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11 Best Korean Dramas On Netflix In 2021

by song-i
best korean dramas on netflix

K dramas have been a blanket of comfort for all kinds of visual content lovers. You can find the best Korean drama on Netflix, and several other streaming services. 

Whether it is for wallowing off a heartbreak or to bask in joy, Korean dramas are right there in terms of varying plots, breathtaking visuals, and some ridiculously good-looking cast! 

But the good news is that you don’t have to borrow CDs anymore. Thanks to Netflix, these favorites are only a click away. 

Netflix has never failed to meet the expectations of millennial watchers and has produced some great content over the years across all languages. 

We have picked out some that we think has quality content and would be worth your watch. 

We’re going to do you a favor and list out some of the best Korean dramas on Netflix and you can thank us later.  

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Top Korean Dramas on Netflix 2021

Korean Dramas on NetflixGenreOur Rating
Its Okay Not to Be OkayRomance, Thriller9/10
Sweet HomeHorror, Thriller9.5/10
VagabondThriller, Romance8/10
Crash Landing On YouRomance8.5/10
When The Camellia BloomsRomance8/10
KingdomThriller, Fantasy, Supernatural9.5/10
Romance Is A Bonus BookRomance9/10
Mr. SunshineHistorical, Romance9.5/10
Memories Of AlhambraRomance, Sci-Fi9.5/10
VincenzoDark Comedy9/10

Its Okay Not to Be Okay 

best korean dramas on netflix

Who says Korean Drama has to be one directional without exploring various parts of emotions. 

Its Okay Not To Be Okay is a series which is as comforting as its title sounds. 

The director of this series is Shin woo park who has effortlessly brought to frame something that is beautifully appealing both aesthetically and emotionally. 

The best part –  The New Yorker names it the best romantic series. How cool is that! 

It has a running time of 1 season and 16 episodes which gives you enough time to take in the plot and story while it lasts. 

Genre : Romance, Thriller

Plot Synopsis : A healthcare worker bumps into a kids book author with a traumatic past only to connect emotionally and unravel unexpected and heated romance. 

Sweet Home 

most addictive korean dramas

Sweet home is a gripping and rattling series which will keep you on the edge of your seat. We are listing this right after the first, to prove to you that we have variety. 

Korea horror series are amazing and are so well penned that it keeps the audience looking for more. 

If you are a fan of zombies which I’m sure we have some fans out there, then this one will blow your mind. 

This K drama series has one season with 10 gripping episodes which we agree is just too short. Just when you get into the groove of the series you start to realise that its coming to an end. 

You are not going to want that! 

Genre : Horror, Thriller 

Plot Synopsis : After his folks are murdered in a tragic car accident, Cha Hyoon Sun is trapped in a complex with the rest of humanity going down a spiral. 


most addictive korean dramas

Are you looking to binge watch a series that will give you the ultimate feeling of ecstasy at the end of it? 

This is it! 

We love Vagabond because of how creatively they make investigations look. We wish we could stop but when you start watching one episode you cannot hold back from just finishing the rest off. 

Besides investigation the heated romance keeps all the colors alive and vibrant as well. 

Genre : Thriller, Romance 

Plot Synopsis : A stuntman is curious and particularly interested in an airplane crashes until he gets stuck in a whirlwind of mysteries that he begins to solve. 

Crash Landing On You 

romance best korean drama on netflix

If you are craving some dramatic romance which fits into the cliched perception of non – K drama watchers, this one checks all the boxes. 

We love how subtle and gentle this is to its viewers to understand the plot and ruminate in its romance for a long time. 

This is one of those Korean series that explores the relationship between north and south Korea in a delicate manner which is surprising. 

Genre : Romance

Plot Synopsis : An heiress goes downhill with her business and ends up in North Korea where she finds comfort under the protection of an army officer after which they develop a blossoming romance. 

When The Camellia Blooms 

If you have watched Gilmore Girls which is another favorite on Netflix you will relate to this as well. 

The romance blooms gently and works its way through the hearts of those mushy romance lovers and brings them to want more. 

The prime plot of this series is love and how people who have almost no experience watching this just get into the groove of it and get used to it so fast and easily. 

Episodes to this series are being added on a weekly basis so if you ever happen to like it, you don’t have to fear missing it even for a while. 

Genre : Romance 

Plot Synopsis : When an orphaned girl goes into becoming a single mom and then tries to find love in a new place. 


Any Game of Thrones fans looking for a cultural shift in series? 

Kingdom has a great feel and a vibe to how it explores the historical drama that other Western industries are exploring right now. 

While it is difficult to fit this in one particular genre since it has a mix of all of it. What needs particular appreciation is the effects that involve both visual and audio. 

The combo of both the visual and audio effects works out well for the supernatural genre. 

You will be in for a treat with this one! 

Genre : Thriller, Fantasy, Supernatural 

Plot Synopsis: A prince tackles to deal with this enemies when a new plagues infests the citizens and they all turn out to be zombies. 

Romance Is A Bonus Book 

Yes you read the title right!

romance best korean drama on netflix

K drama series have a way of intriguing potential audience with their titles that can mean a lot of things. 

But when it comes to this one, its exactly what it is. 

A blooming romance with good looking actors hitting it off on screen. It also deals with jobs and career options between people from different work spaces. 

Genre : Romance 

Plot Synopsis : A struggling copy editor seeks help from a top editor only to find out that they have feelings for each other. 

Mr. Sunshine 

netflix korean drama 2021

Here’s one that depicts the struggles in Korea and explores the political areas that have formed questions in people’s minds. 

With this series the director has aimed at giving you a clear insight into the struggles of political activists for the real release of Korea. 

The female characters in this series were especially lauded for their fierce and compelling performances. 

To add more color to the series there is a blossoming romance between the leads. 

This has been on Netflix for about 2 years now if you have not heard about it! 

Genre : Historical, Romance

Plot Synopsis : A far fetched and difficult romance unfolds amid a struggling scene with political activists trying hard to gain justice in Korea. 

Memories Of Alhambra 

What better plot than a sci fi genre mixed with a pinch of romance, right! 

This is a very aesthetically pleasing series which will keep you visually satisfied throughout and I’m talking including the cast as well. 

Imagine having augmented reality mixed with unexpected twists and turns throughout the series. If you ask us, this is the millenial dream. 

The location of this series is in Spain which makes it all the more exciting. 

Genre : Romance, Sci-Fi 

Plot Synopsis : A game creator runs into a woman who is a warden while also fixing major issues in his career as a gamer. 


Don’t you just love how classy this poster is! 

The plot of this is as sophisticated as the title and the poster. 

This K drama series has viewers from around the world because of how solid the script is! 

It works really well with those who love a good thriller and want to be on the edge of their seats always. 

The cast of this series is brilliant and have been appreciated for their strong portrayal of the respective characters. 

Genre : Thriller 

Plot Synopsis : A prosecutor gets entangled in a crime scene he gets too involved in after he loses 


This is a dark comedy series which moves away from the regular genres and gives you an insight into a different view of political drama. 

There are so many instances in this series where you are just amazed and pulled into the making of it as much as the content itself. 

This series has episodes releasing every week so keep up!

Genre : Dark comedy 

Plot Synopsis : A lawyer fights his way to take revenge on a rival firm he was once betrayed by. 

Korean dramas have taken the world by storm and have allowed movie lovers from all over devour their unique style of filmmaking. But what is even more amazing is  how accessible it is for everyone to watch and enjoy this craft.

Genre after genre they don’t fail to meet with your expectations of what a good film or series should be. We strongly believe these series that we have provided you with will change your blues, ignite interest and most of all – turn you into K drama fans. 

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Its Okay Not to Be Okay

Korean dramas are popular due to their fresh storytelling and amazing plotlines. The drama Its Okay Not to Be Okay is of the most entertaining, romantic K-drama and has got a 9/10 rating.

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