BTS Halloween Costumes

BTS Halloween Costumes Throughout The Years | Their Quirkiest Outfits

Check out the most interesting BTS Halloween costumes throughout the years 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and the previous year including their War On Hormone and 21st Century Girl costumes. 

I find Halloween one of the most fun festivals ever. Even if you’re not much into dressing up or partying during this time, it’s nice to watch other people do it.

BTS Halloween Costumes Throughout The Years
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And I’m especially interested in what celebrities wear on Halloween. In the west there are several celebrities like Heidi Klum and Neil Patrick Harris who are known for their extravagant Halloween costumes.

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But South Korea has BTS and frankly no other Kpop group does Halloween costumes as well as BTS does. 

They come up with the wackiest stuff! From Snow White to Cowboys, the Bangtan Boys have thought of everything!

So I thought why not catalog some of BTS’ top Halloween costumes throughout the years! Scroll down further so see what BTS wore for Halloween last year and the years before that. 

BTS Halloween Costumes

Here are some of BTS’ most interesting Halloween costumes throughout the years! 

BTS Halloween costumes 2014

This year is special for BTS as it was their first Halloween as a band together. They had already tasted success in 2014 January with their EP Skool Luv Affair which topped charts.

Their studio album Dark & Wild also peaked at number 2 during August of 2014, so BTS was full of optimism as they appeared in a group Halloween costume together.

BTS Halloween costumes 2014
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This particular year they didn’t do a group theme. And the costumes were rather common but well designed nevertheless.

In Halloween 2014, RM dressed up as Count Dracula while Jim appeared as the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow. 

Jungkook, the Maknae of BTS, had a low effort grim reaper costume which was cute nonetheless. 

While Jimin put in some effort for his Charlie Chaplin costume and Suga for his Chucky Doll one. 

I also liked J-Hope’s prisoner Papillon costume which was very different from the rest. 

And as the Dark Knight trilogy had just wrapped up in 2014 and Heath Ledger’s amazing performance as the Joker was still fresh in everyone’s mind, V decided to pay homage to him with his Joker costume.

BTS Halloween Costumes 2015

In 2015 too, BTS didn’t appear in a group costume. They did different individual costumes based on stuff they like.

This year, anime and manga were a huge influence on BTS’ Halloween costumes. 

While RM appeared as the Lazy Egg Gudetama, Suga was Naruto. Jungkook, another huge manga fan, was the famous character Detective Conan. 

BTS Halloween Costumes 2015
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Jimin (also known as the sunshine of the group) appeared in a very apt Mickey Mouse costume while V stole RM’s 2014 look and appeared as a vampire.

My favorite costume however was J-Hope who was Darth Vader. 

BTS Halloween Costumes 2016: 21st Century Girls

This year Halloween was extra special for BTS as they used this festival to do a promotion for their new song 21st Century Girls. 

BTS Halloween Costumes 2016

There is a fantastic video of the boys learning the steps to the 21st Century Girls choreography while in full costume. It’s hilarious. 

This year BTS’s costumes were extra cute. I especially adored J-Hope as a skeleton and Jungkook as a bunny. But the real show stealer for me was Jimin dressed like a cabbage.

It was also cute to see V as the popular anime character Cardcaptor Sakura and Jin as a cowboy (complete with a stuffed horse!). 

Yoongi or Suga as he’s popularly known took a different route and appeared as a traditional Joseon-era scholar. 

BTS Halloween Costumes 2017: Go Go

By 2017, I think performing to their songs in Halloween costumes was becoming a bit of tradition with BTS. 

This particular year stands out to me as this was the first time that the Kpop group dressed up in a group costume. And what a costume choice it was!

V (Kim Taehyung) was Snow White while the rest of the bandmates were the seven dwarves! Now if that doesn’t make you giggle, nothing will!

BTS Halloween Costumes 2018

Unfortunately, BTS didn’t do a Halloween costume for the year 2018. Their official statement was that they were busy with dance practices and concerts to do a costume. 

BTS Halloween Costumes 2019

2019 was also the same as 2018, Halloween wise. Very dry for fans who were expecting funny costumes from BTS!

BTS couldn’t do a proper costume this year but they did put out a video apologizing to fans for the same and wishing them for Halloween. 

BTS Halloween Costumes 2019
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The group made up for not wearing costumes by adding funky sunglasses while clicking Halloween pictures. Well, it wasn’t much. But for BTS’ Army it was still a step up from the complete radio silence of 2018. 

BTS Halloween Costumes 2020

BTS Halloween Costumes 2020
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Now from anyone else, this would have been a very low-effort group costume, but it’s BTS so they managed to make it funny and cute. 

BTS attempted to do the “Ghost Challenge” in 2020. So for Halloween the group got out long white blankets with cut out holes for eyes to play ghosts.

The group completed this “spooky” look by wearing funky and comical sunglasses to finish their look. 

BTS Halloween Costumes 2021

So like 2018 and 2019, 2021 saw little action in terms of BTS Halloween costumes. They had an entire “Festa” planned for their fans last year.

This festa included concerts, fan meet and greets and more. But there wasn’t a Halloween tradition last year round. 

BTS Halloween Costumes 2022

While there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, fans are hoping BTS brings back their group Halloween costume tradition for 2022. 

The BTS Army is already speculating what each member might go as this year. Never mind that Halloween is still a good while away.

BTS Inspired Halloween Costumes

While BTS’s funky Halloween costumes always cause a stir among fans, there are certain others who would rather make BTS members a costume! 

You can always find someone dressed up as either Jungkook, Jimin or V during Halloween time. 

Some fans go all the way with changing their hair colors, getting the right costumes, and accessorizing just like their idols.

Others take it slow and simple and just copy their idols casual style as a last minute Halloween idea. 

FAQs about BTS Halloween Costumes

What did BTS dress up as for Halloween 2021?

BTS actually didn’t celebrate Halloween in 2021. In 2020, the Kpop group did the “Ghost Challenge” and dressed up as a spooky ghost band. 

Who dressed as Chucky in War of Hormone BTS?

It was Suga (who is also known as Yoongi) from BTS who dressed up as the killer doll chucky. This was in the year 2014 which was incidentally their very first year as a Kpop group celebrating Halloween together.

When did Suga dress as Naruto?

Almost everyone in BTS watches anime but Suga is an especially huge fan of Manga and Anime so it wasn’t surprising that he dressed up as Naruto in 2015. BTS Favorite Anime Series

Does BTS celebrate Halloween?

Yes, BTS does celebrate Halloween. They often get dressed up in costumes, and sometimes they do it as a group with a common theme. However, they didn’t dress up in 2021 due to their busy schedule.


If you like celebrating Halloween or not, you have to admit that watching celebs come out in all their glory in costumes is so fun to watch!

Especially when said celebs are fan favorites like BTS. 

BTS always puts extra effort into their fan costumes and fans love them for it.

Sometimes BTS mixes fun with promotional activities like when they danced on their popular song “War On Hormone” while wearing some rather eccentric Halloween costumes.

Or the time they did the same for their “21st Century Girls” song promotion.

From eggs to pumpkins and vampires to Disney Princesses, BTS has covered all types of Halloween costumes.

It’s not possible to say who has the best costume among BTS members but it’s always Suga or Jungkook who go extra hard and dress up as something really out of the box.

Who is your favorite BTS member? And which of these costumes do you like the best? 

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