BTS Jungkook No-Equipment Workout Routine

BTS Jungkook No-Equipment Workout Routine 2023 | Fitness Routine of BTS Revealed 

Want abs like Jungkook? Here’s BTS Jungkook No-Equipment Workout Routine that you can follow. Also check out how many hours Jungkook workout and other news about BTS diet and workout.

Most of the fans see Jungkook and think of K-Pop, and I see nothing wrong with that because the BangTan Boys are one of the most successful bands of Korean Pop throughout the globe. 

Adding to that, the hits that BTS has given and the show “Run BTS!” have certainly made JunKook a huge star among the people who love music. But did you know that the fitness freak people have grown interested in his workout routines lately? 

Yes, you are reading the correct Jungkook’s exercise routine is trending among people who love the workout throughout the globe. His workout routine is what you all need to see- it is all simple but, at the same time, quite effective. 

The reason I am saying it is simple is that if you try to recreate it, you will need no equipment at all. Jungkook’s exercise is a no-equipment fitness routine.

Adding to that, I am saying it is effective because you can really see Jungkook’s physique and can tell they have to be effective. 

So, you are keen to learn his routine. You are in here for some real calorie burnouts. Let’s break down his no-equipment routine to help you get the best out of every rep. 

BTS Jungkook No-Equipment Workout Routine

Here’s the full workout routine that Jungkook once revealed to get a ripped body without needing any fancy equipment. Adding to that, anyone can do these exercises regardless of their fitness levels. 

Also, if you are looking for a harder challenge, you can repeat the whole exercise according to your levels. So, let’s work on that extra calories and burn them out. 

Although one thing that I would suggest you do before these exercises are to do a bit of warm-up and stretch a little. 

Jungkook’s Cardio Workout

Jungkook’s cardio is just three things- dance, dance, and dance! 

Starting his workout with cardio, Jungkook as a singer and dancer, gets to do two to three daily hours of dance as his cardio. 

So, if you too want to do the same, you can either seek some dance classes in your neighborhood or take the help of the internet (YouTube, majorly). But if you are not a dancer, then you can opt for running, biking, and even rowing to get the same effect as dancing.

Also, for detailed information and in Jungkook’s metrics, I would suggest you aim to burn calories from 700 to around 1000 in your cardio phase of the workout. 

Adding to this, Jungkook is also known to end his cardio workout with nearly 20 to 30 minutes of boxing moves. 

20 Squats 

Now that I’ve covered Jungkook’s cardio workout, it’s time for us to learn about his first workout of the day. It’s hard to find a better and more effective workout than traditional squats. Firstly, all you have to do is stand straight and keep your feet a bit wider than your hip-width apart. 

From here, start bringing your weight towards and push your hips as if you’re trying to sit down on a normal chair. Keep your thighs lateral to the floor and try to pause your body in this position for a moment. 

Doing this exercise will improve your core and improve the health of your muscles in quads and hamstrings. 

20 Push Ups

After working perfectly on his legs, Jungkook likes to move on with 20 push-ups that help him in his upper body strength. In order to follow this workout routine, you’ll have to start in a plank position and then balance your weight on your hands and toes. 

BTS Jungkook No-Equipment Workout Routine
Source: Instagram@iwietski

Now, slowly start bending your elbows and lowering your body to the floor. Once you’ve reached the 90-degree angle, stop for a moment and then return to your starting position by pushing back up on your hands. 

While this routine might sound a bit easy, doing 20 push-ups isn’t an easy task for everyone. Hence, if you find it difficult, then modify it or reduce the number of your reps as per your choice. 

20 Jump Squats 

For Jungkook’s third workout routine, we have the famous jump squats that can improve your body’s flexibility and agility greatly. To start this routine, once again stand on your feet wider than your hip-width apart. Now, follow the same routine as normal squats but propel yourself into the air by pushing through your heels. 

Once the jump is done, make sure to land carefully and sink back into the squat position. Now, push back yourself for the next jump and make sure to land carefully again. Try repeating it at least 20 times. 

jungkook diet plan and workout
Source: Instagram@shahakurai

20 Pike Push Ups

The next exercise we are moving onto is pike push-ups, and let me just tell you, this push is better than the traditional one if you are looking for some improvement in your shoulders. 

You have to start from the plank position and lift your body in a way that makes an inverted V shape. Basically, lift your hips up, then bend elbows and then try to take your entire upper body towards the floor. 

Once done, stretch your elbows straight, and you are done with one rep. Follow the same around 20 times. 

10 Plank Shoulder Blades 

The next exercise that Jungkook does is planks, so that means that you are going to do the same as well. Focus and engage yourself now on doing 10 planks. 

These are also called scapular plank push-ups, and for these, you have to start by taking a full plank position keeping your hands extended, and balancing your upper half body on these while balancing the lower half on your toes. 

Then lower your body down and wait for a few seconds and then come back to the initial position; you would be done with your 1st rep. 

Follow the same till you reach ten planks. 

20 Mountain Climbers 

Let’s add to those planks with 20 mountain climbers. It is almost the same as those planks but is its elevated method. 

All you ought to do is remain in the plank position and bring your knees one by one to your chest to complete one rep. 

You have to move quickly and in a rhythm while doing so, and after 20 reps, you will be ready for the next exercise. 

how many hours does jungkook workout
Source: Instagram@jungkooksonyeondan_bts

15 Burpees 

With the next exercise, a few people have this love and hate relationship, as burpees help you get a blast in your cardio and work out your whole body. 

Stand tall and keep your hands at your side, then bend down and either step or jump into plank position. Then jump again and stand back again in your initial position, and you are don’t with your first rep. 

Also, burpees get your heart pumping, so don’t take long breaks in between. 

20 Crunches 

The next thing to trigger is your abs, with 20 crunches.

Settle with your back on the base and knees folded in half, then keep your hands behind your head or near the neck and try reaching out to your knee. Once you have touched it, get back to the initial position to complete one rep. 

While doing this exercise, you need to focus on your abdominal muscles and if you feel your neck straining even a bit, take the help of your hands to support them.

jungkook workout routine warm up
Source: Instagram@quirkykooo

20 Leg Raises 

Keep your back on the floor because you are still working on that core. 

Laing on the floor slowly brings both your legs to a 90-degree angle and then slowly get back to the floor. There you will have your first rep, and you can continue till you reach your twenty. 

Also, you should not be feeling the pressure on your lower back, but if you are, then place both your hands near your booty for that extra support. Adding to that, taking your legs down to keep the motion slow will help you get the best out of each rep. 

20 Superman Exercises

Jungkook finishes off his no-equipment exercises with 20 supermans. The exercise targets your glutes, muscles in your lower back, and hamstring. 

How you can do this exercise is to lay with your stomach on the floor and raise both your legs and arms until your lower back feels that contraction. Typically you would need to go around six inches above the ground. After that, slowly back down, and you would complete one rep of the exercise. 

But I would like to bring to your notice the fact that if you have a back issue, you might want to consult your doctor first. 

On that note, you are through with Jungkook’s no-equipment fitness workout routine. 

This is how Jungkook usually works out in a gym!

Wrapping up on BTS Jungkook No-Equipment Workout Routine

So, there you have it! Wrapping up on Jungkook’s no-equipment workout routine, all I have to say is while the other members are great at their dancing, singing, and creating magical music moments, Jungkook is the member you need to look for if you’re seeking fitness. 

All you have to carry out is follow his simple yet highly effective no-equipment exercises and get an amazing physique like him. 

So, follow Jungkook’s trending fitness routine and watch your physique look the same as him!

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