Enhypen Members Sorted By Popularity

Enhypen Members Sorted By Popularity 2023 | Complete Kpop Profiles, Age, Birthday, Height And More!

Check out the complete Kpop profile of ENHYPEN and the ENHYPEN members sorted by popularity! 

BIGHIT and MNET sponsored the reality TV show K-Pop Idol Survival “Island” and created a 7-member rookie group ENHYPEN! 

Here’s an in-depth look at the final selected ENHYPEN member profiles! 

I’ve collected not only individual profiles, but also ENHYPEN popularity order, name meanings, age order, and even past photos, so if you want to become an ENHYPEN fan, check it out!

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Enhypen Members Sorted By Popularity 2022

Here is a thorough introduction of ENHYPEN ENHYPEN, a 7-member rookie group selected from Island, in order of popularity! 

The popularity order is based on the “Global Voting Rank” conducted by global fans during the broadcast of “Island Part 2”. 

No. 7 Sonoo (선우, SUNOO)

  • Real name: Kim, Sonu
  • Birthday: June 24, 2003
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Blood type: O
  • Preparation period: 10 months
  • Personality type: ENFP
  • Debuted with Producer’s Choice
enhypen members sorted by popularity kpop
Source: Instagram@enhypen

Sunoo is ENHYPEN’s 7th most popular member. He garnered a lot of popularity with his engaging facial expressions, healthy personality, and adorable appearance despite having only a 10-month training period before joining Island.
He is known as “Kitsune face” in Korea and is frequently introduced as a favorite  member.
Sunoo’s eyes, nose, and mouth are all well defined. He looks sharp when he is quiet, yet he appears soft when he laughs a lot. On stage, he morphs into a variety of characters and is believed to be a member with mysterious gap between his stage and everyday life.

Sonu has a cheerful and charming personality and is called the member in charge of laughter during the Island broadcast. 

When practicing with the other members who did the team together, you could often see him helping them practice their facial expressions without feeling embarrassed while being charming.

He is also a compassionate and sensitive member who can often be seen comforting those who have dropped out of the team.

Sunoo is a member who has been physically weak since you were a child, and there have been rumors of surgery. 

However, he makes every effort to appear cheery to others. Tteokbokki and yogurt-flavored ice cream are two of his favourite dishes. He would choose tteokbokki if he had to eat only one food for the rest of his life. Blue, mint, purple, and pink are his favourite colours.


  • Real name: Park Sung-hoon
  • Birthday: December 8, 2002
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Blood type: O
  • Height: 178cm
  • Preparation period: 2 years and 1 month
  • Personality Type: ISTJ
  • Born figure skater, BIGHIT trainee
enhypen most handsome member
Source: Instagram@enhypen

SungHoon is ENHYPEN’s sixth most popular user. He was a BIGHIT Entertainment trainee for two years and one month before joining Island, but he transferred to Billy Flap to join Island for his appearance in Survival.
He comes from a family of figure skaters, which gives him a unique background. Not just a sideline sport, but a full-fledged athletic career that includes two silver medals at the Asian Trophy Junior Championships and participation in the Junior Grand Prix.
As a result, he is a member who, as a child, appeared in figure-related documentaries and competed in competitions to easily find fame.

He went to a BTS concert during his figure skating career and had a dream of becoming an idol, so he spent two years from the age of 17 as an athlete and a trainee at the same time.

Even when he was a figure skater, he was famous for his good looking, fair skin and clear face. 

Moreover, Sung Hoon has a thin and well-styled body due to his long career as an athlete, and his shoulders are broad, so his fans call him a perfect idol. He also says that he has strength and soft dancing skills due to his experience in ballet, a dance he learned for figure skating.

Sung Hoon is a hardworking type who tirelessly goes his own way, perhaps because he was an athlete for so long. 

At the time of Island’s broadcast, he told the producer, “I get a little better every day, maybe because of the sports I played. It’s so strange,”. 

He looks like a shy type with few words, but he is a member who can often be seen laughing and playing pranks with those close to him. If he had to eat only one food for the rest of his life, he would like to eat samgyeopsal.


  • Real name: Lee Hye Sun
  • Birthday: October 15, 2001
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Blood type: A
  • Preparation period: 3 years and 1 month
  • Personality Type: INFJ
  • Debuted in BIGHIT trainee
who is the least popular enhypen member
Source: Instagram@enhypen

The ENHYPEN member ranking 5th place in popularity order is Heesung. He was a trainee at BIGHIT for 3 years and 1 month before joining Island, but moved to Billy Flap to join Island for the Survival performance. 

Heesung was such a promising member of the company that BIGHIT’s Bang Si-hyuk said in the first episode of Island, “This boy can be expected to sing and dance!”

He is an all-rounder type who can sing and dance well, and there was a scene aired where he was called an “ace” by Island’s trainees. 

It is said that he has the ability to regulate his dancing power while practicing for a long time. 

As a vocalist, he also has the freedom to use a variety of singing styles, and has a side that makes his live show look wonderful even in the middle of a dance.

Heesung is very attractive with a high nose and white teeth. When he smiles, he looks like a very young boy, but he is always praised for his handsome face and various expressions on stage. 

He is, however, a little lacking in ahegyo and charm. He learned to be charming from Sungwoo, who was on the same team as him during the broadcast, and was successful, but he was always shy during practise sessions, and the fans adored him.

Because he enjoys wearing hats, he is frequently seen wearing baseball caps during the show. Basketball is his favourite sport, and ramen noodles are his favourite food. He enjoys ramen so much that he consumes it at least three times per week.

If he were to become a movie character, he would like to be the male lead in a Japanese melodrama.

No. 4 Niki (니키, NI-KI)

  • Real name: Riki Nishimura
  • Birthday: December 9, 2005
  • Nationality: Okayama, Japan
  • Blood type: B
  • Preparation period: 8 months
  • Personality Type: ENFJ
who is the most hated member in enhypen
Source: Instagram@enhypen

ENHYPEN’s 4th place in popularity order is Niki. He is a member of the main dancers who has a deep love for dancing and has been dancing since he was 5 years old, although it has been announced that he had 8 months to prepare before performing in Island. 

No information on the position has been released yet, but fans are saying, “We want Niki to be the main dancer. He is so amazingly talented that we have heard the words.”

He was so famous for his dancing ability that he appeared in various popular TV programs and commercials while learning to dance at DANCE STUDIO LEAD in Okayama Prefecture when he was a little girl. 

Niki especially admired Michael Jackson and even went by the stage name “Riki Jackson,” which is a combination of his own name and Jackson. 

He also performed as “SHINee Kids,” back-up dancers for the famous Korean idol SHINee! SHINee Kids took on the role of a child of a SHINee member, and you created a stage performance together at a concert. 

Niki was a cool dancer, and I even heard SHINee fans say, “Is there going to be a Niki from SHINee Kids?

Here is proof Ni-ki’s dance skills!

He is the youngest of the team, loved by the hyungs, and still has a cute, young-looking face. 

However, despite being the youngest year, he is taller than the other members of the team, and he is also taller than the other members of the team, and he is also taller than the other members of the team

The youngest member of the team, beloved by the hyungs, still has a cute, young-looking face. However, despite being the youngest year, you can see that he is taller than the other members. 

Since they are still in their youngest years, they are also the members whose growth and change is most exciting. Fans especially say that Nikki is the member they are most interested in seeing how he will change while living as an idol.

He is a hardworking type who has a clear way of thinking in his work and works hard to achieve his goals. Especially in dancing, he has the personality to work harder and further ahead of others with a passion that is unmatched by others. 

However, he is also a member with the charm of a gap, usually in an honest and cute way, and after getting to know each other, he shows a lot of fun. 

He has a dream to become a singer who can share his love with various people and to stand on the billboard stage in 10 years.

Niki’s past photos are not shown here because we have information that his family has asked us not to publish them.

No. 3 Jake (제이크, JAKE)

  • Real name: Shim Jae Yoon
  • Birthday: November 15, 2002
  • Nationality: Australian, Republic of Korea
  • Blood type: O
  • Preparation period: 9 months
  • Personality Type: ISTJ

Enhypen age height photo
Source: Instagram@enhypen

Jake is the third most popular member of ENHYPEN. He is one of the members who has had the shortest training period, having only practised for 9 months prior to performing in Island.

He is from Brisbane, Australia, and became a fan after seeing BTS perform at DNA America, after which he began his trainee career in Korea.
You can tell he has a strong, determined personality by the fact that he moved to Korea right away to pursue his dream.
He has a sculpted high nose and large eyes, and he is a member who is admired for his particularly attractive profile.

Even people who are unfamiliar with the Island, particularly in Korea, refer to him as “that handsome girl,” a member of the group.

Jake is among the more physically strong members, and is known to have good style, bragging about his arm muscles on the show and having brilliant abs. 

They are said to have good vocal abilities, although they have been practicing for a short period of time and are heard to have a reputation of being the one who lacks dancing among the members.

They are honest and positive, and like to play pranks on other members. Their cute faces and pranks are often broadcasted and they are often said to resemble puppies. 

He also has a cute side as he is timid and will not even enter his own room if he gets into a scary atmosphere on air. I hear that he runs away at great speed when insects appear.

His favorite food is chicken. His favorite colors are black and ivory, and he likes to play soccer. He is usually comfortable and likes to wear large street brand clothes, and he likes to wear shoes to make a point.

No. 2 Jay (제이, JAY)

  • Real name: Park Jung-seon
  • Birthday: April 20, 2002
  • Nationality: U.S.A., Republic of Korea
  • Blood type: B
  • Preparation period: 2 years and 11 months
  • Personality Type: ENTP
  • Debut in BIGHIT trainee
who is most biased in enhypen
Source: Instagram@enhypen

Jay is ranked 2nd in popularity by ENHYPEN. He was a trainee at BIGHIT for 2 years and 11 months before joining Island, but moved to Billy Flap to join Island for his appearance in Survival. 

He is the member who has shown the most interesting appearance on the show and is loved by many fans for his frank yet unpretentious personality with his emotions.

When he was in danger of being eliminated from the group, he left a touching letter to the members and then made black history by surviving to the top of the standings.

They are members of two nationalities, Korean and American. His parents are Korean, but he was born in Seattle, USA, and reportedly came to Korea as a child to grow up. 

Currently, they are living as trainees while studying at Hanlim High School of Performing Arts, a famous performing arts high school. 

He said that he had a dream to be good looking since he was a child and that he wanted to become an idol because he could set a standard of good looking while watching artists on stage.

Jay is a sweet and friendly person, and despite being a competitive broadcaster, he often shows his positive personality by being happy with other participants’ happiness and not being able to stop crying when he sees someone eliminated from the competition. 

Jay is also one of the more emotional members, shedding tears and getting scared at the mention of ghosts.

He is a leader and helps other members. He has a good sense of rhythm, can speak English well, and has excellent rapping ability. 

Jay also has the ability to dance freely on the street, and he is able to perform NCT’s “7th Sense,” which is one of the most difficult K-pop dance songs.

No. 1 Jungwon (정원, JUNGWON)

  • Real name: Yang Jung-won
  • Birthday: February 9, 2004
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Blood type: AB
  • Preparation period: 1 year and 4 months
  • Personality Type: ESTJ
  • Debut in BIGHIT trainee
who is the most popular member in enhypen
Source: Instagram@enhypen

Jungwon is ranked number 1 in popularity by ENHYPEN. He was a trainee at BIGHIT for 1 year and 4 months before joining Island, but moved to Billy Flap to join Island to perform in Survival. 04line and is one of the youngest on the Island. 

However, producers said, “He looks pure and selfless, but inside he seems different,” and “He has ambition. He is a member with such a deep passion for what he does that you hear him say, “Ambition is very important for an artist.”

A member who has exercised so long that he started Taekwondo at the age of 7 and was an athlete for 4 years.

When he was in kindergarten, he was small and did not get along with his friends, but since he learned taekwondo, he has made so many friends. 

According to him, Taekwondo and dancing are interesting because there are many similarities between the two. Later, he became an idol trainee through casting.

He has white skin and clear noses and eyes, but his young age makes him look cute. But when he lifts his bangs, he is a totally different, cool member. 

This member is often said to resemble a cat or a rabbit. They are skinny, stylish, and look like idols in everyone’s eyes.

Jungwon is a member who is good at vocals, and his unusual tone is considered to be attractive. He has a voice that distinguishes him from the other members, especially when Island’s trainees say, “Jungwon’s voice sounds solid” in the broadcast. 

He is often featured as a member with the ability to lead and take the vocal part of the team. They are also capable dancers, and despite their short preparation time, they have earned a reputation for being good dancers.

As a child, he grew up with his grandmother instead of his parents who were busy working, and he loves his grandmother the most. There is an anecdote that he sends all of his practice videos to his grandmother, and he treasures them very much. His role model is Jungkook of BTS.

What kind of group is ENHYPEN?

ENHYPEN is a 7-member global rookie male group formed in the idol survival “I-LAND (Island)” produced by Korean broadcaster MNET and aired in Japan on ABEMA. ENHYPEN members consist of one Japanese and six Koreans. ENHYPEN’s official debut date is November 2020.

Which is ENHYPEN’s Entertainment company?

BELIFT LAB Billy Flap is a newly established company by CJENM, the company behind “I-LAND” and MNET, the broadcast station of the produced series, and BIGHIT, the major Billboard #1 BTS and TXT agency. Billy Flap is known to be 52 percent owned by CJENM and 48 percent owned by BIGHIT Entertainment.

ENHYPEN belongs to Belief and not to BIGHIT, but it is said that there is not a big difference because the role of planning is also done by BIGHIT, such as producer Bang Si-hyuk.

Enhypen Members Kpop profiles
Source: Instagram@enhypen

What does ENHYPEN mean?

ENHYPEN or “en hyphen” means to discover and grow through connection, like the hyphen (-) that joins words together to form a sentence. As artists, they have an aspiration to connect people to people, generation to generation, and to connect a divided world.

Enhypen Members Sorted By Popularity
Source: Instagram@enhypen

Who are the leaders of ENHYPEN?

The leader of ENHYPEN is the Korean member Jungwon.

The process of selecting the leader was made public through Youtube. After about 40 days of interviews with all the members and various tests, “HISUN” and “Jungwon” were selected as the final candidates for the leader.

Jungwon became the leader because he is the oldest member of ENHYPEN and the center of the group in terms of performance, and he wondered how many roles he would have to take on by himself.

He also wondered if it would be a good fit for him, and whether it would be a way for him to do more for the team. 

After asking both Hisun and Jungwon for their thoughts, Jungwon became the leader.

FAQs about ENHYPEN Members

Is ENHYPEN popular in USA?

Yes, ENHYPEN is very popular in the USA. But it would be unfair to compare their success to other Kpop groups like BTS or Blackpink as these are 2nd generation Kpop bands and have been around forever now. ENHYPEN is relatively new. However they are steadily gaining popularity right now. In 2021, not even a year after their debut, ENHYPEN debuted a song at No. 3 on the World Digital Song Sales chart of the US Billboard top 100. So that’s a pretty good sign that their music is globally popular.

Who is the oldest member of ENHYPEN?

All the members of ENHYPEN are actually quite young and have got a foothold into the Korean pop industry pretty early in their lives. But out of these Heeseung is actually the oldest. He is currently 20 years old and his birthday is on the 12th of October 2001.

Who can speak English in ENHYPEN?

Sim Jaeyun or Jake as his stage name goes is the member of ENHYPHEN who can speak fluent English. This isn’t really surprising as Jake is Australian-Korean and grew up in Brisbane.

Who is the main visual of ENHYPEN?

Park Sung-hoon or simply Sunghoon as he’s popularly known is the main visual of the Kpop group ENHYPEN. He is currently 19 years old and about 1.81 m tall. You can see why Sunghoon was chosen as the face of ENHYPEN as he’s got an athletic build thanks to former training as a figure skater.

How long did ENHYPEN train?

Enhypen were formed by the company Belift Lab which is a collab between the entertainment company BIG hit (HYBE corp.) and CJ ENM. They were selected after winning the survalist game show I-land. After which ENHYPEN trained for 8 months before their debut in 2020.

Summary about ENHYPEN Members

ENHYPEN made its glitzy debut in the music industry in November 2020!
With the participation of BIGHIT, BTS’s entertainment company, they have captured the attention of fans all over the world.
Expectations are now high for the types of activities they will develop in the future, not only in Korea but also around the world. Keep an eye out for more updates as they become available!

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