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Meet The 5 Fastest Male Kpop Rappers: Who Is The Best Among the Rest?

As you read the article, you’ll see the five fastest male Kpop rappers I’ve cited below. You and I know that the Kpop industry has essentially mastered this recipe, but who are the fastest male Kpop rappers?

The Kpop industry develops and forms the idols they want to show to the public. Members of K-pop groups can all sing and dance, we can assume that.

Although only a small minority of people in each group can rap, the goal of the rappers in most Kpop groups is to experiment with punchy rhymes that may be incorporated in the middle of songs to spice it up.

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Fastest Male Kpop Rappers

Changbin (Stray Kids)

Seo Chang-bin is the group Stray Kids’ primary rapper. He is a performer, composer, and producer as well. He was chosen to make his Stray Kids debut by Bang Chan himself because of his skills in rapping, songwriting, and composing.

Even though he is only young, his songwriting and composing skills have already amazed the netizens. Before making his public debut as a member of the Stray Kids, Changbin recorded a pre-debut mixtape and songs with Chan and Han under the name 3RACHA. He went by the stage name SpearB in 3RACHA.

Also, he received credit for writing the band’s record, which was a game-changer and helped the group become well-known.

Additionally, he proved that he had the ability to read quickly as he demonstrated on Weekly Idol when he astounded the audience with his quick rapping. How can’t he be one of the fastest male Kpop rapper?

who is the fastest rapper in korea
Source: Instagram@channiesmoon

He is an expert all-arounder since he can sing and dance really well! Changbin is a captivating stage performer who is well-known for his ability in the 4th Gen industry. 

His talent in rapping is on a whole nother level and at such a young age given with a great talent, there are still a lot of years ahead of him to show more of his potential and improve.

His raps are terrifying and intensely combative. His rapping ability is astounding, gifted with such a remarkable skill in rapping, he still has many years ahead of him to demonstrate and showcase more of his potential and progress.

Furthermore, Changbin’s tone and his overflowing energy and confidence, his rap is top tier. Whether it comes to rap in K-Pop or outside of K-Pop, you can tell it’s going to be a hit just by the way he begins the verse.

The way he plays with the rhythm and changes the flow makes it so unique, an insanely fast rapper like him is truly unforgettable which makes him one of the fastest male Kpop rapper! 

Zico (Former Block B leader/ Soloist)

Woo Ji Ho or as known as Zico, the leader and primary rapper of Block B, got his big break in 2011. The same as Suga and RM, he spent years honing his craft in the underground hip-hop scene.

Additionally, Zico has a distinctive rapping technique; he is known for it which is tough and edgy. He received numerous honors for his work as a rapper, songwriter, producer, and performer.

In 2020, he won the Daesang for his song “Any Song.” He also earned the “Best Rap/Hip Hop” award thanks to the song. Can you believe that? He’s really one of the fastest male Kpop rappers!

His expertise in the hip-hop scene, where rap abilities are much more refined and the flow is just smoother, would be a major factor in this.

Zico’s versatile rap to his fluidity, voice, and songwriting makes him one of the greatest rappers in the K-pop industry. He is just not one of the best rappers, but one of the best artists in the K-pop industry.

He is constantly perfecting his craft and his work ethic can’t be matched. His deep voice is a bonus as well!

Zelo (B.A.P)

Zelo, real name Choi Jun-hong, is a South Korean rapper, singer, beatboxer, dancer, and former member of the boy group B.A.P. In November 2011, he made his music debut with the single “Never Give Up” under B.A.P’s sub-unit Bang&Zelo.

Zelo is undoubtedly one of the most ferocious and aggressive rappers in K-Pop. Zelo has a level of ferocity that is unsurpassed.

On stage, he exudes incredible enthusiasm. He always goes above and above, and both his solo work and his partnerships are masterpieces until he became a part of the fastest male Kpop rappers!

who is the third fastest rapper in kpop
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Zelo is unstoppable when he’s on stage, in a single word. Zelo has a talent for blending rap with any genre or idea to create music that sounds nice.

We are utterly enamored with how adept he is at igniting the stage with his rap prowess. The rapping of Zelo is unmatched!

His rap is flawless in every way from the pace to the flow to the lyrics and fans can’t help but hope he makes a comeback soon. 

Kim Namjoon (BTS) 

RM is the group’s leader and primary rapper. BTS is one of the best-known and most successful Kpop acts ever. He is one of the fastest male Kpop rappers who is renowned for his distinctive rap style, deep voice, songwriting and production abilities.

He is regarded as one of the greatest idol rappers in K-Pop history.

Did you know? RM is one of the few Kpop Idol rappers that speaks English fluently, which contributes to the attraction of his raps on a worldwide scale.

He is regarded as a “Lyrical Genius,” and like Suga, he said that he wanted to write poetry and prose but RM became an underground rapper going by the moniker Runch Randa when he found out that his passion is rapping.

He started rapping in 2007 when he was 13 years old, and quickly gained the attention of the group called DaeNamHyup before Big Hit Entertainment, the group referred him to Big Hit Entertainment because of his exceptional songwriting and rapping abilities.

I’m not surprised why he is counted among the fastest male Kpop rappers!

Who is the fastest male kpop rapper
Source: Instagram@rkive

In 2010, he became the first member of BTS, and in 2015, he released his first solo rap mixtape, “RM.” The biggest single from that tape, “Do You,” was about Namjoon, and it conveyed his challenges with genre labels and the genuineness of making music.

The group’s rapline, consisting of RM, J-Hope, and Suga, is known for its cyphers, a rap-heavy track and freestyle circle where each member takes turns showcasing their unique rapping skill and tale while communicating their challenges and commitment to their detractors through an excellent rap track.

RM has a superb introspective songwriting style; he tries for smoothness and naturalness, and his rap is well selected and properly crafted. His co-rappers have inventive wordplay that outperforms the detractors who doubt and question their rap talents.

Namjoon is also good at dancing and singing, and he proves that every time in each comeback! He is a rapper who can switch up his flow and rhyme scheme every two or four bars.

Someone like RM rarely appears once in our lifetime, and he is noted for both his stunning rapping abilities and amazing wordplay. When it comes to rapping, RM does not come to play.

Min Yoongi (BTS)

Suga, also known as Agust D, is the lead rapper of the chart topping and million selling biggest Kpop boy group BTS. Suga is one of the most in-demand for his music as a talented producer, but when it comes to his powerful rapping skills everyone is left speechless.

Suga used to have a career as an underground rapper before he became part of the Kpop industry, not knowing that he would someday be part of the world’s biggest and record breaking group BTS.

He even recalled that Big Hit tricked him to become an idol. Now look at him, he is one of the fastest male Kpop rappers, that’s really amazing!

Singing, rapping, songwriting and producing what else he can’t do? Suga is extremely talented! Suga told once in an interview that making music was a way for him to express his feelings in a constructive manner. “I have been writing rhymes and lyrics, a habit since I was a kid,” he stated.

“They are all the little minor feelings and thoughts that go through my mind. I shuffle them a year or so later, and they sometimes become great lyrics for songs.” 

Suga’s approach to lyricism and music is pure honesty but with the rare ability to comfort his listeners with every single word.

He confessed that when he was in sixth grade, he would be sitting at the back of his class, earnestly writing lyrics at the back of his notebook. His love for music and composition is passionate.

Min Yoongi or Suga has a unique rap style that leaves the fans impressed up until today, Suga has a versatile talent in rapping, his lyrics are very clever as he uses wordplay and originality in all that he writes, he also has the rhyming but also the flow.

Who raps faster Suga or RM
Source: Instagram@agustd

He even made lyrics that focus a lot on his struggle and vulnerability, Suga spreads positivity in mental health awareness through music.

He even wrote lyrics about corruption in politics. From politics to mental struggles, Suga’s talent in rapping and lyricism comes naturally and does not hold back.

You will really believe that he is counted among the fastest male Kpop rappers because for his passion in music!

If you think I overlooked a Kpop Idol rapper as it was difficult to cut the list down, feel free to comment below and I will check it!

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