BTS Jungkook Current Piercings

BTS Jungkook Current Piercings 2023

BTS’s meteoric rise to national and international fame put the spotlight on all the seven members of the boy band group.

Check out the evolution of BTS Jungkook Current Piercings during his rise to the spotlight.

And Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, is probably used to the obsession of his fans who are always on the lookout for what he will do next. The Golden Maknae, as he is lovingly called, is good at everything he does.

His soulful voice and his mesmerizing dance skills are loved by ARMY and new fans all over the globe. From changing his hair color to sporting various piercings and wearing dangling earrings, Jungkook is continually showing us his stylish self. And how unafraid he is.

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With those beautiful doe eyes and the smile that has all of us swooning, Jungkook is shaking off his ‘kid’ image. 

He has been doing this for quite some time because we guess he is tired of being referred to as the youngest in the group even though he is! BTS’s Jungkook has been a mystery man when it comes to his piercings.

While he loves to show off his piercings at times, at other times he has left us hanging without confirming or denying his piercings. But ARMY doesn’t mind because they are passionate about finding out clues about his piercings until he makes a statement about them!

Today, let us dive into his current piercings and see which ones are new as per ARMY detectives, which piercings he has totally confirmed so far, and which ones are not confirmed yet. This is going to be an interesting ride because it is all about Jungkook and his amazing piercings! Ok, so let us begin.

BTS Jungkook Current Piercings 2022

Ear Piercings

Jungkook has three lower ear piercings on his left ear. However, ARMY speculated that there could be another piercing there but it wasn’t as visible because he usually doesn’t wear earrings on all his piercings. 

Many ARMY members believed that he may have had a fourth one but that was a mystery until August 2019 during the M2 x Genie Awards when the truth was finally revealed to the world. 

There it was crystal clear that Jungkook got the fourth piercing on his left ear and ARMY was happy that they didn’t have to wait for long to learn the truth about the left ear piercings.

Jungkook had two helix piercings and one lower ear piercing on his right ear. So, a total of three piercings in his right ear were visible earlier. Until now. As ARMY didn’t get to see him wearing earrings on the helix piercings, it is safe to assume that the holes are perhaps closed by now. 

Hopefully not though! But only Jungkook can answer that question because you can always count on him to spring up a surprising look when we least expect him to! 

On top of all this, he seems like he has added more piercings to his right ear recently. A total of six piercings can be seen now on this lower right ear!

According to this, he has 10 piercings on his ears alone if we don’t count the two helix piercings. With those the total count is 12 piercings on his ears alone; four on the left air and six on the right ear. 

Wow! He is the most pierced individual in BTS so far. Do you think someone else can beat him for this record in BTS?

Eyebrow piercing

Jungkook had ARMY guessing and speculating about his eyebrow piercing for quite a bit. Many thought it was fake while others were pretty sure the piercing was as real as things can get. 

The Butter era was the time when BTS fans got the first glimpse of what they thought was Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing. 

At that time, Jungkook said that it was just a sticker and put the rumors to rest, much to the dismay of those fans who believed the eyebrow piercing was for real. This was done during the live broadcast. He peeled off the two small stickers and V even jokingly tried it out.

But then after the song was released and Jungkook arrived at the press conference, the piercing looked more real. And this had ARMYs guessing again. 

This time, more were leaning towards the theory that yes he did get a real piercing after all. This was confirmed when fans got a good closeup of Jungkook during the 2021 Fall-Winter Louis Vuitton fashion show in Seoul. 

Looking uber cool and oozing style, Jungkook was seen with a piercing. So yes, finally ARMY’s theory was confirmed and his eyebrow piercing was found to be the real deal.

Lip piercing

Just when ARMYs admitted that they are still processing that Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing is real, there is a chance that his lip piercing might be another addition to Jungkook’s piercing collection! 

ARMY began its detective duty when BTS performed an online concert Permission To Dance On Stage on October 24th, 2021. It also seems legit as the photos of The 2021 Fact Music Awards (TFMAs) began circulating and Jungkook seemed to have a real lip piercing. 

In HD photos, it does seem pretty real to everyone! But we guess we can only wait until Kookie confirms it himself!

Then again, Jungkook is a master of faking his piercing such as was the case with his eyebrow piercing. So maybe the lip piercing is not there but ARMY is just assuming it to be there. 

Or perhaps Jungkook is having the time of his life fooling all of us ARMYs at the moment by making us play the guessing game. Although the evidence collected so far by ARMY is leaning towards a possible lip piercing, it can also be just fake. 

We just need to wait and watch until more photos of Jungkook emerge and it is proven that he indeed got a lip piercing after all!

Tongue piercing

During one of the live broadcasts (that we can never get enough of, to be honest), one fan thought that Jungkook got a tongue piercing as a slight silver metal-like object can be seen. 

However, not all the fans were on board and many said that it was just his saliva that looked that way due to the lighting. 

We will just need to wait and watch to know if his tongue piercing is there or maybe everyone is just hallucinating because Jungkook’s love for piercings has grown over the years. 

What do you think about the tongue piercing theory?

Nipple piercing

The most recent assumption about Jungkook’s piercings is the right nipple piercing. As we are seeing him in see-through shirts more often than ever before, the ARMY is divided about his possible nipple piercing. 

No one is complaining though! But people are barely over the eyebrow piercing and the possible lip piercing sported by Jungkook which is why they aren’t taking this news lightly. 

Some fans are just adamant that it is there and they have come with some solid proof of a silver metal peeking near his nipple in one of the see-through shirts.

This happened at the time when the first episode of In The Soop 2 came out. Although people were gushing over how much of a great ‘appa’ he is to his Doberman, they also started speculating about the nipple piercing around the same time. 

When the news of this possibility broke out, ARMY just couldn’t handle it any longer on Twitter! And the reactions couldn’t be farther away from what we feel ourselves! 

Some are plain hilarious and genius at the same time. We are just having so much fun with this that it will be a bummer if he didn’t get a nipple piercing. Only time and his confirmation will tell.

BTS: The Style Icons

BTS members have always been known to have an impressive sense of style and fashion. Whether they match their pastel hair colors or wear matching outfits, they surely are experts when it comes to being fashion-forward. 

BTS Jungkook is proving to be a style icon time and time again. As he is trying to reinvent himself, he is doing it with so much charm that we must say, hats off to you Kookie! We are proud of your journey so far. 

BTS is still among the hottest bands in the world and they are dominating the music scene even in the West now who is finally catching up to Kpop.

With Jungkook’s changing style, he is surely going to be turning heads and winning compliments in the time to come as well. 

There is something about Jungkook and the way he carries himself. He is handsome yet polite and with that voice that makes ARMY go crazy, he is just getting better day by day. His piercings are also something his fans rejoice in and can expect to see more of. 

Which piercing were you most shocked to see on Jungkook and which do you think he might get next? We guess it might be more left ear piercings! 

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