ReVeLuv name also represents the same things. The word Luv is a symbol of mutual love between fans and the band members. 

When it comes to fandom’s overall behavior, I was able to find some toxicity, but it’s pretty standard these days. 

In short, the fan base is pretty chilled and relaxed but overprotective for the girls at the same time. 

ELF (Super Junior) 

most peaceful kpop fandoms

I’ll have to admit that Super Juniors have one of the best loyal fans out there. As most of the ELF members have waited super long for every member of the group to rejoin the band after their fair share of service in the military. 

ELF stands for Ever Lasting Friends, and the members of the fandom have stuck to the name. 

From some members leaving the group to some of them having their dating life, nothing has affected the dedication of the ELFs. 

ELFs have been through a roller coaster ride, and that’s why I believe that they are the most mature K-pop fandom I have ever witnessed.

Not only that, but they also give polite and warm vibes. In fact, I would say that other stans could learn a great deal from ELFs. 

STAY (Stray Kids) 

top 3 biggest kpop fandom in the world

STAY is another massively popular fandom from Korea that represents the boy band ‘Stray Kids.’ There’s hardly any toxicity present in the fandom’s environment, and the vibes are always positive. While the group itself is not that big, the support has always remained constant. 

In August 2018, Stray Kids released a video on their YouTube channel announcing the fandom’s official name. 

The video started with Stray Kids’ logo, but after a few moments, the words “kids” and the letter “r” disappeared, leaving the official name ‘Stay’ behind. 

Later, the band’s singer, Woojin, revealed that the fandom’s name came through his company, Woojin Entertainment, and a few fans. The fandom has a pretty famous slogan that goes like this: 

“Stray Kids everywhere all around the world, You make Stray Kids Stay!” 

ONCE (Twice)

Best K-Pop Fandoms

ONCE is the official fandom of one of the most adored bands, Twice. Considering the names, there goes a saying that ‘if you loved us ONCE, they will repay you with Twice the love!’

Many people believe that ONCE is one of the kindest fandoms and always supports the band whenever in need. 

Adding to that, I think they are also the most spoiled fandoms, as TWICE never forgets to greet them and make them feel connected the most. 

The official lightstick of the band is a candy bomb that you cannot unsee once you have been to their concerts. The fans are always seen making visuals by using their lightstick.

Also, if the fandom is from Korea, then they are called ONCE Candy, and if from parts other than Korea, they are famous as ONCE Jelly. 

Bottom Line on The Best K-Pop Fandoms

It would not come to anyone as a surprise that not less than a few years before, no one possibly would have thought of K-pop as such a massive global phenomenon. 

But it is 2021, and 99 million other people and I are going crazy about them, and the proof is the undying love and support for these fandoms. 

As much as K-pop is a marvel, the K-poppers are not less than half a step behind them, and the Stans are growing with each passing day. 

So, I am hoping and assuming that these best fandoms have given you a clear insight into the K-Pop fandom community. 

Although the list is never-ending, the one I have presented before includes the best and most popular K-Pop fandoms of all time.

All I would suggest to you is if you prefer any of these fandoms, then feel free to join them. You can even enroll yourself in the preferences given by me if you still somehow are not clear which fandom to join. 

Or else you always have the decision to create your own fandom for your favorite K-pop band or idol. 

So, wait no more and make your own fandom or join any that you prefer!

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