BTS RM dimples

8 Times BTS RM Dimples Gave ARMYs The Thrills

Check out BTS RM dimples and every time he made ARMY go mad with his smile. Also check out who has the best dimples in BTS. 

Are you one of those ARMYs who are totally obsessed with RM’s dimples? 

If your answer is a yes, then this article will make you super happy because it talks all about RM and will overload you with pictures of his dimples that will for sure make you have an overdose of his cuteness!

With the world of K-Pop growing at such a fast pace, I am sure that the name “RM” is a very well-known name doing the rounds all over the internet.

RM is now an internet sensation and is loved by many, but of course loved the most by his ARMYs.

So, for all you ARMYs out there who stand RM, go ahead and read this article and I’m sure you will love every bit of it!

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Everything you need to know about RM 

27-year-old South Korean born singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer Kim Nam-joon often goes by his stage name RM. 

He is the leader of the world-renowned South Korean boy band BTS. Together with his band they have gained a lot of fame with their popularity crossing international borders.

RM was the very first member to join BTS and along with his band, they made their debut back in 2013 and have been very active in the K-Pop industry ever since then. 

BTS was formed under Big Hit Entertainment, one of the most famous South Korean entertainment companies located in Seoul.

who has the best dimples in bts
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Apart from being one among the seven members of BTS, RM has also made his debut as a solo artist in 2015 after he released his very first solo mixtape called ‘RM’ in 2015 and thereafter released his second mixtape in 2018 called ‘Mono’. 

His second mixtape ‘Mono’ is known to have peaked on the US Billboard 200 charting at number 26 and it also became the highest-charting album by any soloist in the chart history of South Korea.

RM is known to have collaborated with many other popular artists like Wale, Lil Nas X, Younha, Primary, Warren G, Fall Out Boy and many more.

BTS RM Dimple

BTS RM Dimples

It is pretty obvious that the ARMYs love RM’s super adorable dimples and do not miss any opportunity to point out this fact. In fact, ARMYs have taken it up a notch and even took to Twitter to put up posts tagging RM’s dimples.

Well, none of the ARMYs are complaining because RM’s dimples are exceptionally cute, aren’t they?

1. Too cute for VLive to handle?

Every ARMY knows that BTS makes solo and group appearances on the South Korean video streaming service called VLive. 

They use this platform to broadcast their live videos and have live sessions with their fans to chat and interact with them on a more intimate level. 

Looks like this ARMY has captured RM’s super adorable dimples so many times from different VLive sessions with RM and the internet is thankful!

Because ARMYs cannot get enough of his dimples

2. ARMYs have got your back RM!

Whether it was the announcement of BTS taking a break or whatever news they break to the ARMYs, they are always so supportive and have BTS’ backs. ARMYs are always very supportive of the boys and wish them well in whatever they plan to do.

3. Claiming your territory much, ARMY?

Most of the ARMYs must confess that they do have a bias BTS Idol, even though it may change from time to time, right?

Well, this ARMY took to Twitter to tell the world about their Idol bias being RM and looks like the person made that very clear for sure!

4. Because RM’s dimples are super addictive!

Dimples by themselves are rare to find and imagine you’re an ARMY who loves dimples. Well, looks like RM has the whole package after all. He can sing, dance, rap, looks handsome and he has dimples!

Undoubtedly, RM’s dimples can be super addictive because he is like a drug to the ARMYs and makes them smile.

Adorable much?

5. “Rrraaapppp Monster”

There was once an old man who was asked in a public interview about BTS, after he was shown a picture of the boys. 

He was quick to respond as he knew exactly who they were and named each of them, while calling RM as “Rrraaapppp Monster”. Well, it was all in good measure after all, right?

For those of you who haven’t seen the video yet, then make sure to go and check it out because it is quite funny and what’s more hilarious is Jungkook imitating the old man calling RM “Rrraaapppp Monster”.

6. #Leadershipgoals!

RM was the very first member to join BTS and even though he isn’t the oldest, he is still the leader of the group and he is simply adored by his fellow band members.

He is one who shows exemplary leadership qualities and has been an inspiration to not just his bandmates, but also to others all around the world. 

RM has always been a motivational figure and also advocates that it is okay to make mistakes, that it is important to be open to learning new ideas and gaining knowledge and that it is important to always be dedicated and persevere in life and in whatever you do.

Why so cute, RM?

7. Too cute to be legal, right?

If being too cute was illegal, then this ARMY thinks that RM would definitely be so because of how super cute he is and how super cute his dimples make him look!

Honestly, a lot of other ARMYs can endorse this fact, I am sure!

8. Let’s make the dimples permanent, shall we RM?

Well, looks like this ARMY cannot get enough of RM’s dimples and has even gone to the extent of saying that RM’s picture can be tattooed anywhere on the person because he is super gorgeous. This fact is for sure indisputable, right?

 Interesting Facts about RM that you Need to Know Finally Revealed

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Source: Instagram @ jeon_kooking_

·         In honour of RM’s 25th birthday, he donated 100 million won to the Seoul Samsun School. He donated this money in order to help the students with hearing impairments to receive music education.

·         RM had a nasal septum deviation and had to undergo a surgery called septoplasty in 2018 to rectify this defect.

·         Before RM joined BTS, he was known to be an “underground rapper” and went by the name Runch Randa.

·         He currently owns a home in Hannam-dong and it is worth 5.7 million US dollars!

·         In the Gallup Korea survey of 2018, RM was ranked as the 12th most preferred Idol of the year.

·         RM is a baritone because his voice ranges between bass and tenor.

·         He selected his former stage name “Rap Monster”, during his training years as an idol and he says that he got it from the lyrics of a song he wrote. It was inspired by San E’s song ‘Rap Genius’. Later in 2017, he formally changed his stage name to RM.

·         RM is often nicknamed as the “God of Destruction” by the ARMY as he is very clumsy by nature and often breaks things.

·         He always advocates that people’s voices are heard and openly supports the LGBTQ+       community.

·         RM was in 5th Grade when he gained interest in hip-hop music, just at age 11.

·         He was nominated for and won the ‘Patron of the Arts’ Award in 2020.

·         RM is known to be the tallest member of the band BTS, at 5 feet 11 inches.

Do you have the same personality as RM?

bts dimple smile
Source: Instagram @ moonsbangtan

Well, it is no secret that RM is a very hardworking person who is super dedicated to his work and is undoubtedly a team player, as he is the leader and spokesperson for his band, BTS. 

He is the glue that has held his band together over the last 9 years because of his superb leadership skills.

But from what the ARMYs observe, apart from just BTS, there are videos doing the rounds on the internet about the lives of the band members behind the scenes and that’s where we get to see a little more about RM’s true personality.

He is kind, carefree, fun-loving and very genuine. He is often known to be someone who loves spending time with nature, by himself. 

RM is known to be a lover of the arts and also is seen enjoying a few sports too. Looks like RM is the Jack of all trades, right?

Well, after everything you’ve read about RM’s personality, do you think your personality matches his?

RM’s Fashion and Style

bts rm dimples
Source: Instagram @ _.bangtan_girl_forever

There are times when we envy those people who literally look good in anything and everything they wear. Well, RM is one of them!

RM has a super amazing dressing sense and he makes that pretty obvious, doesn’t he? From the clothes he dresses in, to the shoes he wears along with the perfect and unique accessories, RM’s fashion sense is definitely one of the best in the K-Pop industry!

His dressing style is impeccable and he is often seen wearing overalls, denims, casuals, formals, modern and sports attire along with scarves, hats and a range of different types of footwear.

The final takeaway

Well guys, like I said before, RM for sure is the whole package, right? He is multi-talented, looks super handsome and truly seems like a great human being!

If you weren’t an ARMY but read this article out of curiosity, I’m sure it has sparked some interest in you.

So go ahead and check out more about RM and his music not just as a solo artist, but even along with his band BTS and you will definitely have new music to add to your playlist!

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