Hottest K-pop groups making waves currently

8 Hottest K-pop Groups Making Waves Currently 2023

Let’s be honest! Are you one of those people who has heard a lot about all the hottest K-pop groups but was never into them until recently? Well, if you are, then I am here to lend you a hand. 

In case you are an absolute noob to the K-pop concept, it stands for Korean Pop. This globally renowned culture accepts numerous genres of music. 

From R&B, rap to pop, rock, EDM and countless others. But it might surprise you that it’s just not the vast genre that makes K-pop popular worldwide. 

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Their ferocious music videos and glib choreography make them ten times more addictive than any other culture of music. 

That’s the inevitably incredible part of their Hallyu – the Korean cultural wave that is seeping wildly in the whole world. 

Adding to that, the cherry on top is that their music is amusing, catchy, and full of energy. So, if you are not yet on the board, then it’s time to catch up with the global fever of K-pop. 

My personal list of recommendations to you has no end to it. But there are a few names of the hottest k-pop groups that are making waves currently. 

So, you might want to add them to your K-pop playlist for getting a head start on their addictive jams.

Also, if you wish, don’t be shy to dance a little with these sensational K-pop groups. 

Hottest K-Pop Groups Making Waves Currently 2021


Number of Members– 12 members (all girls)

Date of Debut– 19 August 2018

Label– BlockBerry Creative

Hottest Kpop groups making waves currently

If you go on to any viral tweets, I can assure you, and you can undeniably see the band’s fans preaching out loud for them. 

Via these tweets, the die-hard fan of K-pop band LOONA has made ‘STAN LOONA’ their persistent war-whoop.

A million others, I too became a fan of this 12 member band in an instant. Their classic K-pop always manages to stick to our heads. 

Adding to that is their incredible artistic visuals that will make you an instant fan.

LOONA has managed to make a loyal and undying fan base with their incredible artistic creations of both visuals and tracks, of which I am a member too.

My personal favourite tracks of this ethereal band are ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Hi High’, and I think these two are fantastic to begin your ride to LOONA stardom.


Number of members– 4 members (all girls)

Date of Debut- 14 August 2016

Label– Interscope, YGEX, YG

most popular kpop group worldwide 2021

BLACKPINK is unlike any other group of girls. They are filled with a totally different vibe than any other K-pop band you will ever see. 

So, once you welcome these four girls to your playlist, it will be tough to let go of them.

In November 2019, they became the first-ever band from K-pop to join YouTube’s club of billion views. 

It is now considered one of this generation’s most popular and successful K-pop groups.

I can bet that any track that you play of them, you are going to get instantly addicted to it. 

These four girls together have made records with standing on the Billboard’s Hot 100 by charting the highest as the K-pop all-girls band.

Although there’s no song that I don’t like, my personal favourites that I would like you to hear are DDU-DU DDU-DU and Kill This Love. 

So, you can start to get hooked to them with these songs. And it’s obvious you will because Blackpink is one of the biggest kpop girl groups out there. 


Number of Members– 7 members (all boys)

Date of Debut– 12 June 2013

Label– Big Hit Entertainment, Def Jam Japan, Columbia, and Pony Canyon

biggest kpop group in the world

According to me, BTS can never be missed out of any list whenever we talk of Korean pop. There is no second thought that BTS is ‘THE’ biggest K-pop group in the world. 

The fanbase of BTS is massive and undying.

They mainly focus on mental health topics and rap in their music videos. Three out of these seven members, J Hope, RM, and Suga, are rappers. 

While the other four members, V, Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook, are vocalists. Also, BTS stands out from every other K-pop boy band because they produce their songs by themselves.

Personally speaking, you can listen to any track and see for yourself why they are such a huge phenomenon.

So, you can join the massive line of the BTS ‘undying loyal fans with their tracks Blood Sweat & Tears and Dynamite.


Number of Members– 7 members

Date of Debut– 16 January 2014

Label– Sony Japan, JYP Entertainments

most popular kpop groups

GOT7 made its debut in 2014, and since then, these boys have hooked everyone with their fantastic tracks and visuals. 

Their debut album ‘Got It’ has made it to some top lists of the global charts, including Billboard’s World’s Album Chart. 

Basically, since their debut in 2014, GOT7 has managed to dominate the k-pop music culture, and people love them for everything they do.

Also, they are especially known for their meticulous choreography that often has street dancing as well as martial arts elements.

All I want to add is that you will get addicted to this band as soon you add them to your K-pop playlist. 

For starters, you can listen to their 2020 album ‘Dye’, and I can bet you will fall in love with their vibes.

So, go ahead and listen to one of the hottest groups in K-pop making Hallyu.


Number of Members– 6 members

Date of Debut– 14 May 2015

Label– Starship Entertainments, Epic Records, Mercury Tokyo, Columbia Records, and more

top 10 kpop groups

MONSTA X initially came to existence via NO.MERCY, which is a reality survival program, in 2015. 

The group had seven members then, but in 2019, Wonho announced that he was parting ways with the band. Yet, they are among the most popular kpop groups of all time. 

In my opinion, in order to understand why MONSTA X is a hit and people are going mad for them, you would need to go through their music videos.

Dealing with numerous genres from pop, EDM, to hip-hop, the boy’s band manages to bring fascinating music to your plate. 

I personally believe that after listening to any of the group’s music, you will get the urge to submerge yourself in the MONSTA X universe. 

Also, they have been making waves with their English-language tracks as well. You can try their Who Do U Love? and Someone’s Someone.

The group has been stealing the hearts of many since the beginning, and I am certain that after listening to their music, you will become a Monbebe too.


Number of Members– 9 members

Date of Debut- 8 April 2012

Label– Avex and SM

top 10 kpop groups 2021

Getting to know the EXO band is like getting to know your next boyfriend. 

The band, with good-boy-gone-bad vibes, excellent visuals, has won the hearts of millions worldwide. 

Adding to that, the cherry on top is their strong vocals. The nine-member boy band EXO manages to dig a space in your heart every time you listen to them.  

Another reason for the EXO to be making the waves currently is because they have banged number 1 on the Billboard’s World Albums Charts, and not just one time, but four. 

Also, it will fascinate you to know that they have performed incredibly in the Winter Olympics of 2018, which was held at Pyeongchang.

With a bright, upbeat mix of R&B, hip hop, rap and rock, EXO will definitely be a win-win for you to start your K-pop journey with. 

I would prefer you to start with Ko Ko Bop, and Love shot and then immerse yourself in the marvelous EXO music.

Red Velvet

Number of Members– 5 members

Date of Debut- 1 August 2014

Label– Avex Trax and SM Entertainments

k pop girl groups

If I were to make a list of the top 10 Kpop groups of 2021, it would be incomplete without Red Velvet. Initially debuting with just four members to the group, Red Velvet added its fifth member in 2015. 

Since their debut in the K-pop industry, they have always managed to dominate it with their music. 

These girls will also steal your heart with their catchy songs that radiate sensual, classy, and colourful vibes.  

You will have to believe me when I say that these girls are magical. They have been making it to several distinguished and recognized charts globally with their music. 

Also, they are a bit unpredictable, and Red Velvet always throws their massive followers off their feet with unexpected new concepts and sounds. 

Further, making it easier for millions of non-Korean fans they drop the English version of their Korean hits too.

So, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise if I say that according to Billboard and Time, they are one of the hottest K-pop groups that are making waves currently.

Also, I will suggest you start with their recent ‘Queendom’ and then move on to their other mesmerizing tracks.


Number of Members– 9 members

Date of Debut– 20 October 2015

Label– JYP Entertainments, Sony Taiwan, Columbia Taiwan and more

hottest k-pop groups in 2021

The nine members’ girl band debuted in 2015 via ‘Sixteen’ a reality show on girl group survival. 

Since their debut, these girls have managed to give one hit after the other and have gained a massive worldwide following.

Considered the sweetheart of K-pop, these girls will keep you hooked from the beginning. 

I personally feel the feature that makes them stand out is their mix of various styles and ultra-melodic tunes.

You can start with their sensational track ‘Cheer Up’ that ended up giving them accolades such as, Best Performing Single and also the Song of The Year.

So, go ahead and make room for this K-pop wave-making band in your playlist. 

Also, you might need space to dance because their music is going to make you put your dancing shoes on right away!

Not long before half a decade, K-pop’s popularity sounded less or more like a fluke to everyone. 

But now the whole world has gone crazy mad about it. In fact, K-pop has currently become a $5 billion industry. 

Korean Pop has become a worldwide marvel, and there is always a surge in the fan following of the culture. 

The bands I have listed in this article are not only my personal favorite but most of the K-pop fans out there will agree to the list. 

I hope this list of the hottest K-pop groups help you get a kick start in your journey than a billion others are already submerged in.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to be a part of this K-pop wave that has become a global phenomenon now!

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