BTS Jungkook Art Skills

BTS Jungkook Art Skills | 6 Times When Jungkook Showed off His Incredible Art Skills

So, before you dig into this piece, just hold up for a moment, and answer me this – is there anything that JungKook cannot do? Check BTS Jungkook Art Skills in this article.

Because trust me when I first heard of him, all I knew was he is just a talented dancer and singer, but the fact that he can draw and paint too drives my excitement levels. 

I mean, I understand that every other member of the group is talented as well, in writing songs, production of great music, and even in arts and sports as well. But since JungKook is the youngest member of the boy band, it really hypes me up. 

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He took us all by surprise when he posted J Hope’s sketch on his 27th birthday, and everyone instantly fell in love with that. But if you think that it was his first time showcasing his side talent, you would be wrong. 

So, if you are eager to know more about his artworks, you are in for a treat. Let me show you the original drawings and paintings of JungKook that are really worth the hype. 

BTS Jungkook Art Skills

Who is JungKook?

So, before you shift on to the subsequent section, I want people who are new to the K-pop culture to get introduced briefly to who JungKook is. 

Jeon Jung Kook is the lead vocalist in one of the most popular and successful K-pop bands, BTS, and his stage name is JungKook. He is almost 24 years old (1st September 1997) and hence is the youngest member of the boy band BTS. 

Adding to that, as of 2022, he has a net worth of 20 million USD. 

Also, the thing that you are here for JungKook has a passion for drawing and painting, and he takes it as his hobby. You can stay updated with his artworks on either Twitter or Weverse or both because he shares all his art skills there with his fans. 

JungKook’s Original Art Pieces that Deserve a Place in Art Galleries

J Hope’s Birthday Sketch

Okay, so it all started when JungKook presented J Hope with his portrait on his 27th birthday as a gift. It was following that everyone realized that JungKook really had talent other than just dancing and singing. 

Also, by everyone, I mean people who aren’t part of the ARMY or are not that big of a fan of the band. 

On J Hope’s birthday, every other member wished him in their own way; while some wrote poetry for him, others penned a heartfelt note to him. The most awaited greeting that time was from JungKook, and it really was worth all the wait when he posted his art skill on the internet. 

JungKook had made a portrait of J Hope, and I personally feel that it was the cutest and the best gift J Hope received on his 27th birthday. It was a black and white sketch that was inspired by the track Dynamite; the track had won the Billboards’ Chart Busting list. 

People on the internet, too, were baffled by the art skills that JungKook possesses. Although art is really all about practice and more practice, he has managed to master it up to a certain level despite his rather busy schedule as a world-famous K-pop band member. 

Portrait of Suga 

Next on the list of original art drawings and paintings of JungKook is his masterpiece portrait of SUGA. Suga is also a member of the boy band BTS including the other six.

JungKook had made a beautiful portrait of one of his band members’ SUGA, taking reference from a video titled “WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN,” which came out in 2016. Adding to that, if you fast forward to two years, in 2018, it was laid out at the BTS Exhibition “24/7= Serendipity (Five, Always.)

Source: Instagram@thetruearmy

The exhibition was in Seoul in the Ara Art Center. The group had either made or created everything that was there in the exhibition. But of all the things, one specific art that caught most people’s eyes was a dark yet beautiful image of Suga. 

So while guiding the whole exhibition, JungKook revealed that he was the artist behind the art. 

Honestly speaking, as compared to the portrait of SUGA, the skills that I have in drawing and painting is that of a five-year-old, even terrible maybe!

Self Portrait

If you know GCF or Golden Closet Film, you would also know that it is a series by JungKook. He not only has shot it but directed and edited it too. 

Additional fun fact, the whole GCF is made in his own studio. Also, these films are shot in the style of travel vlogs.

So, in one of these GCFs, one can witness digital art made by JungKook. It is more like digital self-portrait art. I personally think it is incredible and so accurate to the reference photo that he has chosen.

These sketches are part of the Golden Closet Sketches, and people are crazy mad over them. I mean, JungKook and some free time with computers can create great art. 

All I can say is JungKook is a man of a million talents! 

The Bob Ross Inspired Paintings 

Once JungKook went on Weverse and shared some of his artworks there with his fans. His art skill wasn’t something new, so it didn’t come upon the fans as a surprise, but the works of his were. 

The first photo that he had shared was of the sun and snowy mountains. In that post, as its caption, he had added that the inspiration was Bob Ross, and the art was his take on that. 

For those who aren’t aware, Bob Ross is an American painter, and he went trending globally after that. 

Following that, he also posted his next art that had clouds in it, and JungKook had captioned that this cloud looks like a chicken leg. 

Source: Instagram@_.chimminiey_art

Both the art pieces were so good that all the fans were going crazy about it, saying that Jungkook is a man of talent. 

The Gas Mask

For the Gas Mask that JungKook had shown his creativity on, I will have to take you back to the BTS Exhibition “24/7= Serendipity (Five, Always). 

In that particular exhibition, there was this display section called if I Ruled the World. The display was incredible, and it had all the iconic costumes that the band members had worn in their past music videos. 

Adding to that, as if just their costumes weren’t enough, every member of the band had designed a gas mask to represent their costume. These gas masks really made their display section stand out as a truly unique one. 

So, one of the most beautiful gas masks that were designed was of JungKook. He had made this “I NEED U” inspired design that was full of flowers. 

Honestly speaking, the whole design to me was like a contradiction with the sort of vibes a gas mask has as compared to the flowers. 

Adding to that, even the other band members were truly amazed by how amazing the thing had come out; they thought that JungKook had sought professional help in making the gas mask look so beautiful. 

In The Soop Painting

If you are aware of it, in the sixth episode of “In the Soop BTS Ver’ Jungkook, and the other members of the band spent their day peacefully. What they did was paint the scenery that was around them. 

When JungKook was near completion, V and J Hope came to see his painting, which was almost done. All they could do was stare in awe at the incredible painting that JungKook had made. 

Adding to this, J-Hope was so amazed that he even asked JungKook what he was? What was his identity? Because the painting was just wow and amazing. 

Following the band members’ reaction, the internet was well in awe. Everyone was really amazed and impressed with the diverse art skill that JungKook has. 

The sixth episode of In the Soop is really worth the watch if you are into Jungkook’s incredible art styles. 

Wrap Up

So, that will be all on the original drawings and paintings of the BTS band member JungKook. As I have said earlier and will proceed to say it again, JungKook is really a man with a million talents. 

Yes, that seems a little more than just exaggeration, but I genuinely believe that JungKook has more talents to offer us than just these. Adding to that, I also think that he can presumably master everything. 

Talking of his art skills, the whole globe knows how amazing of an artist he is. Apart from singing and dancing this person knows drawing and painting as well. 

Also, JungKook has a lot of artworks out there that he has shared with all his fans, but these six drawings and paintings are specifically my favorite, and I think these win everyone’s heart over.

But if you think there are some other paintings that everyone loves and I missed out on, then please feel free to reach out to me via the comments. 

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