BTS Muscles, Exercise Routine and Abs

BTS Muscles, Exercise Routine and Abs | Jungkook, Jimin’s And V’s Routine Revealed!

Loved BTS muscles? Here is a detailed article on their exercise routine and abs workout. Find out what’s Jungkook’s and V’s exercise routine and how many hours they work out.

Over the years we see that the K-Pop industry has experienced a boom and is growing at a very fast pace. The K-Pop world has so many Idols who are loved by many of their fans.

So it is quite obvious that these Idols are carefully watched at every stage of their lives be it on stage or even off-stage. Their fans look up at them for what they wear, their activities and how they live their day-to-lives.

At present, when you hear the word “K-Pop”, I’m pretty sure one of the first names that comes to anyone’s mind is BTS, the super-popular world-renowned boy band who has gained tremendous international fame over the last few years.

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We see them perform incredibly not just in music videos, but also on stage and wonder how they manage such tiring lives? 

Well, social media platforms also show us sneak peeks into their personal lives and BTS, as Idols go through hours and hours of training, not only for their vocals but also in terms of their fitness! 

Yes, they have to train, workout and maintain their bodies to be able to stay fit and healthy.

So for all of you curious ARMYs and fitness freaks out there, this article will let you in on each of the BTS members’ workout routines and how they always stay in shape, so maybe you could try it out too!

So here’s everything you need to know about the workout routines of all the BTS members!

BTS Muscles, Exercise Routine and Abs

Kim Namjoon (RM) workout routine

BTS Muscles, Exercise Routine and Abs

BTS’ group leader and the very first member to join the band, RM was there since the inception of the group. 

But back in 2013, I’m sure all you OG’s out there will definitely remember how lean and lanky RM looked, but over the years has gained muscle and has a super fit body. How does he even manage that?

It was hard to get out of RM what his workout routine was until a fan one day questioned him about it and he decided to respond to it on his VLive broadcast.

BTS Muscles Exercise Routine and Abs 2

His workout routine included 20 pull-ups to engage his biceps, core, mid back and also his forearms, along with 30 push-ups to engage his shoulders, triceps, chest and core. 

These exercises are mainly to gain better upper body strength.

how many hours does bts workout

He also does 30 cal on the assault bike and 30 cal rowing, as they are low-impact exercises that can tone the body, build muscle, test his stamina and build body power. 

His other exercises include air squats to work on his thighs, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps; 40 toe to bar exercises to strengthen his abs and arms along with 10 burpees to maintain and improve his overall physical health.

Kim Seok-jin (Jin) workout routine

Jin is the oldest member of the group and is loved by all his fellow members for his child-like and soft nature. He is renowned among his fans for his powerful vocals. Jin is getting closer to 30, but still is well in shape, here’s how!

Jin’s workout routine consists of strength training exercises like push-ups and jump squats. 

It helps him burn calories, improve his physical flexibility and also promote better cardiovascular health, in addition to strengthening his core and reducing the risk of injury.

bts workout routine
jungkook exercise routine
bts v workout routine

Jin also does lunges to work out his abdominals, hamstrings and quadriceps, along with burpees to improve his overall physical health and keep his bodily parameters under control.

He also includes in his workout routine crunches and leg raises to build muscle, strengthen the core and define his abs. 

Lastly, Jin also fits in planks in his workout, as it improves body metabolism, burns calories, improves body flexibility and also builds the core muscles tremendously.

Min Yoongi (Suga) workout routine

Suga maybe one of the quietest members of the group and is known to often keep to himself, but when he is heard rapping on stage or in his music videos he leaves the ARMYs shocked. 

Suga has never been spotted flexing in front of the ARMYs, but he looks like he is perfectly in shape nevertheless. Well, let’s just say that his workout routine states it all!

bts diet and workout

Suga’s workout routine includes planking as it helps build his core muscles to gain abs, while he also does crunches and leg raises to work out his quadriceps, calf muscles and hamstrings, as it also helps improve his body stability and muscle endurance.

Suga is also known to do lunges in his workout to strengthen and tone his body while building muscle mass in the butt, legs and core.

jungkook workout routine and diet

He also does the mountain climber exercise to help him become more physically agile, in addition to doing push-ups, to improve his upper body strength. 

He also includes squats and jumping jacks in his workout to not just build muscle but to also increase core strength, improve his overall cardiovascular health, burn calories and to also reduce the risk of injury in the long run.

Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope) workout routine

how many hours does jungkook workout

J-Hope is often known for his amazing rapping skills and is loved by his fans for being someone always cheerful with a smile. 

He is a fabulous dancer and is very light on his feet. But do you wonder how he manages to stay in shape to be able to move so swiftly?

Well, J-Hope’s workout routine consists of him doing cross punches a 100 times in each workout session in order to help him kick up his heart rate and maintain and tone his upper body. 

He also does squats and lunges to work out his hamstrings, quadriceps and calves.

jimin workout routine

Apart from these exercises J-Hope also does leg raises to improve his body stability and muscle endurance, along with the mountain climber exercise to increase his core strength and promote better overall bodily agility.

In addition to this J-Hope also does push-ups and planks to build his core, as they engage the abdominal muscles and burn calories at the belly.

He is known to do these exercises in four sets each of 20 reps with a rest break thirty seconds between each set.

Park Ji-min (Jimin) workout routine

Does BTS have a workout routine

Jimin is one of the vocalists of BTS and is often wooed by his fans for flashing his perfect abs during concerts.

Jim’s workout routine crunches to build muscle, because crunches are an intense workout for those who want to build their abs and strengthen their core. 

He also does push-ups to build his chest, core, triceps and shoulders. 

Some of Jimin’s other exercises include jumping jacks to burn calories and engage the whole body in the workout, along with leg raises to improve body stability and muscle endurance.

What is BTS Jungkook workout routine

Jimin also engages himself in doing pike push-ups to build shoulder strength and strengthen his upper body parts like his shoulders, back, chest, core and arms.

Apart from these exercises he also loves running and makes sure to run every single day to keep him energized and refresh himself by sweating it out.

Kim Taehyung (V) workout routine

What is BTS Jimin workout routine

Next up we have the super handsome Kim Taehyung, truly loved by all his fans, not just for his vocals but for his perfect body too.

But Taehyung has revealed very little about his workout routine, but here’s what we know!

how many hours does bts workout

He does a lot of cardio because he feels that they help him stay in shape and also maintain a healthy body weight. He has also been spotted doing weight training exercises to engage his muscles and build them. 

There was a video doing the rounds of BTS’ Taehyung doing the lateral deltoid flies and also lateral shoulder fly exercises that workout the deltoid muscles to reduce the risk of injury, to improve his posture and to strengthen his shoulders and upper body.

Jeon Jung-kook (Jungkook) workout routine

bts workout routine

Jungkook is the youngest member of the group, but is not just known for his strong vocals but is also known for his physical strength! 

His fellow members have often flashed the ARMYs with Jungkook’s perfect 6 pack abs. Well, here’s how he maintains his perfect physique!

There was a time when Jungkook’s workout routine went viral and so many YouTubers were seen attempting to complete his workout routine. Here’s what the routine was.

jungkook exercise routine

Jungkook does 20 pike-push-ups and regular push-ups to build his upper body strength and increase his core stability. 

He also does 10 planks to build his abs and core muscles, along with regular squats and regular squats, each 20 times. He does these squats to build and strengthen his leg muscles.

How do you get Jungkook abs

In addition to these exercises, Jungkook also does 15 burpees to burn calories, as cardio is very essential for a good calorie burn. 

He also does the mountain climber exercise 20 times to increase his levels of physical agility.

Also, Jungkook does 20 of the “Superman’s exercises”, because it helps him strengthen his lower back muscles while also improving his core strength, along with 20 leg raises and 20 crunches to work out his hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles.

The final takeaway

Well you guys, I hope you enjoyed reading about the BTS members’ workout routines. It definitely was quite impressive, right?

I’m sure there are quite a few of you ARMYs and workout freaks out there who are intrigued and all super charged to try out the BTS members’ workout routines yourselves. 

Well, go ahead guys and challenge yourselves to do them!

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