List Of Big Bang Scandals

List Of Big Bang Scandals | 6 Shocking Controversies

Are Big Bang problematic in the Kpop world? I’ve listed out a few Big Bang Scandals that let you judge for yourself. 

When we talk about the famous K-Pop band Big Bang, I think it is safe to say at this point that they are no stranger to controversy. 

Big Bang is the biggest K-POP band in the Korean music industry, and when we say the biggest, it is no exaggeration. 

All in all, they have 187 music show awards, including album of the year, song of the year, artist of the year, and theme of the year. But this band has a dark side too and a very controversial background.

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In this latest article, I will be providing you with a historical look at the various scandals that have plagued the famous band Big Bang members over the years. 

If you have been a real K-Pop fan over the years, then you must be aware of some of the scandals, and if not, then read the blog carefully as we will reveal the scandals done by each member gradually in succession.

List Of Big Bang Scandals

Dry Hump During a Live Concert

The year was 2009. G-Dragon was performing the song “Shine a Light” in his first solo concert with one of his dancers named Amee Lee. As a part of the performance, they both had an intimate scene on the stand-up bed.

Although it was shown that the act was just dry-humping and nothing more than that, it still drew heated criticism from the thousand or so audience members present there. Some of them were even minors in the audience. 

During the rehearsal, it was not mentioned to them that this part was way too much for the public. 

When Amee Lee was asked about this scenario, she said it was merely a short moment of straddling and nothing more than that.

G-Dragon Marijuana Possession Charges

In the year 2011, G-Dragon was caught in the act of smoking marijuana illegally. It all started in July when he went under several medical tests, which showed that he did have signs of marijuana in his blood. 

The artist said that after his concert in Japan, he went to a party where a stranger gave him a weird cigarette in the restroom. 

He refused and did not agree to take it at first but gave it a second thought and took it. His managers were busy doing their own thing, and he was alone. 

Many people surrounded him, so it was impossible to identify who he was exactly. Also, he was high then, so he didn’t even notice and smoked the cigarette. 

It was a weird cigarette, and he could not identify what was exactly inside it because he had never smoked marijuana before, so he could not tell the difference.

Later, all the charges were dropped against him because it was his first criminal offence and also because the amount of marijuana found inside his body was minimal.

T.O.P’s Drug and marijuana scandal

Most people don’t know that the band’s lead rapper, T.O.P, has anxiety issues and consumes sedatives. But the case got worse when they consumed the prescribed drugs in large amounts. 

On June 6, 2017, he was discovered unconscious in the base and was rushed to the hospital. There were rumors that he tried to end his life, but the agency said that it was because of the heavy dosage of tranquilizer. 

After four days, he gained consciousness and appeared in front of the reporters. When the media questioned what he did, he simply said “sorry” and left.

He was also alleged to have marijuana charges earlier, for which he appeared in court. Besides smoking marijuana multiple times in the military service, he also revealed that he even smoked with a trainee named Han Seo Hee in three different locations. 

After getting discharged from the hospital, he went to court for his trial, and he even apologized for his past mistakes. Some of the words that he was speaking from a note included:

“I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who’s been disappointed by my huge mistake.”

“I am sorry that I cannot personally apologize to everyone face-to-face. I am sorry. I am extremely ashamed of myself.

Seungri’s Club Has A Sex Scandal

This was considered one of the biggest scandals in the history of the Korean music industry. On January 28, 2019, N.B.C.’s news desk revealed C.C.T.V. footage of Burning Sun’s club. In the video, a man named Mr. Kim was attacked by the club’s security guards. 

Later, Mr. Kim revealed that on November 24 at the Burning Sun Club, a woman who was being sexually harassed hid behind him and asked for help. 

When he reported this issue to the security guard, they beat him badly, and he was later handcuffed and sent to the police, where he was again assaulted. 

So here the question comes: what does Seungri have to do with this? Well, let me tell you that Seungri was the Executive Director of the club in which this incident happened.

Later on February 2, a screenshot of a group chat was leaked in which the staff members of the Burning Sun Club detailed some of their repulsive activities going on behind the scenes of the club, including drugging women or taking sexual advantage of drunk women, while hidden cameras recorded the actions.

During a concert on February 16, Seungri apologized to the audience who came to the show. 

Needless to say that netizens made a lot of memes about the subject as well!

big bang seungri scandal

Finally, on February 26, during the investigation, police found out that Burning Sun was not the only place, but there was evidence that multiple clubs were linked to it. 

The employees’ residence was searched, and various drugs were found, including ecstasy, happy balloon, and ketamine. Police later found that these drugs were actively being sold in Burning Sun.

The investigation department found out that Seungri had contact with business investors to whom he offered escort services. Text messages were released of a conversation between Seungri and an employee in 2015, in which he gave orders to organize a meeting with the foreign investors. 

He vehemently denied the prostitution allegations and declared that the text messages had been fabricated and fake.

Kpop sex scandal
Source: Instagram@think__global

Taeyang’s Girlfriend

Taeyang is much more disciplined, and unlike the other band members, he stays out of controversy. The act that Teyang did wasn’t a scandal, but still shocking news for everyone.

He had been dating a famous actress named Min Hyo Rin since 2013, but it shocked everyone when the news came out.

On December 18, 2017, Y.G. Entertainment confirmed the news, stating that the couple would marry in February 2019.

Teyang shared a picture with his girlfriend and a special letter on his Instagram handle and asked his fans for their blessings.

The wedding went perfectly, where the groom himself performed a few songs and even danced for his beautiful wife.

big bang taeyang wife
Source: Instagram@youngbae

Daesung’s Car Accident

On May 31, 2011, Daesung was involved in a car accident on Yanghwa Bridge, Seoul. It was midnight, and a motorcyclist named Mr. Hyun was lying on the road. It was reported that the man had earlier been in an accident and was unconscious. 

Daesung was alone in his car. He was riding at a speed of 80k.m/hour in a 60km/hour zone. He first hit the motorcyclist and dragged him up to 22.8m on the roadside, then he lost control and hit a nearby taxi. 

He stated that he did not see the motorcycle rider while he was driving near him. No alcohol or any other drugs were found in his system at the time of the crash.

According to the National Forensic Service investigation, the period between the first accident of the motorcyclist and the collision with Desung’s car was only two minus 12 seconds. So it was most likely that the man was alive but unconscious, and he lost his life because of Daesung.

big bang problematic kpop
Source: Instagram@itsygfamilyconfessions

Daesung had a very rough phase of his life as some even started addressing him as a murderer. The investigation lasted for three months, and on August 29, 2011, he was freed from all the charges because there was a lack of enough evidence to prove that the motorcyclist was alive at the time of the collision. 

Later, in an episode of S.B.S.’s healing camp, he revealed that he used to get suicidal thoughts during that time.


Sometimes, we can only see the limelight and luxurious life of the artist, and you never know what lies behind the back of their lives. 

So it is essential to understand the natural face of your favorite star. 

This was an informative and revealing blog to show you the dark and hidden secrets of the famous K-Pop boy band Big Bang.

 If you enjoyed and liked reading this article, do share it with others. 

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