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7 Best Kpop Stores Online 2023

From music CDs to merchandise, if you are a Kpop fan, you need to check out these top Kpop stores online to get your hands on it all!

Kpop is now one of the most popular music scenes in the world! It has fans and followers from all ages, countries and professions. 

While the language barrier might have been presumed to be a problem when it comes to popularity, Kpop has proven to us that music lovers will go towards good music – no matter what language it is in. 

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Kpop’s fame has also seen a burgeoning number of online and physical stores cropping up to feed the die-hard fans, who want to live, love and breathe Kpop at all times. 

Right from music albums, fashion, food, and lifestyle – Kpop has influenced the pop culture scene in Korea, and now the rest of the world as well. 

In this article, we have curated a list of online stores best known for their collection and services, to cater to new and old Kpop fans, who would not mind shelling a few coins for some great Kpop merchandise. 

Top Kpop Stores Online 2021


best kpop stores online

YesAsia simply has the largest collection of goodies and merchandise from Korean pop culture. 

Its vast range of options and varieties is overwhelming enough for you to spend your weekend shopping on the website. 

You will have Kpop official goods and CDs, Korean Dramas and Kpop Idol merchandise, but you will also find items from Chinese and Japanese pop culture, like music, media and cartoons. 

YesAsia basically specialises in East Asian Culture.

Due to its all encompassing approach of providing anything and everything East Asian, YesAsia actually becomes a little difficult to navigate. 

As it does not have a niche, you can be sure you will find most things under the sun, but the catch is that you must ‘find’ them. 

YesAsia is known to have one of the most flexible and reliable customer service. 

The website is especially agreeable to last minute changes in products and 

cancellations. They even provide free shipping. 

YesAsia might be a little pricier than the rest of the online stores here, but this is mainly because they wish to partially offset the cost of shipping that they are providing for free. 


kpopshop kpop stores online

Kpopshop is one of the more affordable online stores on this list. 

Kpopshop has albums and records of the big Kpop sensations, as well the small upcoming ones with their niche audience. 

However, when it comes to merchandise, Kpopshop focuses first on the most popular bands with huge fan following. 

This would primarily include, as you can guess, BTS, Blackpink, Straykids and Ateez. 

This is not to say that Kpopshop does not feature products from other fandoms, but the collection might not be as vast. 

They have all the original merch clothes, CD players, phone cases, and posters. They even have listed custom shoes and custom made apparel featuring popular Korean sensations!

Apart from this, you will always find the official light sticks and albums. 

Interestingly, Kpopshop has a separate section for kids called Kpopshop for Kids, which is as adorable as it is unique, with a very user-friendly interface.

The online store also offers free shipping worldwide, and sends free goodies to those customers who sign up for their newsletter!


daebak kpop shop

Daebak, which started off as a snack box subscription service in Los Angeles in 2015, moved to Seoul in 2018 to become one of the leading stories for anything and everything Korean-related. 

Right from Kpop merch, Korean beauty, Korean fashion and lifestyle products, to Korean snacks, Daebak has anything and everything Korean! They also have interesting trinkets and items that might not be found on other websites like scorebooks for K-dramas, photo books and even tech accessories.

Daebak is especially famous for their Korean subscription boxes that include their curated K-goods box, K-jewelry box and K-snacks box. These make for great gifts and presents. 

Daebak is quite pricey as compared to the other stores on this list, but Daebak is a well-established company; they can be relied on for their quality and service. 


kpop stores near me

KTown4U is one of the more budget-friendly options with a wide variety of options, and a wide range of products. 

They have items in categories of Korean music, Korean movies, Korean fashion as well as Korean beauty and lifestyle. 

When it comes to purchasing merchandise off this store, you should know that KTown4U’s philosophy is rooted in supporting the artist concerned. 

This means that by simply purchasing from this store, you will be supporting the artist.

KTown4U also has signed CDs and Albums, they are limited in number but you can definitely get your hands on them. 

KTown4U is also relevant with the trends in the Kpop fashion world, and you are sure to find a piece or two which are especially rare and unique. 

When it comes to pricing, like we said, this online store is on the cheaper side. 

Their shipping fee calculation is a little different than usual though. Your shipping fee will increase with every additional product, so shipping charges are not calculated as a whole in the end. 

This process is a bargain worth taking as you can get your purchases for a really low shipping cost as much as you can get them for a really high one. 

The bargain is worth it because KTown4U gives special attention to their packaging and there are reviews that specifically praise their care for damage, attention and detail. 


where to buy kpop albums online

Mwave, an online store, is run by one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea – Mnet. 

If you have even mildly followed the Kpop arch over the past few years, you will know Mnet as one of the largest music channels, with resoundingly popular music shows and screenings. 

Mnet now leads the Korean pop culture  industry, be it dramas, movies or music. 

Mwave, as an online store, does not have the overwhelming variety of products that other stores on this list do. 

Mwave has a small, curated collection, which are often on the pricier side. 

However, the reason Mwave has made it to this list is because of its one undeniably exciting feature – signed merchandise. 

You can purchase authentic signed albums that are yet to release, that have been released, and even vintage ones.

Also, you may not always find the signed versions, so you must keep your eyes peeled and instantly place the order when they become available. 

Of course, with such valuable merchandise comes the element of time. There is no guarantee as to when you might actually receive the signed product, and sometimes it has even taken months.

But if you are a diehard fan, and have scoured the internet for that particular album, and a signed piece at that, then your experience at Mwave will be worth it. 

Apart from this, Mwave does sell other products like postcards, and the likes. So you can indulge in some harmless shopping as well. 


kpop stores near me

If you are a traditionalist who is here for Kpop and Kpop alone, Cokodive is the place for you. 

Based in South Korea, it is a Kpop dedicated website with the widest range of merchandise imaginable. 

Coming to the specifics about the items listed, Cokodive has both official and unofficial products. 

And there are items from every band, solo singer and performer possible! 

For those who love surprises, or love to give surprises, a popular purchase is the BTS Mystery Box and the Kpop Mystery Album bag. 

Both will be curated collections of merchadises, or an album, which can be quite exciting for a Kpop fan.

Cokodive is priced at an affordable level, as compared to other online stores. The user interface of the website is great as well. 

They have aptly organised Kpop albums into categories, so you can find the specific one you are looking for easily. 

They also have free shipping worldwide, which is an absolute dream, in our opinion! 

The delivery depends on the location, and sometimes it might take upto a month, but we still feel that free shipping really does change the game for them. 


best online stores to buy kpop merch

Gmarket mainly focuses on providing its customers Kpop music albums. 

Of course, you get a range of other typical merchandise as well, including plushies, stationery items, posters, clothes and accessories as well. 

If you are looking for a particular vintage/old music album, there is a good chance that you will find it here. 

You might find listings on Gmarket in three languages – Korean, English, and Chinese. That way, Gmarket is really supportive and conducive to the locals. 

This online store works like Ebay. This means that there are different sellers who list their products. So it is upto you to filter, pick and choose. 

The best part about the online store is its daily deals, coupons and offers. Gmarket is affordable and customer friendly. 

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