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BTS Jungkook Parents | Things You Didn’t Know About His Mom and Dad!

Who are BTS Jungkook parents? What are some facts about Jungkook’s mom and dad. Learn about their names, occupation, love story and more.

Whenever Jungkook is on the stage, he has six older brothers to look after him. Talking off stage, the marvelous singer and dancer have a family that is equally supportive. 

The 24-year-old Kpop idol talks about his family and never forgets to mention them from time to time. Despite that, he has never been too open about them. But despite that, there are quite a few interesting facts that one can grasp from all his public speeches and interviews. 

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So many BTS fans are into the personal life of their K-pop idols, though I feel it is a bit invasive, yet knowing all these things about our favorite idols makes us feel closer to our favorite idols. 

If you too feel the same and want to know more about Jungkook’s personal life, there are two ways to do that. Either you can go on the internet and watch every interview that Jungkook has ever given, along with their vlogs, or you can just stick with me and find it all in just one article. 

If you’re thinking of the second option, you are going to love knowing it all because I have been closely watching all his videos that come up on the internet for quite a while, and here’s a summary of everything that I have collected over the years. 

BTS Jungkook Parents

So, before you move on to the part where you will know a lot about Jungkook’s parents, let me brief the audience who are new to the K-pop and BTS fandom about Jungkook. 

Jeon Jung Kook is a member of the seven-membered K-pop band BTS. It is a boy band, and Jungkook is the lead vocalist of the band. 

Also, being just 24 years old, Jungkook is the youngest member of their band. 

In his family, the singer has an older brother named Jeon Jung Hyun. Jungkook grew up in a very traditional South Korean family and home, and both he and his brother went to the same school growing up. 

Adding to that, Jungkook’s parents are quite supportive of what their younger son does. So, moving further, let me tell you all the facts about his supportive parents that you might not be aware of. 

Jungkook’s parents surely know music!

Do you remember the show ‘Run BTS!’? It was during that show where in a quiz round, Jungkook called his mother and asked to guess the song’s name. So, at first, her mother wasn’t able to guess the song from the clip, but after listening to it again, she recognized the song and answered correctly. 

bts parents jungkook
Source: Instagram@kpop._.oxyjin

However, that wasn’t the real case! Instead, it was Jungkook’s father who guessed the song correctly. Later, his mom revealed that Jungkook’s father told her about the right name of the song. So, I think it’s quite safe to say that Jungkook’s parents surely know about the music industry enough. 

Jungkook’s dad used to spruce up as Santa Claus

At the famous annual FESTA party of BTS, Jungkook revealed a special and heart-touching childhood story. He mentioned that he was convinced that Santa was real as his dad used to dress up as Santa Claus every Christmas. 

Adding further, he added how his father used to sneak into the room while dressed up as Santa Claus. But, the singer always felt too nervous about opening his eyes and having a clear look at Santa. However, he remembers that Santa’s beard once brushed his face slightly. 

Dad knows how to play pranks! 

We all know that Jungkook loves doing pranks with his friends from the BTS group. Moreover, it turns out that he inherited this nature from his dad. Yes, that’s true! Jungkook’s father loves to play pranks as well. I personally feel it is in the genes. 

In fact, during the same interview at the annual FESTA party, Jungkook confirmed this after telling us about the Santa Claus story. At the same time, another band member of the BTS group, Suga, asked Jungkook if his father likes to play pranks. The singer confirmed that it was true! 

Beautiful Love Story of Jungkook’s parents

Jungkook’s parents have quite a heart-melting love story, and you wouldn’t want to miss on. In an interview at the famous show named Let’s Eat Together, Jungkook confirmed that his parents got married at a quite young age. 

In fact, Jungkook’s mother is also one year older than his father. By the end of the last year, Jungkook’s father was 50 years old, whereas his mother is currently 51 years old. 

Despite this small age difference, Jungkook’s mother was the one who started hitting first at Jungkook’s dad. Later, his dad couldn’t resist her charms either, and eventually, they got together, and since then, they have been together forever. 

It surely feels like a dream to have a love story as such. 

Supportive of Jungkook’s dreams and ambitions with BTS

It should come to everyone as no surprise if I said that Jungkook’s parents are always supportive of their son’s dreams and ambitions. 

However, it didn’t mean that they never scolded Jungkook for wrong things. In fact, during one live video stream, the singer revealed that it was his mother who taught him the importance of honesty. 

bts parents dads
Source: Instagram@bts.maknaeline_bighit

He further added that when he was younger, he decided to cheat on a spelling test. Later, his parents found out and scolded him for his actions. Also, his parents mentioned that grades aren’t important, but honesty is and continued to correct his mistakes. 

Lastly, the singer also mentioned that his parents have always given him freedom, and because of that, he has never been under pressure. The singer ended his speech by adding that he’s truly grateful to his parents for that. 

I mean, anyone would feel the same; it is really appreciative of his parents to let him chase and live his dreams.

Birthday gathering for the first time in years! 

Due to the huge popularity of BTS, it comes as no surprise that Jungkook doesn’t usually get time to spend with his family and relatives. However, only a few years ago, the famous singer was able to get some free time to relax and spent his birthday with his parents. 

In 2016, Jungkook also thanked his parents on his birthday and mentioned that he loves them a lot. Undoubtedly, it’s truly adorable to see that despite such popularity, Jungkook has such a good connection with his parents. 

After all, his parents are still supportive of him, and his father has attended BTS concerts on numerous occasions. As for Jungkook’s mother, there’s a picture of young Jungkook holding her mother’s hands which truly reflects his love towards his parents. 

Appearance on BANGTANTV Video

While there’s quite limited information on the internet about Jungkook’s parents, their appearances on camera are also pretty rare. The last time when the fans saw Jungkook’s father on camera was during a YouTube video shoot called “Jungkook went to High School” back in 2014. 

You can check out the video down below!

At that time, Jungkook’s father visited his son’s old high school along with the other members of BTS. From there, he further joined the group for a private dinner. Since then, we have not seen Jungkook’s parents on camera for any occasion. 

However, given the special bond shared between Jungkook and his father, we won’t be surprised to see both of them together soon.  

Jungkook convinced his father to give up smoking

bts jungkook parents names
Source: Instagram@_namjeon

During the same interview of Let’s Eat Together, Jungkook also revealed that he convinced his father to quit smoking. The singer added that his dad used to smoke for quite a long time, but he managed to persuade him to give up on his smoking habits. 

As a matter of fact, the singer has always been vocal about wanting his father to give up on smoking. Hence, I’m sure that this decision from Jungkook’s father would have surely cheered him up a lot. 

Wrap Up

Wrapping up on BTS Jungkook’s parents, all I have to say is he has got one of the coolest parents in the world. 

Adding to that, it is truly impressive that his parents have raised him so well with all the good etiquettes and ethics, and it really shows. He is dedicated to the career he is pursuing, and I think it is because of the lessons that he has got on valuing and being honest to whatever he is doing. 

I personally admire the love, affection, and support that Jungkook gets from both his parents, along with the love that they(his parents) share among themselves. 

Jungkook is really blessed to have two families. I mean, even the other members of BTS treat their youngest as a brother, and they share a great bond. Adding to that is his off-stage and actual family that offers him unconditional love. 

What do you think of Jungkook’s family and especially parents? Help me get acquainted with your opinions in the comments beneath, and also, if you think I have missed something, then mention that as well. 

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