G-Dragon Sandara Park Relationship

G-Dragon Sandara Park Relationship Explained | All About “Dara-Dragon”

In this article, I’ve given all the details about the G-Dragon Sandara Park Relationship including the latest news on G-dragon and Jennie, and more.

G-Dragon was spotted walking Sandara Park out of the performance venue earlier in 2017 during a Big Bang concert in Seoul. He took Sandara by the shoulder and guided her away from his admirers. 

As a result, there were speculations that the two were dating, and “DARAGON” fans were ecstatic that their ship was finally setting sail. 

Even though the picture and the videos did not make it clear that it’s Dara, concertgoer images of Dara seemed to demonstrate that the girl could indeed be her. Let’s take a look back to the K-Pop artists’ relationship timeline.

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g dragon and sandara park 2022

G-Dragon Sandara Park Relationship 

How it Began

One can develop sentiments of love by investing a great deal of time on a relationship, and it has been suggested that G-Dragon of Big Bang and Sandara Park of 2NE1 may have feelings beyond that of friendship or familiarity. 

Fans and followers have noticed their close friendship and have been on the lookout for anything that would suggest a romantic encounter. 

There was a lot of buzz about Big Bang’s performance and all the celebrities that attended after the group’s final appearance at the tenth anniversary concerts in January 2017.

There was an instance in particular that received media attention. G Dragon and Dara were spotted leaving the concert venue together after Big Bang’s performance, and their interactions led to quick-spreading rumours of a relationship.

Rumours and Evidence

Fans of the well-known Korean stars jumped to the conclusion that Sandra and G-Dragon were actually dating based on the majority of the photos of the two ID entertainment artists.

In these photos, they pose identical poses and clothing items where both Sandra and G-Dragon were just trying to have some fun. 

In contrast, G-Dragon and Black Pink’s Jennie Kim seem to be leading happy lives, according to the Korean news portal, Dispatch. 

In other words, neither of them has formally acknowledged their connection.

g dragon and sandara park married

Fans and internet users have been discussing if G-Dragon and Dara are dating, but YG Entertainment has now clarified the situation and said that they are not.

In a statement, YG claimed that “G-Dragon jokingly suggested to Sandara Park that they have their pictures shot in such a stance, and pictures were taken. An innocent jest developed into a dating rumor.

Fans have claimed that G-relationship Dragon’s with model Kiko Mizuhara is what led to the majority of the two YG Entertainment singers’ images including similar stances and outfits.

G-Dragon Sandara Park Relationship

G-Dragon also received encouragement from Sandara Park for his new venture with the athletic apparel company Nike!

On November 24, Sandara Park posted images from a VIP fashion event in Seoul where G-Dragon took part in a “Live Art Performance” with Nike to her personal Instagram account. 

“Congratulations”, she said, tagging both Nike and G-clothing Dragon’s line PEACEMINUSONE.

G-Dragon’s Gift to Sandra

On February 9, Sandara Park released a new vlog to her “DARA TV” YouTube account in which she displayed her dressing room full with various outfits. 

Sandara Park, who has been friends with BIGBANG G-Dragon since they became labelmates under YG Entertainment, shared a gift she received from him while displaying the assortment of jackets and coats she possesses. 

Many K-pop fans have supported Dara and G-Dragon when they first entered the industry because of their friendship and chemistry.   

Park mentioned the white rider jacket in the film as being “customized by GD himself.” The “Fire” artist then explained the incident’s history.

This isn’t the first time Park has displayed the object. The “I Don’t Care” singer donned the custom jacket in 2018 when appearing in the “Vogue Dress Room.” 

She said at the time that “G-Dragon would sketch on handbags or jackets when he fell in love with sketching, and this is how this was beautifully done.”

Sandara Park’s Ideal Man

When questioned why she was still single, Sandara Park, a former member of 2NE1, admitted that she had grown complacent in her romantic life and wasn’t making any attempt to find a boyfriend. 

But when asked to describe her ideal partner, Dara gave a description that sounded a lot like G-Dragon, another YG Entertainment musician.

She said she was looking for someone who shared her passions for pets, music, and fashion. The actress from We Broke Up then admitted that she is attracted to slender, cute males rather than the muscular type.

Fans have noted that G-Dragon of BIGBANG fits Sandara Park’s description of her ideal man to a tee. Dara and the 29-year-old South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and businessman could undoubtedly share thoughts on design and music.

G-Dragon had always been slender, occasionally to the point of danger. The BigBang leader also always has a nice look and charm despite being approaching 30. 

Is Sandara Park claiming that GD meets all of her criteria? No, sadly for those who ship from Daragon.

G-Dragon is more like a brother to Sandara Park than a potential boyfriend, she said.

Even if she thinks the BigBang singer would make a good partner, they can’t date because of the controversial YG Entertainment artist dating prohibition.


During one of his performances, G-Dragon shared a secret regarding his feelings toward Sandara Park, a labelmate at the time. During his 2017 concert in Manila, he told his audience in person about it (where Dara began her career as an idol). 

g dragon interview about dara

She had accompanied him on his globe tour as a guest, so she was present as well. G-Dragon addressed the audience and even stumbled badly as he admitted his feelings for her. 

My noona, she but, hey, she’s still really gorgeous. Never before have I mentioned it, but

And although G-Dragon just acknowledged that he finds Dara pretty, not everyone who finds someone pretty also dates that person.

g dragon and sandara park married

Sandara, also known as “Dara,” insisted in an interview for her appointment as a Head & Shoulders Supreme ambassador that she is not seeing anyone, not even G-Dragon of the well-known K-pop group BigBang. 

Dara, at G-Manila Dragon’s concert in September, said, “We’re pretty close, like family, so there’s nothing unique about it”

She added that neither CL, a fellow 2NE1 member, nor Lee Chae-rin, who was also associated with G-Dragon, ever made her feel jealous.

g dragon relationship

According to a statement from YG Entertainment obtained by All K-Pop, “We cannot confirm anything.” The business started, “Nothing regarding the personal life of our performers can be confirmed. Please be understanding as we ask.”

g dragon and sandara park latest news

With her humorous account of the dating ban, singer Sandara Park amused the panel of stars as well as the audience. The idol made a cameo appearance on KBS JOY’s Love Intervention on October 6. 

In an honest discussion of her love life, Sandara Park revealed, “I’ve been in ‘untact’ relationships even before COVID-19.” She said, “When I was a trainee, my manager took my cell phone and reprimanded me for being in a relationship. 

Then there was a 5 relationship prohibition following my debut. She then acknowledged that, rather than breaking the law covertly, she had actually followed the rules, explaining, “I genuinely didn’t date because they instructed me not to.”

Their Current Relationship Status

When Dispatch reported that G-Dragon was dating BLACKPINK member Jennie, it rocked the K-pop industry. 

The two stars have been dating for a year, according to the South Korean media magazine. 

When Dispatch published pictures of G-Dragon and Jennie during their purportedly secret dates, things heated up. 

The news source even said that a member of BLACKPINK was observed leaving G-house Dragon’s early in the morning and traveling directly to the location of “THE SHOW” virtual concert.

Before this, Dara was romantically involved with Filipino artist Joseph Bitangcol, who also was one of the contestants on her reality television talent competition show, “Star Circle Quest.” 

Dara hasn’t been rumoured to have dated anybody else since their 2007 breakup. Dara did, however, imply in October 2020 that she had several relationships in her earlier K-pop idol days. 

As with most famous people, Sandara Park makes an effort to keep her private and romantic life private. 

As such, be sure to come back frequently as we’ll keep this page updated with the latest dating rumours and news. 

Online dating history rumours about Sandara Parks can be confusing. Finding out who is dating Sandara Park is quite easy, but keeping track of all of her flings is more difficult.

Their Relationship Now

So what exactly are they? A  Couple? or just colleagues at work? or friends?

Despite the fact that they haven’t made a formal declaration of their relationship, we can infer that they are only related by blood because they work for YG entertainment. 

They might hug each other or have similar interests, fashion tastes, or stances when shooting photos.

Even if 2NE1 is no longer together, The members’ ties, or even those with BigBang, are still strong. They have collaborated and will continue to do so no matter what.

Even though some people still fantasize about their romantic relationship, let’s hope that they both find success and happiness on their current paths.

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