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7 Most Popular Flowers In Korea 2023 | Beautiful Spring And Winter Blooms!

Here we have listed out the most beautiful flowers in Korea that bloom in summer, spring and winter seasons. These are popularly shown in K-dramas and many are inspiration for Korean girl names as well. 

Like all the other countries in Asia, South Korea also has four beautiful seasons: summer, winter, autumn, and spring. And with the approach of the spring season in the country, people witness the blooming of a variety of breathtakingly beautiful flowers. 

Just like the very popular cherry blossoms, there are many unique flowers that are only found on this very land, and you won’t be able to find them back in your home country.

K-dramas like Goblin have made us realize the importance of flowers in Korean culture. It’s just amazing how every flower symbolizes something in Korean culture. 

The edelweiss given by Captian Ri to Se-ri in Crash Landing On You symbolizes courage. In Goblin, the buckwheat flower given by Kim Shin to Eun-tak means a lover. 

And the flower Goo Chan-Sung of Hotel del Luna received, the evening primrose, symbolizes youth, eternal love, and memory. 

Here in this article, we’re gonna learn more about such flowers, their names, and what they really stand for. Let us dive in.

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Popular Flowers in Korea 2022 

Cherry blossom – beotkkot

most popular flowers in korean dramas

When we talk about cherry blossoms, the first place that might come to your mind is Japan, see, got ya! What you might not know is that this very flower is also a symbol of the onset of spring in Korea. 

When people in Korea spot those pretty cherry blossoms on their way to school or work, they know it’s spring here, spring. 

Every year in April, you see beautiful cherry flowers blooming along the streets of cities in Korea, exactly like those romantic scenes in K-dramas. Yeouido Yunjung-ro cherry blossom road is the most popular and beautiful flower-viewing spot in Korea. 

Other than beautiful cherry blossoms, this place also has a variety of different recreational activities, making it the perfect place to spend your weekend.

  • –        Expected blooming period: Late March to Early-Mid April
  • –        Best view spots: Namsan park, Hangang Yeeouido Park, Seokcheon Lake
  • –        Flower festivals: Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

Plum blossom – Maehwa

summer flowers in korea

Other than cherry blossoms, plum flowers are taken as one of the indications of the arrival of the spring season in Korea. 

The gentle and lovely beauty of plum blossoms is worth adoring, making them a dazzling beautiful Korean spring flower. The delicate petals of the flower, with the pink and white color, along with beautiful golden stamens, make perfect harmony. 

If you want to catch a sight of this beautiful flower, you’ll have to pay a visit to the Gwangyang village. 

Although you can only find these pretty flowers in forest areas, you can definitely taste those delicious ripe apricots, drink the best plum water, or maybe a Korean plum wine to present as a gift to your loved ones.

  • –        Expected blooming period: Mid-Late March
  • –        Best view spot: Gwangyang village
  • –        Flower festivals: Gwangyang Maehwa Festival

Cornelian cherry flower – Sansuyu

korean plants and flowers

Yet another flower that shows its beauty in the spring season. One of the many beautiful spring flowers in Korea that bloom beautifully, the name of the flower holds the meaning “immortality”. It is a small flower, in bright yellow color that blooms in small “jars” on the branches of its trees. 

But this eye-catching flower doesn’t only add beauty, but is also used for many different purposes, some of them being medicines, tea, and so on. 

To adore the beauty of a little one, you will have to visit Yangpyeong Village. There are about seven thousand sansuyu trees, all being over a hundred years old. 

There’s no way you won’t be mesmerized by the beauty of these gold vibrant flowers.

  • –        Expected bloom period: July to September
  • –        Best view spot: Gurye, Yangpyeong
  • –        Flower festivals: Gurye Sansuyu Festival, Yangpyeong Sansuyu Hanwoo Festival

Azalea – Jindallae

south korean flower

Being one of the most beautiful spring flowers in Korea, azaleas bloom in an attractive purple color. The spring sky is completely covered in purple azaleas and the view is indeed breathtaking. 

If you want to see azaleas blooming at their best, the place for you to visit is Hwangmaesan Park. The beautiful park is located on Hwangmaesan mountain, which is 1108m above sea level. 

The park holds the privilege of being voted as one of the 50 most beautiful places in Korea and is also a part of many popular K-dramas.

  • –        Expected bloom period: July to September
  • –        Best view spot: Ganghwa, Yeosu, Hwangmae
  • –        Flower festivals: Hapcheon Hwangmaesan Royal Azalea Festival, Goryeosan Mountain Azalea Festival

Rapeseed flower (Canola flower) – yuchaekkot

korean flower names for girl

The Rapeseed flower is another beautiful addition to the Korean spring flowers. The flowers bloom from March to May. 

And when they bloom, you will be able to witness the breathtaking yellow color spreading all across the country, especially the most romantic Jeju island, where they have named this one the “queen” of this island. 

Every year in spring, the southernmost part of Jeju island reflects the beautifully vibrant colors of its spring flower. You can also visit the large fields of this spring flower on the island of Jeju, where it looks like nothing less than a scene of a romantic fairytale.

  • –        Expected bloom period: Late March to Early May
  • –        Best view spot: Jejudo, Daejeo, Guri
  • –        Flower Festivals: Nakdong River YuchaeFestival, Guri Hangang Park Seoul Rapeseed Flower, Jeju Canola Flower Festival

Golden bell tree (Forsythia) – Gaenari

spring flowers in korea

Another messenger that welcomes spring in Korea, Golden bell flowers mostly grow in bushes and are grown in a vast amount on roadsides, and on river and stream banks. 

The gaenari flower blooms underneath cherry blossom trees in spring, which mixes it up with the pinkish-white color of the cherry blossoms, making it more adorable than ever.

  • –        Expected bloom period: Late March to Early May
  • –        Best view spot: Eungbong Mountain
  • –        Flower festivals: Eungbongsan Mountain Forsythia Festival

Hibiscus (Rose of Sharon) – Mugunghwa

winter flowers in korea

The first flower on this list that doesn’t bloom in spring, the blooming season of mugunghwa is from July to September. 

Ever since ancient times, people have considered mugunghwa as the national flower of Korea. It doesn’t have any extraordinary features like the aforementioned flowers but is a strong symbol of vitality. 

The one thing about this flower is that if one falls, another blooms in its place, the reason why it is also called a symbol of the indomitable spirit.

  • –        Expected bloom period: July to September
  • –        Best view spot: Mugunghwa Garden

FAQs About the South Korean Flowers 

Which flower symbolizes Korea?

The mugunghwa, or the rose of Sharon, is the national flower and is a symbol of deep affection. It is a flower that symbolizes Korea and its culture, and stands for “eternal blossom that never fades”. The flower has been holding the symbol of Korea’s heritage and Korean culture for many years now.

What is the most popular flower in Korea?

Due to all the hype it received from K-dramas, and of course, its breathtaking beauty, the cherry blossom is the most popular flower in Korea. 
As mentioned above, every year in April, you see beautiful cherry flowers blooming along the streets of cities in Korea, exactly like those romantic scenes in Korean dramas
And Yeouido Yunjung-ro cherry blossom road is your place to be if you want a popular flower-viewing spot to enjoy its beauty.

What kind of flowers does Koreans usually like?

In Korea, people like keeping things subtle, and hence, red and white colors are not just colors to them, they are a symbol of love and purity. 
And the same goes with their preferences for flowers. Gifting red roses, lilies, white daisies, chrysanthemums, and other white or pastel colored flowers are prevalent in the country. 
Especially when it comes to wedding bouquets, flowers symbolizing love, like lilies and roses, are their way to go about it.

What is the flower of Seoul?

On April 3, 1971, the Seoul Metropolitan Government declared the Forsythia the official flower of . The reason behind that being the flower is considered the most appropriate and suitable one to symbolize the climate of Seoul. 
You can see the flower in full bloom in the early Seoul spring months, symbolizing the friendly spirits of the people of Seoul.

Which flower symbolizes purity in Korea?

White is the color of respect and purity, and hence white roses in Korea are considered a symbol of purity and respect. On the contrary, blue roses symbolize miracles, and lavender roses, eternal love.

Flowers aren’t just pretty to look at, they convey deep meanings too!

Final Thoughts About Korean Plants and Flowers

Korean culture is something that gives a lot of importance to their heritage and culture. 

The people there pay a lot of attention to even small etiquettes and gestures, and everything in the country has its own beautiful history and meaning. 

Giving and receiving gifts and flowers are a very prevalent practice in the country, and it tells a lot about their personalities, hence, the choice of flowers, which have a meaning associated with them, is a delicate and tricky subject. 

No wonder see all those K-drama leads asking florists to help choose a flower with the most appropriate meaning. 

Hopefully, this article gave you a better idea and understanding of the flowers and the traditions associated with them in Korea. Happy flower hunting!

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