BTS Jimin’s Nicknames

17 Of BTS Jimin’s Nicknames, Their True Meanings And Stories Behind Them

Here is a list of BTS Jimin’s nicknames and the humorous stories behind them. Also find out why Jimin is called mochi. Check it out! 

The members of BTS do not choose their nicknames. Their monikers choose them. 

The seven-member boy band is known by their official names, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin, Suga, RM, and J-Hope, as well as by their BTS monikers, including Kookie, Hobi, and others. 

BTS’s Jimin is well-known to many fans, but that doesn’t mean the ARMY calls him by his actual name (or even his stage name). 

Fans frequently refer to the member by charming nicknames that they have made up for him. 

But where do these names come from? And what are the tales that go with them? To figure it out, we traveled down Jimin’s memory lane.

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Jimin Nicknames True Meanings

The Journey

In the South Korean city of Busan’s Geumjeong District, Jimin was born on October 13, 1995. 

His mother, father, and younger brother make up his immediate family. He went to Yonsgan Middle School and Hodong Elementary School in Busan when he was younger. 

He studied popping and locking dance at the Just Dance Academy during middle school. 

Jimin was a star student in the modern dance division at Busan High School of Arts where he studied contemporary dance before becoming a trainee. 

He found Big Hit Entertainment when an instructor advised him to go on an audition with an entertainment company. 

When the song “No More Dream” was released on June 13, 2013, Jimin officially joined BTS. 

Jimin performs both dancing and vocals for the ensemble. The Korean lyrics to “Christmas Day,” a song by BTS member Jimin and vocalist Jung Kook that was a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe,” were penned by Jimin himself.

In 2017, the two worked together once more on a version of Charlie Puth’s 2016 song “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” with Jimin performing the parts of Selena Gomez who appeared on the original with Puth.

BTS Jimin’s Nicknames

Jimin’s first solo single outside of BTS albums, “Promise,” was made available on SoundCloud for free on December 30, 2018. 

The platform revealed on January 3, 2019, that “Promise” had broken Drake’s “Duppy Freestylerecord’s” for the highest 24-hour debut ever. With “Serendipity,” he became the first member of BTS to have a solo video receive hundred million views on YouTube. 

In total, it was the 19th BTS pop song to accomplish the feat. In the top 40 list of the Official Chart’s January 2020 update, he was the lone member of BTS with several solo songs. 

Jimin has been at the top of the list of boy group idols’ brand reputation for 27 months in a row as of 2021.

BTS Jimin’s Nicknames


The moniker “Mochi” for imin is rather well-known; it was even used in BTS’ Carpool Karaoke. The K-pop quartet was questioned by Corden about the nicknames that their fans had given them. V revealed that Jin goes by the moniker “WWH” (short for “Worldwide Handsome”) and he goes by the moniker “Good Boy.”

The boys erupted in laughter when Corden stated that Jimin is frequently referred to as “Mochi” by admirers. Jimin was transformed into the Baby Mochi to James Corden‘s Papa Mochi after some clarification from RM as to what a Mochi is.

Pointing to Jimin, James Corden added, “Mochi is like ice cream inside, rice outside — Mochi.” You’re Papa Mochi, Jimin retorted. Papa, I miss you! ”

His Nicknames

Since that time, Corden has even modified his Twitter handle to match a new moniker Jin gave him: The Late Late Show With Joke Guy7. Fans in the US and abroad continue to refer to Jimin as Baby Mochi.

jimin nicknames dooly

Why is Jimin referred to as Mochi exactly?

Like the other BTS members, Jimin enjoys ice cream. Fans also called him “mochi” for other reasons, though. It’s largely because of this K-pop star’s lovely personality and plump cheeks.

Because Jimin’s cheeks resembled the squishy texture of a mochi, some fans began referring to him as a mochi, according to a Quora user. “His lovely persona is another factor. particularly when he performs aegyo. After noticing his pouts, his fans began referring to him as mochi.

Other Popular Nicknames

Manggaetteok Jimin

This name was given to Jimin in the band’s early days of fame due to his manggaetteok-like soft, pale, and chubby cheeks. In fact, Jimin’s name appears as a linked term when you search for manggaetteok in Naver.

GapSaiCin / King of Duality

Sai-between, Gap-gap, and Cin-God. This “combined” Korean word was created back in 2016, when Jimin’s admirers were looking for the ideal phrase to capture his dual personality. It literally implies that “his gap (duality) difference is of the God-tier.” Fans think he is capable of being cute, sensual, and beautiful all at once.

Three Layer Wheatfield

Jimin has had quite a few hair changes, but one thing has not changed. His still-gorgeous hair. Jimin is well-known in Korea for having thick hair and one of the greatest hairlines (like a 3 layer wheat field).

jimin stylish name


Jimin chose this name for himself based on his looks. He once remarked, while playing a game on Mnet Open Studio, that when he puffs out his cheeks, he resembles the green dinosaur character from a South Korean cartoon known as “dooly.” He couldn’t be more correct; dooly the dinosaur is so cute!

Manggae Ddeok

This moniker has existed in the BTS fans since the group’s inception, along with “mochi.” Manggae tteok, a dessert, is where the name “mang gae ddeok” genuinely originates. 

However, the moniker did not gain popularity until a video by m!countdown with jhope, and jimin as the mc became viral. 

On September 28th, 2017, BTS won their award for “DNA” on m!countdown, and jimin noted that the year before on the same programme, he had turned into “a human-manggae ddeok.” 

He also put on a leaf hat to show how the dessert and hat have a similar appearance.

Chim Chim

This moniker originates from a very happy period in BTS history. the time spent by BTS in 2014 watching the “American hustling life,” a hip hop reality television series (ahl).

It began when Jimin and a show character who served as a hip-hop guru grew close. Tony Jones was his name.

Jimin adored it when Tony started calling her “chimchim” as a cute nickname. and (informally) their ship was known as “jony.”

why is jimin called mochi

Jiminie Pabo

This moniker, like “chim chim,” was popularised by BTS’ participation in the “american hustling life.”

Jimin was first referred to as “jimin fool” in a prank that was captured on camera while being performed on the episode 5 set. Tae had duped one of the show’s female cast members. As a result, troops continued to joke about it.


One of Jimin’s nicknames used by his Korean admirers is Ddan-ji. Which means calf or calves, it is derived from. Typically, Jimin uses this to display his impressive leg muscles when sporting shorts.


His supporters in Korea have given him yet another moniker. It’s a combination of the phrases “bread” and “rice cake,” and it just signifies that he’s very soft and adorable! It resembles a modified form of his nickname, Mochi.

jimin nickname mimi


The phrase “a guy with a baby face but a gorgeous body” is a combination of Korean phrases that refers to the same thing as the K-Pop slang term “bagel.” 

This is another moniker that his Korean admirers have given him, and it’s very clear why!

Jiminnie ddong-gae-ae

On one livestream, the boys were having fun and celebrating J-birthday. It turns out that this was the name of Jimin’s game character. This is another nickname that some fans are familiar with but that isn’t really used very frequently.

Sam-boon sam-ship-sam-cho

It literally translates to 3 minutes, 33 seconds. It makes a clear allusion to the group’s “Fire” music video. 

A dancing break occurs at 3 minutes, 33 seconds, and Korean fans observed Jimin dominated it, earning him the moniker.


Jimin claimed that his middle school pals gave him this moniker in a 2013 interview. It seems that they gave him the name since they felt he resembled a puppy.

What does Jimin's nickname mean


After Jimin and RM tore their shirt during a concert, Korean fans started referring to Jimin as “Jji-min.” The term is a combination of his name with the verb “to rip” (jjit-da).

Guy in the Red Suit

Jimin caused quite a stir when BTS played on AGT (America’s Got Talent). People kept questioning who the Boy in the Red Suit was, and it turned out to be Jimin. 

Many people praised him for being attractive, sensual, etc.


This is yet another moniker he gave himself. He once responded to a question from a fan by saying that he does a lot of aegyo when he drinks too much. 

Then he gave an illustration that earned him a unique moniker.

Wrapping Up!

In case you were unaware, BTS made their music debut in 2013 with the song “No More Dream ” from their debut album called 2 Cook 4 Skool. 

The Bangtan Boys have since grown to be one of the best known popular boy bands in the world, selling millions of albums, playing to packed houses, and collaborating with stars like Becky G and Halsey. 

And Jimin is an especial favorite thanks to his boyish good looks and humorous personality. 

So it’s no surprise that he has so many nicknames. Let me know which one is your favorite!

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