BTS IDOL MV Outfits Cost

BTS IDOL MV Outfits Cost | Most Expensive Costumes In Kpop?

BTS is a driving force of the musical revolution in the 21st Century and their clothes reflect the same. Find out how the BTS IDOL MV outfits cost right here!

BTS has established its global presence in the past few years, and the personalities they bring to their public appearances are a major factor behind making that happen. 

They have been bold and progressive with their ensemble choices and there is an inherent message behind every look they carry. Certain prints bring out their bubbly side, while the flairs or ruffles are intended to make a statement of grandeur. 

Be it their slender look in Louis Vuitton suits during the release of  Butter music release, or their old-school romantic style in Polo Ralph Lauren during the MTV Unplugged segment, they have never failed to mesmerize the audience. 

To attain these high fashion looks, BTS members experiment with various designers such as Celine, Saint Laurent, Wooyoungmi, Jacquemus, and more. 

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Bts Idol MV Outfits Cost

BTS Idol Song and Music Video

BTS IDOL MV Outfits price
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Released in August 2018, the single IDOL found its place at number 11 in the Billboard Hot 100 and performed well thereafter. 

There is also a remixed version of the song that was dropped on the same day in their digital album featuring the celebrated rapper Nicki Minaj. 

The video has a playful setting that illustrates the freedom in artistic pleasure. They are seen embracing the title that millions of fans have given them – ‘idol’. 

They have tried to blend the traditional Korean rhythms with African beats to give the audience a taste of their music’s multicultural identity. They use music to reinvent the past and make it trendy, and this song is proof enough!

Through the lyrics, they try to assert how the feeling of being an ‘idol’ comes from within. They are motivating creative minds to let go of their imposter syndrome and indulge in self-love.

This is also a reflection of BTS trying to find their place in the global music industry, and identifying themselves as a mainstream ‘idol’ group. 

They try to remove a certain discomfort in the proclamation of greatness and allow themselves to take center stage. 

BTS MV ‘IDOL’ Outfits Cost

While the music was empowering, it is hard to miss the extravagance of the outfits they carry throughout the video. Find out if they have gone overboard with their expenses or if the shenanigans are worth it!

Suga’s Sweater

Suga wore a snow-white sweater embroidered with sequins over the illustration, and fans went gaga seeing it. 

It is from Gucci’s graphic sweater collection and costs a whopping $5200. Suga has given a green signal to acquire a Disney wardrobe with this one. 

J-Hope’s Sweater

J-Hope earned the title of looking as cute as a button in his Gucci embroidered sweater. It has a bunny inscribed over it. 

The bright yellow shade with quarter turned stitching complemented the vibe of the music video. It was as handsomely priced as it looked and cost $1450. 

RM’s Blue Cardigan 

RM was spotted in a statement Alanui cardigan that approximately cost $4200.

It has fringes attached to the edges from around the collar and is pure cashmere jacquard. It has textured doodles embroidered all over it and has a premium finish.

This has added an edge to an otherwise laid-back look. 

V’s Shirt

All hearts on V literally, as he was spotted in a heart striped printed shirt. 

This piece by JW Anderson has a slim-fit cut but is heavy on the pocket as it costs around $550. It projects a flirtatious look as V has paired it with a black tie. 

RM’s T-Shirt

RM softened his look alongside the stiff cardigan with his Blue All Over Hearts Knot T-Shirt from JW Anderson. 

It has a texture blue dotted print along with little orange hearts all over. It has a round-neck structure and costs $147. 

BTS idol mv outfits cost
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Jimin’s Polo

Jimin donned a Gucci green Chevron polo that was vibrant and understated in equal proportions.  

It costs a handsome amount of $880. Apart from pairing it with a white shirt underneath, he also attached Delada striped sleeves that cost another $200. 

Jimin’s Cap

This cap’s worth is shocking enough to drop your jaws! This Gucci baseball cap has NY Yankees inscribed over it along with an embroidered patch of a butterfly. 

This brown cap accentuates his colored Grey hair and is priced at $405.

Jungkook’s Sneakers

Jungkook’s style has always made the headlines and this time is no exception. 

He wore a quirky pair of Valentino sneakers whose details are astounding. They give out a bohemian chic look and are priced at $750. 

J-Hope’s Sneakers

These multicolored sneakers by Valentino look like a dream and elevate J-Hope’s look alongside his zig-zag patterned pantsuit. 

The sneakers have a similar color tone as the suit, and the striped detailing in the shades of cream, salmon, turquoise, and maroon make it precious. 

It costs $945 and the overall effect makes it worth every penny. 

RM’s Shirt 

The minimalist tone and print of the light yellow shirt with colored dots work perfectly with the printed pantsuit. 

This shirt from Comme Des Garcons cost approximately $490. It is a premier Japanese fashion label that was established in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo. 

Jin’s Blazer

Jin brightened up his striped shirt and modest toned pants with this Navy blazer jacket. 

It has colored dots embroidered all over the body. Being a Gucci classic, this cotton pique piece was priced at $2950.

Jungkook’s T-Shirt

Jungkook adopted a breezy look with this white embroidered t-shirt with stripes around the collar. 

This Jahnkoy piece is cotton blended with “3A MNP” written over it. It costs an enormous $652 and was paired with white trousers in the music video. 

Jin’s Sneakers

Jin embraced a vibrant look with his multicolored jacket and trousers, and the sneakers were like icing on the cake. 

The white Chuck Taylor 70s Canvas Sneakers were from Comme Des Garcons and are priced at approximately $135. 

They have classic polka dots print along with a playful red heart illustration with two eyes. 

J-Hope’s Glasses

J-Hope topped off his eye-candy look with a literal eye accessory! 

He is seen wearing Rieti Garcon RTGA 727 glasses that are round shaped with golden rims and cost $89. 


What does BTS Idol MV mean?

BTS used the music video of ‘Idol’ as an opportunity to pay tribute to their journey so far and embedded references to several of their past works. For example, the initial scene of the seven members gathered around the table appears similar to the dinner scene in Blood Sweat & Tears circa 2016. 

What does BTS Idol MV mean?

BTS used the music video of ‘Idol’ as an opportunity to pay tribute to their journey so far and embedded references to several of their past works. For example, the initial scene of the seven members gathered around the table appears similar to the dinner scene in Blood Sweat & Tears circa 2016. 

What kind of clothes does BTS wear? 

Their choice of brands reflects multiculturalism as they engage with diverse labels ranging from Parisian couture to Korean luxury and even American streetwear. They are thoughtful with their fashion choices and go for laid-back fits such as kimono-style outerwear, earthy tones, hair accessories, and more. Donning tailored jackets and matching outfits are also some of their trademark practices. 

Who has the best style in BTS? 

While every member of BTS has a unique sense of style, their group’s lead rapper, Suga, has been regarded as the torchbearer of progressive fashion. He strikes a balance between edgy high fashion and comfort looks. During ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ era he was seen sporting embroidered leather jackets and gothic accessories. His hair earned the title of ‘mint yoongi’ during the time. 

What is V’s favorite brand? 

V has been very vocal about his fashion preferences and his favorite brand is reflected in his outfit picks for public appearances. It is Gucci, and he wears it to the extent that he has been regarded as the ‘Gucci Boy’ by the media. His Gucci corduroy jacket with multicolored buttons grabbed tremendous attention and his love for the brand only grew since then. 

Who spends the most on clothes in BTS? 

The group has revealed that J-Hope spends the most money out of all. RM used to spend too, but he reduced his expenses over time. He is seen sporting clothes from major luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Dior, and more. He tries to carry outfits from every aesthetic and celebrates versatility. 

Final Thoughts About The BTS IDOL MV Outfit Cost

To keep up with the title of being the best-dressed boy band globally, they assemble every piece of their look with microscopic attention. 

Be it their sunshine overloaded ensemble for American Music Awards (2021) or their all-too-comfy tracksuit looks in the Butter music video, they have a distinct sartorial vibe for every occasion. 

Being global ambassadors for brands like the French fashion house Louis Vuitton, they have gained tremendous exposure to luxury brands.

They have earned a position where they can specifically curate their looks based on the video’s theme no matter how much they cost, and it is worth being proud of!

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