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5 Best Kimchi Containers 2023| How To Store Kimchi For Greatest Fermentation!

Kimchi has managed to make people from all over the world fall in absolute love with it. 

While you might agree with it, there are always exceptions to every case. 

Whatever be your opinion on the craze for Kimchi, one thing I can bet you on is at one point or the other, every Kimchi lovers’ Kimchi has gone stinky at least once. 

There are dozens of causes that can lead to a foul taste and smell of your Kimchi. But the unfitting Kimchi containers are one of the widespread reasons that are observed quite frequently. 

Well, my deepest condolences are with you if your Kimchi went stinky with time as well. But I can personally assure you here that from now on, the containers won’t be the reason for your funky Kimchi. 

You can now use the best containers for Kimchi and keep the savor of your favorite Kimchi. 

So, basically, you have a new issue, which is to choose a Kimchi container among the best that will be ideal for your needs. 

Best Kimchi ContainersBest FeatureMaterial
Crazy Korean Cooking Premium Kimchi ContainerDishwasher Safe, BPA-FreeHigh-quality Polypropylene Plastic
UberChef’s Kimchi Fermentation Food StorageHeat Resistant, Toxin-FreeGlass with Plastic Lid
E-Jen Kimchi Container with Inner Vacuum LidVacuum Intercept Board High-quality Polypropylene Plastic
Nourished Essentials- Easy Fermenter Fermentation KitComes with Oxygen Extractor Glass with Plastic Lid
Namyoung- Stainless Steel Rectangular Seal Kimchi ContainerGood For FreezingStainless Steel

However, you need not worry as I am here to back you up with plentiful options of the best containers to choose from. 

Without any further delay, let me just take you into a thorough guide of the best Kimchi fermentation containers for you to save the flavor and taste of your Kimchi.

Top Kimchi Containers 2023

How to choose the best Kimchi containers?

Well, as you can imagine, it is not possible for anyone to seek all the Kimchi container brands and check their performance and durability as well, so here’s what I did.

First off, I made a list of the most popular Kimchi container brands, then narrowed the list further down by categorizing them under the following criteria.

Afterward, select the best Kimchi containers out there that are going to save your favorite Kimchi.


Durability is a basic element to check while getting anything new, be it your Kimchi containers or any other vessels. So, that’s why checking the durability of your Kimchi containers is a must.

I mean, you obviously would not want a container for anything that doesn’t even last a week. It is always preferable to go for products that are made from high-quality materials in order to avoid further issues.

Containers that are low in quality are not preferable as they may crack easily and affect your Kimchi. 

So, to find your ideal Kimchi container, you should always go for the air-tight ones, which won’t leak under any circumstances.


To make sure that your Kimchi doesn’t go stinky, storing them in the best container is the only option for you. To ensure the best of your Kimchi, you should keep it in an air-tight container.

When you keep the container air-tight, you promote an anaerobic environment, hence, promoting bacteria that are healthy for anyone’s consumption.

That’s why I will always recommend you to go through the description of your Kimchi container, hence check its performance as well. 

So, choose a container that gives a leak-proof performance and keeps your Kimchi healthy and tasty for longer.


Another important thing to mark while getting a Kimchi container is to take a look at the material it is made of. Your Kimchi container could be made of glass, stainless steel, or even plastic.

All the available options are great, and you can choose any from these, according to your preference and needs.

But while choosing the containers, you need to make sure that none of the materials contain toxic and also lead and BPA free. 

Make sure you are not using any of these products as they are not healthy for you to consume.

Adding to that, if you are an environment-conscious person, you wouldn’t want to use plastic containers. 

You can choose glass containers, but they can break easily, so they might not turn out to be a great choice for you.

Finally, steel containers are more preferable, but they can be heavy, hence, not easy to use.

So, the type of container in which you want to store your Kimchi is entirely based on your preferences, but its materials need to be checked properly.


Another thing that usually goes unnoticed while selecting Kimchi containers is if it gives versatility. I mean, who wouldn’t love a container that can be used for more than one food.

This will not only save you some money but even space in your kitchen, giving you an advantage of versatility.

For instance, if you choose glass containers for your Kimchi, you can later use the same for storing other liquids, pickles, and more. 

You can even use the containers as an alternative for your pasta, nuts, and pea jars. Honestly, the storage options are endless.

Adding to that, these versatile Kimchi containers will also save you a great deal of space in your kitchen.


Just like any other important trait, you need to keep an eye on the size of the container you are choosing.

If you want to save space, you would obviously favor the small containers. But if you are planning on making or storing a lot of Kimchi, then, of course, you would need a larger container.

There are slightly other things that need to be considered, like if you have any sort of ailment that stops you from handling large (heavy) containers, like arthritis, then you probably should go for the Kimchi containers accordingly.

So, also keep in mind your own likings, spaces in your home while choosing large or small Kimchi containers.

Why You Should Use A Kimchi Container

Kimchi is a fundamental cornerstone of Korean cuisine. As such, it’s important to ensure that it’s always stored properly in order to maintain its flavour, health benefits and freshness. That’s why having the right kimchi container can be so valuable.

Kimchi containers are specifically designed for the special requirements of this beloved cultural staple. Markets offer specially designed containers for optimal kimchi presentation and storage.

Benefits of using a kimchi container include: fresher flavor and longer shelf life. Because the airtight seal minimizes oxygen and microbes, rancidity and spoilage are reduced. Containers are specially designed to keep out ultraviolet light, which can cause food spoilage, while allowing controlled ventilation.

This leads to higher quality and improved nutritional value of the kimchi. Along with the improved flavor and benefits, using kimchi containers can save space in refrigerators.

Many containers come with stacking capabilities, allowing users to store their food without taking up valuable storage space. The design of the container also makes it easier and neater to serve and store kimchi.

Container bases come with measuring marks to help portion off servings, as well as little compartments for easily separating meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. \

Kimchi containers are one of the best and most convenient ways to ensure your kimchi stays fresh and flavorful for longer – and ultimately make the most out of your kimchi experience. So make sure to pick up a kimchi container the next time you make a trip to the grocery store!

How To Store Kimchi Properly

Kimchi is a Korean dish that is made from a variety of vegetables and spices that are fermented together. It is a popular side dish in Korea and can be stored in a variety of ways to ensure the best fermentation possible. Here are three tips for storing kimchi for greatest fermentation:

  1. Store kimchi in an airtight container – Kimchi should be stored in an airtight container to prevent it from becoming contaminated by other flavors or smells.
  2. Keep kimchi refrigerated – Kimchi should be kept refrigerated to prevent it from going bad.
  3. Use a food grade preservative – A food grade preservative can be used to help preserve kimchi for longer periods of time.

To sum it up, the best way to store kimchi for fermentation will vary depending on the specific recipe you are using and your climate.

However, some tips that may be useful include storing kimchi in sealed containers in a cool, dark place, rotating stored kimchi every few weeks to ensure even fermentation, and making sure the cabbage is thoroughly washed and dried before storing.

Crazy Korean Cooking Premium Kimchi Fermentation and Storage Container 

lock and lock kimchi container

Kimchi Fermentation and Storage Container by Crazy Korean Cooking is an ideal Kimchi container for you, with the best of traditional Korean essence. 

The container provides you with the best of modern technology while keeping the ancient Korean preserving techniques alive in it. Believe me or not but this kimchi container is one of the best containers you could ever find.

With the container, you can preserve your Kimchi in the best possible way by keeping this full of flavor and taste.

For your health and safety, the container is made up of high-quality plastic along with 10% of natural clay. Adding to that, the containers are safe from any sort of toxic materials, lead, and even BPA.

So, you need not worry either about your Kimchi or your health. Basically, you are winning at both your Kimchi and your health with this container.


  • Comes with an adjustable lid that minimizes the air presence in the container
  • It is easy to clean and use and does not leave any odor behind
  • It is a perfect blend of traditional Korean preservation and modern innovation
  • The container is nontoxic and made using  high-quality materials

UberChef’s Kimchi Fermentation Food Storage

kimchi container glass

Glass is a material that is usually considered the best option for preserving anything liquid and especially Kimchi. 

If you are aware of this fact and prefer glass over anything else then, UberChef’s Kimchi Fermentation Food Storage is the ideal option for you. The product comes in jar sets and will help preserve your Kimchi for as long as you would like. 

Also, as they are made from glass, they are suitable both for your health and not to mention, even for your Kimchi. Adding to that, the container has no toxic material in it and is BPA-free as well. 

If you are still worrying about the lids of this glass jar, then let me tell you that the caps are made from high-quality plastic that will keep your Kimchi from both stinking and spilling. 

So, if you are looking for a container in glass for keeping your Kimchi safe, then I would ask you to blindly go for UberChef’s Kimchi fermentation and food storage jars. 


  • It is a glass container, hence great for storing Kimchi
  • The materials are nontoxic and even BPA free
  • The jar has a wide mouth, and the lids don’t corrode, unlike other usual ones
  • It is an overall versatile jar so, it is ideal for things other than Kimchi as well

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E-Jen Kimchi Container with Inner Vacuum Lid

e jen kimchi container

If you are looking for a Kimchi container that is made from advanced technology but at the same time has the traditional Korean essence to it, then E-Jen has the apt product for you. 

E-Jen’s Kimchi Container with Inner Vacuum Lid is the perfect blend of tradition and technology for keeping your Kimchi in the best conditions. 

If you look at its material, the container is made from polypropylene plastic, which is usually stated to be ideal for fermenting. 

Adding to that, the container is versatile as well, and you can use it for keeping other vegetables and even sauerkraut. 

I have put this container in my list as this is a simple container and asks for nothing while keeping your Kimchi. All you would require to do is put your Kimchi in it, and you’re set to go. 

Also, the materials used in the containers are BPA, toxin-free, and even contain no lead. So, it is safe for both your Kimchi and your health. Adding to that, you use it daily without causing any harm to it. 


  • Made while keeping the traditional Korean essence 
  • It is pretty simple to use and it retains no odor
  • It is all freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe
  • It is a safe product with no BPA, toxins, and lead

Nourished Essentials- Easy Fermenter Fermentation Kit

roichen kimchi container

Next on my list of the best Kimchi containers is the Easy Fermenter Fermentation Kit from Nourished Essential.

The Kimchi container is an excellent example of innovation, and its originality is to fall for head over heels. Adding to that, even the lid of the container is made of high-quality and prevents the jar from leakage while keeping it air-tight. 

One of the innovations that I hold stands out in this product, and I prefer the most is its built-in date-setter. This feature of the container helps me keep track of my Kimchi’s progress and helps me get the best out of my Kimchi. 

Also, when I said Nourished Essentials had brought innovation with this container, I really meant it. The lids of the container have to pull tabs, making the jar easy to open and close without any hassle. 

Overall, the product is a safe container with protective lids and is harmless to us. 


  • Super easy design for a comfortable use
  • It has its originally designed lid and comes within a built-in date tracker 
  • The jar is specifically designed for Kimchi 
  • The materials used in its making are both BPA and toxin-free

Namyoung- Stainless Steel Rectangular Seal Kimchi Container

Another exemplary Kimchi container on my best Kimchi container list is Namyoung’s stainless steel rectangular seal Kimchi container. 

If you are tired of plastic containers and the glass containers look too risky to keep your favorite Kimchi in them then, this container is a must buy for you. 

This container from Namyoung will keep your Kimchi safe and protected and will also not affect your health. All I am saying is you can stay assured of its supreme quality.

Adding to this, as the basic material of the container is stainless steel, there is no space for rusting or eroding, so it is going to save you a ton of future buys. 

The stainless steel Kimchi container is leak-proof and air-tight. Besides all this, you are contributing positively to saving the environment with a durable container. 


  • It is entirely made of stainless steel
  • It is going to be a durable product that doesn’t corrode easily 
  • The container keeps a possible amount of air out of the container and is spill-proof
  • It is made from BPA free and nontoxic products, making it safe even for your health

Is it OK to put kimchi in plastic container?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the type of kimchi and the plastic container that it is stored in. Generally speaking, if the kimchi does not contain high levels of salinity or vinegar, then you can store it in a plastic container without any issues. However, if the kimchi contains these ingredients, then alcohol may penetrate the packaging and cause harm to your food. In cases like this, we recommend storing it inside an airtight jar or sealed package instead.

Bottom Line

With a dozen choices to look at and try from, it is nearly impossible to choose the ideal kimchi container for you.

But I am now hoping and assuming that you might have narrowed down your massive list a bit. But if you are still not sure what to pick, you can look my list down and choose one from these. 

The list I have put before has all the tried and tested products that will help you retain your Kimchi’s taste and flavor while keeping you healthy. 

So, go ahead choose any of these best Kimchi containers from my list and save your Kimchi from its stinky smell forever!

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Crazy Korean Cooking Premium Kimchi Container
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