blackpink Jennie Relationship

BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship: Who is in The Area of Jennie’s Pure Heart? (2018-2023)

Korea Truly in your area! In this article, I’ll be discussing BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship. 

The talented rapper and dancer from the Kpop sensational girl group BLACKPINK, one of the greatest idols who is well known in the Kpop industry and worldwide, Kim Jennie! Now, let’s talk about BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship!

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BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship: Who is in The Area of Jennie’s Heart?

BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship
Source: Instagram @jennierubyjane

Jennie was signed as a trainee by ‘YG Entertainment’ after finishing her education in New Zealand and moving to Seoul, South Korea. She did not, however, begin her singing career immediately after signing the contract and instead trained for 6 years.

She not only worked on her vocals but also on her rapping abilities. She rose to prominence after appearing in singer G-music Dragon’s video ‘That XX.’ She was later featured on his single ‘Black.’ Jennie has also collaborated with artists like Lee Hi for his single ‘Special,’ Seungri for ‘GG Be,’ and G Dragon for ‘Eventually.’ 

She, like the rest of the members of the band, has a huge fan base and is often considered to be the leader of ‘Black Pink.’ ‘YG Entertainment’ had been working on the band ‘Black Pink’ for several years before announcing their debut in 2012.

In 2016, the band’s final members were revealed. On August 8, 2016, band members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa made their debut.

Their first album, ‘Square One,’ included songs like ‘Boombayah’ and ‘Whistle.’ ‘Whistle’ became the number one hit on the ‘Gaon Digital Chart,’ and the video went viral on YouTube that made the band become an overnight sensation as a result, and they were the highest rated female K-pop band on the ‘Billboard Social 50.’

After the release of their new single ‘As If It’s Your Last,’ Jennie Kim and her bandmates reached a new milestone in their career. The song’s music was very different from their previous releases, and it debuted at the top of the ‘Billboard’s World Digital Song’ chart.

They were unstoppable as they continued to dominate the spotlight. Jennie was chosen as the new model for ‘Chanel Beauty.’ She shot her first pictorial for the brand with ‘Harper’s Bazaar Korea’ as their new muse. She became one of the first Korean artists to perform along with her members at ‘Coachella’ in April 2019.

BLACKPINK became the first K-pop girl group to sell more than 1.3 million albums in 2020. Furthermore, BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel recently surpassed 65 million subscribers, making them the platform’s most subscribed artist.

The band’s global influence continues to grow, and each member has served as a global ambassador for well-known luxury brands. While 2020 was a huge year for BLACKPINK, 2021 has been relatively quiet. 

BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship
Source: Instagram @blackpinkofficial

The band is still basking in the success of their debut full-length The Album and the numerous singles spun off from the title, and two of the members have gone solo as well.

Now, one artist has leaked information about their upcoming release, and it appears that BLACKPINK fans may not have to wait much longer to hear something new from the superstar K-pop act this year!

This is what leaves the fans wondering, is Jennie dating anyone and who that might be? Those questions are best left unanswered for the time being, as she is focused on her musical career and there has been no news of her being in a relationship.

Kim Jong-in (2018-2019)

BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship
Source: Instagram @zkdlin

Kim Jong-in, a South Korean singer, dancer, model, as well as actor, goes by the stage name Kai. He is a member of the SuperM supergroup, the Exo-K subunit, and also the Exo boy band from South Korea. He released his extended play, Kai, in November 2020, marking the beginning of his solo career.

Kai has acted in several television dramas in addition to his career as a musician, such as Choco Bank, Andante, and Spring Has Come. Without a doubt, Kai is a well-known dancer from South Korea and a K-top hit.

KAI is a part of SuperM, the K-Pop Avengers, and EXO, the group recognized for rewriting K-Pop history. He is a member of both organizations and has made a significant contribution to their amazing accomplishments.

EXO became the first Korean artist to sell one million albums in 12 years after selling over 11 million records since 2012, notably 1 million copies of its first full-length album, XOXO (2013), which features the breakthrough song “Growl.”

Blackpink Jennie and EXO Kai’s rumored romance was the first Jennie relationship gossip to go hot on the K-pop Internet. 

When Jennie wrote on Instagram, “Had the most romantic dinner admiring the eiffel tower #happyjen,” fans assumed that Kai and Jennie had gone on a romantic date in Paris. Days later, Kai’s photos from that very same location were posted in his personal account. They both published in October 2018.

BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship
Source: Instagram @jennierubyjane
BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship
Source: Instagram @zkdlin

Kai and Jennie have grown fond of one another, according to SM Entertainment, Kai’s record label, which confirmed the relationship rumor on January 1st, 2019.

Despite the fact that the couple kept their relationship so private, many fans of both bands fell in love with them. When the story first surfaced online in 2018, both bands’ fans longed for clarification.

Shortly after the pictures were public, SM Entertainment, Kai’s management organization, acknowledged their relationship. However, the pair split up on January 25, 2019– the two are no longer dating, according to SM Entertainment. 

It is accurate that Kai and Jennie just broke up, the company announced in a statement. When questioned why they parted, a source at the time informed Naver that it was because of their busy schedules.

According to the insider, Kai and Jennie ended the relationship as friends because they decided to concentrate on their careers.

Kwon Ji-Yong (2021-2022)

BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship
Source: Instagram @xxxibgdrgn

G-Dragon, who’s actual name is Kwon Ji-Yong, is a South Korean rapper, writer, and producer. He was 11 years old when he signed and joined his label’s well-known group Big Bang under YG Entertainment.

He made significant contributions to the kpop group, composing and producing a significant quantity of music. G-dragon has been a well-known soloist since 2009, and his work has entered the music charts and garnered several honors for his musical abilities. 

The group topped Korea’s Gaon chart in November 2008, and the majority of the group’s albums in Japan were certified gold. Heartbreaker, Kwon’s debut solo album, was released in August 2009 and was a huge success, topping the Gaon list.

Then, in December 2010, he and fellow Big Bang member TOP teamed on GD & TOP, a set that was more R&B and rap-oriented than their group’s dance-pop-leaning offerings. 

Kwon then released his first solo EP, One of a Kind, which debuted at the top of the Billboard World Albums chart. Kwon’s sophomore album, Coup d’Etat, was released in 2013, and included Diplo, Baauer, Missy Elliot, Boys Noize, Sky Ferreira, and Jennie Kim from BlackPink.

Coup, which once again topped the Gaon and Billboard World Albums charts, was also named World’s Best Album at the 2014 World Music Awards. G-Dragon’s success and fame in the music industry continues to this day.

G-Dragon and Blackpink’s Jennie are rumored to be dating, according to Dispatch, who published paparazzi photos of the couple in 2021 and stated that they have been together for more than a year.

Furthermore, Jennie featured the romantic lead of the Bigbang vocalist in the 2012 music video “That XX,” which was one of G- Dragon’s.

When Dispatch published images that claimed to show Jennie visiting G-apartment Dragon’s multiple times in 2021 and reported that his car was observed at BLACKPINK’s The Show performance on January 31, the revelation sparked a social controversy.

But because Dispatch had invaded the celebs’ privacy, many fans were furious, and chaos ensued on Twitter. 

In response to the rumors, YG Entertainment made the decision to issue their own statement, although it wasn’t exactly the affirmation or denial that fans were hoping for.

They stated in their statement, “We can’t confirm anything about our artists’ private life. “We ask for your understanding.”

Fans perceived YG Entertainment’s silence as confirmation despite the fact that they never explicitly denied the relationship. Evidently, on May 22nd, 2022, rumors surfaced that Jennie and G-Dragon had split up as a result of G-Dragon unfollowing Jennie in Instagram.

Kim Taehyung (2022)

BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship
Source: Instagram @thv

Kim Taehyung, often known as ‘V,’ is a South Korean singer, composer, and dancer. He is best known now as one of the key members of the famed K-pop group Bangtan Boys (simply known as BTS). V, or Tae as he is more often known, has a large fan base both in South Korea and worldwide.

This hip hop singer is well-known for his boyish charms as well as his strong voice. On June 13, 2013, he made his debut with the boy band BTS. 

He is in charge of writing and producing the band’s smash singles, ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ and ‘Boy in Luv.’ His career began in the South Korean music business, and he quickly rose to worldwide prominence, marking yet another K-pop milestone for the country.

He co-wrote and co-produced the song “Hold Me Tight” for The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1. He went on to have further hits with bandmate Suga and contributed to the music composition of the album ‘Wings.’

Taehyung originally proposed to be a rapper due to his deep vocals, but he always wanted to sing, and his wish was granted by J-hope aka Hobi, another member of the group who gave the vocalist position.

With his captivating charisma and wide smile, he also topped Forbes’ list of the world’s most attractive men. His solo song singularity was released in 2018 and smashed the charts. 

BLACKPINK Jennie Relationship
Source: Instagram @100mostbeautifullist

The Guardian selected “Singularity” to its “Top 50 songs for the month of June 2018” playlist, and Billboard put it at number 28 on its Critics’ list of the “Top 50 BTS tracks.”

Since then, he has been continuously giving his solo hits e.g. scenery, 4 o’clock etch and combined performances with the other 6 members of the group. BTS and Taehyung’s music career was successful as it went on over the years to this present.

Jennie and Taehyung have always been linked to each other for such a long time and that’s no surprise to the fans with the rumors circulating around them. People have always liked to pair the two because of their breathtaking visuals and fame making them look like a perfect couple together as idols.

Just this year, the two idols encountered a scandal once again that caused the netizens to go frenzy in the internet about the news, it was said to be dating after being sighted together on Jeju Island.

Photos of people who resemble the two artists have been circulating on social media, fueling speculation about their apparent relationship.

While many people said that the two adults were free to date whoever they wanted, others alleged that the photograph was altered and was being spread maliciously.

While some fans argue that the image is a forgery, others claim that the authentic scenario is from a reality program called BTS in the Soop, in which V was driving the automobile with fellow bandmate J-Hope.

Many others wondered whether the relationship story involving two of the world’s most popular stars was just manufactured to divert attention away from another idol’s bullying incident.

As the images continue to trend online, fans have banded together to trend ‘Leave Jennie alone’ and ‘Leave Kim Taehyung alone,’ demonstrating their love and faith in their idols. Both fandoms feel that this is a publicity ploy by HYBE to divert attention away from another issue. 

One of the rumors was also when V unintentionally followed Jennie in early December 2021 sparked a controversy. Specifically, all seven members of BTS made personal Instagram accounts and gained a large number of followers.

However, after only one day on Instagram, V sparked outrage when he followed Jennie and then swiftly unfollowed her.

V and Jennie don’t know each other well, but their names have frequently appeared next to each other since BTS – BLACKPINK were at the peak of their success and took over year-end award ceremonies.

They were eagerly shipped by fans despite the fact that they only shared a few frames together, edited images might appear so real that the couple is frequently in dating rumors. On the encore stage of the Seoul Music Awards in 2018, Jennie almost bumped her head with V’s back.

This is an event that occurred when the idols rose up simultaneously after crouching, forcing both groups BTS – BLACKPINK to shyly apologize to each other. This issue also caused dating allegations right after the incident.

V was once called the “King of Reactions to BLACKPINK.” When the male idol danced enthusiastically and excitedly while watching BLACKPINK’s performance, it went viral on social media and sparked dating rumors.

As a result, members of BTS and BLACKPINK are no longer at ease showing their reactions to each other’s stages. It becomes even more serious when BTS and BLACKPINK become rivals in the Kpop race.

However, the collection of V’s reactions to the YG girl group has been widely spread by Kpop fans over the years, and has been used as evidence of V and Jennie’s dating.

Moreover, she stated that she is a girl who easily falls in love, so love is not out of the question for her. She also hinted at her ideal type, or what her “dream guy” would be like.

Jennie revealed in a live radio interview with Blackpink that she prefers sexy guys over cute ones. Perhaps she prefers guys with a hot and manly aura to those young-looking innocent boys.

She also stated that she prefers someone who works hard. Of course, she’s been working hard for years, so anyone who slacks off is out!

As of now, the star is not dating anyone. If reports are to be believed then in the K-pop industry dating is a big no for the artists. Although rumors and assumptions keep floating around, there is no official confirmation.

Jennie is blossoming and BLACKPINK is having success notwithstanding all of the dating rumors and online drama. Pure talent cannot be halted!

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