12 Stylish BTS Jungkook Hairstyles 2023 | Our Favorite Hairstyle Trends By Jungkook

Want to try out BTS Jungkook hairstyles? Here are some of the most popular styles worn by your fave Kpop idol.

We all know that BTS has made waves not just in South Korea but all over the world. But it’s not only the music industry that they’ve influenced.

These Kpop stars have become fashion divas that their fans look up to.

Girls go crazy on their boyish good looks, while all the guys try to imitate the effortlessly cool outfits. 

I personally love what the BTS boys especially Jungkook does with their hair. While other BTS members like Jin and V have played around with flashy hair colors, Jungkook has that classic style to him.

So I thought I’ll list out my favourite BTS Jungkook hairstyles that you can try for yourself if you want. 

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BTS Jungkook Hairstyles 2022

Long Hair with Clean Part

Now this was one of Jungkook’s earliest hairstyles. It’s very easy to create especially if you have long straight hair. 

All you have to do is take out a centre parting and leave your locks be. You might want to add a volumizing hair mist to give it that extra bounce.

However if you have curly hair or ringlets, you should straighten your hair before attempting to try this hairstyle.

It’s a very casual laidback hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Bucket Hat Hairstyle

Bad hair day? Control your unruly hair the way Jungkook does – accessorize!

A bucket hat is all the rage for teenage girls this year. But Jungkook proves that this look is truly unisexual.

If you’ve had a bad haircut, feel to lazy to gel your locks for the day or simply want to keep them out of the wind, a bucket hat is a fantastic idea.

I suggest going for a completely casual look when wearing a bucket hat. Think loose hoodies, cargoes and sneakers. This isn’t a style that will suit more high-end outfits.

Messy Bedhead Look

Here’s another solution for a bad hair day – just let your hair be! Now Jungkook can make even messy, straight-out-of-bed hair look good. But don’t worry there’s hope for us mortals too!

Jungkook’s hair in this style sticks out at odd angles and there’s no even texture. You can see that the back of this head looks wavier than the bangs at the front. This gives the impression that he’s just rolled out of bed.

Now you can toss and turn in your bed to do this, but I’d suggest using a scruching gel for wavy hair (preferably one with at least a medium hold) like the Pacinos Styling Gel to “mess up” your hair at the back.

Short Wavy Hair

Right now Jungkook is making waves (pun intended!) with his long perm hairdo, which we will talk about in a while.

But if you have shorter hair and can’t wait to try this look, you can opt for this Jungkook hairstyle instead.

Here the waves are not very defined and due to shrinkage your hair appears shorter as well.

It’s a very easy look try if your hair is naturally in a body wave texture. But if you have poker straight hair, you can use a electric hot waver like the Conair Mini Waver to get those waves ready. 

Half Bangs (Ban-KKan) Hairstyle

Now this hairstyle has caught on like wildfire since BTS’ Jungkook wore it. Before this a variant of this style called the “comma” hair was popular in South Korea, but this style is a bit different.

In this hairstyle you have bangs falling down on your face, but at the same time you push them back to reveal your forehead. 

So this look is also called the “ban-kkan” or half-down, half-pushed back hairstyle in South Korean. 

Maltese Hairstyle

This hairstyle is very similar to the short waves, but instead of the waves being well-defined this hairstyle is more shaggy and messy.

The waves are more like deep waves rather than body waves and are looser than the short wavy hairstyle.

Want to know why it’s called the Maltese hairstyle? BTS fans actually coined the term as they felt Jungkook looked like a Maltese puppy with this hairstyle. Adorable!

Long Perm Hairstyle

bts hairstyle
Source: Instagram@kookie.mylove_

If I had to pick one “iconic” BTS Jungkook hairstyle, it would be this one. Fans of the idol went crazy after he appeared wearing this hairstyle.

A lot of the army (the BTS fandom) freaked about how Jungkook shed his boy-next-door persona and well full “Oppa” in this hairstyle.

If you have slightly long hair you can try this hairstyle at home too. It’s easier to get these waves if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. But if not, you can use a curling iron instead.

I prefer using a mini curling iron to give softer, deeper curls. A waver will you body waves but it won’t be suitable for this style.

I’d suggest you try an ultra-slim curling iron like the 9mm Unisex Wand Hair Curler. And don’t forget to finish of with a lightweight, strong hold gel.

Using a gel instead of hairspray will give you that “wet” look like what Jungkook wears.

Natural Straight Hair

This is another casual, low-maintenance hairstyle worn by BTS’ Jungkook. If you have straight hair, all you need is a strong-hold hair gel to keep your natural hair in place. 

However, if you have curly or wavy hair, you’ll need to straighten it before using any hair products. 

Neat Boy-Next-Door Hairstyle

This is somewhat similar to Jungkook’s natural straight hairstyle, but the only difference is that this hairstyle is neater and more subdued than the former.

A far cry from those seductive waves, this hairstyle is prim and proper as you have to tuck your hair behind your ears and take out a neat middle or side part. 

Korean Bowl Cut

Remember mom making you wear a bowl cut when you were younger. Oh, how I hated it! But apparently, even this childhood monstrosity looks amazing on Jungkook.

In fact, a lot of K-pop idols opt for the bowl cut as it’s supposed to be a very casual, boyish hairstyle.

Most teenagers opt for this hairstyle of Jungkook’s as it’s school appropriate as well. 

The only difference between our Korean bowl cut and a regular bowl cut is that the hair is kept a bit longer in the front to create bangs that extend beyond your eyebrows. 

Hair Tucked In Baseball Cap

Now I’ve said before how Jungkook is a genius at hiding his bad hair days. But if you’re not totally up for wearing a bucket hat, try substituting it with a baseball cap instead.

This hairstyle might seem like a piece of cake, but it might not suit everyone. A lot of style experts say this hairstyle doesn’t suit people with round faces, but I beg to differ.

Short Bangs Hairstyle

Jungkook is bringing the bangs back. But if you don’t want to commit long term to getting a fringe and don’t want hair on your face either, you should try this look.

The bangs are shorter in the front and reach an half an inch or an inch above your forehead. Jungkook wears these bangs with wavy hair so they appear shorter than they are actually. 

FAQs about Jungkook Hairstyles 

What is the Jungkook hairstyle called?

Jungkook has worn his hair in several different ways as I’ve listed above. But his most recent (and popular) hairstyle is the half bangs style. This style is also called the “ban-kkan” hairstyle in Korea. In this hairstyle, the locks are kept slightly longer and the back is gelled down while the hair in the front is pushed back to define your forehead. 

How do you do Jungkook long hair?

Jungkook has experimented with long hair before and nowadays he keeps his hair in a long wavy hairstyle. He’s also worn this style while performing and if you want to try to here’s how:
—-Firstly start off with washing your hair (or at least wet it before you start)
—-Apply a wave/curl enhancing cream to get keep wavy hair well-defined
—-Scrunch your damp hair after applying the cream
—-Dry your hair using a diffuser
—-You can use a small curling iron to get your bangs right
And voila! You have Jungkook’s sexy messy waves in no time. If you want his wet, gelled look you can also finish off with a very lightweight styling gel. This will also make your hairstyle last longer.

Who has the best hairstyle in BTS?

Now that’s a controversial question. Most fans will agree that their idol’s hairstyle is the best. So let me just pick out what were the top hairstyles of each BTS member
RM – The mohawk hairstyle
– Jungkook – The comma or “ban-kkan” hairstyle 
–Jimin – Two block haircut dyed pink in color
–Suga – Mint green waves
–V – Two-toned hair color
–Jin – Purple-colored bangs
– J-Hope – Side-parted blonde hair 

BTS keeps changing their hairstyles and looks according to the different “eras” of their albums. 

But Jungkook has managed to look stylish in a boy-next-door way so it’s easier to imitate his outfits and hairstyles.  

What I like about Jungkooks choice of hair and outfits is that they are very casual and practical. So it’s something even guys at school can try out without looking too outlandish. 

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