How BTS Started

How BTS Started | How Kpop Band BTS Members Were Discovered

How BTS started? How was each member discovered? What was their first song? What was their history before debut? Find it all right here!

BTS is short for Bangtan Boys which translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English. Chances are slim that you haven’t heard about BTS, the Korean pop boy band that has exploded all over the globe. 

If you haven’t then let us tell you that you are missing out. Just stop everything now and look for BTS’s songs on YouTube and then come back to read this article!

If you haven’t then let us tell you that you are missing out. Just stop everything now and look for BTS’s songs on YouTube and then come back to read this article!

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The BTS madness

BTS has millions of fans and has performed on various talk shows in America thanks to their immense popularity. 

And BTS is just getting started. As their popularity grows, you can expect to see them more and more which is just amazing! Tyra Banks, Shawn Mendes, and Charlie Puth are some of the A-list celebrities who have openly shown their love for BTS and the list is only getting longer by the day.

If you are part of ARMY or if you just got introduced to BTS then you probably are curious about how each member came together to be a part of the phenomenal BTS group. 

Each member has a story to tell because each of them came together differently. Needless to say, BTS is perfection and we couldn’t imagine it without any of the members.

How BTS Started

How was each BTS member discovered?

All members of BTS are pretty young and if you missed out on their birthdays then don’t worry, we have the list so that even you know everything that we know! Here is a deep dive into how each member of BTS was found, where they were found, and what they did prior to becoming associated with BTS.

How Kim Namjoon Was Discovered

Kim Namjoon, who is popularly known as RM, is the first member and the leader of the boy band group BTS. He was born on September 12th, 1994.

For RM, it all started when he got inspired by the song Fly by Epik High in sixth grade. He then started to rap. By 2007, he took the name Runch Randa for rapping and this is when he discovered the Daenamhyup rap crew. The crew consisted of other big names such as Supreme Boi, Iron, and KIDOH.

Kim Namjoon then continued to release songs as a solo artist. This is when he was spotted and asked to give an audition for an agency.

The judge was Sleepy from Untouchable and he liked RM’s rapping which led him to refer RM to Bang Shi Hyuk. This is when Kim Namjoon or RM was asked to audition for Big Hit Entertainment where he eventually got selected as part of the BTS group in 2010.

How Min Yoongi Was Discovered

Min Yoongi, more popularly referred to as Suga, started as a rapper and he is from Daegu. He was born on March 9th, 1993. His rapper name was Gloss when he was still in high school.

Determined from the start, it took no time for him to become a producer and a rapper. Initially, he started to collaborate with local artists where he produced and composed beats for them. He then worked with established artists like Reflow.

Suga saw a flyer and found out that a rap competition was being organized by Big Hit Entertainment. This is when he decided to audition.

He came in the second position but Big Hit Entertainment still offered him a position as a trainee and producer. With no plans of becoming a rapper, he eventually was encouraged to join BTS in 2010 and he is one of the rappers of the boy band.

How Park Jimin Was Discovered

Park Jimin, who is known as simply Jimin, was spotted by a dance teacher. Jimin was born on October 13th, 1995.  Jimin was studying at Busan High School of Arts when he was spotted by the teacher.

The dance teacher saw Jimin performing and knew instantly that Jimin had potential. The dance teacher then pushed Jimin to audition for Big Hit Entertainment in Busan.

Jimin successfully auditioned in Busan after which he went to Seoul. This is the time when he became a trainee for BTS. Jimin was the last member of the BTS.

He didn’t get as much training as the others but that didn’t stop him from achieving success. He joined BTS in 2013, much later than the rest of the members.

How Jeon Jeongguk (Jungkook) Was Discovered

You probably know him as Jungkook, one of the singers of BTS. Lovingly referred to as Kookie, which is his pet name, he is the youngest BTS member. He was born on September 1st, 1997.

He auditioned for Superstar K’s third season. He gave his audition in Busan. Although he didn’t make it past the audition round, he was still a favorite because he was approached by more than 7 agencies.

These agencies include Starship Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, and Big Hit Entertainment. Out of all, he chose Big Hit Entertainment purely because he wanted to work alongside RM.

Jungkook loved RM’s rapping and so he decided to choose Big Hit Entertainment even though he had 6 other options to choose from. RM is the sole reason why Jungkook is in BTS!

How Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) Was Discovered

Jung Hoseok or J-Hope was a dancer before joining BTS. He was born on February 18th, 1994. He was part of a dance crew called Neuron in Gwangju which is where he lived.

He then went on to audition for JYP Entertainment. Although he cleared some rounds, he was cut from JYP Entertainment. This is when J-Hope decided to audition for Big Hit Entertainment.

J-Hope was excellent with his sense of rhythm and his dance moves. Big Hit Entertainment thought that he would be great as a rapper and so he became a trainee with the agency.

During the training period, Big Hit Entertainment and J-Hope couldn’t see eye to eye which is when they thought of separating. This is when RM stepped in and encouraged both that J-Hope had to be a member of BTS.

How Kim Seokjin Was Discovered 

Kim Seokjin or Jin is one of the vocalists of BTS today. However, his story is pretty unconventional. He was scouted by SM Entertainment when he was strolling in Anyang.

As one would, Jin was convinced that this was a lie and so he didn’t take the matter further by pursuing the company. Big Hit Entertainment scouted him this time and they asked him to audition.

As Jin had a theatre major, he was more interested in becoming an actor. He didn’t know how to sing or dance at that point which is why he didn’t show much interest at first.

Still, Big Hit Entertainment somehow insisted and encouraged Jin to become a trainee for BTS. He agreed and is now one of the 7 members of BTS with zero regrets!

How Kim Taejyung Was Discovered

Also known as V, Kim Taejyung always wanted to become a musician. He was born on December 30th, 1995. He is from Daegu and his parents are farmers.

Kim’s father insisted that he learn saxophone and so in high school, he started to learn how to play the instrument. One day, his friend was going to audition for Big Hit Entertainment in Daegu and this is when Kim joined him.

Although Kim didn’t come to audition, he was asked to audition by someone from Big Hit Entertainment who thought Kim deserved a chance.

This is when V gave his audition. Luckily for him, he was the only person from Daegu who made it to the next round. He then became one of the vocalists in the boy band BTS and the rest is history!

When was BTS formed?

The members of BTS were finalized in 2012. BTS rolled out its first album called 2 Cool 4 Skool the following year in 2013. It wasn’t long before they became a major hit in South Korea. They won several accolades including many New Artist of the Year awards. This was mainly due to their meaningful lyrics that surrounded important themes.

BTS’s popularity started soaring pretty quickly. Within a span of 4 years, BTS already had 3 world tours under its belt. It also had released four studio albums; two of which were in Japanese.

They also had 5 Eps. By 2017, they won the Top Social Artist in Billboard Awards and this is when they started to make their presence felt in the US.

Since then, BTS has been unstoppable and it is still adding fan following from all over the world even today. Many people got introduced to K-pop thanks to BTS which is becoming huge in the U.S.

Will this trend continue? Absolutely! BTS is showing no signs of slowing down. As their fans come together to support and show love for their music, BTS will only achieve more milestones in the near future.

Here is BTS’ debut music video “No More Dreams” that was also their first single!

Now you know how it all started and how each BTS member was discovered! Isn’t it super interesting? 

You can now show off your newfound knowledge with your friends! Which is your favorite BTS song and album? And have you ever seen the group perform live? What are you most excited about this year with regards to BTS? 

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