how korean girls style their bangs

How Korean Girls Style Their Bangs In 2023 | Try These Cute, Fun Hairstyles Today

Learn how Korean girls style their bangs and create different types of Korean bangs hairstyle, including choppy bangs, side bangs, curtain bangs, long side bangs etc. Also check out the Korean hair roller trend and why it’s popular.

K-beauty products have taken the world by storm. And Korean fashion isn’t behind. Check out how Korean girls style their bangs to look like your favorite K-pop celebrities.

Try these latest styles which suit your face type. From classic fringe Korean airy bangs, short foreheads to long faces, there’s something here for everyone!

It’s like Koreans have mastered the art of beauty and hairstyles. Whether it’s wispy bangs or voluminous side bangs, if you want inspiration, look to the Koreans. 

K-style bangs are also a good choice of hairstyle if you want something low-maintenance. They’re super easy to cut, and styling them every day doesn’t take much of your time. 

Don’t want to make the trip to the parlor? Here’s how you can cut your own Korean-style bangs at home. 

How Korean Girls Style Their Bangs

Korean Curtain Bangs

Best Korean Bangs For Oval Face

curtain bangs
Source: Pinterest

Every girl has at least once thought in their lives, “should I get bangs?” The answer is always yes. I mean just look at how Korean girls style their bangs. And we’re not just talking about Lisa from BlackPink. 

When we saw the different ways how Korean girls style their bangs, we found that curtain bangs are super popular at the moment. These bangs are the perfect style for those who are unsure about getting bangs in the first place. 

Curtain bangs have a middle part and fall to the side of your face, almost framing it in a way. They are the perfect Korean bangs for an oval face as they give a slimming effect. 

bangs hairstyles for women
Source: Pinterest

If you want to get curtain bangs Korean style, try using hair rollers to give them a soft, wavy feel. These wavy curtain bangs look really elegant and are worn by a lot of popular celebrities in Korea. 

etude house hair roller 1

We found the Etude house hair roller brand perfect for the job. These rollers for curtain bangs are super affordable, easy to use, and come in a cutesy pink color too! You can set them in your bangs when they’re wet for more defined curls.

How to cut curtain bangs Korean style?

These Korean bangs for long hair are perfect if you don’t want to commit to a drastic style. For Kpop style curtain bangs you need to first divide your hair into 3 sections, the front and 2 sides sections. Now pin up the side sections and take out a V-shape partition in the front. Hold this section of hair with your fingers and cut extra hair at the botton so that the length of the section is larger than the Korean hair bangs length. Now part this section right in the middle and cut each section in a diagonal shape so that the upper portion of hair is shorter than the lower one. Thin out the hair if needed.

Long, Side Swept Korean Bangs

Korean Bangs Hairstyle For Round Face

side swept bangs
Source: Pinterest

Korean side-swept bangs add a sweet, feminine touch to your hairstyle. The best part about these types of Korean bangs is that it looks amazing when you tie up your hair, as well. So if you love wearing buns or ponytails, these Korean side bangs are just the thing for you.

korean side bangs
Source: Pinterest

We love how Korean girls style their bangs to suit their face cuts. So if you’ve got a rounder, fuller face, side swept bangs can help it look smaller and more oval in shape. You can even spruce up this hairstyle by blow-drying them to get more voluminous side bangs. 

See Through Bangs (Korean Air Bangs)

Best Korean Hairstyle For Heart-Shaped Face

wispy bangs
Source: Pinterest

See through bangs, wispy bangs, or air bangs – this hairstyle has got many names. But it is one of the most popular ways how Korean girls style their bangs. The see through bangs, as the name suggests, give you a sneak peek of the forehead.

see through bangs
Source: Instagram@pamelar315

They form a thin layer of hair and add a subtle look to your face. We think this is a great choice for women with smaller, heart-shaped faces. It doesn’t hide your face too much or contour it too drastically. Petite faces usually feel hidden under bangs, but these wispy fringes keep that from happening.

korean hairstyle for heart shaped face
Source: Instagram@leahthe_lion

Check out these professional thinning scissors by Jason if you’re trying to get see through bangs at home. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and do not pull or snag at your hair. 

Curly Bangs

Best Korean Bangs Hairstyle For A Larger Forehead

K style bangs
Source: Pinterest

Curly bangs are perfect for all face shapes. But we do recommend having a longer fringe as curling can shrink the length. If you’ve got a larger forehead (or that unforeseen pimple), give your face a softer feel with curly bangs.

how to cut Korean bangs
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Normally, you can get your bangs to curl with rollers too. But for that perfect style and long-lasting curls, we definitely recommend using a curling iron. And it’s quicker too!

The Chi Curling Iron is best for this job. It’s got a ceramic-tourmaline coating on the tongs that keep your fragile front hair from being damaged by the head. The plates are also just one inch in diameter – perfect for the short hair of your bangs. 

Korean Long Bangs

Best Korean Bangs Hairstyle For Square Face

lisa bangs
Source: Instagram@_yuika17

Korean long bangs are a boon for girls with wider, square-shaped faces. As they sometimes extend beyond the eyebrows, long bangs add a slimming effect to square faces. Sometimes the long bangs are lengthier at the sides and extend to the chin. This style can create the illusion of a square-shaped face is oval. 

If your hair’s wavy or curly, it can appear shorter than its actual length. To get instant Korean long bangs, you can simply straighten your bangs using a flat iron. 

korean long bangs
Source: Pinterest

We recommend this AmoVee Mini Flat Iron. The 0.7 inch plates are small enough to handle your bangs. Plus, they are made of ceramic-tourmaline that prevents any sort of damage. You can even carry it around in your purse to fix your bangs anywhere, any time. 

Korean Short Bangs

Best Korean Bangs Hairstyles For Oblong Faces

korean cropped bangs
Source: Pinterest

Short choppy bangs are all the rage in Korea. Ending just a bit above your forehead, these bangs can add a youthful look to your face. It can also draw attention to your pretty eyes and eyebrows. We think these bangs work well if you’ve got very thick hair. 

korean short bangs
Source: Pinterest

Girls with thin, wispy hair should stay away from this style. It can make your bangs appear more like baby hair. We also suggest using a serum to keep it frizz-free and a straightening iron to keep the Korean short bangs in place. 

Baby Hair Bangs

Bangs For Thinning Hair

korean hair rollers for bangs
Source: Pinterest

These are soft see-through bangs that are usually short in length. If we were to get technical, these are not bangs at all. If you have a problem with hair loss and thinning, and see that there are wispy strands of hair on your forehead, try this style.

korean style bangs

Korean-style baby hair bangs are usually very short in length. However, they can be straight or have a wispy look to them.

Voluminous Bangs or Poofy Bangs

Voluminous Bangs

Voluminous bangs are another type of popular Korean hairstyle that suits women with large, wide foreheads. To achieve this type of style, you need to go over your bangs with a round brush and a blow dryer and set it with hairspray.

This type of fringe can be either straight cut or towards the side, or even in the form of curtain bangs. What sets it apart is its bouncy, poofy look.

Subtly Curled Bangs

how korean girls style thier bangs

Another way how Korean girls style their bangs is by using hair rollers. You’ll often see Korean schoolgirls walking around with rollers around in their hair.

This is because they want the perfect style of bangs that are not too obviously curled (as they would be using a curling iron) but are just subtle and perfect.

And the best way to achieve this is by using hair rollers underneath your bangs.

Here’s how to get this done:

  • Take the midsection of your bangs and place the rollers underneath them
  • Roll upwards gently and set them in place
  • You can leave hair rollers overnight or keep them for 5-10 minutes (if you’re using heated rollers that is)
  • Now, gentle remove the roller by turning them inwards
  • Your bangs will lay subtly on your forehead. If you want, you can even pull out the longer side sections of your bangs to frame your face.

How Do Korean Girls Style Their Bangs?

Korean Bangs For Square Face

bangs for square faces

Long wispy bangs add that softness to a heavy set jaw and square shaped-face.

The long ends at the sides help soften the jawline and round out your face, making it look more feminine.

bangs for square face shape

Korean Bangs For Round Face

round face bangs

Bangs that are longer on the sides and shorter in the middle (curtain bangs) are the best option for round faces as they help elongate your face.

These give the illusion that your face is more oval or heart-shape and not round. These bangs are also a good option if you have a wide forehead.

korean bangs round face 1
bangs for round face

Longer bangs that reach your eyebrows also help elongate your face and reduce the width of your forehead.

Korean Bangs With Glasses

bangs with glasses hairstyle
bangs with glasses

How To Cut Korean Bangs Hairstyle

Short A Line Bob

Okay, so before you start cutting your Korean style bangs at home, check if you have all hair products needed – scissors, a long-tail comb, and a straightener to make things easier. Got it all? Good. Now here’s what you need to do.

Partition your hair 

First of all brush out your hair and part it in the middle. The next step is to gather the hair you want to cut into bangs. An easy way to do this is to create a Y-shape from the hair parting. Then, divide the front of your hair into three parts with the middle partition being the thickest. 

Snip Snip

Before you cut your bangs, decide what type of hairstyle you want. Do you like short, choppy bangs? End the bangs right above your forehead. Prefer Korean long side bangs?

Keep the length an inch below the eyebrows. And if you’re going for curtain bangs, make the sides longer than the middle. This frames your face quite prettily. 

Pro-tip: Always cut your bangs a bit longer than the length you need. Remember, it’s always easier to snip off more hair than to fix a ruined fringe that you’ve cut too short. 

Style It

After you’ve cut the bangs in the shape and length you want, it’s time to style them. The different types of Korean bangs have different ways you can set them. You can use a bangs roller to give them some volume or a straightener to keep them smooth and straight. 

FAQs – How Do Korean Girls Style Their Bangs

What is the Korean hair roller trend?

The latest hairstyle and hair accessory trend in South Korea is the Korean hair roller trend. You must have seen pictures of Korean schoolgirls walking around with hair rollers on top of their foreheads. This is done to give Korean hairstyles with bangs. However these have now evolved to become a fashion statement on their own.

Do bangs make you look more attractive?

Bangs are just hairstyles, right?… Right? Well, certain types of Korean bangs can actually make you look more attractive.
These hairstyles can make your face look slimmer and angular, giving it that perfect oval shape that some consider the ideal beauty-type. 
And since bangs come in different styles, you can choose one that best suits your facial structure. If you’re worried about having acne or too wide of a forehead, bangs help hide them too.
Certain bangs add texture to your hair and get rid of split ends too. So, in a nutshell, yes, bangs do make you look more attractive. 

How to curl bangs Korean style?

There are several ways you can curl your bangs Korean style. The simplest way is to use a roller for bangs. Usually, hair rollers need to be left in for a longer time to give you those perfect soft curls.
Some women put them on at night too. But if you’re short on time, you can always use a blow dryer on the hair roller. 
There are even heated rollers now that come with a USB cord to charge them. These types of rollers set your curls in minutes. 
If you’re looking for softer, more feminine curls (or want them to stay curly for longer), we think you should simply use a curling iron instead.
And if you find yourself without a roller or curling iron in hand, just take a rolling brush and a blow dryer and curl your bangs inwards to get that amazing Korean style. 

How to style Korean bangs with a straightener?

Find yourself wanting to curl your bangs? Don’t have a roller or curling iron handy? No need to panic. Your trusted straightener can always help.
Here’s what you need to do. Take a section of your bangs in a comb with fine teeth and hold them there. Get your flat iron and place it horizontally on the base of the bangs and move upwards.
The trick here is to keep the flat iron plates open. If you shut the plates, you might crease your hair that way. 

Why are bangs so popular in Korea?

Bangs, also known as fringe, have remained popular in Korean beauty and fashion trends for several reasons:
Youthful Appearance: Bangs can create a softer and more youthful appearance by framing the face and covering the forehead. This aligns with the Korean beauty ideal of looking youthful and fresh.
Versatility: Bangs come in various styles, such as straight, side-swept, or curtain bangs, offering versatility to complement different face shapes and hair types.
Face Shape Enhancement: Bangs can enhance certain facial features, balance face proportions, and draw attention to the eyes. They can also help soften sharp angles.
Cultural Influence: Korean pop culture, including K-pop idols and actors, heavily influences beauty trends. Many celebrities sport bangs, making them aspirational for fans.
Emphasis on Individuality: Despite following trends, Koreans also value personal expression. Bangs allow individuals to customize their hairstyles while still adhering to cultural trends.
Minimalistic Beauty: Korean beauty often focuses on natural and minimalistic looks. Bangs can add a touch of style without requiring excessive makeup or elaborate hairstyles.
Embrace of Change: Bangs are an easy way to change one’s appearance without a drastic haircut. This adaptability appeals to those who want a fresh look.
Climate Consideration: Korea experiences humid weather, which can lead to forehead oiliness. Bangs can help conceal this while maintaining a polished appearance.
Fashion Synergy: Bangs can be coordinated with various fashion styles, contributing to a cohesive overall look.
In summary, the popularity of bangs in Korea can be attributed to their ability to create a youthful appearance, their versatility, cultural influences, and their alignment with the country’s beauty ideals and fashion trends.

When it comes to style, beauty, or fashion, you can always count on Korean women to give you the right inspiration. So if you love these k-style bangs hairstyles, we say go for it.

Bangs are super versatile as well. A party, business meeting, or college – bangs suit every occasion and look great on all types of outfits.

All you need now is to choose a version of bangs from the list that best suits your personality and face. And ta-da, you can channel your favorite K-pop celebrity!

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