Blackpink Rose’s Hair Color Timeline

Check Out Blackpink Rose’s Hair Color Timeline | Her 12 Iconic Looks!

Here is the Blackpink Rose’s Hair Color timeline detailing her journey of experimenting with a wide range of hair colors and giving some major hair goals over the years. 

The South Korean all-girls group BLACKPINK has managed to build a robust global fan base with their musical supremacy. 

They are soon making a comeback with their unreleased track ‘Ready To Love’ that they performed during an in-game concert event named ‘The Virtual’. 

Apart from their upbeat pop music, their stage visuals and the way Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa carry themselves during public appearances have also contributed to their success. 

From Jisoo being introduced as one of the global brand ambassadors of Cartier to Rose being announced as the latest global ambassador of Tiffany & Co, luxury brands have acknowledged their strong media presence and sense of style. 

Brands like Dior, Celine, Chanel, and more have caught Gen-Z’s attention through BLACKPINK’s fashion moments. It also extends to their unique hairstyles, nail, and makeup. 

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Blackpink Rose’s Hair Color Timeline 

blackpink rose hair color how you like that
Source: Instagram @roses_are_rosie

More About Rose’s Style 

Roseanne Park also known as Rose is the vocalist and lead dancer of the girl group BLACKPINK since 2016. She has been associated with YG entertainment since 2012 and trained for 4 years. 

Her video teaser for the song ‘Coming Soon’ was the fastest video for a K-Pop female visual to have reached 1 million likes on Youtube signifying her popularity. 

She has been experimental with her clothing and hair as well which caught Yves Saint Laurent’s attention since she was declared their global ambassador along with hand-written letters from Anthony Vaccarello, their creative director. 

Her fashion is more on the feminine side and yet edgy as she is fond of flared bottoms and floral dresses. Her stage style is more on the whimsical side as you will see more ruffles and cut-out pieces. 

Her aesthetic keeps shifting from cottage-core to school-girl vibes to the 90s vintage style. She also accentuates her basic look with metallic and gold accessories. 

She is seen with a different hair color every time she moves up the professional ladder, and it speaks more about her attention to detail and boldness to pull off any given look. 

You will find yourself mesmerized and inspired to add a pop of color to your own hair after going through Rose’s timeline of boldest hair color choices. 

Pre-debut Era

blackpink rose hair color how you like that
Source: Twitter @chaeng_ohmygash

She used to have bright red hair during the time she was transitioning from being a trainer and gearing up for her debut. It gave out a vibrant and flirtatious vibe. 

Square One 

blackpink rose blonde hair
Source: Twitter @J71217817

Once Blackpink was official and they started with their public appearances, Rose changed her color to light brown which was a safer color compared to red.

She may have re-dyed it because red washes out faster and the color had to sustain throughout her promotions. It sustained till the end of performances of ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombayah’. 

Square Two 

blackpink rose hair color kill this love mv
Source: Twitter @J71217817

Rose’s hair in the music video of ‘Stay’ had slightly changed because the overall light brown color was accentuated with pink edges. 

It gave a light dual-tone effect since the impact of the previous color was washing off. On the other hand, during ‘Playing with fire’, her hair was completely toned up resonating with the color palette of fire. 

Square Two – Promotions

blackpink rose real hair length
Source: Twitter @ygarights

During the stage performances of Square Two songs, she bleached her hair completely giving out a tone in-between ginger and blonde. She was also referred to as ‘blonse’ during the time. 

As If It’s Your Last

blackpink rose black hair
Source: Twitter @rshourly

She transitioned to a darker hair shade for the video and release of the standalone single ‘As if it’s your last’. It was the darkest brown with slightly chocolaty edges. The color goes with the school-girl vibe they portrayed in the video as well as stage performances. 

She had also colored her hair completely black at a later stage. 

Ddu Du Ddu Du

blackpink rose red hair
Source: Instagram @roses_are_rosie

She dyed her hair in a prominent red shade during the video of ‘ddu du ddu du’. Her look gave out a charismatic vibe as the song was all about being assertive and standing tall in the midst of chaos. The vibrant shade was associated with the bold characterization in the video. 

During the promotion of the same song, she had switched to a darker shade of red. 

Kill This Love

rose blonde hair color kpop
Source: Instagram @roses_are_rosie

Kill This Love is one of their globally acclaimed songs and their looks for the song is marked as a representation of them acquiring massive success. Rose during this time completely transitioned into blonde. 

Fans were appreciative of her blonde look and hence she managed to retain the color until much after the song was released and promoted. During that time, she had bleached her hair even more and attained the lightest shade of blonde. 

She looked nothing short of a princess with that hair color. 

How You Like That 

blackpink rose silver hair
Source: Instagram @rose_are_rosie

The song ‘How You Like That’ has a cold yet energetic vibe to it because it speaks about the journey of surviving a dark space and then overcoming it. Rose’s hair in this song complements the same idea.

She has colored her hair in a unique shade that is an amalgamation of silver and lavender. It looks sleek and powerful. The color tone of the music video enhanced the appearance of the hair color. 

Ice Cream 

blackpink rose hair color 2022
Source: Instagram @roses_are_rosie

In this song featuring Selena Gomez, the group had shifted to a lively and feminine setting as compared to the previous tracks. Rose however had not initiated any prominent color change for this song. 

She kept the base in the same silver tone, with notes of purple instead of lavender. The previous color may have faded, so the addition of purple ensures minimal hair damage. 

This shade continued till they were on the cover of ELLE Magazine and she had opted for a sleek bun with her platinum hair. 

Lovesick Girls 

blackpink rose pink hair color
Source: Instagram @roses_are_rosie

For this song, she took another leap with her looks by dying her hair pink. It suited her very well and with the theme being love, her hair again fell in place with the song’s message. 

It was a bold choice on her part but the fans appreciated it. 

R – Solo

what hair color is rose blackpink have now
Source: Instagram @roses_are_rosie

She came out with her debut single album in March 2021 and found her way back to blonde hair. She has been consistent with blonde hair until the present. 

Since the songs gave out a soft rock vibe, her hair had a modest shade with slight golden tones. It will surely remind you of Rapunzel! 

She has held on to the blonde shade even though she has bleached it a few times in between for a change. 

FAQs About Hair Color of Blackpink’s Rose

Is Rose’s hair damaged?

Since Rose keeps changing her hair color, the strands naturally lose their texture and begin to dry up. By the time the Lovesick Girls era was coming to an end, her hair appeared damaged and lacked moisture. Her hairstylist revealed that she has dyed her hair up to three times a week. It is extremely difficult to maintain the consistency of tone, especially after she has gone blonde. 

Why does Rose dye her hair so many times? 

Rose has a lighter complexion as compared to the other members of Blackpink, and hence she can choose to be experimental with her looks in terms of bold shades like pink or lavender. Apart from that, her chin looks chubby with darker hair and hence she constantly opts for light colors. Her colors also depend on the theme of the music video she is shooting and that can be a factor. 

Is Rose naturally blonde?

No, rose naturally has a much darker shade possibly dark brown or black. She has almost never let her hair in its natural state, so it is continuously bleached. Even though she has stuck with blonde for most of her career, it would take more amount of chemicals to attain it. 

Who is the hairflip queen in Blackpink?

Rose is generally regarded as the queen of hairflips because she is often seen incorporating some hair moves within her performances. Fans have taken note of the same and you can find several compilation videos of Rose’s hairflips. She usually keeps her tresses long and hence you can notice her hair grooving along with her body during stage performances. She has been consistent with them ever since her debut. 

Concluding Thoughts About Rose’s Hair Colors 

Rose brings in a part of her personality and expresses how dynamic she is through her shift in hair colors.

Her hard work, and willingness to work on every aspect of her look, be it for a video of public events, can be seen through these efforts she makes for her hair. 

Fans are extremely concerned about the state of her natural hair since it has been exposed to toxins for several years now, but always cheer for her when she puts out a new look. 

Since every color through the timeline has suited her and added on to her image as a K-Pop idol, it can be seen how bold and versatile she is.

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