Blackpink LISA hairstyles

15 Iconic BLACKPINK Lisa Hairstyles You Have To Try In 2023

Check out the most stylish Blackpink Lisa hairstyles including Lisa’s short haircut and the new Lisa hairstyle of 2022.

When it comes to hairstyles and fashion, there is just one person that comes to mind. 

Blackpink’s youngest member with over 73.1 million Instagram followers, Lisa  is without any doubt one of the queens of K-pop. 

Her enchanting stage performances and presence has captured the hearts of millions all over the globe. In 2019, she was personally picked to be the first global ambassador for Celine.

She can not only create a positive Pinterest hair mood board, but with her symmetrical face and gorgeous features, there is not a single hairstyle she can’t pull off. Blackpink’s team member 

Lisa is absolutely mesmerizing in every hair color and cut. When it comes to fashion, she is known for her fondness of street style and vintage clothing along with an awesome mix of high fashion. 

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On the beauty front, she has collaborated with some reputed names and has a tendency to spice up her hairstyles often. 

There is no denying that almost every girl has a signature beauty trademark. For some, it is their perfume and few others just cannot leave their house without that glossy shade of mascara.

For me, it’s my luscious shade of lipstick and For Lisa, it is her signature bangs that compliment her entire look and give her style that extra ‘oomph.’ 

But it isn’t just the bangs that will literally take your breath away. Lisa has mastered the art of trendy hairstyles and keeps hitting the news every now and then with a brand new look.

So, if you are someone who is deciding on a complete hair makeover, then perhaps you can take some inspiration from some of Lisa’s top 14  hairstyles. Check them out:

Blackpink LISA Hairstyles 2022

1- Bubble Gum Pink Hair

lisa pink hairstyle short
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

She showed off her pink-dyed bob  on Instagram  along with a soft matching color sweater in the same bubblegum shade and pretty  pink manicured nails. 

When she posted this photo, she captioned it with pink emojis that included a heart, strawberry, pink flowers, cherry blossom and ribbon. This color is very tricky to pull off. 

If you do it right, there is no doubt you will be turning heads from every direction, in a good way.

This shade is the right choice of today’s trendsetters and is a more stylish choice. If you think this color will shock you, then you can tone down the intensity with a lighter shade.

2- Messy Bun

messy bun blackpink lisa hairstyles
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

If you are someone who is used to leaving your hair down then why not look up to Lisa’s messy bun hairstyle? 

I have mentioned before how she is known for her quirky sense of style and hair experimentation. 

But one of my personal favorites is the messy bun with bangs. For brunch outings or dinner dates, this can definitely be your go to look. This look is even credible enough for an important meeting at work.

You can add your own twist to this look by adding embellishments such as flowers, bows,  butterflies, jewels and so on.

3- Space Buns

bun blackpink lisa hairstyles
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

I loved how she followed the 90’s trend with these super adorable space buns and blunt bangs. 

For anyone with mid to long hair, this is a look for you when you want to stay cool and stand out at a party. So, take note and you can add your own spin to this iconic hairstyle too. 

Believe me, this hairstyle will make you look much younger and is more suitable for girls with a slightly larger forehead as the bangs will balance out face proportions and make it look more appealing.

4- Curly hair

lisa blackpink hair color
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

If you are looking for another way to embrace your long and luscious curls, then this curly style of Lisa’s is just right. 

Whether you are off on a date or just to hang out with friends, add a shade of red lipstick to make your lips pop and eye wear to lift your features and complete your look. 

It’s time to embrace and flaunt your curly hair and with a dash of hairspray to keep it in place, you can recreate this look easily.

5-  Blond highlights

lisa blackpink hair color 2022
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

I’m sure every girl would love to go blonde at least once in her lifetime. If you are someone who is ready  to go all out with bleach, then may I suggest Lisa’s blond highlights are a great way to add that Wow factor to your hairstyle. 

So you can ask your stylist to transform your brown locks to give this smoky blonde highlight that will complement your skin tone perfectly. You can still live out your dream without changing your hair color completely.

6- Fiery Red hair

lisa blackpink hair color red
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

They say redheads are more fun, strong and with a whole lot of confidence. This deep shade of red has definitely my seal of approval and what I love about this look is how she has kept her signature bangs firmly in place. 

If you are a little afraid of the fiery red shade, why not try a temporary hair color? If you are still scared, then there is nothing wrong with going somewhere close like a burgundy or maroon shade, but don’t forget your bangs of course!

7- Classic short pixie bob

lisa short haircut name
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

If you have had long hair for a while and are willing to switch  it up, then follow Lisa and chop it all off. 

I mean just look how cute and adorable she looks and how this classic short pixie bob frames her face and highlights her facial features. Think about it. 

You wouldn’t need the hassle of putting your hair up in a bun ever again. Plus they are more a practical choice and frame your face in the right way by making your cheekbones pop.

8- Classic high ponytail

lisa ponytail hairstyle
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

Lisa is definitely the IT girl we all wish we were with her amazing dance moves and sophisticated style.

No matter how she dances, her cool high ponytail and bangs are intact. You can replicate this look perfectly and feel like a girl boss as well.

All you need is two double elastic rubber bands and loop them together. Believe me you will thank me someday for this. This method will hold the weight of your hair and give you a sturdier hold.

9- Pigtails

lisa pigtail hairstyle
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

This unique twist on the classic pigtails with pigtails tied up high and deep eyeliner, makes the singer look like a real life doll.

This cute and classic childhood hairdo compliments her signature bangs well. 

You can totally recreate this look as well and wear it the next time you need to go for a barbeque party or picnic with friends.they even add a fairytale vibe to your look and anything but childish. 

There are no age restrictions on this look, you can trust my word on that.

10- Long straight brown hair

blackpink lisa haircut name
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

Her long straight, shiny and brown hair makes her face look much older and matured. 

This  subtle hair look is way different from her usual ‘out of the world’ hairstyles. The bangs make her look even more adorable and is a very simple look if you want to recreate it and retain a more classic look. 

Take your long hair to the next level with Lisa’s sleek and healthy brown hairstyle.

11- Long straight black hair

blackpink hairstyles
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

Lisa looks extremely charming and sexy in long straight hair with bangs.  This look makes her look cute and innocent and gives her a more mature and elegant look. 

So, if you would like to try this natural black straight down hairstyle,then go for it! This color is so dark and captivating and is suitable for every occasion.

What I personally love about this look is that it is so versatile and adds a certain edge to your overall look and style.

12- No bangs

lisa new hairstyle
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

On September 21st 2021, Lisa posted a hairstyle for the first time where she did not have her signature bangs. 

No matter what her hairstyle was, she never changed her hairstyle to show off her forehead. 

This was the first time she posted a hairstyle in five years that did not have her iconic bangs. 

In an interview, she even stated that it was her mother who was insistent on her having bangs. Bangs or no bangs, she still looks like an oversized doll to me.

13-  Braids

lisa braids hairstyle
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

Now you can make your braids more interesting by tying them up real tight. These super cute braids will be your ultimate cure for long hair. 

This hairstyle is perfect for a bike ride around the city or for a picnic outdoors. 

If you do not know how to create them then now is a great time to learn how. It may take some time to perfect them, but trust me you will not regret it.

14-  Bandana look

blackpink lisa hairstyles
Source: Instagram@lalalalisa_m

Looking to add another cool accessory to your hair? Then, check out Lisa’s bandana look that is so versatile and will literally suit any hair length and different styles. 

They are used now as a modern urban hairstyle and is a perfect glam solution for short and medium length hair.

There you go! Lisa’s iconic and most sophisticated hairstyles. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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