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BTS MBTI Personality Types Updated 2022 | Which Idol Shares Your Personality

by song-i

Want to know what are the BTS MBTI personality types? Check them out here. You can also know the BTS MBTI personality compatibility to see if your idol and you would get along. 

Kpop stans always have a thirst to know more about their idols. And this is evident in how popular “personality test” results among Koreans.

There is a desire to know more about how their idol thinks and behaves. So when BTS took an MBTI personality test in the October of 2017 all hell broke loose.

Their “Army” gleefully dissected how each members personality fitted with the test results. 

But it’s been a couple of years since then and fans have noticed that their Kpop idols have grown and changed too.

So there’s been too much speculation on Twitter on what the BTS MBTI personality types would be if they were to take the test again in 2022. 

In this article, I’ve put forward the most popular theories on the updated BTS MBTI types for 2022. Take a look!

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What is the MBTI personality type?

mbti personality types

The MBTI personality test stands for the Meyer-Briggs personality test, developed by the mother-daughter psychologist duo Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers in the 1940s. It was based on Carl Jung’s theory of the psychological archetypes that was put forward in the late 1920s.

It classifies people according to the degree of the following key areas:

  • Extraversion (E) Vs Introversion (I)
  •  Sensing (S) Vs Intuition (N)
  • Thinking (T) Vs Feeling (F)
  • Judging (J) Vs Perceiving (P)

Each person is believed to exhibit varying degrees of these personality traits. With further permutations and combinations, you get 16 personality types that every person is supposed to come under.

What are the different types of MBTI personality types?

So what exactly are the different types of MBTI personality. Before I get to telling you which personality each BTS member is, you should first know what each personality type means!

bts personality types compatibility

On the basis of the four Jungian personality traits I’ve mentioned above, the MBTI personality type scale can be classified into a) Sentinels,  b) Diplomats, c) Explorers d) Analysts


  • ISTJ (Logisticians)
  • ISFJ (Defenders)
  • ESTJ (Executives
  • ESFJ (Consuls)


  • INFJ (Advocates)
  • INFP (Mediators)
  • ENFJ (Protagonists)
  • ENFP (Campaigners)


  • ENTJ (Commanders)
  • ENTP (Debaters)
  • INTJ (Architects)
  • INTP (Logicians)


  • ISTP (Virtuosos)
  • ISFP (Adventurers)
  • ESTP (Entrepreneurs)
  • ESFP (Entertainers)

BTS MBTI Personality Types 2022

V And RM: MBTI Personality Type – ENFP

v mbti personality type

Now V and RM are among of my favourite MBTI personality types – the ENFPs. When BTS took the personality test some time back, the results showed RM to be an INFP. But fans have noticed that V and RM are much alike now and probably have the same type of personality.

So what does it mean for V and RM’s MBTI personality type to be ENFP?

First of all, let’s start with the acronym. ENFP stands for Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving.

According to myersbriggs.org, the ENFP is a warm, happy-go-lucky personality that is very enthusiastic and very confident. Despite their sweet personality, ENFPs have the power to be very capable leaders thanks to their charisma. 

They tend to be chatterboxes and have what can only be described as a “sunshine” personality. 

Just imagine a golden retriever puppy in human form and you’ll see what an ENFP is like. 

RM or Kim Namjoon was formerly an INFP. Now, these people share the traits of being open-minded, warm, and highly emotionally intelligent with their ENFP diplomat brethren. 

But the only difference is that they focus on their inner world rather than drawing their energy from the outside. 

This means they are quieter, more empathetic and are better listeners. RM has been known to grow into public life in the past few years and fans noticed he was “out of his shell” so to speak, making him seem more extroverted. 

However, the good news is that both the ENFPs and INFPs tend to be very romantic and have an idealistic view of love. So they are probably someone who will wait for their “one true love” then settle with a less practical version. Sigh. Ain’t that sweet?

Jin And Suga: MBTI Personality Type – INTP

bts mbti compatibility

Both Jin and Suga were formerly tested as INFPs but the BTS army is now convinced (and so am I) that these two fit the INTP mould better.

While both Jin and Suga have some of the INFP traits I’ve described above such as being quiet, and idealistic, there are several reasons why fans think they are INTPs.

For starters, INTPs are supposed to be the logicians of the MBTI bunch. They are highly intellectual and creative. 

These personality types are also a bit of a contradiction. They can be very “edgy” and subversive and have unconventional ideas and beliefs but they are very quiet in their implementation.

The BTS army is well aware of Jin and Suga’s experimental style which is a testament to their INTP personality. 

In romance, INTPs are supposed to be more logical than romantic, but hey these critical thinking folks have a heart too. You just have to work a little harder to find it under the layers of logic.

So did you find your analysis of Jin and Suga’s personality to be similar to an INTP? 

Jimin: MBTI Personality Type – ENFJ

jimin mbti type

If you’ve been on the Internet and are not a complete stranger to the concept of memes, you might have heard of the one describing the “main character” or someone having the “main character energy”. That is an ENFJ for your right there! 

Jimin is an ENFJ who in the MBTI universe are called the “protagonists”. These people are confident, charismatic, bold and have an aura of charisma around them.

They are also supposed to be very loyal and helpful. According to Meyerbriggs.org, the ENFJ makes up only 2 percent of the entire population. I knew our Jimin was special! 

What’s special about the ENFJ personality types is they are friendly and warm despite being very strong-minded. 

So they are often described as “natural-born leaders” and are known to be creative. But unlike the INFP, they often but this creative energy into action. 

Jungkook: MBTI Personality Type – ISFP

jungkook mbti type

Just like RM, Jungkook also tested as an INFP when BTS took the MBTI personality test for the first time. But now most fans agree that Jungook is more of an ISFP.

These two personality types are very similar but if I were to explain the difference between the two in plain and simple terms I’d put it like this. 

An INFP is a soulful, quiet poet while the ISFP is a hippie artist. Both MBTI types are creative and prefer to live in their own world rather than be practical. 

But ISFPs are more adventurous and outgoing than most INFPs are. They are called the “Adventurers” of the MBTI group because they do not like being bound by the norms and conventions of the day.

ISFPs might also have a passion for adventure sports but unlike other extroverted MBTI types, they do it for a sense of self-satisfaction rather than the adrenaline rush. 

When it comes to love, Jungkook’s personality type can be quiet and shy at first. They might seem flirty and open but they are not the types to wear their heart on their sleeves as ENFPs do.

So it might take some time for any girl trying to date Jungkook (or rather an ISFP in general) to get them to open up.

These personality types also prefer a strong connection that’s built on mutual passion. A light-hearted relationship full of adventures is something they would desire. 

J-Hope: MBTI Personality Type – ESFJ

J-hope is an ESFJ which in MBTI terminology is called the “Consul”. Basically these guys are the dad or mom friends of the group. Now armies have clearly decided that this is J-hope in the BTS.

These guys are loyal, sweet, and the biggest cheerleaders of their friends and families. If you want some help, you can count on an ESFJ to be there for you! 

And just like ENFPs these guys radiate that “sunshine” positive energy. But unlike an ENFP they have grounded make sound decisions. 

So on a road trip, the ENFPs are the ones with the aux cord vibing to the music while the ESFJ is the mom friend who makes sure the gas is filled, the hotels booked and everyone’s eaten. 

BTS Personality Types Compatibility

Now that you’ve learned about what your fave BTS member’s personality is like, you might be wondering next what type of personality they are compatible with. Well, let me solve that problem for you! 

BTS Member Personality TypeCompatible Personality Type

Now that you know your fave BTS members personality type, you can deduce more about what kind of person they are and what are the things they might like or dislike.

But don’t lose heart if you don’t see your personality type as being compatible with your idols, people and consequently their MBTI personality types change over time.  

If you haven’t taken your personality test you can do so at either 16personalities.com or www.myersbriggs.org. 

I personally love the colourful avatars at 16personaltie, but then I’m an INFP so that’s a given!

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