BTS Dormitory Life

BTS Dormitory Life | Here’s Why And How BTS Live Together

Did you know Kpop idols have to live together? Yes, BTS Dormitory life is a thing. Check out BTS old dorm locations and more about their rooms.

I’m pretty sure that most people have at least heard of the world-famous and biggest K-Pop boy band, BTS, even if they haven’t listened to their music, because that is how famous they are and have become over the years.

We have often read articles and seen videos on social media platforms of how united the members of BTS are and how perfectly they live in brotherhood and harmony.

Well, at present we may have seen them in separate rooms, owning their own homes as well, but in fact BTS actually started off as living together in a one bedroom apartment. 

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Yes, 7 of them in a one bedroom apartment! Pretty crazy, right? Looks like success doesn’t actually come easy after all!

I’m sure there are many of you ARMYs out there who look up to BTS for their grit and determination of how successful they became by following and pursuing their dreams. 

So if you are interested to know how they started out, then here is everything you need to know about BTS and their dormitory life!

BTS Dormitory Life

Does BTS live in a dorm together
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What do you need to know about BTS?

BTS also known as the Bangtan Boys are one of the most well-known bands in the world and the biggest ever all-boy K-Pop band in history. 

The band comprises of 7 members aged between 24 to 29 years of age and made their debut under the company Big Hit Entertainment in the year 2013 and are still very active until date.

The members of the band include 3 rappers and 4 vocalists. The members are their leader and first member to join the band Kim Namjoon, also known as RM; the oldest member Kim Seok-jin, also known as Jin; Min Yoongi, also known as Suga.

Then the second member joined the band; Jung Ho-seok, also known as J-Hope, who is one of the main rappers in the band.

Next is Park Ji-min, one of the lead vocalists of the band; Kim Taehyung, also known as V, who was the sixth member to join the band and Jeon Jungkook, often called Jungkook, who is the youngest member of the band.

Together the group makes music in different genres from K-Pop to hip-hop, R&B and also EDM. They have done many concerts, live performance shows and tours during the course of their career. 

Also, apart from their music career they are well-known for doing brand endorsements and for also being great philanthropists.

BTS have been nominated and have also won several awards which include close to 200 awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Seoul Music Awards, Melon Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and many such others.

They have also made history after becoming the first ever group to win the ‘Top Song Sales Artist’ Award at the Billboard Music Awards.

Well, the list will definitely go on and on as BTS have really made a big name for themselves over the last 9 years of their career as a band.

Why do K-Pop Idols have to live in dorms?

Most often when K-Pop Idols are in their training years or at their initial years of formation (pre and post debut) often require to be present together in order to train and promote their groups. 

They also have managers who have to check up on them and their schedules and living together makes things much easier for them to work things out.

Also, it is well-known that most K-Pop Idols start off their careers in their teens and therefore it is hard for them to fund themselves and their housing when they have to move to the city where they are being trained (for those idols who aren’t from Seoul).

So, since not all K-Pop Idols are from the same city and the training centers are in Seoul, they live together in dorms and are put up by their company or record label. 

This makes it very convenient for their companies to manage their scheduled pickups and drops to the same place, every time they set out for training, practice and rehearsals or on promotion trips or tours.

One of the main aspects why idols are made to live together is because they can imbibe the spirit of teamwork and inculcate brotherhood amongst themselves to work together successfully, in addition to motivating each other.

So in the case of BTS, it is quite evident how much teamwork they put in and how they actually have become like brothers to each other over the course of the 9 years they’ve spent together.

Where are BTS members now?

where does bts live
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I’m sure that almost every ARMY had their heart broken on the 14th of June 2022, when BTS announced their “temporary break” during their annual Festa. They said that they would be taking a break from group projects for a while and had promised that they would come back stronger as a group in future. 

At present they want to focus on their solo music careers, something which they weren’t able to fully do over the last 9 years as a band.

bts hiatus 2022
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The band leader RM also mentioned that the K-Pop industry didn’t give them enough time to be able to fully mature as individuals as they always work together in groups and have very hectic schedules with no personal time and space for themselves.

So during the Festa, BTS leader RM mentioned that their dorm contract had ended and since they would be going their own ways for some time, they will also be living separately.

But just because they are parting ways for a while and their dormitory contract no longer stands, BTS still started off with humble beginnings and have 9 years of “Dorm life” experiences to share with their ARMYs.

Here are 16 Facts about BTS’ Dormitory Life

·         BTS’ 7 members all lived in a one bedroom apartment for many years until they moved into a new dorm in 2016.

bts old dorm room inside
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·         The number of dormitories BTS have shifted to have not been clearly revealed.

·         But BTS is known to have shifted their dormitory in 2018, to a more luxurious one called Hannam The Hill, in Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu in Seoul, South Korea. This is also where other celebrities too lived in that complex and they were provided with better security and other facilities.

·         After shifting to their new dormitory that has 4 bedrooms, the band members have a bigger apartment and share rooms with each other.

·         If you want to know who is sharing their room with whom, here it goes – Jin and Suga, the oldest two members share a room with each other, while J-Hope and Jimin share another room. 

Namjoon is known to share his room with V and of course it is quite obvious that the baby of the group, Jungkook, gets his room all to himself.

·         If you are wondering how Jungkook got the room to himself, well it was as simple as him winning a game of rock-paper-scissors with his bandmates.

bts dormitory location
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bts dormitory address
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bts first dorm
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bts dorm outside
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·         Roommates RM and V have their own share of complaints wherein RM puts up with V’s gaming habits, while the latter has to deal with RM’s snoring. That must be hard right?

·         It is known that since J-Hope, Jimin and V liked to game often, they used to share their room, while RM moved into Jungkook’s room for some time.

·         Their Hannam Hill dormitory had many luxury facilities that included a cafeteria, gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool and beautiful gardens to relax in during their free time.

·         Kim Namjoon, the leader of the band found it hard to adjust initially as each member came from different familial backgrounds and had their own personalities and it took some time to adjust with each other.

·         Band mates Namjoon and Suga are known to have started living together as roommates even before they debuted, during their trainee days and have been living together since 2010.

·         During their initial years in the dormitory, all the 7 members had to share a common bathroom and there were times when another member had to use it urgently and had to resort to using public toilets or department store restrooms nearby.

do bts still live together
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do bts share rooms
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bts house
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·         It is known that since BTS lived together, the second-oldest in the band Suga didn’t like the fact that doing their laundry was always such a hassle because either they would get mixed up with his other members’ clothes or wouldn’t end up getting washed if someone else went first.

Well, it is a well-known fact that they’ve always shared clothes too.

bts home location
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·         Namjoon would often visit parks nearby because there was no space in their dormitory for “me time” and he used to like to spend time alone so that he could write his music and relax himself. 

Well, any guesses what his bandmates called his me-time? They called it “Namjooning”. Talk about funny!

who are roommates in bts
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Do BTS members have their own rooms?
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·         During their annual Festa video released on YouTube on the 14th of June 2022, BTS members V and J-Hope expressed their happiness of being able to have their own space and living alone, but also felt that this break is what is bringing them closer to each other.

·         RM states that every member is so different in his own way, because each of their individual houses has their own vibe and this wasn’t seen when they lived together.

The final takeaway

Well you guys, I hope you ARMYs have got some answers to your questions about BTS’ present whereabouts and their life in their dormitories over the years. 

It sure looks like they started off with humble beginnings only to reach such great heights in their career today! 

I’m sure we ARMY are proud of their achievements and support them both individually and as a group and hope they make their comeback sooner!

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