BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage Outfits

Find Out How Much BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage Outfits Really Cost!

BLACKPINK sported luxury outfits during their ‘Pretty Savage’ performances. Check out the designers they wore and how much Blackpink’s pretty savage outfits cost.  

BLACKPINK is an inspiration to the female musicians and their global presence is a testimony to the success of the Kpop industry beyond the South Korean boundaries. 

The members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa come from diverse backgrounds and that reflects in their fashion choices as well. Their stage looks are edgy and mystical whereas their off-duty looks are straight out of a fashion week catalog. 

They are associated with luxury brands as their global ambassadors and are often seen wearing Celine, Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Burberry to name a few. 

They put immense effort into curating their wardrobe for the songs they release and make sure the pieces are consistent with the tone of their song. 

They went for extravagant numbers for ‘How You Like That’, but stuck with feminine Y2K vibe clothing for ‘Ice Cream’. 

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“The Album” by BLACKPINK

blackpink outfits
Source: Instagram @blackpinkofficial

The Album is the second album by the girl group released in 2020, and the numbers indicated it to be one of the best-selling albums. 

While they were conceptualizing the name for the album, they realized how eagerly their fans were looking forward to the release and hence named it the same. 

The third song on their album is ‘Pretty Savage’, but unlike the singles ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘How You Like That’, it does not have a dedicated music video. 

Pretty Savage is filled with rhythmic sentences followed by an upbeat rap that only makes the song more irresistible. 

It speaks about the harsh response they receive for putting their life out in public, and the constant courage and assertiveness they harnessed to reach where they are today. They express their experiences with criticism, and how there is more to them than just being pretty. 

Their live performances at ‘Inkigayo’ and ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ have been a visual delight for the fans and made up for the lack of official video. 

Viewers didn’t shy away from pointing out how beautiful their outfits looked and how they brought out their individual personalities. 

BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage Outfits 

Inkigayo Outfits Cost 

Their performance at SBS’ show Inkigayo garnered tremendous appreciation from the fans and here’s a look at their outfit details for the same. 


jisoo pretty savage outfits
Source: Instagram @blackpink.closet.indo

She went for a dark feminine look with her skirt, corset, and sweatshirt. She paired them with classic black boots. 

The checkered corset top is sourced from Vivienne Westwood. It has mesh fabric on both sides around the waist and the under-wires ensure a sleek fit. This Tartan & Tulle Fargo Corset Top is priced at $1240. 

She has paired it with a vintage red and black plaid skirt, that is detailed with chain, tulle fabric, and studs. 

The sweatshirt she has styled along with this is a much more affordable find that cost $50. It is a Starter x NBA Phoenix Suns Double Hoodie Sweatshirt. The orange and lilac detailing added the much-needed pop of color to the outfit. 


blackpink whistle outfits
Source: Instagram @blackpink.closet.indo

Rose donned an athletic chic look for the performance and it remains one of the most unforgettable outfits of their pretty savage era. 

This meshed Jersey dress has ‘Plein 24’ written over it and stands out with Laker’s theme colors. It is a Philipp Plein 24K Gold Edition Tank Top sold for an outrageous amount of $2086. 

She paired it with minimalistic platform sneakers from Maison Margiela, Paris. The off-white, cream, and brown tones served as a perfect contrast to the vibrant topwear. It is available at the price of $728. 


blackpink stage outfits
Source: Instagram @blackpink.closet.indo

She looked bougie and stunning in her street-style outfit. Her metallic neckpiece and waistband accentuated the look. 

She wore a blue denim bra top with a jersey cup from Pony Stone. It had unique adjustable straps at the back and is sold at the price of $155. It is available in both blue and back. 

It was paired with blue jeans from Vetement that had ‘Censored’ written over it. The design was edgy and priced at a whopping $1445. 

She also restyled Adidas leg warmers that cost $80 and wore them as extended sleeves. 


blackpink how you like that outfit
Source: Instagram @blackpink.closet.indo

Lisa raised the temperature with her chic and sensuous look. 

She donned the black Let’s Hook Up Underwired Corset Top from Oh Polly. This cotton number has adjustable straps and gold detailing. It cost 36 euros. 

She paired it with high-waisted cotton Flynn jeans. It had a boyfriend fit and the distressed pattern was unusual. You can buy it for $190. 

James Corden Show Outfits Cost 

Their performance on the American talk show ‘Late Late Show With James Corden’ marked Pretty Savage’s global recognition. Take a closer look at their outfits!


blackpink lovesick girls outfits
Source: Instagram @blackpink.closet.indo

She blew the internet with her breathtaking ‘runaway bride’ look. Fans even found her unrecognizable given how glamorous she looked. 

For the topwear, she wore a customized version of Bridal Kong’s feathery haute couture gown. Even though the original price isn’t revealed, it is expected to be priced at least $5000. That’s a lot, right?

She paired it with modified Dice Kayek’s black belted skirt that cost around $625. The original belt was replaced with a blingy one and the pockets were studded too. 


blackpink lovesick girls outfits
Source: Instagram @blackpink.closet.indo 

Jennie went for a slender look and amplified the effect of a rather simple black & white ensemble. 

She wore a checkered printed bodysuit from David Koma that has meshed fabric under the bustier lining and shows off her waist. You can find this Houndstooth Crepe Corset Bodysuit that costs around $770. 

Her footwear choice is interesting because she wore the Jennie Striker Chunky Bubble Trainers from Koi Footwear priced at $40. 


Who has best fashion in Blackpink
Source: Instagram @blackpink.closet.indo

Rose opted for a ‘blingy in black’ look starting with her Velvet trimmed Neoprene Cropped Top. She had customized it since the sleeves were sequined and the price is estimated to be $1010. 

The skirt by Paco Rabanne was the highlight of her look. This Paillette Embellished Skirt was filled with large contrasting sequins and is retailed for $2660. 

She completed the look with some minimalistic gold jewelry. 


Who is the fashion queen of Blackpink
Source: Instagram @blackpink.closet.indo

Her outfit is a careful amalgamation of several statement pieces. It was vibrant and graceful in equal proportions. 

The outerwear is actually a sequined mini a-line dress designed by David Koma available for $1280. She wore a white ruffled corset underneath it. 

She clasped it with a Peplum Hem Belt designed by Alexander McQueen that costs an exorbitant amount of $1590. The shorts underneath it are custom made from The Blonds 2018 couture collection. 

FAQs About BLACKPINK Pretty Savage Outfits  

Who has the best fashion in BLACKPINK? 

It has been a growing consensus that Jennie has the best fashion in BLACKPINK and being the ambassador of Calvin Klein and Chanel only enriches that title. She has a dynamic style ranging from casual t-shirt dresses to leather jackets and pantsuits. Her off-duty looks have a separate fan base as she experiments with multiple silhouettes. 

How to style like BLACKPINK Lisa?

Lisa’s style is more feminine yet versatile because of her choice of fabrics and prints. She focuses more on statement outerwear such as cropped double-breasted jackets, blazers, and cozy sweats. She is often seen sporting pieces from Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, and Prada. Lisa elevates her casual denim looks with sequined jackets and boots. 

Who is the fashion stylist of BLACKPINK?

The backbone of BLACKPINK’s impeccable style is Minhee Park. She has been working with the group for five years and is interestingly married to a fellow stylist Wook Kim. She makes sure to understand the members and curate an ensemble based on the inputs received by them. Since every woman in the group has a distinct style, her role is challenging and yet fulfilling. 

Who has the best airport fashion in BLACKPINK?

Rose has some of the best airport looks amongst her group. She is thoughtful while curating every airport appearance and makes sure it suits her physique and mood for the day. Some days she opts for casual looks with floral dresses or crop tops with sweatshirts. Most of the time, Rose is seen in formal attire such as linen shirts, pantsuits, and blazers. 

Final Thoughts on BLACKPINK Pretty Savage Outfits

They managed to imprint the song, Pretty Savage, on the audience’s minds through their powerful performances. 

Since the beats of the song are powerful, the outfits helped emit power through their personality. Fans have taken to social media to discuss every look presented in these two performances. 

Luxury brands have always been welcoming of the members, and since many of the pieces were customized, it shows how respectful the designers were towards BLACKPINK’s needs. 

While stage performances allow them to go for avant-garde looks, they don’t shy away from bringing the same energy to their off-duty style as well. 

Being global icons, they have an image to uphold and though their outfit prices may seem enormous, it is proof of their growth and success as a group.

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