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4 Best Korean Blankets 2023 | Mink Blankets For All Seasons

If you’re looking for warm fleece or mink blanket for winter, you should check out the top Korean blankets!

Now’s probably the right time for all of us to slip into our favourite PJs, pick out a snug blanket that we had locked away for the winter and binge on the latest season of your favourite Netflix show! 

Wondering which blanket would be best suited for you? Well, say no more, I have just the guide that you’re looking for!

When it comes to finding luxury and comfort in every aspect of one’s day to day life, the South Korean folks surely trumps most other countries. 

So you needn’t look any further while choosing the ideal blanket for yourself. 

The Korean Mink Blankets are undoubtedly some of the most luxurious yet low maintenance blankets out there!

Best Korean BlanketsMaterial Ideal For
JYK Ultra Soft Fleece Blanket FleeceDouble Beds
Solaron HOME Super Soft Luxury Korean BlanketMinkAll Seasons
Merry Home Ultra Soft Luxurious Embossed Very Warm Korean Mink BlanketMinkWinters
YHSF Home Ultra Soft Luxurious Embossed Very Warm Korean Mink BlanketsMinkSingle Beds

What are Mink Blankets? 

Mink Blankets are cruelty-free alternatives to our popularly used woollen or fur blankets. 

Contrary to its name, they use rich Acrylic fibres, woven in such a way that it feels like mink fur. Apart from acrylic, a small percentage of Polyester is also used in order to avoid easy wrinkling and pilling. 

Mink Blankets are commonly manufactured in China, Korea and Vietnam. However, the ones originating from South Korea are of a superior quality owing to their Acrylic and Polyester blend. 

This makes the blanket both plush and silky with negligible wrinkling. These blankets are available in different colours and designs, catering to a varied audience.  

How I tested the top-rated Korean Mink Blankets?

In order to test the top blankets for your home, I have reviewed and rated them based on the following parameters on a scale of 1-5. 

  1. Material: First, I checked the material used to make these blankets.
  1. Size: Second, I looked at the size as well as the weight of the blanket.
  1. Pattern: Lastly, I looked into the pattern and design of the blanket. 

Top Korean blankets 2022

JML Ultra Soft Korean Mink Blanket

After using this blanket for a couple of days, I developed a particular liking for the material used. It was very evident that the blanket contained three layers with polycotton fabric on both sides and a layer of cotton flannel inside, keeping me warm. 

I was also happy with the fact that regardless of the number of layers, the blanket was pretty light,  weighing 150 Grams only. On looking up the specifics of the blanket, I’d come to find that the blanket has ultra-fine microfiber filling which gives it a super lush and cosy feeling.  

heavy mink blanket Korean

The design on the blanket gave it a luxurious look being just the right shade of red with the perfect pattern. 

It perfectly blended into the aesthetic of my room with ease. And as for the maintenance, it just took me a simple 10-minute cycle in the washing machine with a tumble dry to clean it! 

I also liked how the blanket felt fresh and crisp with no colour bleed during the wash. 

Needless to say, it ticked off most of the boxes to qualify as my go-to blanket! 

What I liked: 

  • Lightweight
  • No colour bleed
  • Fluffy and comfortable
  • The patterns were beautiful

What I didn’t like: 

  • Does not contain Acrylic fibre

My Ratings:

  • Material- 3/5 
  • Size-  4/5
  • Pattern- 4/5

Solaron HOME Super Soft Luxury Embossed Mink Blanket

The last blanket I tested was the Solaron Home blanket for a double bed. It was much heavier than the rest of the blankets that I’d tested but it was pleasantly warm. 

It was made using a tight weaving structure that heats up quickly and locks in the heat for longer periods of time. 

This blanket was made out of a material that was closest to the authentic acrylic and polyester blend. It was warm through the night just as promised in the description. The weave of the blanket was particularly superior to the others. 

But owing to the fact that it is 2.5Kgs in weight, I wouldn’t personally like to use this blanket throughout the year. 

Nonetheless, it is the perfect one for the winters. I was surprised by the ease with which I washed and dried the blanket, given the weight and complexity of its material. 

korean blankets online

All in all, this was probably my favourite blanket for the winter!

What I liked: 

  • Heat locking technology
  • The patterns stood out among the otherwise repetitive designs available in the market
  • Easy to maintain

What I didn’t like:

  • Cannot be used in all weathers
  • Uneasiness experienced due to the heavy weight

My Ratings: 

  • Material- 4.5/5
  • Size- 4/5
  • Pattern- 4/5

Merry Home Warm Korean Mink Blanket Single Bed for Winter

This blanket was very similar to the previous one, having been made of the same material- Mink Microfiber Poly Cotton. 

I found the differentiating factor between these two blankets is the size. This is a blanket for a single bed. Whereas, the previous one was for a double bed. 

I’ve always tried to stick to a minimalistic theme while purchasing new decor for my house. This grey blanket is the perfect addition to complete the bedding within my room. This is also lightweight and easy to wash. 

What I liked:

  • Lightweight
  • Visually appealing
  • Fluffy and comfortable

What I didn’t liked:

  • Does not contain Acrylic Fibre

My Ratings:

  • Material- 3/5
  • Size- 4/5
  • Pattern- 4/5

YHSF Home Korean Mink Blankets Single Bed for Winter

The next Blanket I tried was the YHSF Home blanket for a single bed. My very first opinion was that the print on the blanket was rather loud and tacky. I mean, if you find large flowers visually appealing, you could go for it! 

The material used is a soft fabric with a woollen blend. I specifically felt a difference between this blanket and the first two on the list. I loved how fluffy and soft it was. 

Having said that, the blanket was heavier than the average blanket available in the market. So it could be used as a weighted blanket to enhance your sleep cycle. 

Considering the material used, it did take a considerable amount of time for me to dry the blanket after washing it. 

What I liked:

  • Fluffy and comfortable
  • Warm

What I didn’t liked:

  • The blanket can get uncomfortable since it was heavy. 

My Ratings:

  • Material- 4/5
  • Size- 3.5/5
  • Pattern- 4/5

How to choose the best Korean blankets? 

Material used: 

The key differentiating factor between Korean Mink Blankets and other such blankets manufactured in China and Vietnam is the Acrylic and Polyester blend used. 

Acrylic fibres are lightweight, soft, and warm often used to mimic different fabrics or even while making fake fur. Polyester fabrics are highly stain-resistant with a texture that avoids the blanket from wrinkling. 

Generally, the blend contains 85% of acrylic and 15% of polyester. Some mink blankets have a 2-ply design, which is a reversible option for warm and cold sleepers.


While picking your blanket, you could factor in your use case for the same. You could determine the size or weight of your blanket based on its predetermined use. 

In order to guarantee a good experience coupled with long life, you could pick your Mink blanket by paying special attention to the blend between or composition of materials.

For instance, if you are looking to purchase a blanket to use as a bedspread, you could simply go for one with a higher percentage of polyester. 

However, if your primary use case is that of a comforter, it would be advised to pick one with a higher composition of Acrylic fibre to ensure a lush and soft blanket. 


Korean Mink blankets are available in varied designs and patterns. Traditionally, the most popular patterns used are those of lions, tigers and wolves. 

Given the heterogeneity in the market, in terms of design, you will certainly be able to find the right blanket to fit your aesthetic. 

These blankets are also available in different degrees of ply. Double-ply blankets are usually reversible which are also heavier. Owing to its higher weight, it can be used in the winters to keep you warm. 


These blankets are available in various price ranges and it depends on the composition of materials, weight, brand and size to name a few of the key factors. 

Nonetheless, Acrylic blankets are comparatively cheaper-offering greater longevity than most other blankets.


These blankets are very low maintenance. A simple machine wash and a tumble dry cycle are sufficient to clean these blankets. 

But please refrain from ironing or using any extra heat on these blankets as it may deteriorate the state of the material. 

As for the detergent to be used, use one with a lower concentration of bleach or with no bleach at all to compliment a long-lasting vibrant finish of the chosen designs and patterns. 

Now, of course, these blankets may prove to affect your productivity given the lush and soothing feel provided by them. 

Which is one of the primary reasons why they are famously known as the treasures of the winters only. 

But who would even complain when you could roll right out of a warm burrito to start your day? Now to conclude, it can be said that if you are seeking the perfect partner to enhance your sleep cycle, you needn’t look any further! 

The Korean Mink blankets are the best fit for a cosy Sunday afternoon or any time of any day! 

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