Facts About DK From SEVENTEEN

16 Random Facts About DK From SEVENTEEN Everyone Should Know

Here are some random facts about DK from SEVENTEEN everyone should know. This profile on DK includes his birthdate and other facts about him. 

The world of K-Pop is growing at such a fast pace and is taking the world by storm. 

So, I’m sure that the South Korean boy band Seventeen, which ironically is a group of thirteen members, is almost known to everyone out there and they are extremely loved by their Carats (or as their fans call themselves). 

The group made their debut in 2015 and has been active ever since.

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One among the popular members of Seventeen is singer Lee Seok Min, popularly known as DK and also often known as Dokyeom. He is part of the vocal team of the group.

While some of us Carats think we know a lot about DK, there are many things you may not know yet!

Check out these random facts about DK, to get to know him better.

Random Facts About DK From Seventeen 

1. DK is known for his vocal volume

dk seventeen fun facts
Source: Instagram @ dk_is_dokyeom

There are a lot of us who simply hate when our neighbours are loud, don’t we? Well, I’m not quite sure whether anyone could hate DK’s absolutely perfect voice even if it is loud!

DK is known to have a very high vocal volume and sings so loudly that the entire Pledis Entertainment building is well-aware when DK is in a practice session. 

Well, at least the CEO knows how diligent DK is, right?

2. The reason behind calling himself DK

what is dk real name
Source: Instagram @ carat_jk

DK is short for Dokyeom, which is the stage name DK has kept for himself. The reason DK chose this name to be his stage name is because he is a multifaceted person and loves to try out different things and not just stick to one path.

This is exactly what “Dokyeom” means and that’s why he chose it as his stage name.

3. His natural hair type is not straight

Since K-Pop Idols are often seen sporting different hairstyles, with different hair colors, it is quite hard to know what exactly their “natural” hair type and hair color is. 

Well, the cat was out of the bag for DK when his fellow bandmate Joshua indirectly told everyone that DK actually had curly hair, during an episode in the South-Korean series, Idol Room.

4. DK was born prematurely

dk seventeen profiles
Source: Instagram @ seventeenisking

We often hear of babies being born way before their due dates and when we talk about premature in the case of DK, he was born within just 7 months of his mother’s pregnancy. 

Since he wasn’t a full-term baby, DK had to remain in an incubator at the hospital until he was fit enough to be brought home.

5. He was bullied for being “fat”

I’m sure there are many of us who can relate to and sympathize with DK when it comes to this aspect. 

Most of us gain and lose those extra pounds within no time, but for some, getting stubborn fat off is a hard task. DK too struggled with weight issues in the past and had often been bullied. 

He also spoke openly about his story during a radio show about how hurt these bullying incidents in his past made him feel.

6. DK’s happy bubble is eating food


Well, I’m sure that most of us share this trait with DK, right? Good food or a delicious meal can automatically brighten up one’s day. 

It is the same in the case of DK. He states that food is his comfort when he is sad or upset and simply loves food, except for eggplants and cucumbers though! 

Well, he can be excused right? We all have some foods we dislike too, don’t we?

dk food seventeen
Source: Instagram @ eats.seventeen

7. He had to undergo an ear surgery

Most of the OG carats know that DK suffers from partial hearing loss. 

For those who don’t know why, it is because DK had undergone a surgery on his right ear, some years before he joined the band and the reason for the ear surgery has been kept private. 

Due to that surgery, it has been known that DK now suffers from partial hearing loss in his right ear, but thankfully he doesn’t let it affect his singing and music.

8. DK wanted to take up Art in High School

DK always had a love for art and wanted to get into a high school where he could learn art. 

Unfortunately for DK, he didn’t get into the school of his choice and that’s how he decided to audition for the company Pledis Entertainment as a singer and obviously, his vocal talent got him in.

 He then trained for over 2 and half years and thereafter joined the Kpop group SEVENTEEN in 2015.

9. He has a rare eye smile

People with eye smiles are very rare. Eye smiles happen when a person smiles so wide, that the skin at the corner of their eyes wrinkle up, making it look like their eyes are almost closed, when they actually aren’t! DK has many things to add to his “rare” credit and his eye smile is one of them.

dk eye smile
Source: Instagram @ xen_omega_x
dk seventeen smile
Source: Instagram @ chsxfilms

10. DK is careless with his belongings

DK is often known to be extremely careless and absent-minded with his belongings. 

He has been known to have lost his belongings very often, even to an extent where he had gone on a car ride with singer Kim Ryeo-wook and he had then left his wallet in the singer’s car when he got off.

dk seventeen favorite color
Source: Instagram @ svt_1997_17

11. His real name means ‘precious gem stone’

Lee Seok Min is DK’s birth name and it means precious gem stone or more like someone who should be a precious figure or like a gem towards people.

And undoubtedly DK lives up to his name, as people often say that DK has a soft-heart and a positive personality that make people find it comfortable to be around him and enjoy his company.

12. DK is friends with BTS’ Jungkook

Well, I’m sure almost everyone out there has heard of Jungkook from the most famous Korean boy band in history, BTS and guess what, DK is good friends with Jungkook and that’s not all! 

DK and Jungkook belong to a group chat called the “97 line” wherein “97” signifies their year of birth. 

DK and Jungkook are part of this group chat along with other K-Pop stars born in the same year, belonging to other bands including Seventeen, Astro, NCT and GOT7. 

The other members are BamBam, Eunwoo, Mingyu, Yugyeom, Jaehyun and The8.

13. He is a movie buff

To all the movie buffs out there, you’ve got another member added to your club! DK is a huge movie fan and loves watching movies of different genres. 

He enjoys watching movies both at the theatres and also in the comfort of his own home.

seventeen dk age
Source: Instagram @ jhrlmdw

14. DK has a rare blood type

There are 8 blood groups that people can fall under, but even then it is very rare to find people with the blood group Rh-O.

This is also known as ‘Rhesus negative O’ and accounts to a very small part of the population of people in the world who have this kind of blood type. 

DK is one among the few people in the world who have the Rh-O blood type.

15. He has a fear of heights

We all have our fair share of apparent fears, from the fear of water, to the fear of flying, fear of spiders, fear of closed spaces and many more. 

While many of us idolize K-Pop stars, we have to also realize that they’re but human and also have their own inhibitions.

DK is no exception to the rule and he is known to have a fear of heights (just like some of us also do). He hates going to high places and dislikes going on rides at amusement parks because of their heights.

Talking about fear of heights, DK is also known to be scared of ghosts and has a fear of bugs too.

16. DK often talks in his sleep

Hearing somebody sleep talk can definitely be scary and give you a start in the middle of the night!

Well, DK’s close friend and bandmate Yoon Jeonghan recalls getting the creeps every time he shares a room with DK because DK has a peculiar habit of taking in his sleep at times and Jeonghan often has had to bear the brunt of it.


Here’s a sneak peek into DK’s personal profile for all you newbies out there:

  • Birth name: Lee Seok Min
  • Stage names: DK, Dokyeom
  • Native country: South Korea
  • City of birth: Seoul
  • Date of birth: 18.02.1997
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight: 66 kilograms
  • Blood group: Rh-O
  • Languages-known: Korean, English and Japanese
seventeen members profile
Source: Instagram @ jeonghaniyoon

All you need to know about DK in Seventeen

  • Company name: Pledis Entertainment, South Korea
  • Year of joining Seventeen: 2015
  • Group role: Singer in the vocal unit
  • Ranking in K-Pop: Number 123
  • Present status: Active (since 2015)

The final takeaway

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading these random facts about DK and I’m sure you now feel like you know a little more about this super famous K-Pop star. 

He has a super amazing personality and is known to make everyone smile and for sure makes everyone around him feel comfortable.

So, for all you newbies out there, I’m sure these random facts would have sparked your interest in the K-Pop star a little at least, so make sure to go and check out this music along with his group Seventeen.

 I’m pretty sure you’re going to add their songs to your playlist sooner!

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