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BTS Members Birth Flowers And What Do They Mean

Learn what are BTS members birth flowers including a birth flower generator and how to check your Korean birth flower.

Your birthday is rather a special occasion, isn’t it? But, what is more fascinating is that all our birthdays are connected to a special flower? 

Just like zodiac signs and birthstones, each month has a distinctive and exclusive birth flower with its own meaning and symbolism.

Floriography, which is also called the language of flowers, was incredibly popular during the Victorian era and has been used for centuries.

This was especially prevalent among the Romans who were the first people to make use of flowers as a part of their birthday celebrations. 

In Korea, as we all know there are thousands of flowers that symbolize various emotions and signs with a different flower representing each day and with a different quality and personality. 

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What I love about our Asian culture is how important we associate nature with us since the connection is very strong and within the same world. 

In this article, we will be breaking down the birth flowers and symbolism of  only the biggest band in our generation. 

They have enchanted and captured not only the hearts of millions all across the globe but are popularly gaining recognition for their top notch performances, self produced music and their interaction with fans. 

Yes, I’m talking about the one and only BTS, an acronym  of Beyond the Scene or Bangtan Sonyeondan.

Lets face it, these boys have not just broken countless world records and won numerous prestigious awards, but have their very own BTS fan army. 

Would you love to know more about your favorite boy band and all about their birth flower? 

BTS Members Birth Flowers 

Here is a brief summary of each band member with their birth flower and what exactly do they mean:

Band member: Jimin – Birth Flower: Spirea

Birthday: 13-10-1995

bts flower

Spiraea are ever-growing deciduous shrubs that are known to be attractive  flowers in summer and spring. 

They are made up of tiny clusters or heads or blooms and usually come in white, purple or pink in color. The ones in white are referred to as bridal wreaths. 

The flower is also known as meadowsweet, and plays an important role in Celtic culture. 

Spiraea symbolizes elegance, grace and refinement. This flower is used for weddings because of its delicate and beautiful appearance and stands true to its meaning of honor and cherishing the person you are gifting it to. 

Jimin was born on October 13, 1995 with this beautiful birth flower also reflecting pure beauty and called- Little Princess.

The flower of Jimin’s month is Marigold which is usually associated with elegant, committed and fierce individuals. J

He has a loving and caring personality so I think it’s safe to say that this flower suits him very well. His dance moves are so elegant and graceful and compliments his birth flower very well.

Band member: Jungkook –  Birth Flower: Tiger Flower

Birthday: 01-09-1997

birth flower generator

The tiger flower is a species of lily and can be found in many parts of Asia including Korea, China and Japan. 

It usually comes as a big orange flower covered with black  spots on its petals. This flower has a strong and sweet scent and can grow upto 3 inches long. 

What is interesting about this flower is that it is edible and is used in food presentations and other decorations too. 

Another name for it is called trench lily and is a classic flower found in the garden. They are easy to grow because of their growing nature in the wild and do not require any special care. 

It has another name called tigridia pavonia and blooms just once a day. The spots on the flower are a symbol of wealth and are in the shape of tiny coins. 

This flower represents pride (the type of pride that makes one self-confident)  and positivity because of its vibrant orange color.

Jungkook was born on September 1, 1997 and just like his birth flower, he too is positive and proud and blessed with good wealth.

Band member: J-Hope – Birth Flower: Buttercup

Birthday: 18-02-1994

buttercup birth flower

The Buttercup belongs to a family of attractive and bright flowers and probably got its name due to the fact that it literally looks like a cup filled with butter. 

It can be found in various shades of yellow, red, white, pink, orange and lavender. 

This flower is a representation of three things

Firstly, its neatness because of the organized and fine lines on its petals. Then its childishness because of its size that symbolizes childlike nature and its bright color.

And lastly charm because it has the ability to charm someone special. 

The flower is full of happiness and joy which J-Hope is all the Korean culture, the flower is a symbol of someone who is innocent and honest. 

This is quite similar to J-hope’s personality according to some previous BTS run episodes where we clearly know this charming guy just cannot lie. 

The flowers of February are irises and violets which mean hope.

This  rapper was born on February 18, 1994 and just like his birth month flower, he is quite charming and has a childlike personality. 

Band member: Jin –  Birth Flower: Rumex

Birthday: 04-12-1992

1 september birth flower

Rumex is also called as Sheep Sorrel and tends to have weedy and erect tap roots along with small flowers usually in green or red in color. 

The leaves are audible and are sometimes called dock weed. It contains a fruit that is reddish brown in color and is used in alot of cooking properties such as flavoring soups and butters. 

They are usually found along the roadsides, fields and pastures. The rumex symbolizes affection. 

I mean, remember the time when Jin made a heart event at each stop of their BTS wings tour, I mean , if this doesn’t suit him, then I  don’t what will? 

It not only represents affection but also matrimonial tenderness, and wit. He was born on December 4, 1992 and is so affectionate with his band members and fans too. Just like his birth flower he too is undeniably pretty.

Band member: V – Birth Flower: Carolina Allspice

 Birthday: 30-12-1995

calicanto carolina flower

Carolina allspice, is also called a sweetshrub and strawberry bush and is known for its attractiveness . 

It can grow up to six to nine feet in height and produces fragrant flowers during the months of April to May. 

The fragrance which comprises a sweet banana-strawberry flavor radiates from the flowers to  last a  very long time. The flower of December is Poinsettia which is a symbol of courage and success. This talented singer was born on December 30, 1995. 

This beautiful deep red flower has a spicy and wonderful fragrance and is a symbol of fondness and tenderness.

Women prefer wearing it on their dresses because of its captivating aroma and appearance. If it is one thing both the flower and V have in common, it’s the alluring personality and charisma. 

He is definitely adored by his fans and has loyal and charitable characteristics, which makes us very fond of him.

Band member: Suga –  Birth Flower: Larch

Birthday: 09-03-1993

bts members birth flowers

This is a deciduous coniferous tree that can grow up to 46m high. The female flowers (cone shaped appear before the male flowers and have long shoots.

They are bright pink and red in color and are very attractive.

These flowers appear during the months of March to April and are also known by some as Larch Roses.

It is a type of flowering tree with flowers that symbolizes fearlessness and boldness. Suga was born on  March 9, 1993 and his personality matches well with his birth flower. 

His courage to leave everything and pursue his music is just one example. Despite all uncertainties, he is not afraid to speak what is on his mind. The flower in March is Daffodil which represents a new beginning and  resurrection. 

I think it’s obvious that this flower is all about determination and motivation and how one must keep pushing themselves even if you fail at times. 

So, it helps us understand that unsuccessful trails do happen in life and we just need to keep trying. 

As mentioned before, he has gone through so much and has risen to be a very successful artist. His birth flower compliments his personality so well and is perfect for him.

Band member: RM –  Birth Flower: Clematis

Birthday: 12-09-1994

1 september birth flower

Clematis plants are one of the most beautiful and popular flowering vines that have a flower size ranging from small to large with sweet fragrances. 

They are simple to care for and are also known as the queen of climbers. 

It has a credit for having the perfect balance between beauty of mind and heart.  RM is also the leader of BTS and was born on September 2, 1994. 

The flowers of September are Aster which symbolizes patience and spiritual love and forget me nots which symbolize remembrance. 

Clematis is also called the leather flower that represents prowess and mental beauty. 

It holds the true meaning of -the beauty of the heart. RM is known for his intelligence, determination  and wit which is just like his birth flower. 

So, which one was your favorite birth flower? Would you like to know more fun facts about your favorite boy band? Let us know in the comments below.

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