BTS Net worth by individual members

BTS Net Worth By Individual Members 2023 | Richest Members, Rankings

Who is the richest BTS member? What is the BTS net worth by individual members. What are the net worths of V, Jungkook, Suga and more! Find it all out here!

In the recent past, K-Pop has been gaining a lot of worldwide attention and the Bangtan Boys, well-known as BTS, the South-Korean boy band have taken the world by storm ever since their debut in 2013 and have now become the most successful Korean Pop group in the entire world!

The 7 boys RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are the ARMY’s favourites and I’m sure we all know they are worth millions of dollars, but are still down to earth and loved by many.

While they make music as a group, they also make individual music as well, in addition to the brand endorsements and advertisements, tours and other projects they work on and I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who often wonder how much are these boys worth!

Well, they for sure are well rewarded for their efforts, because this article is going to give you an individual estimate of the net worth of each of the BTS members ranked from first to last.

So let’s get into the updated figures as of 2022!

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BTS MemberTotal Net Worth (As of 2022)Age
J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok)US$24 Million27 Years
Suga (Min Yoon-gi)US$23-25 Million28 Years
RM (Kim Nam-joon)US$26 Million 27 Years
Jimin (Park Ji-min)US$20 million 26 Years
Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook)US$24 Million24 Years
V (Kim Tae-hyung)US$22 million26 Years
Jin (Kim Seok-jin)US$20 million29 Years

BTS Net Worth by Individual Members 2022

Number 1: J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok)

Heading the list is J-Hope, with a net worth estimate of a whopping USD $24-26 million. He is often known as the live-wire of the band, with his tremendous energy and extraordinary dance moves.

The 27-year-old singer, rapper, dancer and songwriter, is considered to be the highest-earning and richest member of the band.

J-Hope debuted in 2013 and became the third member to join the boy band BTS but gained more fame later on and often credits the growth of his net worth after he released his solo mixtape ‘Hope World’ 2018, making him the highest-charting South-Korean singer on Billboard 200 in 2018.

Thereafter, he went on to release ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’, the single, featuring Becky G, making it reach 81, in the US Billboard 100. This made him BTS’s first member to have a Hot 100 hit in his name!

J-Hope is one of the donors of Child Fund Korea and is a recognized member of the Green Noble Club, as one of the high-value donors.

In 2021, J-Hope donated ₩100 million to support children facing economic difficulties due to the global pandemic. He has also donated ₩150 million, in 2018 to support children with visual impairments.

J-Hope has recently purchased a luxury apartment in Seoul, South-Korean, which is currently valued at USD $2.2 million.

Number 2: Suga (Min Yoon-gi)

The second on the list is the 28-year-old rapper and songwriter, Suga. He is estimated to have a net worth of USD $23-25 million.

Suga was the second member to join the band BTS in 2013 and then in 2016, he released ‘August D’ his first single mixtape and thereafter in 2020, he released ‘D-2’ his second single mixtape. His mixtape reached number 11 in the US Billboard 200.

Suga is well-known as a songwriter as well and has over 100 songs credited to his name as songwriter and producer. He is also an activist and ardent supporter of mental health and has spoken openly about his support to the LGBTQ + community.

The Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation benefitted from Suga’s generous donation of ₩100 million in 2019, which is one of his many philanthropic ventures.

Suga has won the ‘Hot Trend Award’ in 2017 at the Melon Music Awards. In 2018, Sugar purchased a luxury apartment in South-Korean, worth USD $ 3 million.

Also, he was the winner at the Mnet Asian Music Awards for two consecutive years 2019 and 2020 in the category Best Collaboration for his songs ‘Song Request’ (in collaboration with Lee Sora) and ‘Eight’ (in collaboration with IU).

Number 3: RM (Kim Nam-joon)

RM, the very first member to join BTS, also the leader of the group, currently has an estimated net worth of USD $ 20-22 million, standing third on the list of the richest among the BTS members.

The 27-year-old South-Korean rapper, songwriter and record producer, RM, released his very first solo mixtape back in 2015 called ‘RM’.

And 3 years later went on to release his second single mixtape called ‘Mono’, which peaked at number 26  as the highest-charting album in the Billboard 200 by a Korean soloist. In 2020, RM also won the Patron of the Arts Award.

RM is also known to have bought a home in 2019, in Hannam-dong for a sum of ₩4.9 billion, which is currently worth over ₩5.8 billion.

When the leader of BTS turned 25, he donated of ₩100 million to the Seoul Samsun School for the cause of providing education to hearing-impaired students in the field of music. 

He is also well-known for being one among the top 10 Patrons of the Arts and was recognized by the Korean Arts Council.

Number 4: Jimin (Park Ji-min)

Jimin is one of the three youngest BTS band members but comes in 4th ranked in terms of his estimated net worth USD $18 – 20 million. Jimin is an amazing dancer and is best known for his powerful vocals. 

He is also the Lead Vocalist of the band BTS. Even though Jimin was the very last member to join the band, he is for sure loved by all his bandmates, both senior and junior to him.

The 26-year-old singer and dancer was ranked the 1st most popular idol for two consecutive years 2018 and 2019 and also became the only idol to top the survey conducted by Gallup Korean, two times!

One of Jimin’s chartered songs as lead artist ‘Filter, released in 2020 increased his fandom and helped him gain more worldwide popularity.

Jimin is also known to have bought a luxury apartment in Hannam-dong worth USD $5.3 million, as of June 2021.

Apart from his amazing music career, Jimin also has contributed significantly to philanthropic ventures and is one of the major donors contributing towards the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation has made donations of over ₩100 million.

Number 5: Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook)

The 24-year-old singer, dancer and main vocalist of the band BTS, Jungkook, fondly called the ‘Golden Maknae’ is well-known to be the most popular among the members of the band. 

Jungkook and Jimin, both have the same estimated net worth of USD $18 – 20 million. Even though Jungkook is the youngest among the Bangtan boys, he was the 4th member to join the band.

Jungkook had also purchased his very own apartment in Yongsan District, Seoul worth ₩4 billion, but it came to be known that in 2020 December, Jungkook had gifted this apartment to his older brother.

Jungkook has won the ‘Global Instagrammer’ Award in 2019 at the MTV Millennial Awards, which is one of his many noteworthy achievements. Jungkook was also the most-searched male K-pop idol on Google and YouTube in 2019 and 2020.

Number 6: V (Kim Tae-hyung)

Another vocalist of the band BTS, singer and songwriter V, has an estimated net worth of USD $ 18 – 19 million. V was the sixth member to join the band, but was kept as the “secret member” of BTS pre-debut.

V is also well-known for his composition of music and was first credited for his song ‘Hold Me Tight, which he co-wrote and co-produced. V also released ‘4 O’clock’ in 2017, along with his fellow bandmate and co-producer RM, to mark BTS’s 4th anniversary. 

In 2022, on the 4th of January, V made his very first solo entry on the Billboard Hot 100 with his original soundtrack ‘Christmas Tree’, which was number 79 on its debut.

Just like his other bandmates, V is also known to have purchased a luxury apartment worth USD $4.55 million in 2019.

As of 2021, V has become a Guinness World Record holder for successfully becoming the ‘Fastest Person to reach 1 million followers on Instagram’ and also having the ‘Fastest time to reach 10 million followers on Instagram’.  

V also got nominated for his song ‘Singularity’ and won the Soompi Awards for the Best Choreography in 2019 and Best Idol Actor at the same awards in 2018.

Number 7: Jin (Kim Seok-jin)

Which member of BTS is the richest
Source: Instagram@jin

Not too far behind from the net worths of his fellow bandmates, is the 29-year-old vocalist of the band BTS, singer and songwriter, Jin, who is also the oldest member of the band, with an estimated net worth of $18 million. He was the last but third member to join the band.

Apart from releasing three solo tracks with BTS, Jin has also released his first independent song in 2019, called ‘Tonight’.  

Jin has many achievements to his credit, but one among his noteworthy achievements is when he got awarded the fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit, back in 2018, by the president of South Korea, along with his fellow bandmates, for their contribution to Korean culture. 

Jin was also ranked the 13th most popular idol in 2019.

Just like some of his fellow bandmates, Jin’s philanthropic ventures include monthly donations to UNICEF Korea, but the figures aren’t known as he appreciates his privacy in his charitable donations.

FAQs About BTS’ Net Worth

Who is the richest member of BTS?

The richest member of BTS is J-Hope. He has a total net worth of $20 million. J-hope’s extra income comes from the sales of his solo mix tapes.

How much is V net worth?

As of early 2022, the total net worth of BTS member V (real name Kim Taehyung) has a net worth of $20 million.

Who is from rich family in BTS?

Jin from BTS has rich parents. His father, Kim Nam-Jung is the CEO of a Korean company. In 2018, Forbes Korea named him among the 50 richest men in Korea.

Is Kim Taehyung a billionaire?

No, not yet. But members of the BTS’ army will be happy to know that Kim Taehyung is estimated to be worth around $20 million so he’s getting there!

Well, I hope you’ve got your long awaited answer to the ranking of BTS in terms of their net worth and BTS is still growing in popularity.

So I’m sure you’ll have to check up on their net worths rankings every couple of months!

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