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10 Best Korean Toners For Acne Prone Skin 2023 | Skincare For Clear, Glass Skin

It can get really difficult to find the right skincare products if you have acne. Using the best Korean toners for acne prone skin can actually help control pimples and blackheads. 

If you have a fear of these products aggravating your breakouts, dont’ worry! These gentle and natural K-beauty products are mild on your skin!

Toners were originally created as skincare for oily, acne-prone skin. These products help remove all the dirt and impurities from deep within your pores, leaving skin clear and smooth.

If you want to look your gorgeous best, Korean skincare products are the way to go. And with these toners, you can actually achieve that coveted glass skin. 

Korean Toners For Acne-Prone SkinBest ForChief Ingredients
COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment TonerOily Acne Prone SkinWillow Bark Water, Apple Fruit Water, Allantoin
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing TonerCombination Acne Prone SkinGreen Tea Extracts
Missha Time Revolution Clear TonerAcne and RosaceaPearl Reef Extracts, Rice Extracts, Cica Enzyme
Benton Snail Bee High Content SkinDry Acne Prone SkinCornflower Water, Chrsyantheum Extract, Allantoin, Sodium Hyaluronate
Etude House Soon Jung TonerSensitive SkinPanthenol, Madecassoside
Banila Co. Dear Hydration TonerAcne ScarsPeppermint, Basil & Neem Extracts
Etude House Wonder Pore TonerLarge PoresPeppermint Vinegar, Gingko Leaf Extract, Menthol
Some By Mi Toner With AHA BHA and PHASkin BrighteningAHA, BHA, PHA, Niacinamide
Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented TonerInflamed Skin and RosaceaCentella Asiatica Extract, Licorice Extract, Beta-Glucan
Laneige Power Essential Skin RefinerRough Skin TextureRoyal Jelly Extracts, Sugarcane Extracts

What is the best toner for acne prone skin?

After much research and going through all the Korean toner reviews, we’ve decided that the Etude House Soon Jung Toner is the best toner for acne prone skin. It has such a gentle 5.5 pH formula that is suitable for most skin types, even if your face gets really sensitive. And there are no alcohol, parabens, or other problematic ingredients here. Plus the panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and Madecassoside are super effective in treating acne (yes, even hormonal acne) and inflammation. 

The best toners for acne prone skin have a mild formulation, contain soothing, natural ingredients, and come with exfoliants like AHAs or BHAs. 

Korean Toners For Acne Prone Skin 2023

How to Choose The Best Korean Toners For Acne Prone Skin: What Factors To Consider

If you have acne-prone skin, finding the right toner can be a game-changer in your skincare routine. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best Korean toner for acne-prone skin.

Ingredients: Look for toners with ingredients that are gentle and nourishing. Avoid toners with alcohol, which can be drying and irritating to the skin.

Some ingredients to look out for include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil, which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help prevent breakouts.

Skin type: Consider your skin type when choosing a toner. Some toners may be targeted towards oily skin, while others may be better for dry or combination skin. Look for toners that are specifically formulated for acne-prone skin to ensure that they won’t exacerbate your acne.

Price: While more expensive toners may have higher quality ingredients, there are plenty of affordable Korean toners that work just as well. Consider your budget and look for toners that fit within it.

Packaging: Opt for toners in dark or opaque bottles to prevent UV light from breaking down the active ingredients. Avoid toners in clear or translucent bottles, which can be less effective over time.

Choosing the best Korean toner for acne-prone skin requires thoughtful consideration of factors like ingredients, skin type, price, and packaging.

By keeping these factors in mind, you’re sure to find a toner that helps you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Korean toner Vs. American toner: What is the difference? 

Korean or American – Isn’t skincare all the same? We’re happy to tell you that no. Korean skincare is much different in approach and ingredients.
While American skincare products are more chemical-based and have a quick-fix approach to skin problems, K-beauty products focus on healing skin from the inside. 
So there are more traditional and natural ingredients in Korean skincare products, including toners.
There’s Korean red ginseng, snail mucin, aloe vera, rice water extracts, volcanic ash, and other such components that have been used for centuries by Koreans to take care of their skin.

Why are toners good for acne prone skin?

Toners are products that were originally created to take care of oily, acne prone skin. These toners were packed with astringents that helped control oil production and reduced the chances of acne breakouts. 
But modern, Korean toners for acne prone skin have gentler ingredients that help cleanse the pores and soothe the skin. 
Using the best Korean toner for acne prone skin, you can give your skin that extra cleanse to get rid of impurities. 
They help decrease the size of your pores, so there’s less chance of dirt or bacteria getting trapped there.
A lot of toner for acne-prone skin contains exfoliants like salicylic acid that clear away the dead skin layer and microbes that can cause acne. 
Korean toners also come with anti-inflammatory ingredients that help reduce the redness and itchiness caused by acne. 

What ingredients in toners should I avoid if I have pimples?

Toners are all not the same, even if they are Korean. Some toners contain ingredients like alcohol, which can get super drying. They might control acne breakouts for now. But in the long run, these alcohol-based products can actually aggravate the condition. And the worst part? They can sting! 
So say no to alcohol-based toners if you’ve got acne prone skin. 
Another ingredient to avoid is synthetic fragrances. Natural scents from essential oils are gentle enough to be used in a toner for acne prone skin. But heavy perfumes can irritate the skin, increasing breakouts. 

Is toner bad for acne prone skin?

No it isn’t. Using a toner can actually benefit acne prone skin in many ways. A toner will help reduce that oiliness on skin. So the excess sebum doesn’t get trapped in the pores and leads to acne.
Some toners also help reduce pore size. This also benefits acne prone skin as the chances of infection or inflammation in the pores is less this way.
Lastly, toners give another bout of cleansing to acne prone skin. This way any residual makeup, dirt, oil, etc. gets cleaned away thoroughly.

Korean products are like the celebrity of all skincare items. So it’s no wonder that there are several best Korean toners for acne prone skin. But which one is best for you? It depends on your skin type.

We liked the following acne treatments for your routine products the most. Check them out! 

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

Best Korean Toner For Oily Acne Prone Skin

Korean Toners For Acne Prone Skin

We love this Cosrx toner. It’s first on our list of the best Korean toner for oily skin for a reason. The toner has a water base that makes it ideal if you’ve got an oily skin type.

And there’s also chemical exfoliants in the form of 0.1 percent AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA that help clear your enlarged pores from deep within.

They remove any trapped dirt and impurities, which can lead to acne. Plus, they leave your face clear and glowing. This Cosrx toner is among the best as it doesn’t contain any sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, or other chemicals.

It’s also got an alcohol-free formula. So if your skin gets raw and sensitive with acne, you can use it without a second thought. 

We were impressed by its gentle yet effective, lightweight formula that removes blackheads and whiteheads too.

And if you’re still not convinced, let us tell you that the Cosrx toner has a hypoallergenic formula, dermatologically-tested, and cruelty-free too. 

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Toner

Best Korean Toner For Combination Acne Prone Skin

Best Korean Toner For Combination Acne Prone Skin

If you have combination skin, this Innisfree toner may be the best Korean toner for acne. This product is from their balancing line, which specializes in leaving skin hydrated without making it greasy.

Just the thing your combination, acne-prone skin needs.

The formulation contains specially-picked green tea from Korea’s Jeju island. It comes packed with antioxidants that leave your skin feeling soft, glowing, and healthy.

The toner also contains betaine that hydrates it from the inside while controlling the oil production. This helps control further acne breakouts.

We do think the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Toner is a tad expensive. But if you find it hard to get the right toner for your combination skin, we think it’s worth the splurge. 

Missha Time Revolution Clear Toner

Best Korean Toner For Rosacea

Best Korean Toner For Rosacea

Even the best Korean for acne prone skin can sometimes be too tough on sensitive skin types. This is especially true if you have rosacea. But not to worry, the Missha Time Revolution Clear Toner is here to take care of your super sensitive skin. 

There is no alcohol or parabens in this toner. No synthetic fragrances either. So the ingredient list is completely free of anything that can irritate your delicate skin.

There are AHA and BHA, but in small quantities – enough to take care of acne but not great enough to trigger sensitivity. 

Then there’s also the fermented yeast extract that restores the skin’s hydration and nourishes it from within. It strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier and leaves your face soft and glowing. 

Benton Snail Bee High Content Skin

Best Korean Toner For Dry Acne Prone Skin

Best Korean Toner For Dry Acne Prone Skin

At first glance, snail mucin extract and bee venom seem like strange ingredients to put in a skincare product. But let us assure you these are completely safe, and in fact, super effective at treating acne-prone skin. 

If you have dry skin and acne, it can cause a lot of problems. A lot of moisturizers and serums in the market can feel heavy on the skin.

This greasiness can trigger breakouts. But not with this best Korean toner for acne prone skin. 

The snail mucin hydrates skin without causing oiliness, and it restores collagen too. Bee venom, on the other hand, is great for treating dehydrated skin. This product is alcohol-free and fragrance-free.

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Etude House Soon Jung Toner

Best Korean Toner For Sensitive Acne Prone Skin

Best Korean Toner For Sensitive Acne Prone Skin

It can get difficult to find a good Korean toner for sensitive skin, especially if you’ve got acne too. But the Etude House Soon Jung Toner somehow manages to do this.

It’s the best Korean toner for acne prone skin if you want something mild.

The formula has a slightly acidic pH of 5.5 (similar to that of your skin), so it doesn’t feel like you’re putting anything on your face at all.

This hypoallergenic toner also comes with panthenol. It helps soothe any redness or inflammation caused by sensitivity or acne. 

Infused with Madecassoside, this etude toner repairs damage caused by acne and prevents them from recurring. 

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Banila Co. Dear Hydration Toner

Best Scar-Removing Toner For Acne Prone Skin

korean skincare for oily acne-prone skin

The best Korean toner for acne prone not only controls breakouts but also takes care of the damage left behind. Acne can often leave deep pits or scarring behind.

So this Banila toner is perfect for getting you smooth, clear skin. 

Its formulation contains fermented lotus water and glycerin that hydrate dull and dry skin while the neem and peppermint extracts keep acne in check.

There are also holy basil extracts to purify your congested pores. 

A word of caution, as fermented ingredients can make infections worse, we don’t recommend this toner if you have fungal acne. Even those with Malassezia should stay away from this toner. 

Etude House Wonder Pore Toner

Best Toner Acne Prone Skin With Large Pores

best toner for oily skin

Large pores are often the culprits behind acne and pimples. If you have large pores, there’s a greater chance of dirt, bacteria, and other microbes getting trapped there. And this leads to acne. 

Good thing the Etude House Wonder Pore Toner is here to fix this problem.

The toner comes with peppermint extracts that help fight acne, refine the pores, and leave this amazing, fresh feeling behind. 

This is why we think the Etude product is one of the best Korean toners for acne prone skin.

But we have to tell you that this toner is a bit drying out. So we’d give a skip if you’ve got dry patches. But it’s great skincare for oily, acne-prone skin. 

Some By Mi Toner With AHA BHA and PHA

Best Brightening Toner

some by mi toner vs klairs toner

If you ask us, the best Korean toner for acne prone skin is one that does multiple jobs. The toner should help control excess sebum production, reduce acne, and even help brighten the skin tone.

We are pleased to say the Some By Mi toner checks all these boxes.

The toner contains AHA, BHA, and PHA, which exfoliate the skin and unclog the pores, leaving skin soft and clear.

Then there’s the nourishing blend of adenosine and niacinamide that brightens your complexion. 

Some By Mi also comes with tea tree essential oil that soothes inflammation. But it might not be suitable for very sensitive skin or if you have rosacea. 

Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

Best For Inflammation and Rosacea

best korean skincare for acne

If you have really irritated skin or conditions like rosacea, this facial toner is the best one for you! The toner helps maintain the skin pH level and is great for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

The gentle formula doesn’t contain any alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals. And what’s more the gentle formula is free of any fragrance, even from essential oils.

It not just keeps your skin healthy, but it also improves the effectiveness of your daily skincare routine.

The hydrating ingredients like centella asiatica, help maintain the moisture levels in your cells. It restores skin elasticity and helps with cell turnover too.

Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner

Best For Glass Skin

best korean toner for glass skin

The best thing about this product is that it is a cleansing water and toner in one. It not just refines skin texture, but it also remove any residual makeup, dead skin cells, or impurities from your face. Which is no wonder considering its exfoliating properties.

We also loved how it maintains the skin pH balance. The hydrating royal jelly and sugarcane extracts help leave your skin smooth and supple. So you can use it if you have a dry skin type. It also works for combination skin types as it controls the shine on your forehead and T-zone.

This miracle toner contains a blend of plant extracts like seaweed extracts and keratin that help decrease the appearance of acne and correct uneven skin texture.


Don’t let acne get your confidence down. Using the right skincare routine, including the best Korean toner for acne prone skin, can give you the perfectly smooth face you crave. 

There are also Korean ampoules, serums, hydrocolloid patches, and essences that help in controlling breakouts and removing blackheads and whiteheads from your skin.

With a complete acne-control routine, you can get soft, blemish-free skin in no time. 

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