BTS Hiatus And Their Schedule In 2023 (Feb Updated!)

Is the news about the BTS hiatus true? What is BTS’s schedule for 2022? Find it all here!

On June 14, a video was published on their YouTube channel.

For their annual celebration of their debut, BTS Festa 2022 was held, but with news of the group’s activities.

During their dinner celebration, the members confirmed they’ll be back to perform as a group again but will focus first on their solo careers. 

RM, the leader of BTS, mentioned the flaw of the Korean idol system, which hinders each of them to mature.

Other members also shared their sentiments about the topic, confirming their hiatus.

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BTS Hiatus 2022 Schedule Summary

It’s no surprise how gifted and popular BTS for their image has reached more people all over the world since last year.

Even with the pandemic, they’ve successfully captured the hearts of everyone during the online live performances and more.

So what’s next for them this 2022? Let me show you their schedule.

The July schedule of BTS will be posted soon so stay tuned about  concert tours, and etc.

For the first confirmed solo performance, J-HOPE of BTS is confirmed to perform at LOLLAPALOOZA, a music festival happening on July 28 – 31. The event will occur at Grant Park Chicago. 

what are bts doing in 2022

BTS Schedule 2022 June Announcement

The June schedule of BTS will be posted soon so stay tuned about concert tours, and etc.

Solo Activities have begun for BTS: Jung Kook and Charlie Puth Collaboration Song

The “We Don’t Talk Anymore” singer Charlie Puth announced a collaboration song entitled Left and Right last June 17.

Pre-order of the song is available on various music outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, and others. 

jungkook charlie puth collab
Source:Instagram@ bts.bighitofficial

BTS As Ambassadors for Busan International Exposition

The idol group BTS is chosen ambassador for the 2030 Busan International Exposition.

A statement was released from Big Hit Music discussing this event. The agency mentioned how important the event is for the locals and the whole community. It’s with great pleasure for BTS to be part of the said event.

It is further mentioned that Mayor Park Hyun-jun communicated with the agency about their plans in the exposition and hoped for BTS to attend as a public relation persona. 

Both parties agreed that it is an opportunity for the country to be a global center which will boost the economy. 

With the help of BTS’s influence, the cause will reach more people and ensure success for the Republic of Korea.

After their last day of performance in the Las Vegas concert tour, BTS announced a treat for their fans.

A video was shown signaling a comeback. 

The clip contained a teaser of the album showing various old images of the group the past years.

“WE ARE BULLETPROOF” and “2022.6.10”

Fans are quick to acknowledge that it can be the best album the group will release due to the images shown in the video. 

Still, not many details are projected, but one thing is certain. On June 10, we can expect something great from BTS. 

Info About BTS New Album Purchases

Beginning of pre-order: May 5, 2022, Thursday | 11:00 AM

Date of release: June 10, 2022, Friday | 1:00 PM

BTS OFFICIAL SHOP LIMITED Items Available for purchase

Here is the fandom merchandise you can get along with the album in the BTS store.

  • 1 photo card with hologram
  • 1 removable sticker
  • BTS member video message you can watch for a limited time using the serial number.
  • 1 photo card with hologram
  • 1 sticker
  • 1 postcard
  • BTS member video message you can watch for a limited time using the serial number.
  • 1 sticker
  • 1 sticker
  • First-come first-served basis will be observed for this album release. Benefits are on a limited stock. 
  • No available purchase privilege for those who ordered the Compact edition

BTS Album Lated 2022 Track List

bts album 2022
Source: Instagram@neomupop

CD 1 Contains

  • 01. Born Singer
  • 02. No More Dream
    03. NO
  • 04. Boy In Luv
  • 05. Danger
  • 06. I NEED U
  • 07. RUN
  • 08. Burning Up (FIRE)
  • 09. Blood Sweat & Tears
  • 10. Spring Day
  • 11. DNA
  • 12. FAKE LOVE
  • 13. IDOL
  • 14. Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey) 
  • 15. ON
  • 16. Dynamite
  • 17. Life Goes On
  • 18. Butter
  • 19. Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)
  • CD 2 Contains
  • 01. Run BTS
  • 02. Intro: Persona
    03. Stay
  • 04. Moon
  • 05. Jamais Vu
  • 06.  Trivia 轉 : Seesaw
  • 07. BTS Cypher PT.3: KILLER (Feat. Supreme Boi)
  • 08. Outro: Ego
  • 09. Her
  • 10. Filter
  • 11. Friends
  • 12. Singularity
  • 13. 00: 00 (Zero O’Clock)
  • 14. Euphoria
  • 15. Dimple
name of bts 2022 album
Source: Instagram@neomupop

CD 3 Contains | CD only for songs 01 – 13 

  • 01. Jump (Demo Ver.)
  • 02. Young Love
    03. Boy In Luv (Demo Ver.)
  • 04. Quotation Mark
  • 05. I NEED U (Demo Ver.)
    06. Boyz with Fun (Demo Ver.)
  • 07.  Tony Montana (win Jimin)
  • 08. Young Forever (RM Demo Ver.)
  • 09. Spring Day (V Demo Ver)
  • 10. DNA (j-hope Demo Ver.)
  • 11. Epiphany (Jin Demo Ver)
  • 12. Seesaw (Demo Ver.)
  • 13. Still With You (Acapella)
  • 14. For Youth

When is BTS releasing a new song? Proof Album Promotion Schedule

Here is BTS’s schedule for May 2022.


  • 9 -11 | 0:00 Track List
  • 17 – 23 | 0:00 PROOF OF INSPIRATION 
  • 28 – 29 | 0:00 Concept Photo (Proof)
  • 31 – JUNE 2 | 0:00 Concept Photo (Door)


  • 7 | 0:00 ? ?? ??
  • 8 | 0:00 YET TO COM (lead single) MV teaser
  • 9 | 0:00 YET TO COME MV teaser (YouTube Shorts) 
  • 10 | 13:00 YET TO COME MV release
bts proof album 2022
Source: Instagram@sope.culture

BTS 2022 Live: 6/13 | 9:00 PM

Here is a list of places you can watch this happen!

  • BTS ‘Proof’ Live Official Poster
  • 2022.6.12 9 PM KST | 8 AM ET
  • BTS what time
  • BTS Kamva new song
  • BTS 13:00 
  • BTS mv
  • BTS June
  • BTS kamva music program
  • BTS vlive
  • BTS song
  • BTS japan
  • BTS youtube

Details about BTS Festa 2022

To celebrate the anniversary of their debut on June 13, BTS FESTA 2022 will happen.

Before that, several activities are scheduled for ARMYs to participate in every day.

Expect a festive event until their debut day!

“BTS FESTA 2022”


  • Family photo
  • Practice record 2013-2022
  • SELPHY Collection 2021-2022
  • 2022 True bulletproof dinner
  • Song for ARMY

I’m very excited about the SELPHY collection

Plus, the family photo is changing every year, and I’m very curious about this year’s look!

Additionally, is ongoing, so it’s a tight schedule these days

BTS June 2022 TV Appearance Schedule: Music Program Appearances

Last time BTS appeared on a music program was for the promotion of ON.

It’s been a long time since, but let’s view the schedule for their guestings.

BTS festa timings:

  • JUNE 16 (Thursday) | 18:00 – M Countdown (Mnet)
  • JUNE 17 (Friday) | 17:00 – 18:30 – Music Bank (KBS2)
  • JUNE 19 (Sunday) | 15:50 – SBS Inkigayo (SBS Inkigayo)

BTS Schedule May 2022 Schedule! DVD Released!

The May schedule of BTS will be posted soon so stay tuned about  concert tours, and etc.

BTS Schedule May 2022 DVD Released – 2021 Master Visualized


Start of pre-order: 4/27 (Wednesday)

Japan’s Date of release:

DVD – 5/27 (Friday)

Digital code – 6/7 (Tuesday)
Blu-ray: 7/11 (Monday)

Release will depend on the form. That’s why I recommend you to check the weverse for any announcements when purchasing.

BTS Schedule 2022: MBTI Test

All of the 7 members took the MBTI Diagnostic Test, which is available on the group’s official YouTube channel.

Diagnosis results are as follows:

Jung Kook: INTP

Tete: INFP

Jimin: ESTP

Hosok: INFP

Yungi: ISTP


Namjun: ENFP

BTS May 2022 Schedule: Visit to the White House in the US

bts white house visit 2022
Source: Instagram@btsphilic__

US President, Joe Biden invited the idol group to the White House to discuss the hate crimes against Asians happening in the US.

The group paid courtesy to the invitation and exchanged insights about the mentioned issue.

BIGHIT Music released a statement about the situation and mentioned a humbling thank you note for allowing the South Korean artists to be a voice of the Asian community. 

The agency hoped they delivered hope among the attendees and inspire them to end the asian hate crime happening in the US. 

BTS May 2022: Airport Fashion

A photo of Jung Kook circulated the internet as he’s the first among the group to leave Korea on May 28.

BTS April 2022 Schedule

April 2022 is eventful as well. Here’s some of the activities BTS pursued that month

BTS Schedule 2022: Grammy Awards

The group is set to attend the 64th Grammy Awards on April 4,2022. 

BTS Schedule 2022: Live Performance (BTS Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas)

The group announced that they will hold a performance in Las Vegas. 

It is an offline performance, part 2 of their concert in Korea last March 2022. The concert is entitled, BTS Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas.

BTS Live 2022: USA Performance Details and Schedule

Name: BTS Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas

Date and Time:

Friday, April 8 | 7:30 PM (PST)
Saturday, April 9 | 7:30 PM (PST)

Friday, April 15 | 7:30 PM (PST)

Saturday, April 16 | 7:30 PM (PST) / Online streaming simultaneous progress

Place: Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

Ticket Reservation Ticketmaster

bts las vegas concert
Source: Instagram@4tae.tata.bt21

LIVE PLAY is available along with the offline performance.

LIVE PLAY is where ARMYs can attend the offline event and view the concert through a screen. It is a paid event where it shows real-time progress of the program. This event also includes a Photocard Random Box program for each participant to enjoy. The mentioned program is only exclusive to LIVE PLAY ticket viewers.

Name: BTS Permission to Dance On Stage – LIVE PLAY in Las Vegas

Date:  April 8-9 and April 15 – 16. (SImultaneous with offline performances)

Place: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

Ticket Reservation: AXS

  • For those with reservation code for ARMY MEMBER PRESALE, a discounted price is available when you purchase a LIVE PLAY ticket

Will they announce the latest album? I believe so!

ARMYs are anticipating their comeback and I’m hopeful that this is the sign. 

BTS Scheduled Vacation After Las Vegas Appearances

A video was released from DIspatch and it looks like they’ll hold a special event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BTS.

BTS Schedule: March 2022

For this month, all we know is BTS will offer an offline live concert

BTS 2022 Schedule! An offline concert at Seoul, South Korea

  • Schedule performance is announced:

    March 10, Thursday | 7:00 PM (KST) / Simultaneous online streaming
  • March 12, Saturday | 6:00 PM (KST) / Global Theater Live Viewing Simultaneous Progress
  • March 13, Sunday | 6:00 PM (KST) / Online Streaming Simultaneous Progress

Place: Olympic Stadium

BTS March 2022 Schedule: ZOZOTOWN Announcement

An announcement from ZOZOTOWN about BTS intrigued everyone. It included a date, time, and day.

2022.3.4 FRI 12:00

It was an image posted on Twitter by ZOZOTOWN’s account. 

Surely, I’m very interested with this new announcement!

BTS Collaboration with Nike

bts nike collab shoes
Source: Instagram@lhenlhensalesoronos

For the longest time, BTS has been with FILA.

However, there are rumors that the contract with the brand has already ended. 

Fans are speculating that the next brand for the collab is with NIke, since most of the members love the brand

Also, since it is most likely to happen in the future, we just need to wait for their official announcement.

BTS February 2022 Schedule

See their February Schedule by clicking here.

As you know, BTS will attend the Grammy Award in the US this February.

BTS Attending the Grammys.

This year, BTS is nominated again for an award, just like last year.

Sadly, the group couldn’t physically witness the awarding. However, this year, We can expect BTS to be there in person.

* Everything will still be subject to change depending on the situation or the spread of COVID-19.

For this year’s Grammy Awards,BTS is nominated for their song Butter.

“Best Pop Duo / Group Category”

Moreover, BTS will also perform on stage.

Slight difference in viewing is expected, so I advise you to check it in advance.

Interesting footage of BTS 2020 nominations

During the Grammy Awards, announcements for the nominations are shared initially.

You can see how surprised the members were during the time of the announcement.

Take a look and see how interesting they reacted during the nomination.

BTS Schedule for January 2022 – Still on vacation?

Time for a new start as BTS already finished their offline engagements in the US in December of 2021.

BTS will take a long vacation as mentioned by BIG HIT Music.

According to the statement of the agency, BTS will continue their concert tour in Las Vegas, and will take a long vacation.

For 2021-2021, BTS strived and worked hard every day despite the risk of coronavirus. However, the work paid off, resulting in BTS being known as a top artist globally. 

bts vacation 2022
Source: Instagram@blue_berry__grey

Big HIt also mentioned that it’s time for the idols to take their rest and refresh their energy. This long vacation will help the BTS to spend time with their families during important occasions.

New chapter will arrive right after their vacation. BTS will release a new album as a mark of their new era. Also, expect in March that there will be an offline concert as a thank you performance to their Seoul fans.

The agency will also like to thank the BTS’s fans for their undying support since day 1.  Ending the announcement with a promise that the group will respond with a brand new energy.

How long is BTS vacation period?

In 2019, BTS also took a long vacation for about 2 months. As of the moment, the second time they’ll undergo a long vacation will be in December 2021. Next schedule on the list will be in February for the Grammys. 

BTS appears in manga and novels

In January of 2022, one of the main highlights of their career is the 7FATES.

This series is an original story released by HYBE. 

It will be available on January 15 in 10 countries.

The series will revolve around the 7 characters in the book who aim to overcome every challenge as they grow up.

Its content will be set in a futuristic and fantasy genre.


January 4 (Tuesday) – Jin

January 6 (Thursday) | 11:00 – Namjun

January 11 (Tuesday) | 11:00 – Tete

January 13 (Thursday) | 11:00 – Yungi

January 18 (Tuesday) | 11:00 – Jimin

January 20 (Thursday) | 11:00 – Hobby

January 24 (Monday) | 11:00  – Jung Kook

When is the birthday of BTS’s members?

You are in for a treat today as we discuss each member’s birthdays and zodiac signs.


December 4, 1992 [Year of the Monkey] 29  years old


March 9, 1993 [Year of the Rooster] 28 years old


February 19, 1994 [Year of the Dog] 27 years old


September 12, 1994 [Year of the Dog] 27 years old


October 13, 1995 [Year of the Pig] 26 years old

V (Tete)

December 30. 1995 [Year of the Pig] 25 years old

Jung Kook

September 1, 1997 [Year of the Ox] 24 years old

When will BTS enlist for military service?

Based on the member’s birthday, Jin is the oldest as he will be 30 years old in 2022. Meanwhile, Jung Kook, as the youngest, will turn 25 the same year. The members are all of age for the military service of South Korea. 

Summary on BTS Hiatus and 2022 Schedule 

Today, I have summarized every agenda BTS have for this year.

For the following updates, we’ll surely inform you about the additional activities for the coming months.

Stay tuned for items like new CDs and DVDs.

Announcements about tours and live performances will also be covered.

Plus, there is a possibility that BTS will have a tour in Japan soon, so do check for more updates!

Once I confirm their official schedule for this year, I’ll be sure to update them in this article.

Do bookmark this site and wait for the new updates.

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