GFriend’s Fever Season Ranked

Gfriend’s Fever Season Ranked | Album Review, Song Ratings And More

Gfriend’s Fever Season album is even better than their Snowflake. See how the songs on this album are ranked. Also learn what is Gfriends last song?

When one of South Korea’s top girl-groups, Gfriend released their newest mini-album “Fever Season” six months after the release date for Time For Us fans were on tenterhooks waiting to see what secrets this next album would bring. 

In total there are eight songs with an instrumental track listing among them which helped set expectations even higher than before because we know that musical growth is something these artists commit themselves to without fail every single time!

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GFriend’s Fever Season Ranked

Below, I’ve ranked the songs from Gfriends album “Fever Season” from worst (or rather not so good) to the best!

7. ‘Flower (Korean Version)’

The song “Flower” is a nice addition to their already impressive discography, but it’s not new so I didn’t rank them very high on my list. 

Unlike many other K-pop fans who absolutely adore everything about this group from outfit design and choreography in particular (and all those girls look fantastic!), there are moments where you can hear the Korean lyrics being sung natively which makes me bilingual envy for some reason!

6. Fever Season: ‘Hope’

To all the Buddy fans out there, I apologize for how low Hope is placed on this list. It just means that even though we didn’t think highly of it at first glance – which happens sometimes with new tracks from groups.

After hearing them play through some of their favorite songs during practice sessions and such before debuting as an official group (for once!), you can see why they were so proud when ‘Hope’ came up next!

The group Gfriend has come a long way since their debut. Similar to BTS’s formation under Big Hit Entertainment, the company that introduced them began as something different than most companies in Korea’s so-called “Big Three” (JYP+, SM Entertainment & YG). 

With each member putting forth hard work and strong teamwork through many hardships alike seen by peers within this industry. 

With love put into every lyric choice by team Hope I feel these ladies will be able produce some great music for years ahead! That being said though…I just happen to prefer other songs from them more at this moment.

5. ‘Mr. Blue’

I was scrolling through YouTube when I came across a video of the translated lyrics for this song. One comment said that it sounds like something Clean Bandit might release (aisyah amalia, 2019). 

After reading those words, my interest was piqued and so after some research into what could have caused such an idea in their minds; seeing as how both bands share similar soundscapes with violin melodies-I agreed wholeheartedly!

4. Fever Season: ‘Wish’

Wish is a song that will make you want to get up and dance no matter what time of year it may be.  It has such an old-school pop sound with catchy lyrics about wanting something better than reality, which I think most people can relate to in one form or another! 

The energy level on this track makes me feel like there are unlimited possibilities waiting just around every corner – wish them away already!

3. Fever Season: ‘Smile’

I absolutely ADORE this song. It has the perfect amount of catchy whistling and music to keep you hooked without being too overwhelming, like some K-pop songs can be! The lyrics are also really meaningful which I think makes them even better in my opinion.

These girls are definitely giving off TWICE vibes with their catchy tunes and I can’t help but love it! The whistling at the beginning has me hooked, as well. 

It’s so interesting how they say ” Smile smile deo (more),” which is what makes this song really unique to listen too—especially if you’ve heard other songs like these before where there might just be one word said over-and-over again until your ears start bleeding from hearing them everywhere.”

2. ‘Paradise’

This song has an interesting, funky tune to it that I really enjoy listening to. From what I’ve heard of Gfriend’s discography so far this might be one their most popular tracks because they used various instruments in the creation process which made for a unique soundscape among other songs otherwise consisting solely of acoustic guitars or piano solos.”

1. ‘Fever’

When I first heard the song, it took me some time to get used to. This is a new sound for Gfriend and at times during this album there are songs that remind you of their pre-Fever careers as well as other artists in music history such as Kygo or Selena Gomez’s Style.

However, for some reason after listening twice through once with headphones on, sitting down just felt wrong – no matter how much I ignored those feelings, they kept coming back stronger than ever before! 

One major complaint about our favorite pink girls newest endeavor here on track six (fever) would have been lack.

I can’t help but get caught up in the infectious beat of this song. It has a great start with an exciting moombahton rhythm that keeps me listening all day long! 

I also enjoy how SinB starts playing his solo around mid-point, just when you think it’s getting boring.

Honorable mention to the song “Rainbow”!

Final Thoughts On Gfriend’s ‘Fever Season’

With Gfriend’s newest mini-album, they have shown that summer is still very much alive. All of the tracks on this album are great and I can’t wait to see what choreography will be performed for them! 

It’s also touching how each member had input into their own lyrics; it shows how much these guys care about us as fans (and maybe even more than some members!). 

We’ve seen recently though that not only do BUDDY want our opinions but now there seems interest in having musical contributions from others too–which means good things ahead?

The recent news that Gfriend is to be featured in a BBC documentary about K-pop has me excited for the future and what lies ahead. As previously mentioned, they had humble beginnings similar to BTS too! 

Debuting under a small entertainment company at first with negative comments coming their way but nonetheless persevering through it all – I wish them more success soon because this will make my day knowing people can see how strong these ladies really are (and still continue being). 

Can’t wait till next year when it’s screened?!

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