BTS Jungkook's Best Boots And Shoes

What Are BTS Jungkook’s Best Boots And Shoes | 9 Styles You Can Copy

Check out BTS Jungkook’s best boots and shoes including his famous Balenciaga boots. 

Jungkook is one of the most stylish members of the Kpop group BTS and that’s a fact. 

So it’s no wonder that the ARMYs (that’s what the BTS fandom calls itself) are obsessed with Jungkook’s wardrobe.

A lot of people swoon over Jungkook’s edgy, casual looks while others want to copy his style as they consider him their fashion icon.

Whatever the situation is, you cannot deny that Jungkook has amazing style! 

So I thought today, we could take a look at some of this most classy accessories – his boots and shoes! 

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BTS Jungkook’s Best Boots And Shoes

As Jungkook is the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton in South Korea, there’s no surprise that he’s always so well turned up. But when it comes to shoes, he has a wide variety that includes sportswear from Nike, Dr. Martens when he’s feeling edgy and a classic Balenciaga for formal events.

Here I’ve listed out some of my favorite shoes and boots that Jungkook has worn over the years. Take a look!

Jungkook Balenciaga Shoes

Yes, Jungkook is the South Korean brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton but that doesn’t stop Balenciaga from being one of his favorites. 

You can always find most of his casual styles involve Balenciaga. 

Jungkook’s favorite Balenciaga shoes seem to be the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers that he wears all the time. 

He was famously spotted wearing it during one of his flights and this look became the ultimate airport style statement.

It also spawned the production of many knockoffs for ARMYs who wanted to dress like Jungkook but couldn’t afford it. 

The Classic Black Shoes For Meeting The President

bts white house

While Jungkook’s personal style is mostly casual and comfy mixed with a dose of grunge, he can clean up pretty nicely!

Yes, sometimes you can find our bad boy Jungkook dressed up in a very sophisticated ensemble. 

Take for example BTS’ visit to the White House, where they discussed the importance of addressing Asian hate crimes with US President Joe Biden.

Jungkook (and the rest of the BTS crew) wore suits by Tailorable and he sported classic, black dress shoes from Louis Vuitton. 

BTS, including Jungkook, wore similar footwear to the 2022 Grammy Awards. 

The “Step on Me” Combat Boots

Jungkook chunky black boots

From Prada to David Stone, Jungkook has worn a number of different footwear brands over the years. But apparently he seems to have a fondness for one particular style of footwear – the combat boots. 

These types of boots are usually associated with the alternative punk movements in the UK and US and often worn as a part of a rebellious aesthetic.

The best thing about Jungkook’s style of combat boots is that they seem so comfortable yet they look so edgy. I say they suit his personality really well. 

Suede Timberland Boots He Stole From Jimin

Jungkook closet style

Jungkook can often be seen in either chunky black boots or sporty sneakers. So it was a surprise when fans saw him wearing a pair of suede Timberland boots in a light tan color.

Until some eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed that these shoes were first worn by Jimin! 

It became a talking point among BTS fans who found it really cute that Jungkook and Jimin share footwear! 

The boots looked really comfy and went well with his mostly white outfit as they added a pop of color while not looking over the top. 

Scary Croc Teeth Shoes 

These are another pair of iconic boots worn by Jungkook! 

The croc-teeth boots looked ah-mazing while Jungkook performed on-stage. It went with the whole black, grunge look he sported while performing BTS’ new album FAKE LOVE. 

I love how the shoes go so well with the glittery red jacket and the earrings. It gave him a bad boy vibe that ARMYs love about their Maknae.

The “Wait Did He Wear Mis-Matched Shoes?”

Jungkook’s style has always been a bit edgy but did he REALLY go out wearing two different pairs of shoes? 

Thankfully no! 

The Nike SB Dunk Low ACG Terra sneakers actually split down the middle where it’s black on one side and grey side on the other.

So if you get photographed from different angles then the shoes look like the two pairs have different hues. 

Doc Martens For Life!

I have already told you how much Jungkook seems to love his combat boots. And Dr Martens are probably THE combat boots out there! 

And Jungkook sported a pair of really chunky, buckle-up combat boots to go with his all-black outfit. 

These black boots seem to be Jungkook’s signature style! But our classy lad doesn’t just go with any boots. Jungkook is always seen wearing high end brands like Prada or Balenciaga only.

The Fancy Prada Monolith Brushed Boots

Combat boots but make them fancy! Only Jungkook can make grunge fashion sophisticated. You can see here how effortlessly he’s paired chunky black boots, from Prada no less with his semi-formal attire.

Nike Air Max’s For When He’s Feeling Sporty

Jungkook balenciaga shoes

I love it when Jungkook brings out his inner hyper, sporty side with accessories like these shoes. They give him a very youthful boy next door vibe. Not to mention these type of Nike shoes are simple perfect for BTS’ long and ardrous dance practice sessions.

After all, Jungkook is a fantastic dancer and needs the right footwear to get his steps perfected!

Fancy Airport Style With White Alexander McQueens

jungkook shoes 2022

Now most people go for slides or slippers while going to the airport, but Jungkook needs to be on point all the time. 

So Jungkook sported a pair of sophisticated yet casual Alexander McQueens. 

The loose, washed-out grey sweatshirt and acid-washed jeans made an amazing combination with the shoes. 

It made the white color of the shoes really pop out while typing together the whole “neutral” grey-white aesthetic. 

FAQs about BTS Jungkook Boots And Shoes

Jungkook’s footwear like the rest of his accessories and clothes are always on point. Even when he’s trying to be comfortable (say in places like the airport or during dance rehearsals) Jungkook manages to look oh so fashionable all the time.

So here, I’ve tried to answer a few more frequently asked questions about Jungkook’s personal style. Check it out! 

Jungkook shoe collection

What boots does Jungkook wear?

Jungkook has worn a number of boots over the years. But some of the most popular boot-style footwear that he owns include the famous Suede Timberland boots that he shared with Jimin, and a pair of classic Dr Marten that suit his bad boy aesthetic. He has also worn boots from the brands Alexander McQueen, David Stone and Prada. 

What is Jungkook’s favorite shoe brand?

While Jungkook might be the brand ambassador of the brand Louis Vuitton, he seems more inclined towards wearing shoes from Balenciaga. His fans often call him the “Balenciaga Boy” of the group while fellow bandmate V has earned the reputation of being the “Gucci Boy” of BTS. 

What are the shoes Jungkook wears called?

Jungkook has over a number of shoes and boots over the years in different styles. His personal style has always been inclined towards casual and comfortable with a hint of punk and grunge thrown in for good measure. 
So the shoes Jungkook can be seen wearing most often are a type of combat boots called “Lava Walkers”. These shoes are extremely comfortable and supple while outwardly they have a dark, sturdy appearance. 

What is BTS Jungkook shoe size?

Jungkook’s shoe size in Korea is actually 270mm. If you’re confused then let me tell you that Koreans have a very different way of calculating their shoe sizes. Unlike the US or the UK they do not measure the shoe sizes in codes. Rather it’s the direct measurement of your foot in millimeters. 

Final Thoughts on Jungkook’s Boots And Shoes

So here were some of Jungkook’s best boots and shoes! 

I simply love how Jungkook can manage to go from casual sneakers to grunge-style combat boots to sophisticated Louis Vuitton shoes with such ease.

If you want to try out some of these looks for yourself, there are plenty of replicas you can find on amazon or other Korean shopping websites.

Truly, if Jungkook has worn a particular style then it means that a lot of fashion brands and influencers will get behind the trend. 

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