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How Korean Guys Show Interest | 5 Best Ways To Know If He’s Into You

by song-i
How Korean guys show interest in you

Korean culture is closely related to the idea of “romance”. So it can be difficult to tell how Korean guys show interest.  

Thanks to the romcoms and cheesy sitcoms that have gained widespread popularity in such a short time. 

The leading actors are widely loved by the audience because of the chemistry between them and the portrayal of love and friendship in their television series and sitcoms.

Most of us have fantasized about dating a Korean guy after getting addicted to one of the Korean dramas. 

The leading men in most Korean dramas and films are handsome, charming and smart enough to make anyone fall for these Korean actors.

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Korean culture is unique from western culture and so are the people and their ways of expressing emotions. 

So it is important to understand a Korean man before approaching him or dropping hints that you like him.

Are you wondering how to make your Korean crush fall head-over-heels for you or Are you wondering if your Korean date is actually interested in you? 

Read on to find out the different ways in which Korean guys show interest if they are smitten by you.

How Korean Guys Show Interest

They are always on the phone with you

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If your Korean boyfriend spends his free time talking to you or texting you on the phone, he considers you worthy enough of his time and chances are high that he might be interested in you.

Koreans love their gadgets because most of them are hooked on social media and the instant messaging apps on the phone. 

The latest technology in smartphones in the country has been feeding into the obsession of millions of Koreans.

It is also easy to access Wifi since it is available everywhere in Korea and a lot of phones come with unlimited data packages. 

Most of us are reluctant to text our partners or dates thinking it might be too soon to show interest, but Koreans do not shy away from texting their partners. 

In fact, it is common that they would want to know every single detail about your day including what you ate and what you are doing. 

So be sure to update your partner about your day because they are looking forward to learning more about you and their favourite way is through text messages or calls unless you are physical with them of course! 

It is completely normal to establish this type of communication to learn more about a person among Koreans. 

You should also make sure to text him to know more about his day. This will let him know that you are interested in him and accelerate some sort of communication from his side if the feelings are mutual.

This is such a good tendency because it is important to be open and communicate with your partners so that there are no subconscious barriers. 

It also makes the other person feel special and wanted, and helps the relationship move faster.

They strive to be “Oppa”

If you are a fan of Korean films or TV series, you might be familiar with the word “Oppa”. 

Oppa is a type of Korean honorific generally used to respectfully denote a male who is older than you. But with regards to dating, Oppa has a wider definition in Korea.

“Oppa” is something that every Korean guy wishes to strive for in a relationship. 

This means that they want to embody the characteristics of an “Oppa”, that is being protective, respected and responsible in a relationship. 

This tendency can be a big win-win in the relationship if you are someone who likes that kind of attention and it is always a good thing to have mutual respect. 

So if your Korean date does those little things like opening the car door for you, pulling the chair for you, giving his coat when you are feeling warm, chances are he might really like you. 

They love to be chivalrous with their partners and make their partners feel safe and secure. 

However, this trait could have its downsides as well. A lot of Korean men have certain expectations of how their partner should act and behave. 

WIth the chivalrous attitude of the men, women are expected to be submissive, respectful, demure and always listen to what their partner says and not talk back or pass judgement. 

Although this is not that common, it is important to look for red flags early on in the relationship.

They are very protective towards you

This is one of the most common traits found in Korean men. Because of the chivalrous nature seen in them, they tend to be very protective of their partners.

This is also commonly depicted in Korean movies and tv series. The characters go to extreme lengths to protect their partners from any sort of harm. 

This is also easily understood through the body languages in couples. 

Koren men tend to put a protective arm around their girlfriend’s waist while walking in the streets. They can also be described as a “simp” according to pop culture. 

They are always very considerate about their partner and always tend to carry shopping bags or hold their girlfriend’s handbags while she is shopping. 

Korean men can also be described as a gentleman since they are extremely caring and compassionate. 

If your Korean partner is super helpful and offers to help you in every situation, holds an umbrella when it is raining and carries your groceries for you, he is really starting to like you.

Deciding who pays the bill

The debate about who pays the bill has been going around for quite some time now. 

While it is mostly the men who reach towards the bill during first dates, women have also started paying bills during dinner dates or coffee dates.

There are two approaches to this particular situation in Korea. The traditional approach is to let the men take the responsibility of paying the bill for every date. 

If your Korean date insists that he will pay the bill, chances are that this is not the last time he will do it. 

However, it is also common for Korean men who practice this approach to feel a bit superior to their partners. 

This might lead them to believe that you should be submissive and patronise him while spending time together.

The other approach, which is a more modern school of thought is that the partners alternate between payments. 

For example, if your man pays for dinner, you pay for soju at the next shop or the next coffee or tea date or whatever your next expense is.

This trend is definitely a good change in Korean society as it helps in breaking down gender-based stereotypes and helps in bringing some sort of equality. 

It also eliminates any feeling of obligation or patronizing that might otherwise arise in such situations. 

At the end of the day, It all comes down to the mentality of the Korean guy you are dating. Wait until the second date or the second stop of the date to find out what approach he is into. 

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the date.

Non-Verbal Communication

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Koreans use their body to indicate if they like you or not. There are certain gestures and changes in the body language that can give you a clear indication that the guy is into you.

Lips – The lips can really give off non-verbal messages about what’s in his heart. If a korean man likes you, he will give out a genuine smile. 

Moreover, he will lick his lips before talking to you. This denotes excitement and is a clear sign that he is into you.

Eyes – This is one of the easiest ways to find out if he is interested. If he tends to stare into your eyes while holding a conversation, this is a clear indicator of his interest. 

You might also be able to catch him with a look of male desire in this case.

Hands – A Korean man’s arms can give subtle hints about his intentions towards you. 

If he uncovers the palm of his hand towards you or rests his elbow in the palm of the other hand during a conversation, he is interested in getting to know you. 

Other traits include touching his jawline, cheeks and chest with his hands.  

How to get a Korean guy to notice you?

Learn the do’s and don’t’s of Korean dating culture – It’s important to the dos and don’ts of Korean culture. The best way to do this is to show the proper respect to the other person by calling them “oppa”. It’s also best to keep physical contact at a minimum.

Learn a few compliments for your Korean man – If you want to really impress a Korean boy, how about learning a few compliments in Korean. The most imporant thing to learn would be “sarangaheyo” or I love you.

Playing hard to get works here This advice might seem outdated or even counterproductive in the western world. But if you’re all mysterious and hard to get, it’s sure to get a Korean guy interested in you.

So does being more feminine – South Korea is big on gender roles and norms. You don’t have to completely change yourself or your aesthetic. But if you want to, adopting a more feminine vibe can make you attractive to a Korean guy.

Be “Aegyo” or cutesy – It’s like the Korean verison of the cutesy “Kawaii” girl. Aegyo is all about being sweet and doll-like. Again don’t overdo it or attempt it at all if it’s not your natural personality.

Prepare to communicate via messaging almost all the time – A lot of Koreans communicate heavily through messaging apps. So be prepared to recieve a barrage of texts almost all times of the day.

Korean guys are not flirtatious and they can be extremely shy and introverted. So it is equally important for you to approach the guy to accelerate the connection. 

This will get them excited and interested. 

There is no harm in making the move here and you cannot expect them to ask you out even if they are interested in you mostly because of their shy nature. 

This is especially common if you are a foreign tourist in Korea.

The men will be reluctant to approach you first in this situation. In the early stages of dating, you will notice that there is a lot of difference between Korean and Western styles of dating.

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