BTS Roses are Red Poems Funny.

14 Super Funny BTS Roses Are Red Poems That Will Tickle Your Funnybones

I have compiled some of the funniest BTS roses are red poems in this article. Check it out to get a laugh!

Looks like the ARMYs literally leave no stone unturned when it comes to making memes, poems, songs and posters about their Idols, BTS. Well, the ARMYs are at it again and this time around they have come up with the super funny “Roses are red” poems of their own!

Well, who thought a children’s nursery rhyme could turn into something else entirely, right?

Maybe we have to thank the ever-amusing ARMYs for that!

If you have already read a few on the internet and are looking for some more, here is a compilation of 14 of the most entertaining Roses are Red poems made by the ARMYs, along with their backstories!

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BTS Roses Are Red Poems 

1. ARMYs: Fans or Poets?

BTS Roses are Red Poems Funny
Source: Instagram @ 7purpleworld_ot7

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

ARMYs aren’t just fans

They are poets too!”

Looks like you will never see BTS ARMYs catching a break as their minds are always working about what new thing to start about BTS, so it can go viral. Well, looks like the ARMYs aren’t just the fans of BTS after all. They definitely are poets (and comedians too!) as they come up with super funny poems about BTS. 

2. Taekook VLive

bts roses are red poem meaning

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

BigHit Give us a Taekook V Live

I beg you”

Well, let’s be honest here, we all wish we had friends that were as close as Taehyung and Jungkook are with each other! ARMYs simply admire their brotherly bond and friendly relationship they share with each other. We often see Jungkook and Taehyung cracking their own “inside jokes” and fooling around fighting with each other, but at the end of the day they are the best of friends!

In this poem, the ARMYs specifically mention that they wish Big Hit Entertainment gave them a V Live of one of their favourite pairs in BTS – Taekook (as they fondly call Taehyung and Jungkook, pairing their names together).

Very often, solo, as a group or as just a few members together, BTS takes to the V Live platform to spend time chatting and intimately interacting with their global audience to get closer to their fans.

So we just hope Big Hit actually sees this poem and grants the ARMYs their wish of having more Taekook V Lives.

3. BTS’ Mic Drop Performance

BTS released their song Mic Drop in 2017 and it truly became a hit! Their music video was truly loved by the fans because their Idols were seen dancing vigorously to the beats of their newly released hip-hop song. It has been only 4 years since its release and the song has 1.2 billion views as of date!

4. The Intro Performance Trailer by BTS

bts performance poem

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

Jungkook in Marine suit

I’m dead, damn you!”

Back in 2015, Big Hit Entertainment uploaded a video titled ‘Intro Performance Trailer’ on their YouTube channel (now called Hybe Labels), which has now garnered over 7.5 million views in the last 7 years. In this performance, all the BTS boys are seen performing in a Marine suit costume.

Well, even though there were 6 other boys in the same Marine suit, one of the ARMYs whose bias Idol is Jungkook created this poem, because of how stunning Jungkook looked in this Marine suit!

5. The BTS Scholars, the know-it-all ARMYs

Well, needless to say, the ARMYs are definitely scholars when it comes to BTS and if PhDs were given to the ARMYs, we would actually have an army of doctors and professionals in their field of BTS. Just goes to show how much their fans love and appreciate them.

6. Absent-mindedness at its best

bts poetry

“Roses are red

Violets are wack

Taehyung forgets to thank

Jungkook dying at the back”

This poem was created by an ARMY after an incident occurred when Taehyung was giving his thank you speech and suddenly forgot who he had to thank. It was at that moment Jungkook and Jin were seen laughing uncontrollably at the back and of course the ARMYs didn’t cut them any slack and immediately made a poem about it!

7. Can you teach us, Jin?

jin poetry

“Roses are red

What makes a good preacher?

One who professes the words

Come be my teacher”

In 2019, BTS released their song and music video called ‘Boy with Luv’, featuring the American singer Halsey.

While most of the lyrics of their song is in the Korean language, there are a few lines in the lyrics which were in English. In the second verse of the song, Jin is heard singing these lyrics “Come be my teacher” and that’s exactly what the ARMYs caught onto and created this poem.

8. Hobi: The sunshine of BTS

bts funny poems compilation

“Roses are red

Violets are dumb

You should wear your sunscreen around me

Because I am the sun!”

Well, the ARMY has had the honour of BTS’ presence for the past 9 years ever since their debut in 2013, witnessing their music career grow over time. 

So for those OGs out there, I’m sure you’ll already know that J-Hope has often been called as the “sunshine” of BTS because of his bubbly personality, his everlasting smile and lively nature.

He is always trying to put a smile on people’s faces and brighten up the atmosphere wherever he is.

Well, ARMYs have created this poem just for Hobi, calling him the sun, providing us all with sunshine!

9. The one who belongs to the zoo

bts funny moments

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

A face like that

Belongs to the zoo

Don’t worry, I will be there too

But laughing at you!”

Most of the time the members are praised and honoured by their fans, but the ARMYs never miss any opportunity to make fun of their Idols on a lighter note.

The fans watch their every move and watch all the possible videos and posts on social media very carefully. 

BTS members have often been spotted making fun of each other and making funny faces to imitate the other members or to make the group laugh.

Jungkook was caught this one time by the ARMYs making a funny expression and they made a poem about him in no time!

10. Jin with his never-ending dad jokes

bts moments

*Jin to the group*

“Roses are red

Violets are boring

Everyone let me tell you a joke

Hey, where are you going?”

Jin is the oldest member of the group, but one who has a very child-like and soft nature and loves fooling around and making his other bandmates laugh.

He is often known to be cracking his “dad jokes” with his fellow bandmates even when they are fed up with listening to his silly jokes. Well, ARMYs made sure not to let Jin get away with cracking his dad jokes and made the situation seem quite obvious.

11. Sleepy-head Suga

bts moments funny

“Roses are black

I don’t like poems

I’m going to sleep


Suga is known to be one of the sleepy-heads of the group and his fellow bandmates often call him “motionless”, because he has often been spotted asleep by his fellow bandmates and ARMYs, whenever he isn’t doing any constructive work.

There was once an Interviewer who asked the 7 boys what three things describe themselves the best and Suga’s response was “eat, sleep and work”. 

Well, looks like the man himself has confirmed his love for sleeping, but the ARMYs already knew the fact because his actions sure did speak louder than his words!

There was another time when Suga told a reporter that the reason he liked sleeping so much was because when he is asleep he can see the ARMYs with him in his dreams.

12. Hotness overloaded

what are bts's funniest moments

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

BTS is hot

Hotter than you”

The 7 boys of BTS are definitely the heartthrobs of the K-Pop industry because of their super amazing dressing sense, toned bodies and of course their incredible personalities, apart from the wonderful music they make.

The ARMYs cannot stop thinking about this and the boys have often been called “hot” by their fans. Well, they definitely are, aren’t they? It is quite an undeniable fact after all!

13. Jinkook: The Tom and Jerry of BTS

bts roses are red poems funny quotes

“Roses are red

Violets are wack

Agust D is doing his thing

Ft. Jinkook fighting at the back”

In 2020, Suga, also known as Agust D released his song Daechwita, along with its music video.

But, looks like the ARMYs did watch the music video a little too carefully and spotted the Tom and Jerry duo of the group, the oldest member Jin and the younger member Jungkook are seen fighting in the background, when Suga is singing.

Well, this amused the ARMYs to no extent and they decided to create a poem about it. This poem does hold good in a lot of other situations too when Jin and Jungkook were seen fighting around playfully with each other.

14. Proof that big things do come in small packages

bts funny quotes

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

God gave me all the height

And left nothing to you”

*Chuckles and points to Jimin*

Jimin is known to be the shortest member in BTS and is surrounded by all his other bandmates who are taller than him.

One of Jimin’s closest buddies Taehyung has often teased Jimin about his height because Jimin is just 5 foot 7 inches, while Taehyung is 5 foot 10 inches and looks much taller than Jimin. Well, the ARMYs have been prompt in making this fact quite obvious, haven’t they?

The final takeaway

I hope you ARMYs had fun reading these super amusing roses are red poems craftily created by the ARMYs along with their backstories.  

If you wait for a while, I’m sure ARMYs will create some more, or will they cut BTS some slack? Let’s wait and find out!

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