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What Are BTS Members Height And Weight In 2023 | Precise And Accurate!

Check out the correct BTS members height and weight and who is the heaviest BTS member. Also know Jungkook, RM and Jimin’s height and weight.

BTS has, over the years, emerged as the most loved and adored band throughout the globe, and I believe they truly deserve all that love and fame. They not only have seized the South Korean music industry but also the international music industry. 

In nearly a decade, these boys have placed themselves on the hit list of the top global charts. So, there may be chances that people don’t care about a BTS member’s height and weight and only focus on their performance.

Yet there are many of us who are a little too curious over the height and weight of each BTS member.

So, if you are looking for details over the internet, chances are you are getting wrong details or inept measures. But contrary to this, BTS fan group ARMY claims that they have the exact measurements of these band members’ height, weight, and other things that one might be interested in. 

Well, I cannot claim or affirm what ARMY has to say about these details, but at the same time, I can affirm that what I am providing to you is the correct measurement of each of these seven boys from the band. 

So, here I am presenting you with all the details about a BTS member’s height and weight so that you can feed your curiosity with actual facts and feel good about it.

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Who Are BTS?

bts members height in cm
Source: Instagram@bts_obsession_love

For those who are yet to get acquainted with the band, Bangtan Boys or BTS is one of the most famous and loved boy bands from South Korea who are winning the world with their immaculate performances.

The band was formed in 2010. But the group debuted with their mind-blowing performance in 2013 under a South Korean entertainment company, Big Hit Entertainment. 

The band has seven members, and all of them are boys, namely Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoon Gi, Jung Ho Seok, Kim Nam Joon, Park Ji Min, Kim Tae Hyung, and Jeon Jung Kook. All these members have their own stage name, and people know them with that specific name. 

Kim Seok is famous as Jin, Min Yoon as Suga, Jung Ho as J Hope, Kim Nam as RM, Park Ji as Jimin, Kim Taehyung as V, and Jeon Jung as Jungkook. 

Although this group’s genre originally was just hip hop, over the years, the mesmerizing group has evolved and has managed to include a wide range of genres to their work of art and performances as well. 

Adding to that, one of the reasons that I feel people love the band with no bias is because their lyrics are a bit different than that of other K-pop groups.

BTS majorly focuses on societal and personal commentary and raises its voice on a lot of issues that go unnoticed by society. The band makes its lyrics on mental health topics, bullying, and other issues as such. 

These band members are teaching people to love themselves and accept themselves as an individual as well. 

BTS Members Height and Weight 2022

Name Height (in Centimeters)Weight (in Kilograms)
J Hope177 cm65 Kg
Jungkook178 cm70 Kg
RM181 cm67 Kg
Suga176 cm59 Kg
Jin179 cm63 Kg
Jimin 175 cm61 Kg
V179 cm62 Kg

J Hope 

Height- 177 cm

Weight- 65 Kg

J Hope measures 177 cm or 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs 65 Kgs which is 143 lbs.

His name has Hope as he comes or represents hope to BTS fans, and it is also regarded as the Hope of BTS. 

J Hope made his debut in the boy band in June of 2013, and he was the third person at that time to join BTS as a trainee. The other two already added members were Suga and RM. 

Since the same time, he has been involved in the creation process of every album’s discography, and he also evolved a lot. 

jungkook height comparison bts members
Source: Instagram@soft.jkook.stan


Height- 178 cm

Weight- 70 Kg

JungKook measures 178 cm, which is nearly 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs 70 Kg or 154 lbs. Also, a fun fact, none of the band members of BTS is less than 175 cm tall or over 70 Kgs. 

He is the youngest band member of BTS, and he joined the band in June of 2013 and is the vocalist of the band. 

In 2019, according to a survey, JungKook had bagged number 3 on the list of the most loved celebrities of that year in South Korea. 

Adding to that, under BTS, JungKook has made three solo mixes, the first one of which is all about his life, from a random Korean guy to one of the most loved K-pop models, expressing gratitude to all the fans. 


Height- 181 cm

Weight- 67 Kg

RM measures 181 cm or 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 148 lbs which are around 67 Kgs. He is the head of the crew and is also the tallest of them all. 

He joined the band while he was just 16, and he was also the first member of the BTS band. After joining the band, RM trained along with J Hope and Suga for nearly three years. 

RM was formerly called Rap Monster when he was still a trainee, but then in 2017, he changed that to what we call him now RM. He also stated the reason that Rap Monster no longer represented him as the sort of being he was and the melody he made.

who is the heaviest bts member
Source: Instagram@bts_bighit.officiel


Height- 176 cm

Weight- 59 Kg

SUGA measures 176 cm, which is 5 feet and 9 inches tall and is around 59 Kg in weight or 130 lbs. Also, Suga is stylized in capital letters, so it is SUGA instead of Suga that most people call him. 

He originally had joined Big Hit Entertainment as a producer, but later on, he went along with the upcoming idols, J Hope and RM, and trained as well for around three years. Along with that, he has also written and produced lyrics of numerous BTS tracks of their albums.

Apart from all that, SUGA openly talks about mental health concerns and LGBTQ+ communities, which is still a bit of taboo in South Korea. 


Height- 179 cm

Weight- 63 Kg

Jin weighs around 63 Kg or 139 lbs and is 179 cm tall, which is 5 feet and 10.5 inches. He is the second towering member of the band. 

He was scouted by the entertainment label Big Hit Entertainment while he was walking down a street. If you want to know why exactly he got the attention of the label, it was actually because of his looks. I personally feel he is the prettiest. 

Adding to that, at that time, he was working on his acting skills and had zero background or history with music. Despite all that, he made his debut along with the other band members as a trainee. Following that, he debuted as one of the four vocalists of the group.  


Height- 175 cm

Weight- 61 Kg

bts member height weight
Source: Instagram@mochidy95

Jimin is 175 cm or 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs around 61 kgs 134 lbs. He is one of the petite members of the group. 

He holds the position of both a singer and a dancer in the band. Adding to that, he joined the BTS group in June of 2013. 

Under the name BTS, he has released three solo songs Filter, Serendipity, and Lie. Of which Lie was released in 2016, and following that in the next year, 2017, Serendipity came out, then after three years, he released Filter in 2020. 

All these singles were loved equally, but they all delivered different emotions and feelings. 

Adding to that, in 2019, he made a record of being the first BTS member to have 100 views on YouTube, and it was for his solo song Serendipity. 


Height- 179 cm

Weight- 62 Kg

V weighs around 62 kg or 137 lbs and is nearly 179 cm which is 5 feet and 10.5 inches tall. 

Pre-debut V was a secret member of the band, and the fans were really not aware of V’s existence as the band member. Adding to that, Big Hit Entertainment wished to keep him as a little surprise to all their fans. 

Although this surprise element had made him feel a bit uncomfortable as he mentioned that the concept was a bit uneasy about getting okay with, he also felt that he might get cut from the remaining members of the band. 

But currently, V is a vocalist in the boy band BTS, and people love him. 

FAQs about BTS members height weight and age

Who has the lightest weight in BTS?

According to sources, as of 2022, the lightest member of the Kpop group BTS is Suga with a weight of about 130 lbs or 58 Kgs.

What is Jungkook weight and height?

In a recent reveal, the members of BTS revealed their weight. Jungkook is said to weigh around 66kg or 145 lbs. The heights of the BTS members have always been public knowledge. Jungkook’s height is about 1.79 m or 5 feet 8 inches.

Who is the tallest person in BTS?

According to sources, the tallest person in BTS is Kim Namjoon who also goes by RM. His actual height is 5 feet 11.25 inches or 1.8 metres.

Who is cutest in BTS?

While this answer is a bit controversial as everyone in the BTS Army has thier own favorites. A lot of people feel that the “Maknae” of the group BTS is the cutest. And that happens to Jungkook. He is also the youngest member of the group. Others consider BTS’s V as the top cutest guy!

Wrapping Up on the Height Weight and Other Details on BTS members

All the band members of BTS have a cute height. From J Hope to V, they are all fine. From RM being the tallest member of the band to Jimin with the shortest height of them all. 

So, wrapping up, all I am hoping is what you were looking for; you got it right here in this piece. All the details I have presented you with are apt. So, stay assured you are not learning lies. 

The reason why these guys have not only impressive personalities but also great height and weight is the training and diet they go through. 

Till next time keep loving your favorite band members, BTS!

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