BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution | What will it be in 2023

Check out BTS Jungkook hair color evolution from his natural black hair to funky green hair and more!

BTS always creates a buzz whether it is for their music videos, performances, dances, adorable personalities, or amazing styles. If there is one person who always catches everyone’s eyes, it is BTS’ Jungkook and his everchanging hair looks. 

The boy band group is never afraid to experiment and Jungkook never shies away from the spotlight as he confidently sports different colors. He is known to sport a new hair color frequently and change his hair look before you know it. Do you know how many times he has done so since his debut in 2013?

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Let us back up a little bit and take a look at Jungkook’s hair evolution over the years until now. It is quite a ride so buckle up and let us start with Jungkook’s hair starting with 2013; BTS’s debut album.

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution

Black Messy Hair in 2013

The first time we got a glimpse of Jungkook was in his debut ‘2Cool 4 Skool’ in 2013. He had beautiful black hair and he went with a messy hair look with some hair pushed to the side. 

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution - 2013
Source: Instagram@bts_bighit_its

The same year he sported black hair yet with much straighter hair that seemed to be in place in contrast to the previous style. It covered his eyebrows pretty well. The black hair look suited him well and it went with his pale complexion and black eyes. 

Fans loved his hair and despite it being a little normal, there was something about the way Jungkook wore it that made it anything but basic.

Short Cherry Red Hair in 2014

Jungkook moved away from his signature black hair color at this time and moved on to a dark cherry red shade. The hair was much shorter and styled messily to create more texture.

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution - 2014
Source: Instagram@_pink.jin

We could see more of his face in this hairstyle and it was a far departure from his black hair color so it was something new and exciting for all the fans. 

The red color became the talk of the town as it was simply a hot color and something that one couldn’t ignore at any cost. Soon after he went back to his black but he didn’t sport it for long though as he had other plans for his hair!

Chocloate Bron Shade for 2015

Jungkook moved to a never-before-seen shade of hair color. He opted for a chocolate brown shade in 2015 and just let his tresses fall on his face which created his favorite messy look. 

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution - 2015
Source: Instagram@jk.bts.233

It looked great on him and the color complimented his style. 2015 is also known as the BTS Dope era and Jungkook went purple at this time which suited his features and complexion well. 

For one of his videos, you can clearly see purple hair with an incredible side part that looks super-stylish. He then went on to dark brown hair color for some of the BTS music videos.

Messy Brown Hair in 2016

Up until now, we saw variations in Jungkook’s hair as it was messy yet straight. In 2016 he took it to another level by opting for curly hair and he chose brown hair color. 

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution - 2016
Source: Instagram@koophoria_ijk

While the curly hair was more prominent on the top of his head rather than overall, it still was a transformation we didn’t know we needed. Again, he retained his messy look even with the curly hair but it looked soft and attractive. 

For some of the music videos that year he did play around with straight hair and then curly hair again. He looked great though so no complaining from anyone in this regard!

Hazelnut with Pink Highlights for 2017

With lengthier hair, Jungkook went for a hazelnut brown hair color in 2017. He also added pink highlights which added dimension and looked great on the star. 

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution - 2017
Source: Instagram@kookie_cream97

His hair looked naturally voluminous. But then again his hair has this magical ability to always look fabulous under any condition. I guess we will need to wait and watch for him to spill his hair secrets! 

The same year, for the Highlight Reel, he maintained the hair color but darkened it in the roots which inspired many fans. In the music video of ‘With Seoul,’ you can see Jungkook sporting his usual black hair look again.

Dark Brown Shade for 2018

Jungkook went for dark brown hair again in 2018 with his hair looking pretty messy in his concept photos. For ‘Euphoria’ his hair looks fluffy and voluminous in a natural way. It also looked pretty cute, to be honest. 

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution - 2018
Source: Instagram@gguksangel

In ‘Fake Love’ you can see how flat and organized his hair looked which suited him. The same year he suddenly shifted to red hair which took people by surprise in his music videos ‘Airplane Pt. 2 – Japanese version’ and ‘Idol’. 

During the same year, the BTS photoshoot revealed peach hair color on Jungkook that many found amusing. But he didn’t show it off much, much to the dismay of his fans.

Honey Blonde Hair Color in 2019

The starting of 2019 saw Jungkook in faded red hair as he shared glimpses of his look on social media. Then he went to the honey blonde hair color again. Then shifting to dark brown straight hair he looked every bit ethereal. 

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution - 2019
Source: Instagram@bts_jungkookarmy11

He then had red highlights during the 2019 Melon Music Awards which demanded attention from his fans! The red-colored highlights were more of a dark cherry color. 

He wore an all-black outfit which made the red pop more in contrast and looked just dashing as always. It was a reminder of the 2014 era when he tried on that color for the first time.

Blue Highlights on Black Hair for 2020

BTS’ Jungkook had a new hair look at this time. He had his usual black hair which was reminiscent of his early days as a BTS member. But to make the look pop, he had blue highlights which made the hair come to life even more.

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution - 2020
Source: Instagram@bts_jungkookarmy11

With his dark eyes and light complexion, this hair was a big hit and ARMY was swooning over him in no time. 

The year also saw him with faded green color highlights which looked incredible on him in the Run BTS Episode 100. This was perhaps due to the previous dark blue color that he dawned.

Shiny Silver in 2021

The start of the year saw Jungkook with golden locks at the Golden Disk Awards. Golden locks at the Golden awards? A coincidence perhaps, or maybe not! But who cares? Jungkook pulled off the look with utmost ease as he looked dapper in his suit and jet straight golden hair. 

BTS Jungkook Hair Color Evolution - 2021
Source: Instagram@bts7.jk97_

It was a welcome look as everyone praised him for looking so angelic. Then in February, he opted for blue hair color. You can say Jungkook came back with a bang (well he never really left though, did he?) and rocked the hair game.

He showed off his new blue wavy hair look on Twitter and it didn’t take ARMY long to assume that he was going to drop his solo mixtape the same year! His hair was a little longer and the locks fell smoothly on his well-framed face. 

The wavy blue locks were a step in the right direction because everyone fell in love all over again with Jungkook’s hair looks that never disappoint! Who knew falling in love with the same person so many times is possible? That’s the power of Jungkook and well BTS in general!

Jungkook then transformed yet again with mint hair color and a dark brown partition that went so well together. We still don’t know how Jungkook manages to always stun with his hair color looks! But he apparently wanted it for quite a while so it was a dream come true for him. For us too. 

He was happy with how the color turned out and ARMY was thrilled as always. He then went for a platinum hair look and then went for silver hair color. The shiny silver color was a big hit and people got inspired by that hair color. The long hair was the cherry on top!

In May, you can see Jungkook sported the purple hair once again which was a fun reminder of 2015 when he first sported purple hair color. This type he went for purple at the time when BTS dropped their second English single ‘Butter’. 

Not surprisingly, the photos of his hair went viral and the ARMY couldn’t get enough of it! We don’t them at all. After all, Jungkook is a blessing to the eyes and he is so mesmerizing in all ways possible that any hair color he sports is bound to get all the attention. In October, he switched to platinum blonde hair color.

What next for Jungkook’s hair?

Phew! A wonderful walk down the memory lane with BTS’ Jungkook, but what a journey it was to go through his hair evolution since his debut. Jungkook has experimented (like the rest of the band members) when it comes to hair color and there is no stopping him. He is just getting started! He has proven time and again that he can pull off any hairstyle and any hair color while still looking unbelievably charming and handsome. Any guesses on what hair color and hairstyle he will try next? Only time and Jungkook will tell!

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