Female Kpop Idols With Piercings

14 Female Kpop Idols With Piercings | Nose, Ear, And Facial Piercings

Here I’ve curated a list of female Kpop idols with piercings. These idols rock industrial piercings, facial piercings and even nose piercings with style! Check it out!

South Korea is a place that has lots of strict cultures and traditions that everyone must follow. Sometimes, these kinds of unrealistic standards can become a toxic environment for children to grow up in. 

That is why some idols take it upon themselves to set an example. One such taboo in South Korea is ear piercings. It is seen as a sign of unattractiveness in one’s body. 

Some K-pop idols go out of their way to prove to their fans that this is not true and piercings are indeed quite alluring. I absolutely love piercings and especially ear piercings, I have two. 

Now let me talk about some of my favourite pop stars who have piercings and still rock their looks effortlessly.

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Female Kpop Idols With Piercings

BlackPink’s Jisoo

Blackpink is the most famous girl kpop group of all time. And as Jisoo is the main visual of the group and has taken it upon herself to prove to her fans that she is indeed on her own and doesn’t care about the culture’s strict no piercing rule. 

This 27-year-old has more than eight piercings, and every one of them seems to highlight her face and make her even more beautiful.

BlackPink’s Jennie

kpop idols with the most piercings
Source: Instagram@jennieshines

Jennie Kim, or Jennie, is Blackpink’s singer and rapper. Being the most influential person in the group, Jennie has cameras seeing her every move 24/7. 

However, this did not stop her in any way from getting her favorite piercings. Jennie was spotted with piercings from time to time, and once, she was even seen with a nose piercing. 

This made her fans, including me, go crazy in her comment section. 

Nonetheless, Jennie is using her influencing skills correctly by showing everyone that she has the freedom to choose what she wants and encouraging her fans to be independent and choose what they want.

Red Velvet’s Wendy

How many piercings does red velvet have
Source: Twitter@@m0nsterRookie

Son Seung-wan, also known as Wendy, is a singer and a voice actress from the famous girl group Red Velvet. 

She is said to have around 12 earrings, making her one of the most pierced people in the k-pop industry. 

Being the main vocalist, it can be hard to choose your own lifestyle. But Wendy decided she should, so she did. 

Exid’s Le

With tattoos and piercings, Le is one of the most talked-about female K-pop idols. She is the main rapper of Exid group and is often seen in promotional concerts and functions with a navel piercing. 

This left everyone in utter shock, and her fans really burst out, thanking her for being so relatable and remarkable. 

She was then spotted several times with her precious tattoos and navel piercing. She seems to carry it so well and make it look so fashionable that she almost convinced me to get one more piercing.


kpop idols with real facial piercings
Source: Twitter@queenchungha

Soloist Chungha is a former JYP trainee who is also seen with quite a few ear piercings. She went on to be solo because she wanted to be free and enjoy her song thoroughly. 

Loved by many, this idol is also not afraid to show off her piercings and embrace them. 

She became much more outspoken and open about her style and piercings. Every time she makes a comeback, she is said to have accessorized her piercings, making her gorgeous face even more good-looking. 

People like me are obsessed with her for her songs and her most amazing comebacks too. 

Apink’s Eunji 

Jung Hye Rim, also known as Eunji, belongs to the famous Apink K-pop group. She is not only the core singer of the group but she is also said to have acted in various k-dramas and movies. 

Her fans have more than three piercings, which makes her one of the few idols with more piercings. 

Loona’s Yves

female kpop idols with nose piercings
Source: Twitter@lqIoona

Yves is one of the twelve members of the Loona k-pop group. This group is most famous overseas but has also recently gained popularity in South Korea. 

Yves is one of the most fashionable members of the group and has around ten piercings, making her the idol with the most piercings in the group. 

Yves is said to have made her fans super happy with ten piercings and her adorable charm. 

Twice’s Dahyun 

Lead rapper and sub-vocalist Dahyun is one of the members of TWICE who flaunts her piercings from time to time. 

This cute rapper has a total of four piercings. She has around three on her left ear and two on her helix. She also has a one-line piercing. 

Twice’s Nayeon

kpop idols with industrial piercing
Source: Twitter@nayeonhive

Na-Yeon, also known as Nayeon, is the lead vocalist of the group TWICE. She is also said to be the oldest member of the group. 

Being the face of the group means the pressure to be perfect is the highest for someone like Nayeon. 

The strict rules have to be followed by her and her group members too. But she and her group members did not let that bother them one bit.

Nayeon apparently has the highest number of piercings TWICE. She is said to have six piercings in total, all of them on her ears, with three on each. 

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

can kpop idols get piercings
Source: Twitter@beHYOtifuLuna

Girls’ Generation is another popular K-pop group that has gained popularity dramatically. Hyoyeon is one of the members of the group who is said to have the most piercings. 

I presume she has around 14 piercings so far.

 Amazing, right? This K-pop idol is seen talking about her piercings from time to time and also confessed she never wanted to get one but somehow wound up earning 14. 

As relaxed and fun as it sounds, I can not possibly imagine the pain of getting that many piercings. 

Cosmic Girls’ Bona

are kpop idols allowed to have piercings
Source: Twitter@bonastiara

Kim Ji Yeon, or Bona, is one of the prominent dancers and lead vocalists in the Cosmic Girls (WJSN) group. 

Bona holds the center position of the group and is often seen as the closest image of the group. 

Therefore, she is usually the one who receives the most love and fame. This also means she is looked up to a lot by her fans too. Bona decided to use this to her advantage and exhibited her piercings to the world. 

She also said that it is okay to do some piercings if you want them in some interviews.

Gugudan’s Mina

female kpop idols without piercings
Source: Instagram @mina.gu9udan

This former member of the group Gugudan is a rapper, singer, and actress. She is seen in various K-dramas and movies. Adored by her excellent features, Mina has more than three piercings on her ears. 

I think it dramatically enhances her features, making her look cute. 

GFriend’s Eunha 

Jung Eun-bi is the real name of Eunha. Eunha is a singer and actress who is currently in Viviz. This former GFriend lead vocalist has a total of 11 piercings. She has seven on her left ear and four on her right ear. 

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon is a proud member of Girls’ Generation and SM the Ballad, the supergroup, Girls On Top, and parts of Girls’ Generation subgroups. She is known for her solo debut as well. 

In recent times, the idol has been seen with a nose piercing, which makes her look mature and stunning. 

This contemporary look makes her style incredible and gorgeous. Artists like her who work overtime seem to be piercing themselves to relieve their stress and anxiety. 

This is also said to be the most common practice among many K-pop idols.

FAQs About Kpop Idols With Real Facial Piercings

  1. Which female KPOP Idol has the most piercings?

Ans: With a whopping 14 piercings, Hyoyeon tops the list. 

  1. Where do K-Pop idols get their piercings?

Ans: ‘Nana Piercing,’ which is located in Hongdae, Apgujeong area, and another in Gumi.

  1. Is nose piercing allowed in Korea?

Ans: Koreans do not prefer piercing unless and until it is on the earlobe. Anything more than that is strictly frowned upon by Korean society. 

  1. Why do K-Pop idols wear earrings?

Ans: K-Pop idols usually think of it as a form of expressing themselves. They believe it is their sign of freedom and expression.

  1. Does IU have an ear piercing?

Ans: IU does not have a piercing yet, and she has no plan of doing it anytime soon. 

  1. Can I show my tattoos in South Korea?

Ans: Unfortunately, in South Korea, tattoos are frowned upon too, and everyone, including the artists, is said to cover up their tattoos as a sign of respect. I know, it is quite harsh. 

  1. What brand of earrings do K-Pop idols wear?

Ans: J. ESTINa is a famous brand among the idols, and various sources prove many icons get their earrings from there. 

Summary on Kpop Idols with Most Piercings

Just like any other Asian country, South Korea is also not very sure about piercings and tattoos. 

People there think it is against their culture and tradition to do so. Piercings beyond the earlobe are strictly frowned upon in Korea. Some colleges and workplaces in Korea are said to reject applicants who have piercings or tattoos. 

But with the new era of k-pop and idols being famous all over the world, piercing has become somewhat acceptable in Korea. 

Many icons have taken it upon themselves to normalize piercings and tattoos. This kind of gesture from the idols boosts their fans and gives them the confidence to do the same.

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